Gwyneth Paltrow Doesn't Think Marvel's 'Iron Man 4' is in the Cards

April 25, 2013
Source: Bleeding Cool

Iron Man 3

We're just over week away from the release of Iron Man 3, and the official launch of Phase Two of Marvel's cinematic universe. Since the film has already opened overseas in many markets, there's spoilers all over the place, so be weary of ruining the film for yourself. And while we don't know the fates of any of the characters, whether they're old or new, it sounds like that might only matter for the other films in Phase Two and not the Iron Man franchise itself. Why? Well, Gwyneth Paltrow, who plays Pepper Potts) spoke with GeekNation recently and she says, "I don’t think there’s going to be [an Iron Man 4]." Whoa, what?

Paltrow continued (via Bleeding Cool), "I think we’re done with Iron Man." Though that's likely a decision that will ultimately be decided between Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel's Kevin Feige, this honestly wouldn't be all that surprising. Just recently Downey was already talking about leaving behind these movies when he turns 50. It was an estimate, but it seemed like a reasonable one, especially since both Paltrow and Downey would have to strike new deals with Marvel for them to continue in the franchise. However, Don Cheadle (Rhodey/War Machine) is still signed on for more, so maybe he can take over?

On another note, with the increasing roster of characters that Marvel is integrating into their universe, it wouldn't be surprising if some other heroes dropped out of the spotlight for a little while. After all, Guardians of the Galaxy is on the way, and Edgar Wright also has an adaptation of Ant-Man coming. In addition, Marvel has officially assumed the rights of Daredevil from Fox, so they could easily bring the blind superhero into the mix, especially since he's been getting involved with The Avengers in recent comic storylines. Let's just hope Iron Man 3 delivers the goods if this turns out to be the last one for awhile.

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  • N.
    We'll see...
  • OfficialJab
    In the comics, did a new person ever take over as Iron Man? I know in some comic worlds there were different Batmans, Green Lanterns etc
    • blargh
      I think Rhodey was iron man for a little while but the interface was designed for tony and made him all crazy cray. Could work I guess.
    • Louie Avila
      Well, I could be Iron Man but I'm hispanic. El Hombre de Iron? lol
    • Nope sorry man, it's Stark all the way untill he gets old.
      • Ross Lynch's Girl
        He chucked the shiny triangle thing in his chest into the freaking ocean.
        • Fidel Reyes
          Rhodey doesn't have an arc reactor and he can still use an Iron Man suit, I don't understand why people don't think abut it in this sense, he can still use his suits if he wants to he just won't have the arc reactor directly in his chest.
  • Zanpher
    Iron Man is awesome! I hope #4 happens.
    Downey Jr.'s age is really the limiting factor here. Otherwise, there really is not a good reason for Marvel NOT to make another Ironman film. I hope he will be back for AVENGERS 2 though. I mean, he kind of has to, right?
    • If Harrison Ford can still do Star Wars and Indy, then Downey I think may perhaps have a couple more Ironman's in him.
      • ProjectionistHP
        He can easily pull off a couple years more
      • tellytime
        so, chris - you're saying indiana jones #5 was a good thing????
        • grimjob
          Ford did fine. It was the story itself and some of the other characters that were a travesty. And it was #4.
        • the dude
          I enjoyed Indiana Jones 5, I just didnt think it had a good ending. I'm tired of people bashing it like there was nothing to enjoy about it.
        • Dont put words in my mouth, That was George Lucas' doing and you know it, leave Harrison out of this!!!
    • Scotty97
      Pretty sure Downey is signed on for Avengers 2, and that would be the last film in his current contract. I could be wrong, but I remember reading that in some of the press out of last year's SDCC.
      • David Banner
        I read 7 movies as Iron Man, including cameos. But that was on LationReview, I think. And since it's not public info, they can just spin.
        • David Banner
          It's a 5 movie deal, I just found out, sorry for confusing. So: Iron Man 1, 2, 3 + Avengers 1 and 2.
  • ProjectionistHP
    Saw iron man 3 yesterday, wasn't really what i expected but that only made it even better for me. I thought the marvels phase two would just be the same stuff we saw at phase one, but it seems like they are taking some new directions..?
  • mooreworthy
    Marvel has a rich universe of characters that are just waiting for the right script. I remember when I first heard they were doing an iron man film thinking, "Why that character?"
  • Isildur_of_Numenor
    I think we'll get to see a fourth one (maybe even more). Gwyneth Paltrow said she wanted to get out, if I recall. Maybe this just means that she won't come back for another one. Kind of like Portman.
  • Well at the end of Iron Man 3 it does say "Iron Man will return", and not "Iron man will return in the Avengers 2", so it's hard to know what to make of Paltro's comments. --- Spoilers --- What I also thought was interesting was that they seemed at the end to be hinting an awful lot that Stark had done something more than remove the shrapnel from his chest at the end of the film, constantly talking about needing to bring things on the inside. All in all you get the feeling he's managed to use extremis ala the comics to build iron man's armour into him.
    • David Banner
      Suuuuussscchh! 😉
    • Doh! With that, "I am Iron Man" takes on a whole new meaning...
  • I'm glad that Daredevil is back home, but they really need to get Spider-man back. He is the glue that ties the Marvel universe together.
  • David Banner
    Not counting Iron Man 3's early release outside the US, the two first Iron Man movies have grossed well over $1,500,000,000 at the boxoffice and on homevideo sales(not counting rentals or pay-per-view or cable), and not counting any merch. And MARVEL controls that, I read that toy sales were booming. I just hope they go "easy on us", if Robert wants to leave the best thing in his career. He should/will star in Avengers 2, then they don't release a new Iron Man movie, he doesn't show up in Avengers 3 (AvX?), and then maybe introduce a new Iron Man. Iron Man doesn't have to be in each Avengers movie. Sounds like a 7-10 year plan. What kind of contract does Robert have anyways, movie-by-movie, or a 7 film deal like Sam? Sam had a 7 movie deal(that he wasn't too happy with). There will be another 10 Iron Man movies, don't worry. Maybe George could take over 😉
    • David Banner
      It's a 5 movie deal(3 x IM + 2 x A). And Whedon being a guy who kills characters and Thanos being all about death....Iron Man/Tony Stark will die.
      • Simon124
        Tony Stark could certainly die, but Marvel will definitely leave an option for an IM return with someone else in the suit, too much money involved methinks
  • Iron Man galore
    "No more Iron Man?" Please...take Pepper's comments with a grain of salt...geddit? :)
  • Maybe because Iron man 3 sucked so big time they will no longer continue this there were more shots of iron man in the Avengers than in all of the 3 movies combined... (and getting rid of the whole potts love story would be the only wise choise)
  • Hansolo
    I wonder why joss whedon said Now what am I supposed to do now? What am I going to do in Avengers 2? was it so bland ending definetely the ending of IronMan3 was not awesome, The third act was not OOO ahhhh, such a incredible wastage of acting of Sir Ben Kingsley each character story was not built fully My God I had a better story in my Mind and far more suspense filled and twists in it Shane Black , how did you approve of this story for IronMan 3 Sir
  • I think they coulda made Iron man so much better, they got the cast right but the action is never enough. And Iron Man 2 was just awful. Boring and never picked up.




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