Harrison Ford Still Thinks Another 'Indiana Jones' Movie is a Good Idea

August 6, 2013
Source: The Telegraph

Indiana Jones

After the disappointment that was Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, many fans doubted if Harrison Ford would ever pick up the fedora and whip as Indiana Jones again. Though there was a hint that Shia LeBeouf might take up the mantle as the archaeologist's offspring, fans were not too pleased with his character in the film, so that likely won't happen. However, in a recent interview with The Telegraph (via ComingSoon), Ford actually expressed an interest in coming back as Indiana Jones. Thankfully, it's not just a quick "yes" response, and he's actually put some thought into how Indiana Jones can still stick around.

When asked about the potential for the return of Indiana Jones again, Ford said:

"We’ve seen the character develop and grow over a period of time and it’s perfectly appropriate and okay for him to come back again with a great movie around him where he doesn’t necessarily have to kick as much ass. To me, what was interesting about the character was that he prevailed, that he had courage, that he had wit, that he had intelligence, that he was frightened and that he still managed to survive. That I can do."

While Ford definitely has gotten up there in age, he's still going strong and put on quite a tough front as an aged Indy in the fourth adventure. Of course, Indiana Jones without much of the action is a bit boring. Dare we take the sacrilegious route and say a reboot would be better served for Indiana Jones at this point? Or maybe a feature film take on the adventures of a young Indiana Jones, much like the TV series from years ago, would be interesting? We're not sure, but Steven Spielberg doesn't have a new project lined up after leaving American Sniper yesterday, so maybe another Indiana Jones adventure could happen. Thoughts?

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  • CommenterPik
    Young Indiana Jones. Not a reboot, but a prequel. Movie plays out as a sequel with Harrison Ford, having a flashback to his boyhood much like in the 3rd film - only this takes up the bulk of the movie and the action, giving a younger actor a spotlight. Returns to the present day with Harrison Ford, who they show doing a little bit more action, and then finally metaphorically passing on the mantle to Shia (but without having Shia take on the role on screen - just being given the hat).
    • Wasn't this done already with Young Indy Chronicles or however the series was called...loved at the time by the way
  • max
    definately NO REBOOTS!!! We have seen enough of those lately.The first movie is a classic. (the other 3...not so much)Let's not ruin the history of indiana jones by throwing some twist in a new character story. I could see maybe a new story with origional Indy,Harrison Ford...Maybe...But no LeBeouf. Maybe we need a final story, little darker,where he disapears like Amelia Ehrheart, presumed dead,never to be seen again.
    • Cody W
      I agree on everything except the last crusade not being a can you even...just..!?
    • son_et_lumiere
      yay - the 5th film in the trilogy! the romantic in me rather likes your disappearing idea; the legend vanishes, and we make up our own endings. but on that point, to suggest a controversial idea - can we just let it rest? stop sequelling into oblivion. cherish the great films we *already* have. create, innovate, move on. and yes, i agree, please for phuxache don't reboot.
  • Niels
    just make a 5th movie about atlantis, finally.
    • How about Indiana Jones and The MKULTRA,or a team up Indiana Jones and Alex Jones....
      • David Banner
        I take it you do not know of Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis then?
        • I take it you don't know about making really bad jokes on the internet ?
  • Me Again
    The 4th was not a total disaster. I liked the first half. It was authentic Indiana Jones fare (minus nuke the fridge, which brought patronizing cheers in our audience) . Once Shia started swinging with monkeys it went all downhill. I blame George for the inter-dimensional beings crap (Indiana Jones is about religious relics and ancient artifacts not hokey sci-fi). Get a good writer and let George pass the torch like he did with Star Wars. The truth is, they should have never let Harrison get so old, they should have done more of these years ago.
    • devil's avocado
      i would agree, but i have to ask... why all the hate for the "nuked fridge" scene? is it anymore ridiculous than: • a "motion sensor" booby-trap (among others) built by an ancient civilization? • a guy surviving having his heart ripped out only to be lowered into a fiery pit? • stuffing a rock in a tank's gun turret? indiana jones has always been about him getting himself in outlandish situations, and then escaping them through equally outlandish means. if there's a gripe with the fourth movie, it's with it's use of CGI (animals and otherwise) and shia labouf's character. i rather enjoyed the nuked fridge scene.
      • OfficialJab
        I had no trouble with the fridge scene. I thought it was funny and cool.
      • Props for good points. I personally enjoyed it all. Yeah, there was some cheese, but don't we all need a little cheese on occasion?
      • cobrazombie
        If you don't see the difference, I pity you.
        • devil's avocado
          maybe offer some facts to support your point-of-view instead of submitting a one sentence dismissal? that's (usually) how a conversation works. or were you just trolling? did a fourth one need to be made? certainly not – it's EASILY the weakest of the group. but it's not as bad as you or (most) everyone else wants to believe it is. my point: the indiana jones character/story arc hasn't really changed from story to story all those years ago; the way you view his story/character has. if you don't see the SIMILARITIES, i pity you...
    • OfficialJab
      The point was kind of that the aliens here were a religious plot element, and the crystal skull was the religious artifact. "Depends on who your god is." I agree with your feelings on Mutt swinging with monkeys in that I disliked it, but it does feel like something that must happen if there is a forest chase in an Indy film. It just looked dumb, I guess.
  • Rosalee Adams
    Getting kind of long in the tooth for that role
    • cobrazombie
      I love the character, but I don't want to see a decrepit version trying to do the same things.
  • Charlie Hard
    You know it would be interesting to see Indiana Jones team up with Nicolas Cage's character from National Treasure. How about National Treasure: The Legend of Indiana Jones? They are two amazing short lived franchises that is in great need of a crossover. Besides Harrison Ford and Nicolas Cage together on the big screen!? Plus Disney bought LucasFilm so they technically own the rights to both of them.
    • ...don't know about Indiana Jones being a short lived franchise...but the rest of it sounds like a really cheesy idea...a fun way cheesy...
  • Zagnuts!
    disappointment my ass, the movie did $800 mil+ world wide, so yes, another is a good idea...
    • That's no small change either.
  • I think a final Indiana Jones can involve the unraveling of an archaeological mystery without as much intense action, which would surely help Ford in his late years. Let's remember though: 70 years old is the new 50 years old. A final installment is doable.
    • avconsumer2
      Agree. Would love to see Indy in a more... mature / intellectual adventure. Could even bring what's-her-name (Marion) back. No more LaBoof though.
      • I'm with you on leaving Shy LaBeef out. Why couldn't Indy's last on screen adventure be an unraveling mystery that leads him to a personal unanswered question? Spielberg can direct tension that doesn't require intense action. He is certainly one of the modern architects of directing sustained, but palpable tension.
    • Michael Welle
      I think Indy doing an excavation in Vietnam would be an interesting premise. Maybe they could include theories like processual vs. post- processual and discuss where Indy stands.
  • Christopher Philip Cinquegrano
    It would be good if he was more of a mentor role and the character who does all the physical work was more of a no-name actor. Even Indiana Jones has to get old.
  • Jason
    why dont they follow the james bond path, and make a new movie with a different actor. it doesnt need to be a reboot or "young indiana jones"
    • Christopher Philip Cinquegrano
      possibly but sometimes they just need to let a movie franchise die. No remakes - at least not for 25 years, Look at all the awesome movies and creativity that came outa the late 70's and 80's. That's what needs to happen again
  • si1ver
    I still like the idea of Indy passing on the torch but to a now bad ass, fully grown Short Round not Shia. Make him an archaeologist doing his own Indiana Jones worthy adventures or you could just, you know, focus on making a really good Indy movie.
  • grimjob
    Another Indy movie is a fucking great idea! Ford was still badass in Crystal Skull. Its the story that was horrible. And Lebeouf's character.
    • You have to admit though Grim, people didn't start complaining about Crystal Skull until they had seen it 2-3 times. It did gross around $786 million and received a fresh 78% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. So why all the fuss now?
      • grimjob
        All I can say is I've only seen it once. I was impressed with Ford, but I can't stand Lebeouf anymore, although he was good in Lawless. Blanchett's stereotypical Russian character was bland at best, there was too much use of green screen effects, and of course there was the infamous nuclear fridge. To name a few annoyances. But, I love Indy, I love Ford. I want more, and hope it would be treated with more care.
      • cobrazombie
        Well I only watched it once and hated it, so there goes your theory. Box office is no indication of quality either (Transformers, etc.), so give up on that argument too.
        • There wasn't a single "theory" in what I wrote. There was a couple of facts (sales and critical praise), follow by a question. To sales people (which is what "Hollywood" is: glorified sales people pushing a product) success is measured by overall sales. It is rather obvious it sold well. Another measure of success is the reviews from critics. Rotten Tomatoes reported a 78% positive review rating, which is well above their "fresh" line of 60%. Where I'm curious is what are some of the complaints. Grim was clear, which seems to follow most folks I've asked: 1. The actor playing Indy's son was a poor choice. 2. The scene involving the swinging with monkey's, which is either panned as a CGI failure, or far too campy. I happen to agree with 1 and 2. Lastly, the complaints from viewers did not become prominent until many viewed it several times. The first viewing most people seemed to be more excited to see Indiana Jones, and were able to push aside any discomfort or concerns, but once the novelty wore off, a second viewing started to point out more finite details, like the actor chosen to play Indy's son. No "theory" in what I'm writing.
  • Nielsen700
    The series does deserve a better ending.
    • cobrazombie
      It ended just fine for me with that ride into the sunset back in 1989.
  • I got one "Indiana Jones & The Mystery of the diapering fans" Remember when movie fans DIDN'T think they were better than the film makers? Remember when they actually enjoyed movies? Any more the worst part of TV and movies are the fans!
    • Fans in diapers is funny.
  • BinaryChaos
    Well Harrison sold me on that idea but seriously I'm not waiting another 10 years for that movie to reach into development I say hang up the hat and the franchise. A cartoon series is best suited to keep this franchise alive.
  • cobrazombie
    As a wise man once said: "Let it go, Indiana."
  • dubbs
    Cobrazombie your wack. That movie had its problems I.e. shia but the rest totally indi ive been an indi fan my whole life it was an indi film through and through no doubt and if ford wants another I say hell yes. The nuke fridge was awesome so was the rocket chair scene it was all indiana jones if you cant see that then I pitty you sir go back and watch them again.
    Make one soon or at will just be....
  • LSRules
    I like the premise that Indy part reluctantly/part curiously/partially forced into the next adventure and along the way it's his relationships he's made throughout the years that ultimately help him. Not only do the characters in the film rally around Indy, the audience does as well and when success has been achieved, Dr. Jones can comfortably rest his fedora and his weary bones with "one that got away" that has come back.
  • Ed
    Indiana Jones and the Search for Excalibur. I have this one roughed out in my head...
  • Darius TarHeel Born Dukes
    There must be another Indiana Jones film. Indy 4 CANNOT be the last for him. The fifth movie must be made and it must be a story that can send Indy on a new kind of adventure as well as bring closure to the series. Fans hate it but Shia should come back, just for continuity. Marion must return as well. Indy deserves one last hoorah. And I do mean LAST.




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