Jack Reynor is the New Shia LaBeouf in Michael Bay's 'Transformers 4'

January 8, 2013

Jack Reynor

Though actor Shia LaBeouf had a fairly lucrative career before Transformers came along, the blockbuster franchise certainly helped his star rise a lot faster. But with Transformers 4, a whole new cast is being introduced and that means LaBeouf and the rest of the human characters won't return with everyone's favorite transforming cars. We already know Mark Wahlberg has a big role in the sequel from director Michael Bay, and now the filmmaker took to his own blog to reveal the other male lead. Jack Reynor who starred in an Irish film called What Richard Did, will star in the film, and Bay says he's "the real deal."

Reynor has a lot to carry on his shoulders with this sequel. Sure the franchise is already successful and has a built in audience, but LaBeouf had this genuine everyman quality that really made you believe in the Autobots and the scale of the films. As for story details, we don't know anything new yet. But Bay did say, "This movie takes place exactly 4 years after the war in Chicago. The story makes a very natural transition, and reason as to why we have a whole new cast. This Transformers will feel very different then the last three. We are embarking on a new trilogy." Yes, that means there's still two more Transformers films on the way. But remember, this one is supposed to be Bay's last turn as director with the franchise.

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    a new trilogy???!!! its starwars all over again!
    • Hugo
      Except in this case the original trilogy already sucks.
  • OfficialJab
    I'm fine with all of this. I like (without loving) the Bay Transformers series. Glad he's continuing it.
  • Big Boss
    Fuck that. Where's my Voltron movie?!
    • Darth Verous
      Exactly! Where is Voltron?
      • I'm with you to, but knowing Hollywood they'd dig out a Gobots movie. WHERE IS VOLTRON? WHY AM I YELLING?
    They must have given Bay a small fortune to do this. Or they are both way good at marketing.
    • castingcouch
      It was obvious each time Bay said the last one would be the last one, the studio would drive another truck full of money to his doorstep and he'd change his mind.
  • Cody W
    I dont care...I WANT UNICRON!
  • David Banner
    Poor kid, the world will hate him
  • HarryFiddleSticks
    Are we really praising Shai's acting performance in the Transformer movies now?
    • castingcouch
      Yeah, his lines consisted of "No, no no no no no no no no!"
  • I kind of wish they would have went in a different direction and got either a woman or an older man for the lead role rather than just finding a Shia Labeouf clone.
  • Richard
    "What Richard Did" was a great film, probably my #1 of the year. I'm not biased because I'm Irish or named Richard (definitely wouldn't want to be associated with what that dude did). Great actor... probably still won't go see another Transformers film though. The director of 'What Richard Did' is doing a comedy with Fassbender and Maggie Gyllenhaal next by the way. You're welcome Ethan
  • Akirakorn
    "that means LaBeouf and the rest of the human characters won't return with everyone's favorite transforming cars.." ??? They're bringing back the original designs for our favorite cars too!? YAY!!! (chokes back tears) Well, if there gonna "re-imagine" our favorite transforming cars into unrecognizable overly-complicated gobots (pun intended), then we should retaliate by calling this new kid "Sam Witwicky" whenever, and wherever he is mentioned. PS: Transformers 3 was supposed to be his last TF. I'll take his word with a grain of salt (and blindfold and earplugs for the movie).
  • Stiffy Longfellow
    I agree Harryfiddilesticks, to praise that idiot is just sad. Also, Bay was suppose to be done already, he will never leave. Lastly to call this dude the new Shia Laboof?!? That's just an insult to this kid who is a good actor.
  • this isnt transformers enymore!!! Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Cyber Revengeance
    junior transformers.
  • reanne
    This isn't transformers any more if bumble bee and optimise prime isn't in it. All your doing is going to loose thousands of viewers and people are going to be pissed.
  • nikki
    If the old cast wont be returning I don't believe I will be paying to see. The old cast had hx together. A new cast wont feel right uts alwaysbeen bumble bee and sam...smdh
  • Rosa Sanchez
    I am defanately not watching this movie, this is not transformers anymore and replacing the old cast was a big mistake specially replacing Shia LaBeouf he is such a great actor. This is a big disapointment.




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