Jim Carrey Denounces & Will Not Support the Violence in 'Kick-Ass 2'

June 24, 2013
Source: Twitter

Kick-Ass 2

One of the most exciting parts of the forthcoming comic book sequel Kick-Ass 2 is the addition of Jim Carrey to the cast. In the film, Carrey is playing a vigilante named Colonel Stars and Stripes who teams up with Kick-Ass (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Hit-Girl (Chloe Moretz) to form a team of superheroes to take down The Mother Fucker (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) and a gang of bad guys. However, it sounds like Carrey isn't all that thrilled about his participation in the film anymore. The actor took to Twitter to publicly denounce the violence in the film, and revealed that he just cannot support the film. More below!

If you haven't seen any of the trailers for Kick-Ass 2 yet, you can still watch any of them (including Jim Carrey). Here are the original two tweets that Carrey posted via his account @JimCarrey:

In response, the original comic book creator Mark Millar, never shy about opening his mouth, wrote an entry on his forum (via Deadline) responding to Carrey's tweets:

"[I'm] baffled by this sudden announcement as nothing seen in this picture wasn’t in the screenplay eighteen months ago. Yes, the body-count is very high, but a movie called Kick-Ass 2 really has to do what it says on the tin. A sequel to the picture that gave us HIT-GIRL was always going to have some blood on the floor and this should have been no shock to a guy who enjoyed the first movie so much… This is fiction and like Tarantino and Peckinpah, Scorcese [sic] and Eastwood, John Boorman, Oliver Stone and Chan-Wook Park, Kick-Ass avoids the usual bloodless body-count of most big summer pictures and focuses instead of the CONSEQUENCES of violence… Our job as storytellers is to entertain and our toolbox can’t be sabotaged by curtailing the use of guns in an action-movie."

While Carrey's stance is noble following the events of the Sandy Hook massacre, one would think that he might have more success by making the usual promotional rounds and using those opportunities to start a conversation about violence. As a matter of fact, as Millar points out, the comic book itself isn't meant to celebrate violence, but rather contains satirical elements commentating on our violent culture today, so Carrey could even use that to his advantage. Either way, this is certainly a blow to the film's reputation before the August 16th release. We're not sure if Carrey is contractually obligated to promote the film or how his lack of support will actually play out, but it's disconcerting to say the least. Your thoughts?

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  • Julian Brown
    I think this is 1. incredibly selfish of Carry, and 2. Absurd to begin with. I think it's honestly a publcity stunt, but not a very good one.
  • Michael Kingscott
    I wonder if he'll give his fee back, or at least donate it to the survivors / affected families of Sandy Hook?
    • Brandon V. Fletcher
      All of this
    • Brian Sleider
      Of course not he needs that money to help him spread the word of love and tolerance.
  • jjp
    Who cares what he has to say, his glory days are behind him. Hes lucky he gets any roles at all.
    • Zeeshopper
      His career might be completely over now for all we know. Personally I hope it is.
      • Brian Sleider
        It is in my eyes, After his bull shit statements regarding Sandy Hook, I will never pay to see one of his movies again.
        • Manshima
          Agreed. In this land of Democracy, I vote with my wallet.
        • Big Fan Of Brian Sleider
          Damn right! What a bunch of sissies. Those stupids kids who were dumb enough to get killed have got SOME nerve infringing on our movie enjoyment. I as well will NEVER, EVER watch another Carrey movie again.
  • David Banner
  • If he feels that strongly, then he should donate his entire paycheck to a reputable Sandy Hook charity that will directly help those affected. I understand his sentiment, but it's a dick move.
    • Charles
      How do you know he hasn't given any money to any charities supporting Sandy Hook? Dick comment.
  • The whole "Violence in Movies vs Violence in Real Life" debate gets tiring after a while. If Jim Carrey feels so strongly about the violence in Kick-Ass 2, he shouldn't have accepted the role.
    • Yes because no one is allowed to change their mind after being affected by an event. Of course.
      • Jace
        Was he not effected by Virginia, Colorado, Minnesota, etc? - It's not like this was the first school shooting.
        • Maybe he wasn't. So? Who is anyone to judge? I wasn't nearly as affected by the other shootings as I was for Sandy Hook. I even sold off my two pistols.
          • Jace
            Wow, you're such a good person. Not effected by other people who were murdered. If only everyone could be like you and get rid of their guns. Then the whole world would be free from gun violence. You know, because guns make people bad and all.
          • Never said they do, way to add your own political agenda to the conversation. I don't care if anyone else owns guns. I just don't want to. And I served 12 years in the Army and Air Force. Three tours of duty and honorably retired early. I'm even a certified NRA instructor. But guess what? I didn't want to have guns in my house anymore after S.H. Problem with the way I exercise my freedom?
          • Brian
            What a lame thing to say. Guns don't make people bad. All the gun owners I know are good folks. Problem is they think guns guarantee their freedom. They don't. You can live in a country that allows you to own guns and still not be free. The 2nd Amendment is not an absolute right just as the 1st Amendment isn't. You don't get to give troop movements to the enemy or yell fire in a crowded theater without consequences. You don't need guns that are easily converted to automatic and if you want to own a gun you need to go through a background check. Regardless of where you bought that gun. 30 plus round clips aren't needed either. And if you want self defense I strongly recommend a shot gun. Remember the movie Tombstone. They showed that when the cowboys came to town to drink they had to turn in their guns. Nobody cried then about their 2nd Amendment rights. I don't agree with Jim Carrey's decision to not promote Kick Ass 2. He is missing a great opportunity to tell folks it is just a dark comedy.
          • ColtNoir
            One life is worth more than another in your eyes. and I sincerely hope that you and your family are never truly in need of using those pistols, to defend yourself, that you sold off. after all, your "feelings" are more an important than your families security. wake up.
          • And you're assuming that the only way to be safe is to arm yourself. That's pretty ignorant.
          • ColtNoir
            calling someone ignorant... pot meet kettle.
          • OfficialJab
            Guns in the house are about as likely to harm the owners than any intruders (not 'more likely' as misleading stats claim). Depending on where Pietro lives, taking them away and getting an advertised security system may be a more prudent decision.
          • ColtNoir
          • rolyjimenez
            You sold off two of your pistols for what reason? Are you afraid of going postal? I dont see how these events would lead you to sell off your guns....
          • I stopped going to the range when I retired. I kept them out of habit. Then after S.H. I honestly asked myself if I really felt I needed them at home to feel safe or if I just couldn't let go of a life I was used to leading. I realized I didn't need or want them anymore. So I didn't keep them.
      • I have to dispute this as well. The Sandy Hook shooting was over six months ago. Carrey waited until the Kick-Ass 2 was on the verge of being released to say something about it. If he was truly disturbed by being in a violent movie after that event, he could have quit the film and they probably still would have had time to recast and reshoot.
        • Re-read what he said. He finished filming in November. Sandy Hook took place in December. He's been very vocal about gun violence since then. So, what's the problem? Guy can't have a change of heart and decide not to do two weeks of promo for it? He'll undoubtedly he in some sort of contract breach but if he's sticking to his beliefs then good for him. He didn't say he's ashamed of the movie. He didn't say DON'T GO SEE THIS. He simply said he can't support it anymore.
        • UrAllThumb
          Usually I defend Carrey and his anti-gun advocacy even though I do not agree with his stance, but this is an odd move by him. Makes me think he is either losing it a bit, or this may have been something encouraged/allowed by the studio because they know one of their biggest stars being vocal about the level of carnage in the film will actually garner it a lot of attention.
          • That thought crossed my mind too, and if that's the case (I doubt he would take that public stance without first running it through the proper channels) then that's their prerogative. But I would much rather hear something clear, concise and honest from him now than see him promote the movie out of habit, then change his stance 180 degrees after the fact. As long as *his* intent is to stand by his newfound beliefs, I respect that 100%
      • Jack Carver
        Your sarcasm suggests you're not out for intellectual discussion, but rather to piss people off and start flaming. Nicely done.
  • Charlie Hard
    I honestly respect and understands Jim Carrey's own opinion but to me this a really bold move for him to make even for a few months before the film release speaking out against it. Wouldn't it have been more respectful just to take your paycheque and whatever you have to say about the film that might potentially effect it just say it after the film is released not a few months before the film release. I respect Jim Carrey but he just did this move too early. He could have just gone quiet about it and not said anything at all. Nobody was forcing him to promote the movie. This is just going to take a huge hit on it now.
  • ff
    I agree with most of the others posts, but he sounds like a good-natured guy. His comments are not really that bad but more of a change of heart.
    • Charlie Hard
      Yes it is a general natured change of heart, but it is publicly wrong to do this. It just seems now your not only giving a bad reputation to the movie but to the director also. I respect his comment but this is going to divide the film in a whole.
  • Brian Sleider
    Fuck Carry, his words denouncing American values and rights in recent months have removed him from my list of actors I care to see in movies. You sir are an actor, you opinion is no more important than mine, keep it to your self.
  • Xerxexx
    Separate the actor from the person.
  • Seems like he saw the final cut of the movie recently (along with Millar) and didn't approve of the elementary school kids getting gunned down. That's as similar to Sandy Hook as you can get. Good on him for sticking to his beliefs. It's not easy to publicly change your stance on something you've supported for years.
    • Jace
      Yes because violence in movies causes people to be violent in real life. Which is why we have so many Wizards running around since Harry Potter, and people fearing dinosaurs since Jurassic Park. If only humans could differentiate reality from fiction...
      • When did he ever, ever say that be believes violence in movies attributes to violence in real life? Please, find that quote.
        • Jace
          Did I say he quoted it? Do you not know what quotation marks are for? Also, you need slow down and breathe a bit before you post your nonsense. Your sentence structures are starting to slip.
          • Hah that's the best response you can come up with? My sentence structure in a comment thread on a blog? You win. Nice hat, bro
  • coolit43
    If he doesn't support the violence in film, tell him to give back the $20 million he got paid or donate to whatever charity he wants, what a goof
  • The Truth
    Good Luck, Jim! In your future G-rated movies from now on!
    • Actually he just wrote his first children's book, so future G-rated movies are a given
      • duane
        Yo Pietro.... I have to admire your conviction. You were affected by an event and you, in my opinion, have clearly and intelligently stated your stance on gun violence, and why it is reasonable to be empathetic towards Carrey's statements. If you think reading or watching the news about SH was a head knocker.... try being in the same studio shooting an interview with a set of parents who lost their kid. Changed my life.
        • Jack Carver
          He also chose to begin his "clearly and intelligently stated stance" with the sarcastic response from above: "Yes because no one is allowed to change their mind after being affected by an event. Of course." Sound to me like he's more interested in pissing people off.
    • rolyjimenez
  • Nathania Johnson
    I think it would have made more sense for him to drop the role after Aurora happened, which he also tweeted about. Plus, Kick-Ass is all about stopping bad guys, which, I'm sorry, isn't going to happen with a drum circle.
  • UrAllThumb
    You know I usually support Carrey's anti-gun stance even though I don't agree with him just because he has the balls to put it out there and he sticks to his convictions. I was wondering how he was going to respond to the criticism from the right when this film was released. It looks like he has sent out the first pre-preemptive strike and took away their main ammunition. They can no longer say he supports violent films without being met with his chagrin. He'll be called a hypocrite, but they were already calling him that. His character is almost a parody of the right wing militant types so I'm sure he'll get skewered for that like they did after his caricature in the Cold Dead Hand video. But I don't know I support the view of life he has. Its just a hard business to be in and have the view that he has so stuff like this is bound to happen.
  • rolyjimenez
    This is what you call CYA -- Covering Your Ass
  • BinaryChaos
    He really is dumb...
  • Christopher Philip Cinquegrano
    Give the $ back Jim.
  • Arbon
    Jim Carry is a tool. He is just playing politics and playing badly. Actors should shut up and go pack to playing dress up for the people that do real work.
  • DianeT
    i guess carey must not watch/read much have been getting murdered LONG before sandyhook. OR, i guess his conscience was just fine with all previous murder. LOL
  • Michael Garza-Allen
    why did they cast Carrey in the first place. Not a fan of his work.
  • Xerxexx
    Won't bring them back...all this does is give more power to the memory of Adam Lanza.
  • Chris
    He was fine and dandy supporting violence after all the other previous massacres and shootings? If he's being genuine, he comes off as an idiot. If not, he comes off as manipulative. Should really have kept his epiphany to himself.
  • batsupe
    What a joke, playing politics and playing badly is exactly right! Jim Carrey was great 20 years ago and I was a huge fan of his growing up. Now he is just sad, ive been wanting Jim to make some sort of a come back for years but after this story I am just disgusted. Why the hell be apart of a movie you cant support? I really hope they sue his ass and cut out all of his scenes. Jim Carrey is in himself a freakin joke anymore! Oughta be ashamed of himself and freakin retire! GO AWAY JIM CARREY!!!!!
  • Brian
    A person can change their mind. But Mr. Carrey, you have to donate all your pay to a group that supports the victims of gun violence. I think you're going to the extreme. I liked the first Kick Ass and I like shooting guns. I support hunting. I have no use for the NRA. I think that Wayne La Pierre is a pig. I don't believe people should own guns that are easily converted to automatic (assault style weapons is a broad definition but then some gun makers market guns with that image. Think MAC 10's). I don't think people should be able to buy clips that hold more then 10 rounds of ammo. I think background checks for gun purchases should be mandatory. Kick Ass 2 is just a movie, a dark comedy not meant for kids. I still feel for the families of Sandy Hook. Be proud of this movie.
  • Gino
    Jim Carrey sucks.
  • Sarah
    Totally respect anyone who makes a stand against promoting violence. Very sorry to see all the vitriol and venom being directed at someone who is merely exercising their right to free speech. All these comments show how entrenched the culture of violence is in America.




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