Karl Urban Says Sequel to Alex Garland's 'Dredd' Not 'Off the Agenda'

May 16, 2013
Source: Collider


Earlier this year, there were rumblings about a sequel to Alex Garland's adaptation of Dredd being very unlikely after a less than stellar box office performance left the lower budget comic book film out in the wind. However, the film seems to have found a decent sized audience on the home video market, and there are plenty who have come to embrace and enjoy the film. In fact, a big enough audience has found this film that star Karl Urban (Star Trek Into Darkness) says that a sequel is "not off the agenda." Right now the power seems to lie with the fans, and they have to let the higher powers know they want a sequel. Read on!

Urban told Collider, "Interestingly enough, I did have breakfast with Alex Garland this morning. It’s not off the agenda. Clearly everyone has woken up to the fact that an audience has found this movie and loves it.  It’s entirely possible, and if people want to see another installment then they should be vocal about that, because, it can happen. The power of fandom can resurrect projects." The power of fans can be seen with the recent Kickstarter success of the gestating film adaptation of the TV series "Veronica Mars," which was greenlit after fans showed their support through the project funding organization. That may not be what happens with Dredd, but studios will listen to a big fanbase. Do you want a Dredd sequel?

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  • Pault
    I liked it , it was a lot better than sly's version , would love to see judge Death , Fire , Mortis and Fear on film that would be cool
  • Chris Groves
    YES! I loved Dredd, and I can actually say that I'm one of the few here in North America who saw it opening night in a opposed to discovering it on DVD later. I would be very happy to see a Dredd sequel...launch a whatever needs to be done, please.
  • The last one wasn't so bad, be good if they leave the apartment the next time though. :-)
  • Xerxexx
    I'd see a sequel.
    • dreddnaught
      me too.
  • Lagoya
    Dredd had ZERO character development a 1-dimensional story, and forced 3D sequences, not to mention both his helmet and motorcycle looked stupid! The action scenes were watchable but that's about it. At least Stallone's version was fun and entertaining! I'll pass...
    • Chris Groves
      Stallone's version was just terrible...typical cookie cutter sci-fi action stuff. Dredd actually pulled off have a hero that never shows his face. And if you truly felt that it had ZERO character development...then you weren't really paying attention. It's not some deep, multifaceted character study by any means...but still, there was a sense of character.
    • ikkf
      The development of the Dredd character was subtle, but it was there. Anderson developed from a tentative rookie into a badass with the courage to walk away from what she knew she didn't want. You may want to watch the movie again.
  • Nielsen700
    • Runadumb MY favourite film of last year. I would love another one but they will never get the money to do it right. Dredd's small scale worked perfectly for the first film to set the scene but the sequel needs more Mega City one which means special effects up the ass. As much as I want it to happen I won't get my hopes up until I hear "They've given us 100 million to do it right"
      • Nielsen700
        Yey! You got the reference. I see your point, but I think I'd be excited to hear about a sequel no matter the cost. I do agree with you though. An ideal sequel would need to be bigger in scope. I fucking hate that the first one didn't do better.
  • Chad
    Heck yeah. LOL
    Keep the budget low and let her rip.
  • Yes Yes Yes listen to the fans for once
  • Bl00dwerK
    I hope the people who want one get one but I'll pass. I fell asleep three times trying to watch the first one, on blu-ray, and won't bother trying to suffer through a second...
  • Ehsan Davodi
    They lie , This sequel NEVER happen , doesn't matter how much we love it or how much critics acclaimed it. Cause is clear , Dredd doesn't enough sale. Money! This is CULT COMIC BOOK and I Love It I love R-rated Comics like Dredd , Watchmen or Robocop Yes money is essential for making movies but sometimes that money block all things too and i don't have hope to see outstanding flick as Pete Travis's Dredd again I think as much as kids and childs exist in this word , we must expect this sort of comics too (kidding)
  • Jeremy Sheridan
    YES! Please!
  • BinaryChaos
    I really don't care either way I would just love to see that girl in the blond. I don't know why I'm infatuated with her but she looks very cute.
  • lewinston
    Look... I'm usually not the type of guy who fauns over the "pretty actress" and what-not. That said... more Judge Anderson please. o_o
  • Muddgutts
    I am a fan of the comics for years now, and honestly this was the best Dredd movie. I would love to see another film with Dredd and Anderson.
  • Yes! Do another one.
  • Alex Hardison
    Heck yes, I loved Dredd. It would be fantastic to see more of Garland's vision of Mega City One.
  • Dexter
    This movie was a great surprise for me. It's a shame I didn't go to watch it to cinemas. I absolutely want another movie. Karl Urban was outstanding in the role of the judge.
  • Cameron
    HELL YES!! That movie was amazing! I hope they bring Judge Death and his crew into the next one! I'm totally down.
  • Dear God YES!!!! I loved that movie.




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