Kathleen Kennedy Wants to Delay 'Star Wars' to 2016, But Not Disney

October 31, 2013
Source: THR

Kathleen Kennedy / Star Wars

It sounds like the troubled that director J.J. Abrams is having locking down a script for Star Wars: Episode VII might be a little more serious than we thought. We just learned from Lucasfilm that Michael Arndt is no longer writing the anticipated sci-fi saga sequel, and Abrams and The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi writer Lawrence Kasdan were resuming scripting duties. But now a report from THR says that producer and Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy, along with most of the film's creative team, want to push the film to 2016, but Disney CEO Robert Iger is dead set on releasing Episode VII in 2015.

Supposedly, Abrams is more in sync with the 2015 release date, which is good, because Disney will not budge. Why? Well, the trade says, "Iger has crafted a Star Wars game plan that hinges on Episode VII hitting the big screen that summer.” That plan includes "Episodes VII, VIII and IX over a six-year period, with at least two spinoffs." If the film is pushed the 2016, you can expect Disney stock to drop, and that's not what the CEO of a company wants. Plus, a delay of Episode VII would mean a push back of the other films in the works, which include the origin spin-offs we've heard about. An easy solution would be to release a spin-off origin in 2015 instead, but they're probably not far enough along to move quickly. We're hoping this doesn't spell bad news for a troubled production, but we'll find out eventually. Worried?

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  • David Diaz
    This is why it's stupid to announce firm release dates before you even have a script. Disney needs to give this film the time it needs to get done properly or it's all going to backfire on them.
    • Tester
      I agree, but then again Lucas has more than enough time to properly develop the prequels and look what happened there..
      • David Diaz
        The prequels had their flaws but I'm in the camp of having thoroughly enjoyed them. But with JJ and Kasdan taking over the writing, if they feel that they need more time, they should be given it rather than rushing.
        • 11bulletcatcher
          I completely agree
      • avconsumer2
        Indeed... though, imagine the train wreck they would have been if rushed!
        • Tester
          Good point, I had not considered this
        • DavideCoppola
          Some people work better under pressure. Anyway at this point who cares really? We have at least a whole year of movies to look forward to, why should we already think about Star Wars? Building anticipation so early on is the best way to set people up for disappointment.
          • avconsumer2
            True. But I care. This being a critical point (story development). I constantly (within reason) think about Star Wars!! (it's not my fault - blame my parents - first movie I ever saw) But yep, trying not to anticipate. Actually completely avoided the trailers for Episodes 2 & 3 (best I could) to much success - I think I enjoyed them much more than I would have. Started my trend of attempting to avoid trailers of my favorite franchises.
  • Zak Coleman
  • DarthVerous
    I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.
  • Steven
    The original cast are not getting any younger, if it's going ahead get it done now or choose a different era in the Star Wars universe and start afresh.
  • Bl00dwerK
    They can delay it indefinitely for all I care. I'm Star Wars'd out...
    • Have Hope
      with Abrams directing and WRITING...sign me out too. Keep the change
      • BacchusPlateau
        Agree with you Have Hope...I'm already expecting an endless orgy of space special effects interspersed with Star Wars symbology, all in CGI with three or four 20 minute action sequences.
        • 11bulletcatcher
          dont forget LENS FLARES
  • Christopher Philip Cinquegrano
    More delays hopefully mean a better movie. Give it time. Let it be ironed out and perfected
  • I've got a baaaad feelings about this. Someone had to say it! It'll be fine.
  • theslayer5150
    Better to take the time to craft a good film rather than rush out a cash grabbing piece of crap that fans will blast holes big enough to pilot a star destroyer through.
  • avconsumer2
    Expect Disney stock to drop... not what a CEO wants... well sure... but wrecking THIS property to meet a "deadline"?! Watch the stock drop if THAT happens. If Kasdan is part of that "creative team" that wants the extension... by Jar Jar, you'd better damn comply. Yesterday.
  • Dog Fashion
    Do what you gotta do to do it right. Don't rush it.
  • Fidel Reyes
    This is what happens when you make a deal with the devil.
    Yeah, let's just take our time here. They will make money nonetheless.
  • conradthegreat
    This CAN'T work if their going to rush it. This is an epic story with a massive fan base and they are creating a new chapter continuing from where we left off with Han Solo, Luke, Leia, droids, ghosts....and ewoks. Bad feeling about this...
    • Ry
      It's all about the money, the days seem long gone where movies had significant effort put into them.
  • Lautaro
    Delay all the way! Who cares about CEO schedules, this is art! haha!
  • ListenToVinyl
    I'm only worried if they can't delay it and are forced to rush it.
  • cobrazombie
    Dumbasses should get the script finished first instead of thinking about stock prices. That said, they could delay this till 2116 for all I care about SW these days.
  • Chris
    I dont give two shit flying fuck about Disney's stock and shit but I do care about this movie. i dont wanna wait three years instead of two for what is being called the most anticipated film of all time. Think about Star Trek. The 2009 film came out, was a critical success and made more money than all the other films. But fans had to wait 4 years for Into Darkness which made the non-fans grow disillusioned with the idea and the film struggled in the US market. This is a prophetic vision for if they are going to delay Episode VII which will be a much bigger deal.
    • Buzzfunk
      A much simpler analysis as why ITD didn't do too well. It sucked.
      • Zack Daley
        Exactly. Disney can push Episode VII back to 2017 if they thought it would be the right time. And everyone would flock to see it. Star Trek? Not so much. Part of what worked for the 2009 film, was that it was brilliant, and a little dumb too. 2 Star Trek In 2 Darkness was just terrible, and THAT'S why.
  • anakinbrego
    Fudge you Robert Iger!
  • So there wasn't any other star wars related story's for today?
  • Chris Groves
    I've been saying that they won't make the summer 2015 release date, they need to just compromise and release it on December 18th, 2015. That way, they get the 2015 date, and their 'one film a year starting in 2016' plan isn't ruined, but they don't have a real sense of a rush. Also, whatever IS scheduled for that date would quickly move once Star Wars took it. Plus, Star Wars is a multi-generational appealing franchise, and there is no better time to capitalize on that than the end of the year holidays when families are often together and when(as stats show) theater attendance takes a nice spike.
    • Chris Groves
      It's not like Disney doesn't have a boat load of major released for summer 2015 anyway. Hell, Avengers: Age of Ultron alone will gross the better part of $2 Billion.
      • AaronianKenrod
        Something to consider, Avengers 2 isn't starting filming until the new year and that's going to be out Summer 2015. Ant-Man has had its date pushed to July 2015 and that won't start shooting until summer 2014! Plus, I just read that *apparently* Disney's fiscal year ends around September/October, so if it was released in December 2015 it would be part of the first quarter of 2016 for the shareholders. This is obviously the problem, as they're trying to get the 2015 date because it was promised to shareholders.
  • Buford
    These movies are going to suck
  • Avi
    this is bad news because they can't come up with a story arc of 3 movies! Disney is right to hold on to the schedule, because if you can't do it in 3 years it will not be certain you can do it in four years! Simple :kick J J Abrahams out and hire a director who has the balls to make a decision and it's not troubled by doubts! Dammit it's star wars and not a cure for cancer!
  • Johnny Neat
    Bottom Line: Kennedy is protecting her husband's 2015 Jurrasic Park movie. It's feared Star Wars would over shadow that movie.
    • Heather
      Kathleen Kennedy isn't married to Steven Spielberg, she's married to Frank Marshall. She (used to be) a frequent producer of Spielberg's and they founde the same production house together. It's not a bad idea for her to be looking at all the other blockbusters being released Summer 2015 though. So many titles it's insane.
      • Johnny Neat
        Frank Marshall is producing the next Jurrasic Park, which will get swallowed by Star Wars.
  • Benny.
    You bet you're sweet ass that these movies are going to be bad. They will!! suck. The times that movies made history, the times that movies broke all the rules, and set new standards as far as movie making are concerend, are now over. All those big name movies studios don't care about a good script or a good story or about good acting or about.. etc etc. They just want something that sells....Big time!! They just want stupid and simple entertainment for the masses and nothing to fancy or too complicated.
  • Benny.
    And don't forget, if this movie had any good scene's, action ..whatever. You can count on it that the MPAA wil cut or censor the heck out of this star wars movie. Its gods will...apparently.
  • 11bulletcatcher
    Its going to be rushed to market,even the prequels were put an insane amount of time and effort into..




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