Must Watch: Alfonso Cuarón's Long-Awaited 'Gravity' Teaser Trailer

May 9, 2013
Source: YouTube


"I can't breathe! What do I do?!" Take a deep breath, it's finally time to see at this footage. After delaying the release for almost a year, Warner Bros has finally unveiled the first teaser trailer for Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity, the sci-fi thriller starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock as astronauts stranded in space. For the last few years we've been buzzing about this movie, Cuarón's latest since Children of Men in 2006. Everything about this trailer looks breathtaking, incredible, it's the kind of teaser where you'll hold your breath the entire time. It's only the first tease but it's an amazing one already. Watch and don't let go!

Watch the first teaser trailer for Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity, in high definition from YouTube:

Dr. Stone (Bullock) is a brilliant medical engineer on her first shuttle mission with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky (Clooney). But on a seemingly routine spacewalk, disaster strikes. The shuttle is destroyed, leaving Stone and Kowalsky completely alone—tethered to nothing but each other and spiraling out into the blackness. The deafening silence tells them they've lost any link to Earth… and any chance for rescue.

Gravity is directed by visionary Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón, of Great Expectations, Y Tu Mamá También, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Children of Men previously. The screenplay was written by Alfonso Cuarón and his son Jonás Cuarón. Warner Bros delayed Gravity from its initial release in 2012 and now has it scheduled to hit theaters in IMAX and 3D on October 4th later this year. Thoughts?

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  • Ooyah, that looks scary.
    • son_et_lumiere
      damn straight. added to that, we already know that in space, no one... can hear... you scream...
      • That scene where the astronaut is grabbing for the bar, imagine that feeling?! It's horror without the gore.
        • son_et_lumiere
          ...and also without any noise - the terror of silence.
  • Luke
    Simply WOW!
  • Brady
    Definitely one to see in IMAX. Wow.
    • Razor
      Has the movie been filmed with IMAX cameras?
      • nha
        In a nutshell the only thing that is 'film' in this movie are the actors faces. EVERYTHING else is CG! Again a bit like Life of Pi with just the boat and actor being real. I wonder who will get snubbed for the cinematography oscar this time around! So in answering your question, it will have been rendered at IMAX resolution.
        • sahil
          you still have to pick what shot to render. how to present. i see your point but it's not like all CG means no cinematography
    Exceeded already high expectations. This is definitively a MUST SEE for 2013.
  • HyperJ
    Looks visually interesting, but it looks like yet another movie where the film makers have no understanding of orbital mechanics. Once in orbit, things just don't "fall" out of orbit when a spacecraft beaks down. Ugh.
    • Xerxexx
      Suspend your belief
    • In a 90 second teaser, you've determined that is what you're seeing? Also, I'm sure they do understand it...However, this is a movie.
    • Wafffles
      If you're referring to the part where she's being rapidly flung around and then the tether arm breaks, it is her travelling away from Earth, not the equipment traveling toward Earth, that we seem to be witnessing. That was the direction she appeared to be travelling prior to the arm breaking, it is the logical direction for her to continue to travel. Of course, neither of us can be convinced of the accuracy of our theories based on a few seconds of footage. More generally, things in orbit would indeed "fall" out of orbit at 300 miles, it would just take time. Obviously it wouldn't just plummet out of orbit, but like I described above, I think that frame of reference is an illusion. In fairly short order, though, the significant drag experienced by an orbiting body in low Earth orbit would indeed end up falling toward the Earth.
    • Greg dinskisk
      It 'falls' out of orbit when a big fucking satellite hits it. lots of things fall when that happens.
    • Jack Nick Olsen
      Any guy who confuses 'don't just' and 'just don't' is subject to having his opinion discounted.
  • Dear God. I've had nightmares about this subject. I love Cuaron. I trust he's made a great film.
      Slowly Suffocating; Starving/Dehydration; Sleep Deprivation; or Adult Diaper Overflow. Pick your poison.
  • Xerxexx
    "Spiegel im Spiegel" by Arvo Part...that piece has a very special place in my heart. This looks great.
    There's no sound in space. So it's a FAIL.
    • dawko
      There are speakers in cinema though...ur a fail
    • Actually you are technically right and wrong. Sound needs a medium, like air or water to travel through. In space, it is also possible that medium could be a dense dust cloud, which has been scientifically tested. So, technically, you are both right, and wrong. I don't see a dust cloud on the impact in that teaser trailer.
      • Good response. Though I get the feeling some of those sounds were added for this trailer... not sure if that's how it'll sound watching the finished film, we'll have to see in October.
        • I'm not sure if I'm comfortable waiting til October. This trailer has my skin crawling.
        • Greg dinskisk
          According to the script, it's very silent. Could change, but... I doubt it.
      • ocp
        Wouldn't it still sound in their space suits, there is air in those after all, in the helmet section at least.
          There is sound in their suits because they need to hear radio communication. Outside, in the void of space sound does not carry. But I think we'll get a mixture of sound and complete deafening silence in the finished film. I think Bullock confirmed that in an interview not too long ago.
      • alan
        The air exiting the shuttle would carry sound until it dissipated. Same for any explosion on board.
    • Blake
      Oh you've been there? Interesting
  • Im kissing mi laptop's screen right now
  • I'm still incredibly excited for this cause well, Cuaron is generally awesome, but Bullock is already irritating from these 90 seconds alone.
    • zey
      Right with you there, Matt.
  • N.
    Mooyakmilop!!! Oh yes it looks so Awesome I had to make up a new word!
  • Michael Rodriguez
    Holy Snickers! This could be AMAZING!
  • Linkfx
    holy fuckballs that was insane. I'm gonna see Great Gatsby tonight just to see this in 3D
  • gpak
    This'll either be really good or like "Buried" in space.
      Just check the pedigree of the director. It will not be BURIED.
  • I didn't literally hold my breath
  • afew
    Well, this is going to suck!
  • Name
    So.. uh.. what are the possibilities for the plot once they are in space? Will it be like Buried with Ryan Reynolds where they spend their last moments talking to each other? Or will they be picked up by aliens like space hitchhikers? Hmmm..
  • Alejo
    I swear, the Silver Surfer better not show up at the end. And we realize this is just a prequel to the Fantastic Four sequel.
  • jah p
    Looks Amazing! Gentlemen, we may have just found our director for the Justice League movie! Warner Bros make it happen!!Go Cuaro'n!!
  • David Banner
    Does anyone think they will survive? How do you get people to go to the movies to watch George and Sandra die? This will be a different kind of suspense thriller/tragedy. And yeah, what we see in the trailer is it's not 100% scientifically accurate, but it's close, or edited so that you can't say for sure. Still looks good :)
    • son_et_lumiere
      good question, i'm *really* interested to see where Cuarón takes this. this (excellent) trailer will get your average moviegoer into seats, because its space, very high end graphics and things going bang. but for the film itself, i think you're right, this should be a different kind of thriller, with a lot of _ silence_ and _time_ for characters and audience to consider their fate. colour me breathless.
    • Neuromancer
      Judging from the reactions of people, it seems to be quite easy to get people in the seats just to watch Sandra Bullock die.
  • "Open Water" in space.
  • Well, I won't be watching this, as one day I want to go into space, and this will make me ship my pants :-s
  • mistermysteryguest
    Sandra Bullock being set adrift into deep space might be many people's personal fantasy. Good teaser though.
  • thatintroguy
    Hard to take Sandra Bullock seriously as an astronaut, let alone Clooney.
  • JBrotsis
    It's odd seeing a sci fi, found footage film starring Clooney and Bullock, but the teaser definitely makes this movie seem like its gonna be a great watch! Curious how it'll play out (guessing close to two hours) if its told primarily with them just floating in silent space (as I'm guessing there's gonna be no aliens, crazy asteroids, etc)?
    • Xerxexx
      Doesn't seem to be a found footage film.
  • IamSlave
    This looks great. Can't wait to see it in big beautiful IMAX.
  • Danimal
    hahah oooooohhhh man that's terrifying! Yeah I'm in for sure.
  • Johnny Neat
    Now that's real fear. Kind of like the fear and panic of 127 Hours. Looking forward to this.
  • Eric
    I dont get it...
  • germss
    Visuals look good, as expected. The acting though? Clooney and Bullock as astronauts? Not buying it. Another issue is the script. No one will be going into space, especially with only one other person, if their first response to an accident is "oh my god, what do I do?"
    • son_et_lumiere
      i can buy Clooney as having 'the right stuff' for sure, but Bullock is a bit more of a maybe / not call. and dang it, but you're right - you would hope your astronauts had a bit more composure than that!
      • davetherave
        Bullock is a scientist / first time astronaut according to the synopsis. I buy it and cannot wait to see this!
  • Michael Wolff
    "Kaleidoscope" by Ray Bradbury.
  • EmagSamurai
    I'm not feeling it. Right now, I'm thinking this is a pass.
  • bob
    So ummm Team America is going to launch a rescue mission? She will get rescued 5 min after she runs out of oxygen.
  • alex
    The rest of the movie is Team American trying to rescue her.
  • Space is cool, and Clooney is great! Sandra Bullock though I don't know, Premonition scarred me for life, with it's stupid ending, I still can't believe I paid to see it.
  • avconsumer2
    lol - wow - I did NOT expect to want to see this one. Not sure what I was expecting, but, wow!
  • Adjectives escape me. Looking forward to this on the big screen.
  • Jackmooney9
    This looks amazing! Holy moly!
  • Ty Webb
    I have no interest at all in seeing this
  • Jorge W. Moreno-Bernal
    I found this one promising until I read "starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock"




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