Must Watch: 'RoboCop' Remake First Trailer Starring Joel Kinnaman

September 5, 2013
Source: Apple


"This is the future of American justice." Audiences have been waiting awhile to get a glimpse at the remake of RoboCop from Jose Padilha. After some footage was shown at Comic-Con, we thought there might be some hope for the film with some promising action sequences and the right satirical tone, this time taking aim at the use of drones and the human element in war. Now the first trailer has finally arrived showing Joel Kinnaman in action, and they're not shy about showing his face, even when he's in the RoboCop suit. Michael Keaton and Gary Oldman are highlighted along with a tease of Samuel L. Jackson. Watch!

Here's the first trailer for Jose Padilha's remake of RoboCop originally from Apple:

When Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) – a loving husband, father and good cop doing his best to stem the tide of crime and corruption in Detroit – is critically injured in the line of duty, OmniCorp sees their chance for a part-man, part-robot police officer. OmniCorp envisions a RoboCop in every city and even more billions for their shareholders, but they never counted on one thing: there is still a man inside the machine pursuing justice. Gary Oldman and Michael Keaton also star in RoboCop from director Jose Padilha and writer James Vanderbilt (The Amazing Spider-Man). Sony Pictures sends the film to theaters on February 7th, 2014.

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  • Snowmanfloza
    Dope! I feel it. I was the number 1 hater but its not as wack as i thought it would look.
  • Trey Wilson
    Wow, actually looks pretty good. Impressed. I was expecting something terrible.
  • Christopher Philip Cinquegrano
    YES! ED-209! I got chills man chills!
  • Nathan Williams
    Eh I'm interested and I'm sure I'll like it but the first is so damned good.
  • ekoville
    This is Awesome and it's gonna be Awesome . Dont be a hater for no reason , i wanted to see a remake of Robocop.
    Yay! Looks like so much fun! DREDD esque.
  • Ricardo_PT
    Thank goodness! I was hoping for the best because i wanted Padilha to succeed, he's a very talented filmmaker. I hope this shuts up all the haters who jumped on the hate train before even seeing any footage! I'm waiting for Alex take on this since he was very loud against the project 😉
  • poster_guy
    Looks impressive, just being a fan of the original, its still missing that verhoven touch. Fingers crossed for this one.
  • Brian Sleider
    Looks better than I was expecting. Color me a bit excited.
  • Charlie Hard
    I'm sorry but this is not Robocop. They just had to turn it into another generic scifi movie of this generation and shoehorn in a bunch of family elements. The black suit is beyond insult also. I could say they got some elements right and most they just threw down the drain like they completely forgot what the original film was about. That's the problem with most remakes they completely forget the spirit of the original film. I'm not trying to go on some long rant here but I'm writing the truth on how I see it. Besides I am a fan of the director also and this looks like a movie anyone could have directed.
    • Brian Sleider
      Yes and you can tell the spirit of the movie from the 2 min trailer. Also no way of knowing how long the black suit will be the "real" suit. I will reserve judgement.
      • hellcomestoall
        You cannot tell from this trailer that this movie has a completly different vibe than the original concept? really? They even went their way to give you all the plot points, what they changed, what they kept from the original (almost 0, nada) and even so they show you scenes with him talking to his kids and what not and yet you still dont see a pg13 rated family fest in this? Ok.
        • jim_from_to
          Its only a trailer for craps sake. your entitled to your opinion but you have made so many assumptions while not even seeing the movie! wait for the move then trash it if you dislike it.
          • hellcomestoall
            All of the points i made are clearly visible in this trailer, the only thing they didnt show in this, is how the movie ends, they sure as hell showed you how it started and how its gonna progress, you can see how the new robocop behaves and moves and acts. all of this is shown to us in this trailer, so why not?
          • Such heroic nonsense
            You're such a douche! Can you actually name one "remake" that reflects every aspect of the original movie?! I think NOT. Youre such a sci-fi geek fanboy that you're totally misinterpreting the remake of this film. Remake's will only capture the idea and directors/writers/producers will put together the rest of this movie in their own version. Why would you want to be known as the guy who duplicated something to the tee, almost 30 years ago. No one does that! If your so hellbent on the simple fact that all the minor imperfections in this film are due to it not directly reflecting the original, then do not even give "remakes" a chance (that includes trailers) and keep watching all the original films and stay stuck in the 80s. All your closed-minded opinions regarding your die-hard allegiance to the "robocop original" just make you sound like an economy-sized bag of douche.
          • hellcomestoall
            I can name a few remakes actualy that followed the philosophy and concept of the original source closely without completely bastardizing its content and dumb it down to the lowest common braindead viewer. Let the right one in is a good example of a good remake changing a few things but staying true to the nature of the original concept .. The departed was good also, 3-10 to yumma, vannila sky,dawn of the dead, and they are on all kinds of genres, theres a lot more stuff that was well done... And yes if you are remaking something, i expect it not to be a shot by shot, but at least recapture some of its original concept and not just bastardize it and dumb it down to a pg13 rated fest like this making everything that matter in the other movie completely obsolete. Yes i can watch the original and forget about this, but guess what, this is a website and we are on the commenting section and i am expressing myself because i will not support this crap, i want the industry to grow, not regress, i want to ppl like you grow up with good movies, not be fed spooned by a trailer like this that just screams all the plot points and makes no valid reason as to why it was beeing remade in the first place. If they cant recapture the essence, just called it something else, and than ill leave it alone, but they didnt, did they? They put a guy in a black suit walking around like a power ranger and called it robocop, they destroyed his origins completely and the characters surrounding him, they removed the satire completely from this movie, and yet, theres ppl saying, yep it looks great, for what? for a gi joe type of movie? yes it kinda does i think, but for a cult classic movie that wasnt just a mindless action movie like you called it, no, just no.
          • Such heroic nonsense
            Dude, the original concept/philosophy of Robocop is about a family man/cop, who then becomes deformed and falls victim to an experiment that creates a robot-man super soldier, who ultimately continues to do his duties, all the while concurrently coping with the transformation and staying aware of his humanity instinct. That same concept is being delivered on this trailer. The "essence" of what Robocop is, is still there. Everything else is just minor changes to adapt how movies are made today. And, yes, you're correct that this is a comment section; however, the fact that YOU alone are the one basterdizing and dumbing this movie down before it actually has gotten to the big screen is where you make yourself look like a judgemental short-sided douche, hence overriding anyones ability to respect or understand your justifications.
        • BinaryChaos
          Kid...he only has one child. I don't know why he'd associate himself with his family because he is making them a target to criminals that may want to get back at him in future installments. It's better that his family didn't know he wasn't alive in the first place and moved on with their lives. This movie looks ok but I don't think it will be as intense or tragic as the original movie was.
    • hellcomestoall
      I cannot agree more with you, i am in complete disgust at this trailer, as a standalone movie it looks terrible, but as a robocop remake, it looks absolutly atrocious. I was expecting this to be bad, but not this bad, everyone is raving on the comments here and on ign saying it looks really good, its the first time i suspect a lot of the people who work on this movie have invaded a comments section.. (i know.. it looks insane) Anyone who saw the original and likes this, they didnt like the movie for the right reasons surely, the first movie had a message to it that was delivered in a gritty way, just like real life is, gritty ! It had really good dialogs, it has dark humor to it, it felt real, even though the name "robocop" would of led you to believe it would be a movie like it is beeing portrait in this trailer ( a soft gi joe/power ranger type of movie) Dont even get me started on this suit, first of all it shouldnt even be a suit, it should of been a robot with human parts inside, this just looks like a guy in a suit, plain and simple, and its not even a convincing suit either, its as rubbery as it gets, just like one of those tv shows with the power rangers. The way the original robocop acted was very "unhuman" he looked at everyone as if he had no soul, and didnt have any expressions by the start of the movie as a robot" This guy looks everywhere with this "suit" on, just like he would do it if he had no suit...he doesnt even move like he is a robot, he just runs around and jumps like he actualy is in a godam rubbersuit. The original robocop had weight to it, it felt like he weighted a thousands of pounds, theres even a scene where they need 5 or 6 people just to get him up. To sum it all up, this looks like a parody of the original R rated movie. I saw ppl comparing this to dredd, this movie got nothing on dredd, thats how you make a remake, one of the best remakes i ever saw. I wanna believe that people that think this is any good havent actualy seen the first 2 movies, cause if so, jesus christ, we are all doomed for sure, and they will keep pumping this sorry excuse for "movies".
      • Terry Dellino
        I do agree with you that PG-13 rating totally sucks, however, I disagree with you on the suit/inhuman aspect. The original RoboCop is an 80's view of the future. This version, is a 2013 version of the future. Robotics has come a long way since then, and robots are starting to move a lot more naturally. Also, we are starting to discover/make materials that are very light yet stronger than steel. I also remember reading the director stating that the whole point of the RoboCap project in the film was to make robots more human.
  • Deconmpose
    very dissapointing! Robocop only needs his family in memory and where is Anne Lewis? 'you need to speak to your son'? really? Nope this movie is already less than the original! Hopefully better than Robocop 3 though
    • hellcomestoall
      It wont even touch part III and that is a horrible movie, but it is still robocop, it still has that robocop vibe, even though it was dumbed down. But this? This has been dumbed down to oblivion and it is not coming back my friend, this movie will make robocop 3 look like a masterpiece. I wrote a huge text to Charlie Hard reply but he pretty much summed it up with just a few words, "this is not robocop", its something else, and should be named apropriately.
    • axalon
      " Nope this movie is already less than the original!" Dude, it's a trailer...we have no idea what the context of "you need to speak to your son" is.
      • Deconmpose
        the quote is from the trailer, did you even watch it? And yes trailers have become overly revealing these last years making trailers a good indication for what to expect from a movie. Just look at both trailers (reamke vs original) and tell me objectively which gets you more excited.
        • axalon
          What gets me excited is people who at least watch the an entire movie before casting judgement on it, not two minutes put together by the marketing team. The movie will probably be crap, but at least give it a chance before shitting all over it. And dude, "the quote is from the trailer, did you even watch it?" Really? Obviously "you need to speak to your son" is from the movie...I'm saying you don't know what the context that line is IN the movie.
          • Such heroic nonsense
            "The movie will probably be crap, but at least give it a chance before shitting all over it." Thank you. All twitterpainted over nothing.
  • No. No. No. Absolutely not.
  • mooreworthy
    No one saw the original as a instant cult, dark humor-gore classic that it is today. Remakes aren't going away because studios won't target the savvy, old school fans, who don't need the whole plot explained in the preview, it's for the teens and YA, who don't care or know there was an original. If I never saw the original, still kicks ass, and didn't need movies spelled out for me, I would think this trailer looks pretty cool. Dredd was waaaaay better than I expected and this might be in its own way.
    • 97point6
      Don't know what theater you were in, but everyone in the theater I watched the original knew exactly that they were viewing an instant cult, dark humor-gore classic.
      • jim_from_to
        dude you are so right. Instant cult classic from the moment the credits started to roll at the end in the theatre.
      • mooreworthy
        I did forget that it almost received a rated x for violence, so I defer to your counter point.
  • Nielsen700
    I... I don't know. I just don't.
  • Jesse Bangerter
    This looks likes dookie.
  • 97point6
  • jim_from_to
    Best things about remakes is there is always the original to watch if you prefer it more...... so... who cares about comparing them. This looks fucking AWESOME!! I love that we are now living in a remake/rebot/re-imagine hollywood. Dredd 3D was fucking smashing better than Stalone's version. Both new Star Treks - obliterate all of the previous movies made... except for Wrath of Kaaaaaaaaahn. (that i liked) I would completely go and watch a remake of all the Star Wars movies again done by some contemporary filmmaker ... because Jar Jar just fucking destroyed the prequels. Look at BattleStar Galactic--- the remake was waaaaayyyyy better. Keep them coming Hollywood. :-)
    • The new battlestar sucked! beyond belief!
    • Mr Silly
      I think it's past your bed time.
  • iamNotLegend
    Who walks that close to a car when your turning the alarm off? Makes no sense to me.... Not watching the movie. It feels too forced.
    • IamSlave
      You're basing that off a scene that was 3 seconds long with a cut in it. You make sense....
      • iamNotLegend
        good point...
  • Astroboy3000
    If Miguel Ferrer was in charge he would have said "lose the arm". That human right hand is really bugging me. I'm not against a remake, I just wish it was a shot for shot remake with the entire original cast. Clarence Boddicker forever!
  • dawko
    Hope Padilha kept his artistic freedom...complained a lot about the studio
  • ListenToVinyl
    That was the worst thing I've ever seen
    • IamSlave
      You need to see more stuff then.
      • Such heroic nonsense
        *whispers* wait till he sees star wars 1 thru 3
  • Xerxexx
    Eh not bad but not great.
  • Professor_Bedlam
    I like it!!!!
    • mooreworthy
      Love that quote from the movie.
  • Better have some great action sequences.
  • Jacob Denton
    I don't mind remakes. they just better be good. looks to much like a popcorn flick. I think after watching Dredd, this isn't what I was feeling for.
  • ギャビン
    Not so much.
  • It's not a good film. It's the illusion of a good film.
  • Richie G
    I thought we agreed on full body prosthesis. Loose the arm!
  • Thomas Kelley
    I totally get the black suit now, Batman wanted it to be more tactical.
  • I'll watch it...I'm also not a douche!
    • Such heroic nonsense
      Agreed. People seem so angry already and its barely the first teaser. Do people really expect a "remake" to be an exact duplicate of the original as far as graphics, tone, storyline?! Some of the comments on here act like robocop fucked their gf.
  • I'll buy that for a dobber.
  • avconsumer2
    Definitely much better looking than anticipated.
  • Professor Brian O'bilivion
    Another Paul Verhoeven film getting the slick up-to-date nonsense treatment. First 'Total Recall' and now this? Looks pretty bad, the trailer delves a lot more into the Robocop 2 plot with the man vs machine internal struggle. I think Padilha bit off a bit more than he could chew (with the studio struggles as well) with this film...
  • CosminD
    I hate the black suit... it looks like cheap plastic. Plus, the performance of the actor in the suit looks to human, not like Peter Weller's
  • Steven
    Wasn't sure but now tempted....
  • Marcus
    Okay this is crap. There are so many brilliant overtones to the original Robocop that the people who say they love it don't even know why. For example, it painted corporations for how they really were; not how they prefer to be portrayed; ala remake Robocop. How they selfishly declared him dead to play with his remains to use exclusively for their own interests is tragic. Which is what they would do in real life. They wouldn't politely ask your wife if it was okay to transform you to a robot. Corporations want you to think they would, but realisticly they'd take your dead carcass and turn you into a unstoppable force to protect their own devious interests. (Telling the public he's here to make you safe but sell ridiculous amounts of cocaine instead) That original Robocop wanted to portray the tragic things that happen when greedy pigs are in control. They will ruin your simple life and destroy a family if it means they are getting at least $1.00 in return. Those are things Verehoven (spelling?) included in his movies that made him great and that's why your seeing his movies get remade so corporations seem nice; or watered down to where they don't seem as mean.
  • TheOct8pus
    The photography sucks on this trailer
  • capitandelespacio
    Looks like a trailer.
  • Fidel Reyes
    Well that looks better than I thought it would.
  • The film looks better than expected, but I still think it's pretty unnecessary
  • Miko
    I could never understand how people hate the thought of remakes or the chance for a comic to film or cartoon to movie so much based on the director, or the actors. How do people never want to see any sort of adaptation for a live action film or remake of something rather then give it a chance? If it sucks then it sucks but at least we get to see some sort of live action or modern twist to a classic. Take it for what it is and if you really disagree with it then go back and watch the originals. I do agree there are some remakes that should NEVER be remade just for the purpose that they have no need, but those are movies that have heart and emotion, movies that can't recreate that effect. But action films like these and visually stunning ones can always be redone and always will, so just try enjoying the ride instead of judging so hard. If you hate the remake so much then as medicine just run home and pop the original into the tv and enjoy your night 😉
    • hellcomestoall
      Did you just imply that Robocop was a movie without heart and emotion? Right.
      • Miko
        Not intentionally lol. I know it does, i mean't movies that are heavy hearted like Slingblade, The Pianist, etc. Movies that have no business being remade and are specific to a character and the emotions you get in that film.
        • hellcomestoall
          Fair enough, but what separates this movie from your average action flick, its actualy the character of murphy, in my view at least, it has the whole satire and corporation and all, but theres this dead person beeing used as a tool and he slowly realises that and wants his life back and his family. This is the soul of this movie..
    • Such heroic nonsense
      Well said.
    • Elle
      Many of us are sick of remakes, reboots and sequels because Hollywood is spending so much of their time and money on them instead of giving us something new. Recently, half the movies showing at my local theater were one of the above. It just gets old.
  • bugger_butt
    Love it. Loved the old Robocop. Hated the sequels. A new Robocop reboot isn't a bad thing. Heck, if it ain't no good, I can always re-watch the original hehehe. But maybe, just maybe it will be good. Maybe this Robocop has a new message to deliver. Besides, if the movie isn't any good...I don't care, it's not like I spent $75 million on it to get it made...the most it's going to cost me is $20 and that's no worse than an lap dance from an ugly dancer.
  • blkstar
    I'm the first one to hate reboots, and honestly I am really sick of hollywoods lack of creativity. When I was a kid I loved robocop, I think I was just in love with the idea of a guy being a bad ass robot and cop at the same time. Two years ago I watch Robocop for the first time since I was a kid and I hated it. I found the acting and the story to be really shitty. It was definitely a B movie at best which is what I assume make it a cult classic. With that said, this trailer looks really good, and even though I am not to keen on them changing the color of the suit I am a bit curious to see what they changed to the story. What the original lacked, this reboot may fix those issues for me.
    • cobrazombie
      No, you totally miss the point and value of the original RoboCop if you think it's just a B movie. You're beyond help if you think it's shitty.
      • Mike P.
        No need to insult the guy for not liking the original Robocop. Not everyone does.
        • hellcomestoall
          He is right though, half the people on this comment section that like this "reboot" have no clue about what made the first one a great film, and no, it was not just a B action movie, the premise might of been simple, but it had deph to it and soul and emotion, this is just a cgi gi joe crap fest with the main plot scattered around it. And no, i dont need to watch the whole thing, this trailer is very explicit, only a 12 yo that doenst know robocop would feel the need to watch the full lenght of something like this to get it. This right here is the direction movies these days take and it saddens me, i know we are not on the 80's, but man, this is just not up to the snuff, at all, if you take away the cgi, wich isnt that great, you get your average sci fi late night flick, its not just the spirit and the tone, the way its filmed also, the photography is so weak, 0 effort. cash grab "too slow boy" wtf is this? A movie for gta gamers?
          • Mark Alters
            A. I didn't realize calling someone a "GTA gamer" is somehow an insult. B. What does a light hearted comment have anything to do with a GTA game? I swear people don't even process the shit that they say anymore.
  • Russell Shouse
    I am thoroughly excited about this movie.
  • rolyjimenez
    The original RoboCop was so ridiculously good that they made a statue of the character... Let's be completely honest here, do you think this movie looks like it could ever earn a statue in the future? The answer is no. Does it look cool? Yeah, visually it's awesome. I'll even accept the black suit... but this just gives off the same vibe as Total Recall. Also, his voice just doesn't fit the robot suit... should've been cooler, firmer.... reminds me of Bane.. then again this is just a trailer. It just seems like such a gamble. The future used to look so cool in movies, they've managed to even mess that up.
    • cobrazombie
      99% agree with your post. Except I think this movie looks so damn generic, it's more depressing than Old Detroit.
  • James Polston
    An allegory of the first three rolled into one?
  • cobrazombie
    At least the Total Recall remake will have a companion to go in the Shit Remakes box set. You'll watch this and appreciate the brilliance of the original RoboCop even more.
    • Mark Alters
      While I'm glad that YOU have apparently seen the movie despite this being the first trailer for it, the rest of us will actually have to wait until passing judgement on the entire film, since only morons say something is shit based on a 2 minute teaser.
  • Tim Jenson
    While I enjoyed the Total Recall remake, this looks pretty bad!
    • I think the exact opposite of your comment and while I can see how you think it looks pretty bad I'm kind of hoping for the best. That said I was with the trailer until the 1:15 mark so this could go either way.
    • Nick Woodley
      The Recall remake was crap.
  • Mr Silly
    This is wonderful- it shows how desperate Hollywood is and how it is finally dieing it's long-postponed death in the face of audience-participation and crowd-funded films- Max Keiser's brilliant piratemyfilm dot com is one of the nails in the Hollywood fraud industry's coffin. "Burn Hollywood, Burn"- John Lydon & Leftfield.
    • Nick Woodley
      What would you suggest as an alternative to standard Hollywood entertainment?




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