Must Watch: General Zod Unleashed in Epic 'Man of Steel' Trailer

May 21, 2013

Man of Steel

"Surrender within 24 hours, or watch this world suffer the consequences." Out of nowhere, one more threat from Michael Shannon as villain General Zod has surfaced in a trailer for Man of Steel. With a whole slew of new footage featuring the alien villain threatening Earth and the last son of Krypton, this trailer is even better than the full length trailer that came out about a month ago. Shannon might give Benedict Cumberbatch a run for his money as best villainous performance in this year's summer blockbusters. This trailer delivers all the action fans have wanted from a Superman movie for decades. Watch the trailer now!

Here's the new trailer for Zack Snyder's Man of Steel from Warner Bros. Pictures:

Man of Steel, the new DC Comics Superman reboot, is being directed by Zack Snyder, of Dawn of the Dead, 300, Watchmen & Sucker Punch previously. Christopher Nolan is producing, and co-wrote the story with David S. Goyer (Batman Begins, The Unborn, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance), who wrote the script. Warner Bros is bringing Man of Steel to theaters everywhere June 14th this summer. Will you be there?

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  • SkylerB619
    Please... Please be good... I want this to be amazing so badly...
  • Bill Watson
    The sense of scale in this trailer is insane. Fantastic trailer.
  • Butch Lady
    As of the last 2 teaser/trailers to now, I am not watching anymore teasers.... I think "they" are at risk with over saturizing this movie before its release as everything they done until this point was MORE than enough already... suffice to say: BRING IT!!!
    • AJ
      Agree! I stopped watching thouse tv spots and preaty much anything MOS related a while ago. They are ruining the movie experiance showing almost everything there is in the movie. Stop doing this, we dont need so much material to get us excited. Who wasnt hooked with trailer 2 will never be even if you show them the whole movie before the release...?!
  • Chris Amaya
    Anyone else think of John William's Superman score when the music started?
    • Arion
      John who? Lol Donner what?
      • me
        come on bro, don't hate on the past, those films gave them inspiration to make this one
    • No.
    • Joseph M
      I wonder if Hans Zimmer will ever get away from cool atmospherics and write an actual theme? Then again, it is one of the hardest things a composer can do.
  • safichan
    This is INSANE!!!
  • Elyk18
    And I thought the last trailer was good...holy cow that was amazing. But please some surprise for us. CAN'T WAIT!!!
    • Karl Nilsson
      oh im quite certain nolans got surprises left of his sleeve
      • Joseph M
        You mean Snyder?
  • David Banner
    Aarggh, June 19th is so far away...
    • me
      man, i wish, it would open the 14th like everyone else, guess we need to wait
  • Ehsan Davodi
    To Be or Not To Be ... Thats Problem Shannon beat Ledger .... Maybe .... Maybe NOT ... Maybe .... Maybe NOT ... Maybe .... Maybe NOT ...
    • Is Ledger the dead guy?
      • capitandelespacio
        No, Ledger was the cop, that was the transexual Robin in the Avengers movie.
  • Big Mike G23
    Anybody still hating on this movie after this trailer, without seeing the whole movie, is really nitpicking and just looking to stir up sh*t. Cuz this trailer was truly EPIC! They should stop on this one, they built up the marketing perfectly, with each trailer slightly ramping up the action, with 3 weeks left this is the PERFECT note to end on. Ride this trailer till the release. Great job so far Zack
    • Arion
      Agreed. Sad part is, once we see the movie, no one will call him Superman anymore, he is just "Man of Steel." I don't remember the last time I said Batman, I always say "The Dark Knight." I'm stoke we finally might all alleviate the silly Donner versions from our memory; good for its time, but was it really that good? Did it do justice for The Last Son of Krypton? No! There, I said it. Lets not all hang ourselves at once.
      • YepItIsLikeThat
        To each his own. I don't consider Donner's version (singular, not plural; know your subject) silly. I'll agree the two Richard Lester follow-ups were increasingly silly and the abominable Canon release should only be watched as a lesson on how to destroy a franchise. But Donner did for Superman what Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns did for Batman. When you consider the previous incarnations of the character, you'll better appreciate the contribution.
  • capitandelespacio
    Zack Snyder knows how to film action. Never forget that the first comic book of Superman was entitled ACTION COMICS. This clearly is ACTION MOVIES.
    • me
  • Tyrell Antonio
    wow, just wow. Best trailer for this movie.
  • N.
    HELL YES!!!
    • Steve
      Yeah, I just jizzed in my own face.
    Winning my heart.
  • Hot damn.
  • Is that really MIchael Sannon's voice?!
  • Russell Shouse
    I will honestly be surprised if this isn't good.
  • looks preeeettty gooood,
  • One word: Insane.
  • Dan Hibiki
    why is it that every other action movie is looking like Mass Effect? not that there's anything wrong with that.
    • ...because Mass Effect looks like every other action movie? (Perhaps I should clarify - Mass Effect takes design inspiration from the wealth of sci-fi films that came before it. Its look is not original, as much as I love the games.)
  • Onechi
    This trailer is better than the entire Avengers movie.
  • Xerxexx
    Antje Traue (Faora) needs more exposure. She is a great actress and very easy on the eyes.
    • N.
  • Angry Lester
    Holy crap!
  • toonfed
    Ilove this messages from The Mandarin. what?
  • SDCC2010
    Marketing is getting a little better on this film, but it still doesn't look and feel like a Superman film. Feels like a cheesey Zack Snyder film. Sucker Punch and Watchmen were garbage. Green Lantern and Superman Returns were abominations.
  • Will
    Why dies this look like a Michael Bay film?
    • Guest
    • JL
      It doesn't, but I'm assuming you're referring to the scenes with explosions and space machines at an enormous scale, which is a visual tool over-exploited by Bay in his terrible nonsense movies?
  • Insider
    I heard WB employees hop onto to fan sites to hype the film up in the comments. This certainly looks like the case. Film still looks Meh.
    • Guest
      Unfortunately we just have trolls like you at this site
      • TrollsGoTheHellAway
        Truly. Troll elsewhere please!
  • Karl Nilsson
    I don't know about it being better than the last full length trailer, that one was so emotionally gripping and let you in on the tone of so many characters, but this one was certainly more exciting!
  • BinaryChaos
    This really makes the previous superman films look like a joke...Christopher Reeves is still Superman in my eyes no one can replace him.
  • $47353571
    Not surprised they held off on this trailer. This just let me down a bit. This looks more like a typical Zack Snyder film. I don't hate his films. I think they are visually stunning, but sometimes the visuals and the worlds he creates are so over the top they take away from the realism of the story, and ultimately from the story itself. His take on Dawn of the Dead was good, but didn't have a lot of visually styling. 300 was the perfect balance. The scales tipped too far into surrealism for Watchmen and definitely in Sucker Punch which was an all around mess. I was hoping he tuned his take on Superman below the "300" level of stylizing....but this preview looked a bit more towards the Sucker Punch level of the scale. I'm still jacked to see this, and believe its going to have elements of realism comparable to the Dark Knight trilogy, but this trailer is the first so far that has me doubting.
    • Guest
      oh please
    • JL
      I'm guessing the scenes where Clark blends in with the regular people are going to be slow long scenes that take more time than these action sequences. And that the action will mostly take place at the beginning and end of the movie. I'm looking forward to this being a smarter action movie. Snyder does have a visual flair that overshadows his storytelling at times, but he can still tell a coherent story along with an amazingly artful style. I think Watchmen was fine on the whole for that reason. Yeah, the characters weren't as pathetic as they were in the novel, which as many have pointed out misses one of the major points of Moore's writing, but it was still very much the Watchmen story, told completely from one end to the other, with much more adherence to the dialogue and narration than we could have expected.
  • d'oh
    The trailers are amazing! Too bad the movie isn't. Oh well.
  • Luis
    LOL amazing movie...can not Wait!!!
  • Jim Dawkins
    My God this looks to potentially become the best super hero movie yet.
  • grimjob
    Damn. This is going to be glorious!
  • K1ng
    God, please make this as epic as it seems and to let it kick start JL the way we always expected and wanted. Sincerely, Every comic book nerd
  • mistermysteryguest
    Looks OK. But I would have preferred something we haven't seen before in terms of supervillains. Same problem plagues the new JJ Trek movie. Lack of originality. There are no risks taken anymore. Just more recycled pop culture.
    • Big Mike G23
      I was gonna argue with you, but then i remembered Heath Ledger as The Joker makes ur statement completely irrelevant, and u a dumb-ass! So never mind.
  • OK
    While the visual effects look great ,the fact that because of one citizen,they are going to destroy earth is a bit weak really. Thanks to the special effects and Nolan's name it will sell but can they do a JL movie? We'll see...
    • Guest
      After Earth is probably more your speed
  • Joseph M
    I think i might have to get out my red cape.




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