Must Watch: Marc Webb's 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Teaser Trailer

December 5, 2013
Source: YouTube

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

"It's just a matter of time before I face those with more power than I can overcome." Well, it looks like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is really going all out with this sequel. This teaser trailer is action-packed and completely different from what was shown at Comic-Con this past summer, and it shows hints of action with all three of the villains featured on the triptych poster (which you can review again below). We're not sure how director Marc Webb is going to pull all of this off in one movie, but since there have been talks of a lead-up to the Sinister Six, our favorite webslinger doesn't have to defeat all these villains yet. Watch below!

Here's the first teaser trailer for Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2, direct from Sony's YouTube:

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is directed by Marc Webb and written by Jeff Pinker, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) finds, life is busy between taking out the bad guys as Spider-Man and spending time with the person he loves, Gwen (Emma Stone), high school graduation can't come quickly enough. Peter hasn't forgotten the promise he made to Gwen's father to protect her by staying away, but that's a promise he just can't keep. Things will change for Peter when a new villain, Electro (Jamie Foxx), emerges, an old friend, Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan), returns, and Peter uncovers new clues about his past. Sony will release Amazing Spider-Man 2 in theaters next summer on May 2nd. Your thoughts?

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Banner

Promo banner above first found in movie theaters over Thanksgiving - take a closer look at these characters.

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  • Reznik
    That's a lot of new villains for one film.
    • Kasual7
      yeah reminiscent of Spiderman 3.
      • Balls
        Pretty sure this trailer was better than the whole of Spiderman 3
        • Kasual7
          no doubt , i loved the the amazing spiderman.
  • Looks pretty good, but I hope they improve the CG shots (pretty sure they will), right now they stand out way too much. I'm there either way though, love Garfield as Peter Parker.
    • Sky
      Yea.... people always say that about Trailers when they are released, "the CG is great". They still have 6 months to work on this movie, and they do use all that time to get it to look as great as possible... the CG in the trailers will look better and better as we get closer to the release date.
  • Tey
    I saw Doc Ock's and Vulture's weapons!
  • Nielsen700
    Let's all hope that CGI isn't finished.
  • Such heroic nonsense
    Wow, i'm pretty sold. But man, Electro, Rhino, AND The Green Goblin all in one film? I just hope its not an overload. Still a little skeptical about the mecha-rhino too, guess i'll wait and see how that plays out.
  • dawko
    I am still behind the opinion that Marc Webb is not good for this franchise
  • David Diaz
    They are hinting hard at the Sinister Six. At 1:14 we see Doc Oc's arms and the Vulture's wings and then 6 numbered doors. Wonder if the battle with Electro at the end of the trailer will be the first Sinister Six battle and then he'll find a card for the next battle like the comics? Looks like a lot of fun.
  • xShineyxDiverx
    Here's the difference between this and Spidey 3 I feel. They A) changed the Ben story to feature Sandman and Sandman was heavily involved throughout the movie B) the symbiote and Eddie Brock and Venom were all featured in the movie which that entire transformation from Peter to Eddie could take one movie. They stuffed SO much in. I feel in TASM2, Rhino is just gonna be some tiny dude and a tiny battle. Goblin and Oscorp will be there a SMIDGE more. Electro is the big guy for THIS particular movie.
  • Luke Hanna
    I was really hoping to see some more footage of rhino
  • ali3000
    People are actually liking the trailer..? What ever happened to the assholes who talked shit about it the second they saw those screenshots a couple of days ago? Labelling it "too cartoony" and "too much CGI"?
    • Chris Groves
      I share the same opinion I had of those screen-shots. It seems like the more I see of this movie, the more there is to be concerned about.
  • Is this game out for the Playstation and Xbox? Looks good.
    • capitandelespacio
      It's obiously for PlayStation, it's just another Sony product.
      • DAVIDPD
        Believe in Princess Kenny.
  • This trailer has restored my hope in this movie. Looks great so far!
  • Andrew G
    HOLY SHIT!!!! This looks so f'ing cool!!! Docs arms, Vults Wings!! Rhino is a metallic suit pry created by Oscorp... awesome!! So we got Rhino, Electro, Green Goblin, Vulture, Doc, and who is number 6?? Sandman? Mysterio? Hobgoblin? THE SHOCKER?!?!?! Would love that! Thank you thank you Marc Webb and everyone involved!!!
    • Ege Sönmez
      I'm sorry is this Andrew Garfield promoting the movie?
  • Jameson Cyr
    Too many villains. It seems like movie studios always cram too many villains into sequels.
  • Wafffles
    I understand these teaser trailers include footage with incomplete CGI, but when the shot you're adding - i.e. at 1:39 - contributes absolutely nothing but an extra few seconds of "omg huge explosion" action, it doesn't make sense to me to throw it in the trailer anyway and supply fodder for the skeptics and haters. The consensus seems to be that this trailer restored a whole lot of faith in a movie that was rapidly losing supporters; why undo or tarnish that impression with video game quality action sequences? Cut that stuff out and we still get the idea of where this movie is going, we're still more impressed than we expected to be, and the trailer still clocks in at over 2:00 so what difference does it make?
  • Ehsan Davodi
    Tooooooooooo Cartonish Yes i like whole cast I'm not fan of previous too because of Chip Special Effect and messy plot. I think amazing spiderman was perfenactory work , hope this was not.
  • Jeff Prioleau
    seems like a lot of CGI
    • ProjectionistHP
      Kinda hard to do a spiderman movie, with a villain made out of electricity, without lots of CGI... It does look a bit cartoonish but I dont mind.
      • Jeff Prioleau
        Yea I mean...I don't mind enough to were I wont go see it. The earlier films with Tobey had the same issues and that was a while back, I just wish it was better, that's all. It just sucks cuz I felt like that was an issue they would fix with these newer films...guess not...oh well.
        • ProjectionistHP
          Yeah I get you. Dark knight trilogy was very realistic lookin in my opinion. I kinda like that these Avengers and spidemans are not.
          • Jeff Prioleau
            I totally agree with you on TDK trilogy, VERY realistic stuff.
          • ProjectionistHP
            Considering that it's about superherous. And I meant mainly the visual part. Goddamit
  • Brian Sleider
    3 villains? Can you say muddled story?
  • Chris Groves
    Seriously underwhelmed. It's not the general thing, but more of the accumulation of a lot of little things. Aspects of it seem really hammy and cartoon-ish(giving a very 'Batman and Robin' vibe), while the CGI seems by and large quite unfinished in numerous cases, and beyond that, 3 super-villains is a lot to have in one film. This is going to be the THIRD time we've seen some form of Goblin in a live action Spider-Man movie. Harry Osborn also doesn't seem like any kind of normal, genuine best friend...he comes off as rather creepy and seems to have 'I will become the villain in the 3rd act' written on his forehead. The chemistry between Peter and Gwen is also a bit too awkward, that 'I was implying that' line made me cringe a bit. This seems like Sony saw The Avengers, and said 'we need a colorful, huge scale movie for spider-man, then they'll love us!' and it's not going to be anywhere near as good. As far as minor positives go, I like Oscorp as the 'evil empire' and I like some of the set-ups for Doc Ock and things like that...but there is a whole lot I'm concerned about.
    • blargh
      Yeah I agree with that. Seems like a painfully obvious setup for the sinister six though that doesn't fully make sense. If they have Venom, Doc Ock and Vulture in cold storage why wait till the sequel? One redeeming feature for me is the strong animated series vibe. Takes me back!
  • Grosser Unbekannter
    Wow, the PS4 really kicks some serious ass.
  • Tyrell Antonio
    I liked the trailer, had to pause a couple times, but I was expecting more of an Electro presence.
  • Fidel Reyes
    I'm excited but the Comic Con trailer showed much more Electro, and the score was fantastic it was an edited score from the first one but with Hanz Zimmer's tone. But then again that might be the actual trailer when it comes out. The only negative thing I have to say from this trailer is the quality of the CGI, not really digging it so far.
  • rage72
    This looks awesome! I don't see how so many people complain about the cgi, I mean even with the best cgi, spidey would still look the same! deal with it! It can't look anymore realistic than this. These people complaining about the cgi are the same ones that complained about how unrealistic the Hulk looked...smh!
    • Jeff Prioleau
      I don't agree...Spidey would not look the same with the best cgi...if he looked the same then we wouldn't be able to tell so easily that it's cgi. Hulk with Eric B DID look unrealistic....the Norton very was much more realistic, and even more so in The Avengers. This amount of CGI literally takes the viewer out of the movie, if I wanted to watch a cartoon I would holla @ Netflix.
      • rage72
        Well go watch Netflix then! don't like it, don't go see it! simple as that! I'm sure it'll make money with you.
        • Jeff Prioleau
          Wow, get mad...
          • ProjectionistHP
            Well, his nic is rage
          • Jeff Prioleau
            After I read his response, I thought that same thing, lol. ::sigh::
          • Jeff Prioleau
            I'm trying to have a convo with u regarding why I feel the way I do. If you wanna be a lemming and act like these issues don't exist then by all u. Of course I'm gonna go see it (just like I saw HULK) because I'm a fan. But don't get it twisted, if something doesn't seem right then I'm gonna point it out. You don't have to agree with me...or tell me to go watch Netflix (like I already do). This looks like a cartoon...ignoring that fact isn't going to change anything, just like me pointing it out isn't going to hurt the wallet of the studio. I just figured it would be much better considering where we're at in terms of's pretty disappointing actually.
          • rage72
            To keep pointing out cgi problems this early is just dumb IMO....they have several months to get the cgi sorted out..don't you know anything about the filmmaking process?or effects?smh...
        • Mark Fuentes
          This guy must be related to Marc Webb or something...relax, angry fan!
          • rage72
            And you must be his girlfriend fatboy! now you relax!
  • Fidel Reyes
    Sony has stated they want to create a Spider-Man universe with different franchises in my opinion they should also develop a Spider-Man 2099 movie, that way they can use even more colorful CGI! *sarcasm* I honestly think the slow motion shots make the CGI stand out more, and not in a good way.
  • ProjectionistHP
    Ouright, seems interesting. Cant tell nothing about how the story is going to wrap around all that Action.
  • James Hendricks
    The trailer seems very epic and has much potential. Hope they can handle the 3 villains well. They have some fantastic actors on the crew, so performances should be good. Only major complaint is the visual effects by Sony Imageworks, who helped screw up the Green Lantern film, Visual effects looks too cartoony, overall this is a film to look foward too.
  • Name
    Not impressed.The villain stylings are lame from what I see in the trailer. And havig Oscorp be the mastermind behind all these super villains takes away any true origions of these characters.Their motivations start from the same sorce.Boring...And peters parents are involved in this great conspiracy too? great...This story is more complicated than it had to be. I think I might miss this one...
    • ProjectionistHP
      Villain stylings are lame? I think that oscorp tech and goblins suit look awesome. And so does spidey. Electro however i'm not so sure.
  • TheOct8pus
    Jamie Foxx looks goofy
  • Jon Odishaw
    A lot of snide remarks for a badass trailer . Spidery looks stronger than ever. As for the lack of electro in the trailer, it's a teaser trailer.
    • Chris Groves
      People can call it what they want, but this isn't a teaser trailer, it showed far too much footage, it's a full blown trailer, plain and simple. Teasers are often as short as a minute and almost always under 2, and have very little plot/character details. They are often more about mood and aesthetic. This showed loads of footage and events and etc and was nearly 3 minutes. It's a trailer, not a teaser. That 'Electro teaser' they released was a teaser, not this.
  • Nash
    Nope. Colapsing buildings, throwing cars at each other, Finale at Times Square, too fast and unrealistic cgi, looks more like a remake of something...
  • blkstar
    I have to say I am impressed. But I have been here before with Marvel. They have great Trailers each and every time. I wasn't a fan of the first movie but this one looks more action packed. Love what they changed to the suite but I'm not all the crazy for the Rhino armor suite. Looks completely stupid and can someone tell me why the Green Goblin isn't really green at all? No mask no nothing? Call me crazy but I'm a stickler for detail. Guess will have to wait and see.
    • Logan
      Get your details right. This is not a Marvel production, it's Sony.
      • blkstar
        totally correct my mistake. I forgot Sony has the rights to Spidey which explains why the story is so so different.
  • S freud
    Wow so much wanking off about CGI realism. There is only one thing that really matters: the character's story. Everything should defer to that. If they are indeed sacrificing the internal life for more "bullet time" porn -- "realistic" or not-- its a loser. There is no better way to date your move as a flash in the pan.
    • Nick Henderson
      I agree, a CGI explosion cannot make up for lack of character development and story. Sick of CGI overkill
  • Xerxexx
    Okay...I'm getting tingles.
  • the_situasian
    Anybody else think Dane Dehaan looked a bit like a young Leonardo Dicaprio in the first few shots?
    • Xerxexx
      Yep...and like DiCaprio he can very much act.
  • Xerxexx
    Also we need Carnage and this line: "Life is meaningless! Chaos! The universe has no center! Its creator is a drooling idiot!"
    • mooreworthy
      "There's only one thing that ever changes anything, and that is death. Everything else is just a lie. You can't be saved by a can't be saved at all."
  • Dude this looks SO GOOD!
  • Nick Henderson
    Looks Awful
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 When good actors make a terrible movie!
  • Wow the new PlayStation game looks great!
  • Po
    At 1.14, is that Doc Ocks arms and The Vultures wings?
    • Lamar
      Yeah, good eye.
  • toonfed
    Wait!! Peter's father "created" Spider-Man's enemies?
    I want to believe it will be good.
    Has the Emperor created Electro by manipulating midi chloriaans?
    • conradthegreat
      Star Wars freak 😉
  • Cal J.
    Why do the filmmakers feel they have to so radically redesign the villains as to make them look nothing like the comic books? It's like saying the comic writers and artists somehow made something subpar. I know not everything in the comics can be translated perfectly into film, but come on.
    • conradthegreat
      Spider-Man (2002) did a decent job with Green Goblin I think. Kept it scary and campy.
    • Christopher Roberts
      Electro and Rhino look closer to the Ultimate versions than the traditional versions.
    • OfficialJab
      I like this Rhino
  • Quynh Truong
    look like a trailer for video game
  • conradthegreat
    I want Denis Leary back and his scene stealing charisma back!
  • Wayyy too much CGI for me. That last clip was horrendous...
  • fazha
  • Andrew
    Looks pretty good, don't know what the fuss is about. These movies are based on comic books, they are supposed to look like this.
    • Nash
      Comic books can get away with ridicolous action because they give you time to breathe and leave some room to the imagination of the reader. A proper rythm creates a good build-up of the story and not filling all the blanks with cgi might add some tension. Curiousness comes from desire to discover the stuff we haven't seen yet. This trailer is showing way too much way too fast and doesn't make me curious.
      • cobrazombie
        Well said, friend.
        • Nash
          Glad others feel the same. I'd wish they could make more trailers that leave more stuff to the imagination so that we can get curious again...
    • Mike
      I couldn't agree with you more. Everyone bashes the movie after seeing 2:30 of it. Ridiculous. The trailer clearly focuses on the action, which looks incredible, and I think the look of it, especially the CGI, is perfect. Wait until the FULL movie is released then make up your minds.
      • Nash
        Isn't the whole idea of a trailer that we judge a movie after seeing 2 minutes of it? And based upon that we decide if we are intereseted or not. What else is the purpose of a trailer? If they don't want us to judge movies up front, then why would they make trailers...?
        • Mike
          That's a valid point, but I think generally if people really want to see a movie or love a certain franchise, they'll watch it regardless of what the trailer is like. There's no way a trailer can represent the true feel or tone of the full film in the time provided. Personally, I avoid trailers for movies I'm hyped for as they give away key moments and you sit waiting for a certain awesome scene, ruining that surprise and awe inspiring moment. The same goes for reviews before watching a film. They give you the wrong attitude towards a film in that you may expect too much or too little.
          • Nash
            Indeed. For example, after the first teaser-trailer of Gravity, I decided not to watch the full trailer. I was affraid it would give away too much. Alex gave an explicit 'Skip this' for that trailer! He was wright. Only after seeing Gravity I watched that full trailer and boy, was I happy I didn't see it up front...
        • Angry Dick
          It's not about judgement, it's about advertisement, and if you are interested then go see it. How can you judge a 2 hour movie from just 2 minutes? Stop with the "judgements" of everything, dam just enjoy it.
          • Nash
            So basically, what you ask me is not to have an opinion and instead just enjoy an advertisement? I think I am not equiped for such an uncritical attitude. They make this trailer because they think it is a proper representation of the movie. A trailer is supposed to give the audience an idea of what to expect if they were to decide to spend their 10 bucks on this movie. What I see is 2 minutes of CGI-overkill. Apparently that is what they want us to see. Therefore the expectation is that if I go and see the entire movie, they will serve me at least another 30 minutes of CGI-overkill. No thanks. If they want the audience to have another expectation from their movie, they should have made another kind of trailer. I hope the next trailer goes way slower on the CGI.
    • OfficialJab
      Are you talking about the digital work? Then I disagree, I don't think it gets a free pass to look awful. If you mean the 'clutter', then I do agree with you. Unfortunately some superhero films are burdened with clumsy romance stories as well as multiple villains. I absolutely see why they cut MJ until the third one, and furthermore I hope Gwen's involvement is minimal.
      • Such heroic nonsense
        I understand that there are multi-villains but thats what Spidey always does in his comics/cartoons. Hell, one episode he took on Rhino, The Shocker, Chameleon, Mysterio, Doc Oc, and with King Pin at the helm. Im happy that Marc had the balls to keep that going and as far as the CGI, well lets not judge until we actually see it all done and finished.
  • mooreworthy
    Cool, cool, cool.
  • OfficialJab
    I will say that the digital work looks much better in motion, so far. In 3D though it will go back to being distractingly obvious. Electro looks super creepy, I like it.
  • ravenor
    god damn that looks horrible. spider-man looks completely fake. if that's the look u are going for why not do a 100% animated feature instead. i hate it when some elements of the cgi in a movie looks good while others just look terrible
  • eracore
    CGI looks really horrible. Is it too difficult to work with a good vfx company? Budget is not problem. Because even with lower budget they can have better vfx. Someone must send Neill Blomkamp's District 9 and Elysium DVDs to producers. May be they can understand how bad their CGI looks.
  • Saruma
    Those are amazing computer graphics! It is still 1997, right?
  • Bri M
    So electro's gay now?
  • Scott
    Wow. If this is anything like the first will suck just as bad.




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