Must Watch: Monster & Robot Mayhem in Final 'Pacific Rim' Trailer

May 16, 2013
Source: Warner Bros.

Pacific Rim

After the footage from WonderCon for Guillermo del Toro's summer blockbuster Pacific Rim surfaced, audiences should already be sold on this epic battle of human-driven robots fighting skyscraper sized monsters. But just in case that didn't do it for you, a new trailer has come along with some exposition to explain the struggle against these giant creatures. But the real star is the amazing special effects as the Jaeger robots deal crushing blows to the Kaiju creatures, and these monstrosities just dish it right back. While I wish there was more of the human side of the story highlighted, this is still a great trailer. Watch!

Here's the new trailer for Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim from Warner Bros. Pictures:

Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy, Pan's Labyrinth) is directing Pacific Rim from a script by Travis Beacham. The film follows a washed up former pilot (Charlie Hunnam) and an untested trainee (Rinko Kikuchi), who are teamed to drive a legendary but seemingly obsolete Jaeger, a massive robot designed to fight legions of monstrous creatures known as Kaiju, which started rising from the sea years ago. They stand as mankind's last hope against the mounting apocalypse. The film also stars Idris Elba, Ron Perlman, Charlie Day and Clifton Collins Jr. Warner Bros will release Pacific Rim in theaters in 3D on July 12th. How about that?

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  • Its rare that watching a trailer for the first time blows me away with its FX! WOW!!! Cant WAIT!
  • Charlie Hard
    Boy, everyone would sure love to have a Pacific Rim Job..... -snickers-
    • That's what I said when I heard the title. Imagine getting pacific rimmed while watching Pacific Rim? Awesomes.
  • Ehsan Davodi
  • D 'Dawk Lawd' West
  • Xerxexx
    ...Make Gundam Wing next. That was pretty fucking awesome.
    • I'm not sure Gundam would pull people in, I always remember the cartoons being a let down as a kid because it was all politics and talking then 3 seconds of robo-insanity. Still the best mecha out there though.
      • sahil
        the politics is what made it an altogether awesome show tho.
        • I suppose I was only a kid when I watched it, I just wanted exploding transformers. Weirdly I collected a lot more of the manuals and the figures than watching the cartoons.
      • Xerxexx
        That is was a political story with giant mech suits...but still I would tremble if a movie was released.
        • Deffers Xerxexx, would be amazing!
        • Chris Bob
          Neill Blomkamp. He can handle politics and sci-fi action just fine.
  • truong18
    oh yeah
  • Definitely the best trailer.
    How can people not be excited about this film?! Everything looks sharp, focused, and bombastic!
  • Duane
    I HAVE to say I was one of the naysayers...or... 'meh'sayers about this film. This trailer is gonna get me in a theater seat.
  • Chris Groves
    This looks incredible. I would gladly miss out on EVERY other movie coming out this summer if it meant that I could see this one.
    • JBrotsis
      I'm sorry Star Trek...but Chris Groves is right.
      • ccdev
        f#@k tony stark aka jason bourne wannabe, PACIFIC RIM is the epic of the year!
    • Joshjjb
      I wanna watch movies with Chris Groves
  • Michael Paterson
    Oh hells yeah!
  • Brian Sleider
    Looks great, my concern, which I have stated, is that the movie will fit in too much character drama. I do not think people go to these movies to see relationships develop, they want to see things smash and be smashed. I feel that the whole 2 pilots thing is a way to serve up some lame love interest crap. If there is more than 30 min of non robot action they did it wrong IMO.
    • Chris Groves
      Well, the movie has been said to be a "little over 2 hours" and "Nothing like 2-20, 2-30"...and we know there are multiple battles in the film, and there is one that is described as the "Battle for Hong Kong" that is said to last nearly 2 reels(which would equate to nearly 20 minutes)...that's impressive. That being said...look at The Avengers, there is MUCH more than just 30 minutes of non-action scenes. I think in a film like this, you DO need to take time for the characters in my can't just be simple setup and then non-stop action.
  • VAharleywitch
    I'm just hoping they explain why TWO pilots are needed - every other version I've seen or read only required one pilot.
    • Chris Groves
      They link to the Jaeger via a neural connection, and handling the 'neural pulse' from a machine of that size is simply too great for one person to handle with any level of comfort. Dividing the strain across two pilots makes the process much more efficient.
  • Jon Odishaw
    I didn't think any trailer ever would match the awesomeness that was the con footage pacific rim trailer. And this one jaeger bombed the shit out of it.
  • Chris Batty
    The scale of the robots look off. The colors are wacked. Reminds me of Batman Forever or Batman & Robin films.
  • toonfed
    MI socks went off, travel trough space and return, when i saw this trailer
  • Fanboy
    Each detail, each scene, only PURE EPICness. Cant waitt!
  • Tester
    Damn, I truly wish I saw what U guys are seeing, but this looks like a major CGI turndess !! How can anything, after 10 years of nothing but, CGI can look epic anymore ?? I dont get it, I guess I am too old. By the way, the robot scale looks terrible and they move too fast for their size.
  • Jace
    This looks absolutely ridiculous, but in the best way possible.
  • Good
    Boy, Oh Boy! This is insane.
  • $47353571
    I don't know if you'd call this a surprise or not but I'd put money on this being the #1 box office take of the summer. I just watched a big A$$ F'n Robot hit a big A$$ monster with a frickin boat!
    • ccdev
      So epic even my asshole had an orgasm!
      • Steve
        Are you in the Navy? Or Coast Guard? Cheers, Rear Admiral.
  • TTumMM
    please don't be suck! please don't be suck! cause the trailers give us so much hope!!
  • RobotProphet
    I really appreciate Del Torro for his creativity, but I'm so worried that this movie will be like Transformers with mostly action and little sentiment toward its audience. I know Torro needs the money--and he knows this will get him money because the special effects are awesome. But I afraid it's going to have less heart. Real Steel was a perfect combination of mind-blowing special effects and a solid story that made the audience care about what the were watching. I only hope that thats what Torro accomplishes.
  • Johnny Neat
    Looks cool, not sure why two drivers are needed, but okay. Funny how this is a clash of Neon Genesis Evangelion and Godzilla movies.
  • doug
    would have been ten times more epic and cool if it was just one pilot
  • guido_jenkins
    high $$$ cartoon...Transformers meets Godzilla... what a shameful waste of money that could have been spent on a REAL movie like "Mountains of Madness"...very disappointed here...
  • Steve
    When is someone going to do the Red Mars trilogy? Or a decent Starblazers? Or Battle of the Planets - without a gerbil G-Force? Or a Battlefied Earth remake? Priorites, people. I don't need this movie - seen Robotech already.
  • Hugo
    B movie on 200 Million dollars!




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