Must Watch: Second Trailer for Marvel's 'Thor: The Dark World' Lands

August 7, 2013
Source: YouTube

Thor: The Dark World Trailer

"Thor - your bravery will not ease your pain." The God of Thunder is back! And so are all of his Asgardian friends. Marvel has debuted the second full-length trailer for Thor: The Dark World, the Alan Taylor-directed sequel to Kenneth Branagh's origin story. Chris Hemsworth returns as Thor, along with Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, Idris Elba as Heimdall, Tom Hiddleston as Loki and Jaimie Alexander as Sif. This time, at least according to the plot they hint at in this trailer, Loki and Thor must team up to take on the Dark Elves. There's tons of action in this, I'm excited to see it, looks like another fine Marvel movie.

Watch the second full trailer for Marvel Studio's Thor: The Dark World, in high def via YouTube:

In the aftermath of Marvel’s Thor and The Avengers, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) fights to restore order across the cosmos, but an ancient race led by the vengeful Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) returns to plunge the universe back into darkness. Faced with an enemy that even Odin (Anthony Hopkins) and Asgard cannot withstand, Thor must embark on his most perilous and personal journey yet, one that will reunite him with Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and force him to sacrifice everything to save us all. Alan Taylor ("Game of Thrones") directs Thor: The Dark World which arrives in theaters on November 8th. What say you now?

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  • cobrazombie
    Looks like London gets it again.
    • Linkfx
      Moving on from New York!
    • Vietnamthemovie
      Paris next...
    • Sky
      to next year in jerusalem!!!!!!
  • Dan Stewart
    The old "Indy" trick of knocking the biggest villain down with a single shot, still knocking 'em dead
  • This looks like so very much fun. I just hope the whole Marvel/Taylor runtime dispute reaches a good compromise. I'd rather not see a full 30 minutes hacked out of this; go ahead and give us an epic, Marvel.
  • Nielsen700
    This ought to be fun.
    Now that's a build
  • Thor: [walking into a pet shop] I need a horse! Pet Store Clerk: We don't have horses. Just dogs, cats, birds. Thor: Then give me one of those large enough to ride.
  • Jackmooney9
    This movie will be epic this is one of my most anticipated for fall!
  • Jon Odishaw
    Piqued my interest without giving anything away. Well played.
  • Michael Kingscott
    "Anyone else?" 😀
    • EmagSamurai
      Never gets old!
    • nash
      Entire scene including lines copied from Troy: "Is there no one else?"
      • Chris Groves
        Oh yes, because I'm sure Troy invented the 'Big guy is rather easily taken out by a smaller guy' trope...besides, maybe the director is purposefully paying homage?
        • Nash
          I didn't say Troy was original. I said the scene in the trailer is a copy of what is shown in Troy. Do you have any evidence that the director is paying homage to Troy? Doesn't seem very likely to me. One usually pays homage to movies that are considered master pieces.
          • Chris Groves
            You can pay homage to any movie you are a fan of, director's like Quentin Tarantino do it all the time...they don't have be widely considered as masterpieces. Also, if the logic is 'Troy didn't invent that type of scene' then you can't say 'Thor is ripping off Troy' because if the implication is that Troy didn't invent the scene, you are also implying that Troy may have copied it from somewhere else as well... If B copies A, and C allegedly copies B...what merit does B have if it too was a copy? And if we are dealing in a world where the same type of scene has been done multiple times...then there really isn't any fault in one more scene being structured very similarly.
          • Nash
            Ok, let's assume that it is possible to pay homage to a movie that you alone like, and the rest of the world thinks is terrible. Then again, what evidence do you have that the director of Thor is paying homage to Troy instead of just copying it? Did he comment on this in an interview? Is the rock-giant secretly a cameo of Brad Pitt? And indeed, Troy didn't invent this 'type of scene'. But this is not about a type of scene, it is about the exact same setup (some giant arrives at the battlefield and is beaten by the hero in a matter of seconds with only one blow) and almost the same words spoken by the hero ("Is there no one else" vs "Anyone else"). Can you name me at least one other movie with a scene that has that exact setup and a comparable phrase from the hero?
          • Chris Groves
            What evidence is there that he is NOT paying homage? Troy wasn't some turkey hated by everyone...plenty of people like the film, especially the Director's Cut. Alan Taylor directed multiple episodes of Game of Thrones, at the helm of the series are DB Weiss and David Benioff. David Benioff wrote the screenplay for Troy. It's entirely possible that somewhere in the process of the collaboration on Game of Thrones, Taylor took the time to watch Troy(or he had seen it already), seeing as it was a piece of work from Benioff. He sees the scene in question, which worked GREAT in that film, and decides to pay homage to the film written by his collaborator.
          • Nash
            And it is equally possible that Taylor watched the scene in question from Troy, and then decided to copy that scene in some form. Paying homage usually proves itself by winks, jokes, cameos, etcetera, that refer to the original. Or by directors explaining that they payed homage. As long as that is not the case, the most likely explanation to me is that this is just a plain copy. And where is that one example of a movie that contains the same scene? If this is done so many times it should be easy to come up with just one example. By the way, thanks a thousand times for sticking to the actual content! That is what makes a debate meaningful. And another not: I actually liked Troy myself and watched it multiple times. That why I remembered the scene so well in the first place.
          • Nash
            "another note", sorry...
      • shiboleth
        you're kidding, right? This can be found in thousand movies and books... Of course, unless this is read by nine year kid...
        • Nash
          Oh really, a thousand? So name me just 3 movies in wich a giant is introduced in the battlefield, and then, within a matter of seconds is beaten with one strike, followed by the hero asking "Anyone else?" or "Is there no one else"? And the presumed fact that such an event happened many times before in a movie, doesn't copying that make it even less original? And please show you are a grown-up yourself by sticking to the content; the age of posters is completely irrelevant.
      • Michael Kingscott
        Never saw Troy, will have to catch it at some point :-)
  • Cool.
  • dawko
    It looks like a mash of GoT and Thor 1. Doesn't look bigger though...marvel to be blamed imho.
    • Chris Groves
      Bigger doesn't always mean better...but just to humor the point, it DOES look bigger, that ship/pillar/thing crashing near thee buildings on earth is a moment bigger than any one action moment in the first Thor...the Destroyer never did anything on that level. People forget how rather 'small scale' the first was, the 'biggest' action scene was the battle with the Frost giants in the first 3rd of the film, after that it was Thor vs SHIELD guys, Thor vs the destroyer, and Thor vs Loki. This looks to have a few larger scale battles in it dealing with numerous combatants
      • dawko
        The first one looked like a pilot of a TV show...
        • Chris Groves
          If you say so....
  • Luis Eduardo Ortiz
    Looks kick ass!
  • grimjob
    Dig it. I noticed Renee Russo kicking some ass, haven't seen that since Lethal Weapon 3.
  • Brian Sleider
    Is it too much to ask to have Thor put his fucking helmet on? His hair is always in his face and it looks dumb to me.
    • cobrazombie
      But then he wouldn't look like the dumb blonde Aussie hunk Chris Hemsworth.
      • Brian Sleider
        Shit, you are right. Sorry for asking.
  • Xerxexx
    I'm in.
  • Chris Groves
    Looks great.
    • Nick Pollard
      Ya it does, but sadly it's safe to say most people think Loki will die in this film. If he does Ill be one sad straight man. If he doesn't die Ill be tap dancing all the way to London with my boots! -Team Loki
      • Chris Groves
        To quote Ivan Drago: "If he dies...he dies."
        • Christian Luis Rivera
          He can't he has his part to play in the Ragnarok which would make for a perfect third movie.
          • Chris Groves
            I was only making a joke.
  • Sean
    Oh my god! This movie looks 100 times better then the first Thor movie! Although, I will say I absolutely loved the first Thor movie.
  • Whatever
    Isn't that rock monster the same race as Korg from hulks war bound in the planet hulk story??? Deff looks like it except for the color but same head shape.... I wanna see beta ray bill
    • K1ng
      Sure is! Korg from Planet Hulk!
  • HyperJ
    Looks good, but that last scene with the rock troll(?) and "anyone else"... They could have ended on a better scene.
  • Wait let me guess "wheres the damn helmet" Priorities! priorities.
    • Sean
      I'm not sure If we'll see him wearing the helmet in Thor: The Dark World, but if there any parts of Thor: The Dark World where he will wear it, that would be cool because we've only seen him wear it in the movie 'Thor' from 2011.
  • Krakken
    Thought it was going to be called Thor 2: The Dip to Black Such an annoying trailer trend.
  • pablo G
    Thor and Loki's helmet are missing again..
    • Sean
      We'll probably see them wearing them in scenes of the movie, that have yet to be seen that were not in the trailers.




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