Must Watch: Second Trailer for Sci-Fi 'After Earth' with Jaden Smith

March 7, 2013
Source: Apple

After Earth

"It has found you." The first trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's blockbuster sci-fi film After Earth with Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith was at least intriguing, and now the second trailer has arrived and it's pretty damn impressive. The younger Smith certainly seems to be coming into his own as a leading man with some powerful trailer moments, and there's plenty of his father's style in his face and screen presence. But the senior Smith gets in on some action as well. Hopefully audiences flock to see this flick (and the twist ending hasn't already been deciphered), or Shyamalan will definitely be in movie jail for awhile. Watch it!

Here's the second theatrical trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's After Earth, originally via Apple:

1,000 years after cataclysmic events forced humanity’s escape from Earth, Nova Prime is mankind’s new home. General Cypher Raige (Will Smith) returns from an extended tour of duty to his estranged family, ready to be a father to his 13-year-old son, Kitai (Jaden Smith). When an asteroid storm damages Cypher and Kitai’s craft, they crash-land on a now dangerous Earth. As his father lies dying in the cockpit, Kitai must trek across the planet to recover their rescue beacon. M. Night Shyamalan (Unbreakable, Signs, The Village, The Happening) directs After Earth from a script he co-wrote with Stephen Gaghan (Traffic) and Gary Whitta (The Book of Eli). Sony Pictures will release After Earth in theaters on June 7th this summer.

After Earth Poster

Above is the latest poster for After Earth, also debuted today on Facebook. Danger is Real, Fear is a Choice.

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  • Greg dinskisk
    I can't wait to see this film, for some reason... I have some faith in it... Didn't watch this trailer, and don't plan to, taking up Brad Brevet's "No Trailer Watching" approach for a period of time... Still can't wait for it!
  • TCobaugh
    I think this could have some potential, I love Will Smith as an actor
  • Andy
    I'm very impressed and now genuinely excited for this film.
  • Primetime BenGee
    Just can't get excited for this. Shyamalan has fooled me too many times already. The only reason I want to see it now is because I couldn't help myself and clicked Ethan's link to the potential twist...Damn you, Shyamalan.
  • Tey
    Never thought I would one day give M Night another chance...
    • neither did I...
    • I'm still not.
      • Guest
        Being chased by monkeys? Oh-my-god I'm so scared. Must Watch? Should be, Must SUCK. PASS!
    • Pickle t1ts
      "Remember, danger is VERY real..." But these effects are not.
      • vfxanonyomous
        Have to agree. I wonder if this is the start of the vfx suffering from poor budgets! Rock on VFX Solidarity!!
      • LMAO
    • It's a trick. Get an axe.
  • me
    hell yes!!! m. night comeback film
    The voices are weird, but I like them. In the future, everyone is stoic and cold.
    • lolypop
      Also ,they all use advanced spears instead of you know phasers or blasters or hell even the good old shotguns and the like...not to mention the but ugly rubber diving suits....
  • Nielsen700
    My nipples are hard right now.
  • lolypop
    Why is there Deus Ex Human Revolution music at the beginning of the trailer ? ..meh...will see it just to see what kind of contrived "event" changed Earth or rather forced humans to leave Earth ..other than that ...meh...
    • Linkfx
      ah ha i knew some one would find it out and post on was driving me crazy when i heard that opening theme.
    • Mike P.
      Friend was watching the trailer behind me and the first thing I said was "That's the Deus Ex opening song." Glad others have recognized the awesome soundtrack on that game!
    • The aliens in Oblivion wrecked it and the humans all fled to Elysium after the giant monster war from After Earth, duh. Iron Man 3.
  • JerkeyBoy
    The Hunger Games: Jaden Smith Edition, no thanks Shaya I already fell asleep during the trailer. Jaden is a bad enough actor where he stands now it just keeps getting embarassing as so I can say for your quality in film making too. I had my last straw when he ruined Avatar The Last Airbender, I had. This movie looks so unoriginal and outdone, what is up with cringe worthy accents are you trying to compete with Bane's voice. Everything about this looks uninspiring even the poster looks like something for a skin cream advertisement. Shya you used to make great films, he needs to learn every director has their fall as so did Nolan with The Dark Knight Rises.
    • Hunger Games? I'm guessing you didn't see that movie. And why are you going on about Batman?
  • Looks pretty average to be honest...
    • David Banner
      ^---that and they talk funny :)
      • Ha! And yeah, what' up with that accent? Does come off as a wee bit silly. :)
  • Xerxexx
    Maybe he will redeem himself.
  • Alex
    This is a must watch trailer? Looks really bad. And that CG is straight out of 2001. Ugh.
  • I have 3 major problems with this film. 1. Shyamalan 2. Will Smith and 3. Will Smith's son.
    • hi hello
      Bingo! Totally agree.
    • Will smith is the best actor on the planet. That's not my opinion. That's a fact.
      • nha
        Yeah he is so much better than Daniel Day Lewis, Jaquin Phoenix etc :/
      • duh
        Denzel Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, Laurence Fishburne, and Forrest Whittacker might disagree
      • Guest
        You're a TOOL. THAT'S a FACT!
    • Wafffles
      4. Shyamalan 5. Shyamalan 6. Someone is still hiring Shyamalan? At least Will is taking a break from dramatic roles that are obvious, desperate attempts at an Oscar.
  • the_situasian
    I find it very telling that Shyamalan's name is nowhere to be found on the marketing (at least this trailer and poster). Indicative of how big of a hole he's dug himself, reputation-wise, in the last few years.
    • axalon
      I feel like this is my primary interest in this movie, not so much that it's a sci-fi film but the fact that Shyamalan has almost no leverage in Hollywood it seems.
  • thatintroguy
    Avatar on Earth.
  • Paul K.
    Why would the fauna have "evolved to kill humans" if the humans left Earth in the first place?
    • JBrotsis
      who cares! 1,000 year old evolved sci fi animails are the only reason why I'll see this movie.
      • Carl
        Heeeeyyyyyyyy :)
        • JBrotsis
          Carl, you SOB! I'll be seein IM3 in fresno, midnight showing. You better be there! :)
    • Wafffles
      Thought the same thing. Makes about as much sense as claiming saber toothed tigers evolved to kill dinosaurs. If anything, it seems like an additional clue to that supposed twist with sloppy, forced reasoning for its inclusion.
    • Because that's what Avatar did.
    • JohnIGottschalk
      Evolution as a theory requires not just thousands of years, but millions, there aren't any significant differences between species from now and 1000 AD. So, to a certain degree this could make sense if it is in the far-flung future, aka, 300,000 AD and after all the animals evolved to kill them, they left and haven't come back in 1000 years. The movie doesn't give a timescale for the evolution, only the time-scale for the humans leaving. This would seem to make the most sense to me.
    • sine
      Humans left the earth in the first place to get away from the evolved fauna!
  • buzzfunk
    Seriously??? After all the trash this director has made, how can anyone really give this a shot? The ironie has it that Unbreakable is one of my all-time fav movies. It was shot was such much detail and love. Every single movie after that, plain and simple, sucked. And i dont mean just sucked. They were awful. How does this dude get money for more crap?
    • it's called studio contracts. He made enough big films that made enough money that they have to either pay him for no project or pay him to make something. With Will Smith and a good editor there's a chance that's worth gambling on.
    • His movies have always turned a profit. Every single one.
    Meh. Looks boring.
  • Arnold
    I won't go to see this movie just on principle. M Night has put out one too many pieces of garbage to be given another chance
  • dianeT
    must watch???? this looks horrible.
  • So what's the twist? Clones of each other? The father is dead the whole time? It's not really earth? Man kind is on the earth still?
    • frrrt
      The twist is the movie might actually be good? Or at least tolerable.
  • Must watch? Really? That was worse than the first trailer.
  • Boomstick
    I'm in. Looks good. I hate how movie fans are now the equivalent of sports fans or reality TV watchers. It's not a frigging competition. M. Night didn't rape your childhood. Get over it. If he took a pseudonym to direct this you'd probably be singing its praises. EVERY director who has made more than a handful of films has a few clunkers to his/her name. Look that gem of a fact up. Then, open your mouth and give your educated opinion. Otherwise - blow.
  • Guest
    You couldn't pay me to watch this crap
  • WOW Will Smith an his son Rock!
  • IamSlave
    Won't see it in theaters but this is Shyamalandingdong's last chance with me. I refused to watch his films after I think it was The Village. This will be the first one since, only because I love my scifi.
  • emagsamurai
    I was interested in this movie until I found out it was directed by Shyamalan. Now, I don't know if I'll pick it up on the clearance Blu-ray shelf. His movies just don't live up to the marketing hype for me.
  • What happens with Will Smith accent in the trailer? He seems Jamaican or something...
  • Stacy
    What the fuck is up with Will Smith's accent...?
  • I'm pretty damn impressed.
  • Justin Mullen
    In 1,000 years earth's animals will have evolved to all hunt humans who are no longer there? How, unfortunate.
    • They left earth because the animals evolved to hunt humans, it's not that hard.
      • lewinston
        I think the BOTH of you... mean 'earf',
  • javier
    this movie looks horrible - terrible CG.....and the over-acting by smith and son is hilarious. throw in M. night and and this is a complete mess.
  • What's with the accents? Has that evolved as well?
  • frrrt
    Oh man ,the first picture : "What's the matter ? Someone stole your sweet-role ?",
  • solarshock
    Damn you guys are snobs lol I thought it looked like a good popcorn flick
  • Boiler Bro Joe
    Are they trying to do weird future-accents? I guess I appreciate the idea, but it's kind of weird. Also... (potential spoiler alert) Is it just me, or does this seem like a sequel to The Happening? (which, yes, was incredibly terrible)
  • David Darida
    Why must watch?
  • Manny
    Looks good!
  • Sixth Sense I loved. Unbreakable I like a lot. (Okay, and Stuart Little was cool.) Signs okay until that ending (made me hate the movie). But here's a sci-fi flic written by Gary Whitta (Book Of Eli) and and has Will Smith who is a good actor. Sci-Fi + Gary Whitta + Summer = I'll watch it. I may regret it, but I'll be at the cinema for this. Hoping to have my expectations blown and not met. :)
  • Kid n Play in SPACE! Even worse they are trying to pull off an as of yet unidentified accent, Ramalamadingdong needs to stop making movies. Surprise ending it's really some rich guys giant preserve so that his people can stay in the past and not evolve.
  • SirSayWhat
    Weird to watch a real life father and son play a father and son roll in a movie tired of watching Will Smith force us to like his kid throwing him at us any chance he gets he is not that great of an actor anyway .. You can find better acting kids on Nick or Disney Ch..
  • cpc464freak
    Garbage directors, and a bad nepotism infested cast... where could it go wrong? lol




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