Neill Blomkamp Says He's 'Not the Right Guy' to Direct 'Star Wars'

June 17, 2013
Source: IGN

Neill Blomkamp

When the directing job for Star Wars: Episode VII was still up in the air, District 9 director Neill Blomkamp was one of the most desired names to get behind the camera. And while director J.J. Abrams ended up with the gig, with a presumed new trilogy on the horizon, along with some spin-off films in the Star Wars universe, fans were still hopeful that Blomkamp could end up in a galaxy far, far away at some point. However, the filmmaker seems to have put the kibosh on that possibility after speaking with IGN about his film Elysium starring Matt Damon (watch the awesome new trailer here). So just what did he say?

When asked about his thoughts on directing a Star Wars film, Blomkamp responded:

"I love 'Star Wars.' I really, really love 'Star Wars.' But I’m not the right guy. And also, just taking ideas that already exist in Hollywood is just not for me."

Considering his first feature length film, based on an original short film from his own mind, ended up getting a Best Picture nomination, maybe sticking with his own material is the best idea. After all, when you start playing with a property like Star Wars, there are a lot more cooks in the kitchen, and it's harder for a director to get everything he wants on the big screen. In the end, Blomkamp's sensibilities seem a little too gritty and adult-oriented for a lighter, adventurous sci-fi story that is geared towards families. Blomkamp's next film is an original sci-fi comedy called Chappie, and if he keeps pumping out films as good as District 9, then I don't care if he ever takes on any established intellectual property. What do you think?

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  • Phillip Gockel
    I respectfully disagree Mr. Blomkamp. But seriously, a ridiculous amount of respect.
  • wylles
    I think he just feels he wouldn´t be comfortable right now doing a SW film, maybe later down the road...
  • Chris Groves
    I 100% agree...and the same goes for Halo. If you look at any of the cut-scenes/cinematics for the Halo games, they are relatively clean, smooth, and grand. They aren't in the shaky, dirty, and grimy style that Blomkamp likes to go for. Halo and Star Wars have a very similar 'feel' in my opinion. They are grand and fantastical. Something like Gears of War is much more-so in line with Blomkamp's sensibilities, in MY opinion. The sort of monochromatic 'dirty' look.
    • Chris Groves
      There is nothing wrong with a Director knowing what he is good at and what he is less suited for. Just because Blomkamp's work has been with sci-fi films doesn't mean he is a great choice for ANY sci-fi property.
    • Cody W
      Dude didnt you see the HALO short that broke him out?!
      • Chris Groves
        Yes, and compared to literally every other live action Halo short that has come was a let-down. I don't want a Halo film full of shaky-cam footage, dirt and grime and which features a bland color palette.
    Good some one is self aware of their own limitations.
    • Guest
      • Guest
        Rule number 1: Every director has limitations
  • Toksin
    While i can only IMAGINE what a lightsaber battle would look like by the hand of this amazing director, I totally get him and applaud him for not wanting to cater to the Disney/kiddie crowed. My respects to you! Can't wait for Elysium!
  • daneforst
    This is obviously a cover up to keep us blinded to the fact that he's really going to be directing Episode 8 after Abrams does Ep7. Think about it.... Blomkamp was originally slated to direct the live-action 'Halo' movie. Just look at the name... HA-LO... now think of one of the most famous Star Wars characters ever.... Han Solo... HAn soLO. Don't you guys see?! Open your friggin' eyes.
  • Me Again
    Same thing JJ Abrams said, and Zack Snyder about Superman and Mathew Vaughn about X-Men. In most cases money talks, but I applaud his integrity. And although I loved district 9 I'd wait to see that his next couple of films are any good (remember M Night?). One successful film doesn't ensure that he is the savior of Hollywood. If he did a Star Wars film it shouldn't be an episode, it should be the Boba Fett spin off anyway!
  • Brian Sleider
    NO ONE is the man to direct this. No matter what happens fans will hate on it. I would rather not have a favored director's name drug through the mud for Disney cash grab.
  • OfficialJab
    That's fine, I do hope they change directors each time. I like JJ a lot, but I think that would benefit this series a lot. Also taking it easy on the digital shit.
  • newideasplease
    It's sad how Hollywood studios leaped at Star Wars when Lucas sold it. Those studios should be leaping for new ideas and not remakes, reboots or whatever. Good for Neill. We need new stuff out there. As an adult audience, we need adult oriented stories. You go, Neill!!!
    • Ayotunde Afolabi
      Unfortunately at the end of the day, they are first and foremost businesses... so if they can attain a relatively bankable property with a pre-existing fan-base and a wealth of material to "adapt", major houses will go for it. EVERY time :/
  • John
    I desperately wish more directors would ignore "ideas that already exist in Hollywood." Sequels should really be made rarely rather than more often than original ideas.
  • avconsumer2
    Kudos Neil. Well said. Would love to see him do a spinoff though.
  • He is the right guy. WTF.




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