Rumor: J.J. Abrams Signed Harrison Ford for 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

February 15, 2013
Source: Latino Review

Han Solo

Though this isn't entirely unexpected, if this rumor turns out to be true, it's just good news and helps make Star Wars: Episode VII even more of a reality. The trustworthy scoopers over at Latino Review have decided to jump from the comic book movie news game into the world of Star Wars, and they've learned that Harrison Ford is already signed for the first film in the new trilogy. Considering we heard that Ford, along with Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher, were all open to reprising their original trilogy roles as of last November, this isn't groundbreaking, but it's just good to hear that Han Solo will be around. More below!

This news comes just after hearing that Disney was planning several standalone spin-off films featuring characters from the Star Wars universe. This supposedly includes a film following a younger Boba Fett, and also a young Han Solo (read our list of potential replacements, with room for age adjustment). We just wish there were some story details to go along with this rumor to make it feel a little more legitimate. But we trust the guys at Latino Review, and hope that an official announcement is around the corner. Of course, with Abrams at the helm, don't expect to get anything too juicy from the studio. Follow our Star Wars news.

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  • George
    At his age, we'll be lucky if Han shoots at all.
    • A.A. Jarams
      Or they should go the other way.He shoots all the time.Overexcited.
    • Danimal
      Nailed it.
      Never tell me the odds.
    • Hey, it's me!
    • castingcouch
      Sorry, sweetheart. I don't have time for anything else.
    • bozo connors
      Whoooo's scruffy lookin'?
    • lmao.. Ahhh shit that's good.
  • I like it.
  • let's just hope an older ford reprising an iconic lucas role many years after his last performance doesn't end up as crystal skull part deux
    • Dear people who hate kingdom of the crystal skull: Remember Temple of Doom? Seriously, watch it again and tell me the entire series hasn't been insane and borderline retarded.
      • A.A. Jarams
        Sure,but previous movies kinda worked with their retardation.Different times.The last one does not.It just does not connect.
      • Temple of Doom had some corny parts, but it was way better than Crystal Skull.
      • Yeah I keep arguing the same thing when Crystal Skull gets ragged on. It's a fair way better than Temple of Doom, despite its flaws
    • Lucas isn't all over this one like he was with that one, though
  • Adam Glass
    I would totally expect him to get killed in 7 or 8.
    • I'd rather see Leia get killed to give Han a fresh character angle. Happy Han with a wife and kids = Not as interesting or exciting as he was in the OT. Broken Han = All new potential for more bad-ass-ness
      • A.A. Jarams
        Star Wars:The Fugitive.
        • CellReborn
          It wasn't me it was the one armed hutt.
  • A.A. Jarams
    Can't wait for a nuke/fridge scene Star Wars style ! With lens flare!
    • A.A. Jarams
      lol at the downvotes.Thou shalt not insult the holy of the holiest by mocking his name.
      • t
        it's because the lens flare jokes are old and not funny anymore.
        • Random
          ....but lens flare is JJ's Jedi mind trick....
  • I wonder if he said he'd only do it if he could die in the first new episode?
  • Xerxexx
    Hopefully this will be a wise choice.
  • This is great! They need to bring the New Republic!
  • OfficialJab
    That's just fine with me. With or without returning cast, I'm really looking forward to this.
  • Rick
    I think it'd be neat if somehow the Star Wars crew gets sent spiraling through time trying to evade an empire star ship and old Han has to help the new crew but Han can't know .........
    • Cody W
    "I know" and I knew.
  • luis
    i like that Harrison Ford is coming back to be Han, even if the last Indy film was a big let down. What i do not like is the fact that Disney is planning to do spin off films with the characters.
  • Cody W
    Hopefully he has some sort of saving/last stand in ep 7 or 8, this may sound weird but Han needs to die, in an epic fashion.
    • A.A. Jarams
      I am sure JJ will hit all the tropes.
  • God I hope they kidnap his family in this one.
    • A.A. Jarams
      I hope he gets accused of killing his wife and is chased by a jedi who just does not care he is innocent.
      • Xerxexx
        "I didn't kill Leia!" "I don't care." I can see it.
  • buzzfunk
    Just leave the old cast be that. Start off fresh. Ford hasn't done any great work in a long long time, IMO. I have faith in JJ. He's a fan. Im pretty sure even at his worst it still be miles better then the crap that was the prequels.
  • Watch everyone be pissed off when this movie is awesome and be all like "well the original trilogy was better so this new thing doesn't warrant any positivity."
    • A.A. Jarams
      I just love it how the word awesome has completely lost its original meaning.
    • bozo connors
      lol - tell them to watch the prequels again... done.
  • Paul
    General Solo!
  • avi
    super 8 completely sucked so why do we have faith in JJ abrahams? This feels so bad!!
    • A.A. Jarams
      Because hype.Because fanboys.Because general public is easily fooled by PR departments to have something that's just o.k. and average sold to them as the next coming of Christ.Because compared to the rest of the shit Hollywood produces JJ stuff is decent.But its higly overrated. Bring on the downvotes.
      • Cody W
        I kind of agree, though I will say the guy knows good fast paced action. MI3 is one of my favorite action movies and I really liked Star Trek. But I agree that the guy is waaaayyyy overrated, hes no Fincher or Nolan.
      • Bl00dwerK
        I don't think the "general public" cares who the director is. The only people who keep up with that stuff is you guys...
    • bozo connors
      Did you even SEEE the prequels? Super 8 did not completely suck. It was lacking, yes, but it definitely wasn't the direction. New Star Trek was completely bad ass. What I've seen of New Star Trek 2 is completely bad ass. Lost pilots were completely bad ass. Why does it feel so bad again?
      • Cody W
        Super 8 is debatable and so is Star trek(though I liked it) but the guy does not have the flawless track record to presume that hes going to do SW justice. Im not trying to be negative but with all the hype, news, updates etc in the lst couple months JJ may be crushed under the weight of it all. A lot of star wars fan thought he completely slaughtered it. No matter what your going to have SW fanboys who will never be satisfied even if its the best SW ever made....but that doesnt change the fact that they may indeed be right this time, we will see.
        • Cody W
          star trek fans**
        • Beevis
        • bozo connors
          Well any sequel will be a craps shoot regardless of the director (hard evidence being the prequels), but I think JJ brings a larger chance of them being great films compared to the realistic alternatives. As for JJ being crushed under media/pop hype... highly doubtful... it ain't his first rodeo. Possibly one of the main considerations of Disney - he delivered (imo) quite handsomely under the ST fan onslaught - and I think, almost impossibly, against all odds, found a happy medium that a vast majority of "trekkies" were even happy with.
      • avi
        i have the idea they must re boot the SW franchise and leave the old characters behind them, onley yoda is a exception. The hype is to big.
      • Random
        Super8 was okay. It felt like it didn't know what it wanted to be. Captains are always responsible for their ship. ST2 ought to be really good though, I agree.
  • I think their gonna hit it outa the park finally , i have good gut instincts , their not just bringin these guys in for bullshit cameo's, theres real story stuff thats gonna happen an a nice throwback to the old trilogy.
  • bob
    WOW! "J.J Abrams" is the best choice for directing a new episode,i'm sure he will inject a new spirit to Star Wars movies....this guy is a very cool and talented director,good job man,good luck!
  • I wonder if Carrie Fisher is going to be in it as well? If it follows the timeline after return of the jedi I can see Ford playing an older Han Solo, but Fisher would need some CGI.
  • BinaryChaos
    Isn't Sylvester Stallone the same age as him or just a few years younger than Harrison Ford? Stallone looks like he can rip someone's head off without any effort. Harrison needs to take some notes from Stallone on how to look tough and maybe he wouldn't look so weak as he did in Crystal Skull.
  • Stef Quinn
    The best thing about Abrams is that he doesn't give a shit about EU canon. He probably doesn't care about Prequel canon either. If Solo's coming back with Josh Holloway as his non-canon offspring, that would be cool. Also, Matthew Rhys as time-traveling young Sideous. I'm just saying.
  • solarshock
    I bet his last line will be "I have a bad feeling about this" as the Falcon gets obliterated by a hail of Imperial lasers. That'll get a laugh or two.
  • dogma
    i just took a shit




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