Sam Raimi Will Start Writing the Script for 'Evil Dead 4' This Summer

March 1, 2013
Source: Bleeding Cool

Evil Dead

Though a remake of Sam Raimi's cult classic horror film Evil Dead is on the way next month, it sounds like the original franchise will stay alive with an Evil Dead 4. That's right, after Raimi made the effort to stop another company from doing a sequel to his franchise, the director isn't just going to sit on the property. At a press conference for Oz: The Great and Powerful (hitting theaters next week), Raimi was asked about the potential sequel and he responded, "I would love to make Evil Dead 4. My brother and I plan to work on the script this summer." So that means two different Evil Dead universes at the same time.

As for the brother Raimi mentions in the press release transcript brought to our attention by Bleeding Cool, it's likely Ivan Raimi, who worked with the director on Drag Me to Hell and Army of Darkness. Honestly, this is pretty exciting, but it raises a lot of questions. The most important one will be if Bruce Campbell will return to play Ash, and that's likely an easy decision. We're not sure where the story could go after Army of Darkness got pretty silly, but fans of the series should certainly be excited. More than likely, Raimi will have some more answers when the Evil Dead remake from Fede Alvarez starts having press junkets. Until then, take solace in knowing that Raimi is planning Evil Dead 4. Cool?

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  • This should have happened 5 years ago. Evil Dead 4 should have been made instead of 'Drag Me to Hell'....although I LOVE 'Drag Me To Hell'...
    • To me, Drag me to Hell wasn't all that great. I was disappointed it wasnt funnier. He should of made Evil Dead 4 instead because now Bruce is getting a little too old to do a very physical "Ash" character again.
      • I was fine with the sort of 'light-hearted horror' that it was though, it had jumps and moodiness, without taking itself too seriously. The first time it's 'scary' and with the repeat viewings its more entertaining.
  • Nielsen700
    Even though I'm not a huge fan of the series, this is great news. I love the thought of a series going on even if it's gotten a remake. He should do the same thing with his other trilogy.
  • David Banner
    Lol, these stooges, I guess 'never again' meant later, "like in 2013, 2014" :) AoD has two different endings, 1 in our time, the other in the far future. I'd rather they stay in our time-and wrap it all up, not an open ending with a "possible ED5".
  • anakinbrego
  • timnimbus
    Bruce Campbell is a dick in real life. I saw him once at a resteraunt and was star struck. I approached him and said I love his work and that I am a fan of the series. He told me to get lossed and get a job. I was heart broken. Though I still like the series I can never like Bruce Cambell after that. A remake without Campbell would be good. I cant wait to see what they can do with this.
    • Wow! Is this true? I thought I remembered hearing he was the nicest guy, but maybe I'm confusing him with someone else.. (?) Anyway maybe he was just having a bad day or who knows what..
      • timnimbus
        His wife said "sorry, better luck next time" after he said "get a job". I just said WOW!! (sarcasticly) and walked away. Who knows what happened to him that day. Hes rich and been in cult classic movies, what is there to be pissed about? LOL!
    • OfficialJab
      Give him a break, he'll never be able to have a meal out in peace his whole life because people insist on approaching him. I'm amazed that more stars don't act belligerently to fans interrupting them when they're eating or watching a sports game or anything else.
      • timnimbus
        Im all for letting people eat out in peace. Nobody even recognized him except me. I approached him before he got his food. Its not like I was all over him. All he could of said was thanks and I would of been cool with that. Can you honestly say thats an excuse to treat everyone else like shit because you are tired of the attention from being an actor??
        • Cody W
          At my job I have to provide a service to ALOT of upper class pricks, as shallow and stereotypical as it sounds, its just the symptom of too much money.
        • OfficialJab
          Kinda. I doubt he treats everyone like shit though, just because it happened to you and maybe some other people. Neither of us can really imagine being bugged by fans daily, so there's no way to know. I would just leave whoever I saw and be glad that I saw them in person. I can't think of any exceptions. My favourite is Edward Norton but I still don't think I'd go up to him.
    • Maybe you should just let the guy eat next time lol j/k , i heard Bradley Coopers a douche and shuns fans but money and star power can do that
      • timnimbus
        Even he was an A list actor I would agree with you but hes not...
    • jpeters
      Dude, Bruce Campbell is famous for being hilariously rude to fans. I wasn't there, but he was probably just assuming you were used to his "goofy A-hole" demeanor. Not saying that excuses poor behavior, but just look up video's of him signing autographs and you'll see how much fans actually EXPECT and HOPE for him to be a jerk to them. In a weird way, its how he shows his appreciation for fans, hah.
  • Steven
    Army of Darkness was terrible - this time it might be best to leave it to the reboot all together.
    • OfficialJab
      It was charming and hilarious for what it was. The goofy style was the studio's fault, not Raimi's though. They wanted it to be PG-13.
    • I liked Army of darkness, it wasn't evil dead 2 but it had its moments
  • Thesis
    If OZ does Alice in Wonderland money, Sammy could do whatever he wants.
  • I think its cool that George Lucas oops i mean Sam Raimi is going back and making a new 1. It would be awesome if it actually was a badass sequel.
  • zey
    Doesn't bode well for this Evil Dead remake that Raimi wants to do a proper sequel to his original series. Just sprayin.
    • Yeah, makes sense. I mean, without a doubt the remake will be gritty and extremely violent and gruesome, the trailers prove that much. But who knows what other problems it may have, I for one was not thrilled at all to find out that they were turning the lead into a female. Evil Dead was pretty much the definitive old-school series that went against the 'final girl' trope. Having the remake conform to the cliche' just doesn't feel right. Especially since in most other horror remakes...the 'final girl' concept from the original films is preserved.
  • nightgoat72
    This isn't really news. Raimi has said that he's been working on the screenplay for years. I've been waiting for this for so long that I'm skeptical it'll ever happen at this point. I mean, what studio would actually fund Evil Dead 4 after A. Army of Darkness bombed theatrically and B. it's been 20 years? That said, I would KILL for this movie to become reality. Like I said, I have been waiting FOREVER! And the older Ash gets, the funnier it will be, I think.
  • Legion
    Why? No one cares any more.
    • nightgoat72
      Speak for yourself.
  • castingcouch
    A bit strange having two Evil Dead movies out. But make the fourth official one R-rated and funny and more like Dead by Dawn (unlike Army of Darkness, which was goofy) and I might be interested.
  • ticketmaster
    Sam Raimi is creatively spent. Spider-Man 3 was awful. He owes me for that. I should be seeing Oz for free. If not, then I won't be trekking to a theater near me to see this garbage.




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