Simon Pegg Will Be Back in the Field for 2015's 'Mission: Impossible 5'

November 20, 2013
Source: MTV

Simon Pegg

Briefly: Following last week's news that Mission: Impossible 5 was making the bold choice to open on Christmas Day in 2015, just one week after Star Wars: Episode VII hits theaters, we have one returning cast member confirmed to join Tom Cruise in the sequel from Jack Reacher director and The Usual Suspects writer Christopher McQuarrie. Speaking with MTV, Simon Pegg confirmed that the IMF team's computer and gadget expert Benji will be back in the field with Ethan Hunt. Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol threw him into the action mix after introducing him behind a computer in Mission: Impossible 3. Pegg provides perfect comic relief and fits in with the team, so it's good to have him back. Stay tuned for more.

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  • Such heroic nonsense
    Now these are just getting silly. I like Simon Pegg, but the humor he incorporates takes away from the real aesthetic feel of the movie.
    • Sky
      LAME! He's the only reason i find these movies entertaining, Tom Cruise is as funny as wet paper. It would get boring just following around that guy for a whole movie
      • Such heroic nonsense
        HAHA "These movies"?!?! First off, he made only ONE MI movie with Tom dipshit. Second, MI movies arent meant for Tom to be funny. Third, on the contrary, Tom was hilarious in Tropic Thunder. Lastly, putting Simon Pegg in MI is the equivalent of putting Seth Rogen in a Bond movie.
        • Sky
          HE's made two u dumb ass!! dont hop all over me if you dont have your facts straight. How can i take you seriously if you fuck up the first thing you say to me... DIPSHIT. And Simon Pegg isnt like putting Seth Rogan in a bond movie... ITS LIKE PUTTING Q IN A BOND MOVIE WHICH THE HAVE BEEN DOING FOR YEARS!!!! You my first showing friend are an imbecile
          • Sky
            TOM WAS HILARIOUS IN TROPIC THUNDER.... CAUSE IT WAS WRITTEN FOR HIM, have you ever seen him do a talk show, or any interview. Hes as funny as a dog turd on ur shoe.
          • Guest
            You're a fucktard! He's only made ONE MI, thats "ONE" you dumb shit. He is barely being considered for another. He was only in GHOST PROTOCOL, not in any other. YOU MY FRIEND, are the ignorant one here making me look better with every word you type. And i really dont give a shit if you take me seriously, but know that what i say are facts that can be proven and thats something you should take seriously! Now do us all a favor and FUCK OFF!!
          • Guest
            HAHAHA oh right, so the all but 10 minutes he monologued in MI3 was enough to make that movie so much better. PFFFFF okay dipshit!!! Nice jusitification. You my firstshowing friend are the "dog turd on a shoe". So long!
          • Such heroic nonsense
            WHAT! Written for him?! Jesus you're as dumb as i thought you were. Of course every actor gets a written script, its how you perform it that makes you who you are as an actor. All that he did as Les Grossman was mostly if not all improv dumbass. And most importantly, Whoooo in the FUCK cares....what the guy is like offscreen?!?! We dont watch movies so that we can judge them as people outside of their careers, thats just dumb fucking reasoning to your argument. Nevermind, i'm done arguing with you! Respond if you want but im not returning to read your nonsense.
          • Such heroic nonsense
            HAHAHA oh right, so the all but 10 minutes he monologued in MI3 was enough to make that movie so much better. PFFFFF okay dipshit!!! Nice jusitification. You my firstshowing friend are the "dog turd on a shoe".
          • Sky
            OK.... i read the first sentences of each of these responses. I have concluded that this pointless, i have my opinions (Right ones) and you have yours (Cunty ones). But I do know that Simon Pegg is a great person to have in any movie. I dont like Tom Cruise AT ALL, i would rather just have a movie with Simon Pegg being a spy. Apparently you two wanna join Tom's religion and all put it each others butts. I cant partake in that cause tom sucks... your dicks. OK MY FIRSTSHOWING FRIEND YOU ARE NOT A "DOG TURD IN A SHOW" YOU ARE AN ANT STUCK IN MY TOLIET BOWL WITH MY SHIT FALLING UPON YOU ENDING YOU PITIFUL MEANINGLESS LIFE.
          • Sky
            this is fun
    • OfficialJab
      No it doesn't. And Mission Impossible doesn't feel real anyway.
  • Sky




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