Sound Off: Guillermo del Toro's 'Pacific Rim' - What Did You Think?

July 12, 2013

Pacific Rim Sound Off

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? "Today, we are canceling the apocalypse!" Bring on the Kaiju! And the Jaeger! In theaters everywhere is Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim, the original sci-fi story about giant monsters and giant robots. Starring Charlie Hunnam as Raleigh Becket, the story follows Jaeger pilots defending humanity against these creatures. He's joined by Rinko Kikuchi, Idris Elba, Charlie Day, Ron Perlman, Burn Gorman, Robert Kazinsky and Clifton Collins Jr. So how is it? Awesome or DOA? Are the fights even good? Once you've seen it, post a comment with your thoughts on Pacific Rim.

Spoiler Warning: We strongly urge everyone to actually see the film before reading ahead, as there may be spoilers below. We also encourage all commenters to keep major spoilers from the film to a minimum, if possible. However, this is an open discussion from this point on! Beware of spoilers, don't ruin this film!

To fuel the fire, I've seen Pacific Rim twice (in 3D) and it's an enjoyable movie, but I can't say I love it. The action and fight scenes, which are plentiful, are totally awesome and probably the best part about it. The work put into the choreography and fights is incredible. But the rest of the movie doesn't provide much of a story to care about or dialogue that's actually interesting. Then again, I can't help but recognize this is a movie made for kids, and if I was still 12 years old I would've lost my mind. It reminded me of the movie Robot Jox that my brother and I would rent from the back of the VHS store every few months when we were kids and watch for fun. It may be dumb, but it's entertaining as hell. The bigger the screen, the better.

What did you think of Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim? Best summer movie or big disaster? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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  • My lifetime of fandom has led up to this movie.
    • Meh of Steel
      Quite the opposite for me, mate. The colors clashing in the background was hard on the eyes. Acting was comical. The love story was boring. The action, what little you could see of it, was meh.
      • Brian Sleider
        If you came into this movie expecting a thrilling story, you were doing it wrong. Movie is about 2 things Giant Robots and giant monsters. Every thing else is superfluous. I though the actions shots were framed just fine.
        • PacRimSucked
          You should get a check up for your eyes.
          • Brian Sleider
            Or you should?
        • Greg dinskisk
          Yes, how dare he go into the movie hoping to receive an actual good film with an actual plot!
          • Brian Sleider
            Its a movie about giant robots and giant monsters fighting, Thats what I got. They could took out 20 min of talking I guess but every thing else was fine.
          • Greg dinskisk
            Yes, it's what you got. Is it too much to ask for a plot/story that's intriguing? Something good films have?
          • Brian Sleider
            What kind of plot could you come up with that makes sense or is engaging? Not a single Godzilla movie has a worthwhile plot. Its all just a platter to serve up Giant monster/robot action. I personally think the plot was pretty good. I think the concept of the drift was cool as well as the whole world they built. Like I said maybe 20 min of dialog cut would make the middle of the movie flow a lot better.
          • Greg dinskisk
            Yeah, screw dialogue! Let's just have robots and monsters duke it out! I can come up with lots of plots that make sense or are engaging. In this particular case, for this film? Not sure. Would require more thought than I'd care to, saying as how much I disliked it. And some of the Godzilla movies had a worthwhile plot. Not necessarily 'good,' but amusing enough to work, which Pacific Rim did not.
          • Brian Sleider
            In your opinion. Seems like most people enjoyed it for exactly what it was.
          • Greg dinskisk
            In my opinion plot is what makes a good movie? I'd LOVE to hear an argument against it... Some people do enjoy plotless films/films with terrible stories. I do occasionally, like Fast 5. And most people enjoyed Transformers 2 too, not saying that's classic (or even decent) cinema...
          • Brian Sleider
            This movie had a plot, you just didn't like it. That doesn't mean it had NO plot.
          • Greg dinskisk
            I know it had a plot. You wanting 20 minutes less dialogue kinda seems like you don't want any plot. I think its plot was absolutely HORRIBLE, derivative, and... gah, synonyms of those words...
          • Brian Sleider
            Well Sucks to be you I and every one I went with had a blast. Maybe adjust your expectations next time you go to a Giant monster movie. And yes I said months ago i would have been fine if there was 10 min intro to tell us why their were giant robots fighting monsters followed by 90 minuets of fighting I would be happy.
          • Greg dinskisk
          • skwash83
            Then you shouldn't have seen this movie that was your fault. Not the movies silly rabbit.
          • Greg dinskisk
            My fault the movie was bad? My fault I was expecting something halfway decent?
          • skwash83
            Absolutely. if you saw the previews and and read up on it you would have at least the slightest idea of what you were getting into. If you did all that and expected more that's your fault. Any additional story and character development would have made it stupid. Your projecting your own ideas to a movie that did exactly what it promised. Don't like it. Then may I suggest going to art school make a movie that has monsters and robots put a ridiculous amount of character development and more then see how many people like it. The movie wasn't bad your ideas of what would make it better are.
          • Greg dinskisk
            You mean characters (1D people are not characters) would have made it better? A plot that's decent? That would have made it STUPIDER? Please tell me you're kidding....
          • skwash83
            Again I have to explain what this this movie was about. Giant mechs vs giant monsters. That's it. Everything else is important enough to move to the next fight. I'm sorry you and every one else doesn't get that but that's yalls fault not the movies. Get in touch with your inner child have a long conversation about what he thinks is important in movies about mechs vs monsters. Then wait till the movie comes out on red box. Buy popcorn and don't forget to fist pump when a monster gets punched. End message.
          • Greg dinskisk
            Trust me, I know what the movie was about. I've said this about ten times on this site before (sorry Alex for posting this yet again) but I feel it's necessary... When critiquing a film you have to look at two things: 1. Did the film do what it was meant to? In this case, yes, it gave us a film about robots punching aliens' faces. 2. Was it worth doing? In this case? No. We've seen this film a billion times. It's hard to enjoy something that's ripping off a billion other films with 'characters' (I use that word loosely) that do incredibly asinine things. They built walls around a continent to protect people from giant aliens with a history of destroying things like walls. They built giant robots that two people had to be in (why not drones? Not exactly technology that would be tough for the future, saying as we have it today). Also, they were facepunching aliens when they have swords, plasma guns, whatnot. It's completely illogical. It was very hard to not get aggravated by parts of the film. (Random, but is Red Box worth it? Do you need a subscription or something? I haven't used it before, so I don't know. Please don't think I have anything against you personally, I don't. I just really dislike this film. Cheers!)
          • skwash83
            See you've already failed all of the if this if that why not this? You've polluted the enjoyment and what hasn't ripped ideas from books movies exc. And the government building something wasteful cause that never happens in real life. And its all good its just a movie in the end. If I come off cross I don't mean too. Just sad ya couldn't enjoy the mind numbing wonder that I experienced. Plus I'm extremely good at guessing what going to happens in movies books exc. My wife hates in cause I'm always right. So when I went to see this I just went for three things mechs vs monsters, charlie day , and Ron Perelman. Check check and check. Cheers.
        • Rick
      • CynicalGuy
        I have to agree with every single thing you pointed out and on top of that it was boring, I didn't care for any of the characters nor did I feel fully engage during the movie. I found my self, dozing off, looking at my watch a few times seeing how long the movie had left. The action was choppy and the testosterone level was a bit too high, All in all good effort but, disappointed tremendously in Del Torro for taking on this project.
        • skwash83
          Then your too old.or you have no idea how to judge a movie before you see it your fault
  • Nithin
    Just one word , EPIC
    • Jackie
      One word... GARBAGE. Tin can garbage.
      • Knoll
        Agreed. Pure unadulterated garbage complete with clashing bright colors.
      • Carlos
        I would like to see a movie directed by you. Maybe you could do it better. ASSHOLE.
    • Eric Wilson
      I agree.
  • Brandon V. Fletcher
    Loved it!! Huge smile on my face the entire movie. The score when the Jaegers were being prepped even reminded me of music from mecha anime. MUST. WATCH. AGAIN.
  • C
    Dude Alex it's not trying to win any academy awards, Del Toro knew exactly what tone to use to make this movie work. The cheese was intentional. This movie should bring out the kid in everybody and if it doesn't then I'm afraid your just to damn cynical.
  • meki
    Del Toro summoned my inner child last night and he was weeping with joy.
  • Stallion
    About time an original story giant robot meets giant monster round one.
  • nickweikert
    I enjoyed it thoroughly. Some of the scenes were so well done, young Mako during the drift was so awesome.
    • Jorge Morgan
      YES!!! It reminded me when I saw the first episode of ROBOTECH!!! A great movie!!!
  • Starscream
    Fantastic. It didn't disappoint. However, it's truly a pregame for the main event being Godzilla in 2014. My biggest question is; where the hell was Coyote Tango? He was there in a flashback (I think) but that's it.
    • Matthew Harrold
      Destroyed between the flashback and the present. If you remember they mentioned that the Kaiju were starting to beat the Jaegers due to the Kaiju evolving counters to the mechs. Hence you suddenly had the Gorilla one which could produce EMP bursts, or the the three limbed one which seemed to have been specifically designed to counter the Crimson Typhoon's three armed set up. The level 5 Kaiju had enough limbs to warrant three or four Jaegers to take it on.
  • lerryjee
    Best scene: When the wings sprout.
    • dvt
      Yup. LOL. I also liked the introduction of the "Gorilla" in the water, completely bashing that one robot.
      • skwash83
        Cherno alpha
    • rolyjimenez
      Hell yeah, no one saw that coming... How about that explosion in the water?
      • skwash83
        Completely believable too with water rushed out then filling gap.
  • Astroboy3000
    i felt like i did when i was a kid walking out of an awesome action movie. i instantly wanted to stick fight with someone and tell them all my favorite parts.
  • Hewlett
    I saw this last night. TERRIBLE HORRIBLE FILM. The acting was atrocious. The robots and monsters looked like miniatures. All the action took place at night and it was stormy but the way they shot and lit it, was way too dark. Hard to see the action. Plus there was hardly any action. And what there was is very boring.
    • Brent Snyder
      What movie did you watch?
      • Carl Raynor
        The same film I saw. I concur. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE film especially for a film coming after the Avengers and borrowing so heavily from it.
        • Sky
          What the hell r u talking about...
    • skwash83
      You obviously don't know anything about acting or good movies. All the actors in this movie are great actors you just expected something different your fault
  • Jon Odishaw
    The acting was wooden. The dialogue was average. But the action was spectacular. It was just good enough.
    • skwash83
      Wrong. Wrong and slightly wrong.
  • Odison
    The robots and weapons were so low tech especially for this day and age. Feels too out dated. No interest especially compared to Transformers.
    • skwash83
      Wow your right the 6 story mech I have can fly and travel through time what a joke. Are you okay? And there is a reason transformers looks high tech.....its advanced alien tech you dolt. And if your using that as a jumping off point for your argument. Then you've only showed your ignorance to current tech.
  • Bruce Lee
    I did not like the love story. It was cliche, predictable, and took up way too much screen time. There was hardly any action in it. Transformers action is way better.
    • Anon
      Indeed. From the first shot of the Japanese girl, it was so obvious and heavy handed that she was in love with the American pilot. Laughably bad. Didn't care for the stereotype of the scientists either.
      • skwash83
        Yeah cause we all have scientist friends we can compare them to. Oh wait we don't imagine that. And there's a reason for the stereotypes most scientist in old movies are like that.(its called science fiction)
    • skwash83
      Love? How about just good old sexual attraction. And it was great because if they would have did more it would have sucked. Are you a girl? Cause if you went just for a love story you failed.
  • jah p
    I personally loved the movie! Once again ILM proves they are at the top when it comes to effects! Love the scene when Stacker save Mako as a girl! I gotta say, Godzilla and the upcoming Gaiking movie have a lot measuring up to if they wanna be as good as Pacific Rim.
    • A Team
      Whaaat? This was some of ILM's worst work. B team. The scale of the textures, rain, effects, building destruction looked way off.
      • skwash83
        Get your eyes check cause there way off. Did you forget to put on your 3d classes?
  • GypsyDanger
    It was fun - what I was waiting for in movies. Saw it in 3D, want to see it in normal definition again ..... You have to see it in the movie theatre! I read a review somewhere that said this movie is an open love letter to monster vs. robot movies, I'd agree and I want to see it again!
  • ticketmaster
    A garish take of Godzilla meets Miss Saigon. Don't recommend.
    • skwash83
      Then you truly arnt a ticketmaster and you need to change your name.
  • davidshaw
    Serious question: I've seen the movie, but why are the same people that hate Transformers with a fiery passion lauding this movie as if it's the greatest thing ever?
    • Tester
      How dare U ever question a fanboy !!
    • Robephiles
      I have seen the Transformers films and have not cared for them because I can't tell what is going on, they have sexist and racist humor, celebrates brutal violence, and are all over the place in terms of tone. Pacific Rim, in contrast, is a model of restraint, which is a strange thing to say about a movie about giant robots fighting giant monsters but it is true.
      • Pan
        I beg to differ. Pacific Rim is a classic example of over indulgence by a director who thinks he is oh so clever with his silly high school logic for his make believe science. The creature is so big it needs 2 brains...? Come on!
        • skwash83
          Check your science moron. Creature that size need a extra brain because brain signals would reach the brain fast enough. God you dumb.
      • davidshaw
        I don't disagree, but I often had a hard time telling what was going in on Pacific Rim as well, especially since almost every actions sequence took place at night and in the rain or the ocean. And I don't see how the "celebration of violence" is different in either of these movies. In fact the Transformers movies were hardly ever brutal. Each of these movies was targeted at basically the same demographic, even del Toro said it himself in one of the featurettes. I'm no saying that you're wrong, I just find the disparity here both funny and somewhat confusing.
        • robephiles
          In the most recent Transformers film there is a scene where we see a bunch of citizens vaporized to death and it is portrayed in a way that almost seems as if Michael Bay thinks it is funny. In Pacific Rim there is at least some concern for collateral damage. It is the same thing that people who hate Man of Steel complain about and the people who love it don't get. When a movie shows a complete disregard for human life it takes me out of the movie at best and morally offends me at worst. Also, Pacific Rim doesn't have a scene where our "hero" shoots somebody who is begging for his life in the face at the end. Once again, this is not something that Micheal Bay seems to have put much thought into. It should be disturbing but he seems to think it is cool.
    • Matthew Harrold
      I shall try to explain from my point of view, Sir. Transformers is an utter mess of a film, lacking in redeemable features. It is dumb in the classic sense with a poor script, plotting, and wince inducing comedy. Michael Bay spends the entire film winking at the audience in a cynical attempt to garner their empathy in recognising the concept is rather cheesy. It fetishises the military in a way that is practically dry humping it. The editing of the fight scene is so ADHD you get no sense of scale, or where everything is in relation to everything. Pacific Rim isn't perfect. I'll admit that from the start. But it allowed me to put aside it's flaws and enjoy the film for what it is - a simple (not dumb) summer popcorn flick which appealed to the 12 year old in me. The script was servicable, as was the minimal character development outside of set pieces. The score was pretty damned good, hitting all the right notes, and the comedy didn't make me want to hurl my lungs up. What really makes the difference is Del Torro is a much, much, much more confident director who believes in his vision for the movie. Transformers wasn't a labour of love - none of the Michael Bay films are. They're purely exercises in monkey making and showing CGI. Pacific Rim felt like a love letter to 70s/80s anime mecha films and monster movies. Visually it's stunning. No one can deny that, and the bold colourings and excellent CGI help bring the world to life. There's cliches and tropes aplenty, but that's part of the fun. You have to take the film as a literal comic book. 70s/80s Anime was never mature in the same fashion as when game changers like Akira turned up, and Pacific Rim's lack of depth might actually have been created on purpose to better reflect the earlier anime which inspired it.
  • 311
    Closest thing to Tranzor Z or
  • BryceH6
    Alright, Pacific Rim! Visually and audio wise stunning. Del Toro being the visual director he is, you have to go into this knowing you’re going to get amazing visuals. I love the del Toro, at times, lets the camera just follow the action and not cut. Him and his DP do an excellent job really sizing up the Jaegers and Kaju by using a lot of wide shots. Audio is also extremely crisp and clear an thankfully the Alamo Draft House had their fucking volume turned way up, so it’s even more immersive. Script wise it’s alright. It has the cliched hype war speech and some cheesy comedic relief. There is some good character development which is nice to see in an action film these days. But who goes into Pacific Rim wanting an amazing script? I don’t. I went in for some Jaeger and Kaju fighting and that’s exactly what you get. The acting is solid by my man Idris Elba, Charlie Day and Burn Gorman are caricatures with great chemistry together, Rinko Kikuchi, Max Martini, and Robert Kazinsky show good emotion, and Ron Perlman is awesome. You might think I’m forgetting the lead, Charlie Hunnam, but I’m not. Saved him for last because he seems to be getting the most dislike, which I disagree with. He has a performance that doesn’t make your cringe or laugh over how bad it is, he’s actually pretty good. The only problem is that being a lead you should feel way more emotion from him, but you don’t. I don’t know, he isn’t bad by any means, but I just wish I could have felt more emotion for his character being the lead. The only negative I do have is the score that plays during the action sequences. It’s preference, but I don’t like when a huge epic score is washing out the audio from the actual battle. I rather just hear what someone would hear when thrown into the action. So, Pacific Rim gets a B+ in my book!
    • Gunn Man
      With a production budget of $250 million I expected way more and rightfully so. Avengers cost less and was much more fun. I give it a D- only because I'm feeling generous.
      • skwash83
        Then you obviously don't know how expensive CGI is.
    • rolyjimenez
      My girlfriend thought Charlie Hunnam was bad. I didn't think he did bad at all. Though I will say that his character just had as much depth as they gave the dude from Tron, which obviously wasn't much... After the intense intro scene they never really tried to have any more character development with him
      • skwash83
        Because that wasn't what the movie was about. Character development is pointless when giant monsters are attacking.
        • rolyjimenez
          I sat through a 15 minute scene of a little chinese girl running and hiding and crying because of a Kaiju and you're trying to argue that character development is pointless? I beg to differ sir. Once again... I had very few problems with the film and thoroughly enjoyed it... Everyone is allowed to have an opinion... let me have mine without you trying to shove yours down everyone's throat
  • Nick_W
    I thought it was one of the worst movies I've seen in a very long time. Terribly stale acting, archaic dialogue, ridiculously cliche story line, sub par combat and immature CGI. I also could not stand how every freaking actor in this film looked exactly the same and walked like they had 50 pound weights strapped to either sides of their hips.
    • skwash83
      You obviously had no idea what you were getting into that's your fault not the movies. Everything you listed was back burner material. Unimportant.
  • Jim Dawkins
    For what it was I enjoyed it. Definitely better than any Transformer movie. I didnt see this expecting some complex storyline. It delivered exactly what I expected. The way Del Toro conveyed the heft and size of the mechs and creatures, the focused battles, wobbling metal and bouncing skin from the enormous mass of the robots and creatures. For being a mech versus monster movie it was a blast. Transformers had a very stale static look to the battles. You lost track of what was what and you din't sense the size and mass in Transformers like you did in this movie. Honestly I enjoyed this more than some corny serious movie like Hunger Games. At least this movie knows its simply a fun popcorn flick.
  • Topgunner
    So I saw it in IMAX last night free poster horay almost made up for the horrible acting and story that made no logical sense. Wish there were more fights and less bad acting. Is there a reason we are using TV actors for the big screen. The movie felt a lot like top gun(I know it sounds weird) with monsters and robots instead of fighter planes. Oh no monsters lets build a big wall there is no way they can climb over or through it! I did like the robot monster fight scenes just wish there where more and more technically advanced. I didn't have big hopes so I wasn't let down as much as a couple buddies of mine but they said they still liked it somewhat. Don't know what that means. Cheers
  • Brent Snyder
    Movie was fantastic! Pretty much a live action anime, unlike anything seen before.
  • seb
    AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. Second time seeing it and this time around I paid the extra dollars to see it in an ULTRA AVX theatre in Toronto. All worth the extra cost. The first time I watched it my mind was so distracted trying to understand all the insane monster/robot stuff that the acting came across stale. Including some of the dialog. But the second time around it all clicked and it was way better. Not sure why... its kinda like the first time you hear a new song... you not really sure if you like it until you hear it again. For those complaining about acting and stuff not making any sense ....take a pill and chill the fuck out... you realize the kind of movie you went to see dont you? Favorite part - there was a Godzilla like scream from one of the monsters. Wickedly fun movie!!
  • Brian
    Light, fun, original and visually stunning. Yes, the story was weak but if Pacific Rim 2 gets made I'm sure it will be better. Those Jaeger versus Keiju were beautifully choreographed. The sets were awesome.
  • M.T
    Guillermo del Toro bought back my childhood memories. I grew up watching Voltron, Tranzor Z, and Robo-Tech. Man, watching the action-fight scene is crazy. Forget Power Rangers, bring me Jaeger Gipsy Danger!
  • tunisia
    the best movie ever make about robot.............its better than transformer...hope that win the box office and we can see another sequel and movie like .
  • For the ubber negatives here - I found your inner-child's suicide note. They say you drove them to it. I grew up with 80s/90s robots cartoons/anime and Asian monster movies, and these were things that influenced me greatly, so to me this was a love letter to my childhood. I understand the movie isnt for everyone though. That said, if you didn't like CGI in this movie, I want to know what you've been watching, because I honestly don't know what you've seen that's better.
  • Robephiles
    I have yet to see a Del Toro film that I have not liked. I like his smaller movies better than his bigger ones as a general rule but even when doing something like Hellboy or Mimic he has always had a lot more imagination than most filmmakers. I was worried when I started watching Pacific Rim. The prologue was awesome but the half hour that came after was a little clunky, had cheesy dialogue and some of the acting was wooden. That said, at about the middle of the movie things started to gel and you started to see more of the weirdness and quirkiness that I love Del Toro for. It isn't as good as Pan's Labyrinth of Hellboy 2 or the Devil's Backbone but it is still a good movie with a strong sense of directorial style. I would like to ask the people who saw it and thought it was too dark if they saw the movie in regular 3D? I have heard from several sources that this movie looks like crap in 3D and even some reviews talk about how crappy the movie looks in reviews while others say it is one of the most amazing looking movies they have seen. I saw it in IMAX 3D and even though I have never cared for 3D this is one of the few films I have seen in 3D that I thought looked awesome. Iron Man 3 was the last 3D movie I saw and it looked like crap even though I liked the movie. This movie lives and dies on its monster fights so you either need to see it in IMAX or stick to 2D.
    • Cheese Fest
      I saw it in IMAX 3D and it was way too dark. There were a lot of matte lines. The story never gel'd for me and I'm a very easy movie goer. It was very hard to check your brain at the door with such bad acting and tired old cliches. I am paying a fair bit to be entertained and definitely felt regret for having paid for a film that did not deliver.
      • Robephiles
        I saw it at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle. They use a 70mm projector and it is one of the best places in the country to see a movie. I normally avoid seeing movies in 3D because they look like crap almost all the time and unless they are filmed in 3D by a director who wants to take advantage of the process there is rarely any point to seeing them in 3D. I know Del Toro did not initially want the movie shown in 3D. I am guessing that everybody who has complained about how dark it was saw the film in 3D but I have not heard much from people who saw it in 2D. I also saw a panel of critics discussing the film and the issue of the movie looking too dark was brought up. The critic who complained that the movie was too dark was the only one to not have seen it in IMAX and nobody had seen it in 2D. All I know is that it looked great when I saw it and like I said I hate 3D. I agree that the story is formulaic and if I thought the movie had looked as bad as most 3D movies I have seen I would have felt I wasted my money too.
  • Jun Fan
    I was disappointed that the coolest looking robot went down like a beyotch. But I guess that's par for the course since it was piloted by 3 Asian triplets and one of them just loved holding a basketball instead of training. Sad, but true. Thanks for perpetuating Asian stereotypes, Del Toro. Where is Justin Lin when you need him?
    • borninatrailer
      Asians are the folks stereotyped wrt playing basketball? *not sure if serious*
  • jim
    Giant fucking robots versus giant fucking monsters. All done by ILM. The VFX looked AWESOME! It FUCKING ROCKED! the acting was good enough and the fight scenes were all great. The flashback scene when she was a little girl getting terrified by the monster was incredible. She is a great little actress. I love how the robots just bash the crap out of the monsters and they just keep fighting and don't die after the first punch. Love the scene when he checks for the pulse by blasting the monster with the plasma cannon a few times. And that scene where that crawling one turns into the flying one and smashes the crap out of the robot.... are you really thinking of the acting at that point in the movie. Fuck no... I cant wait for the sequel! Giant fucking robots versus giant fucking monsters.
  • Brady
    I have a new standard for "sheer awesome".
  • David
    One word: Perfect
  • Dtchunky
    The best movie ever. Thank you Guillermo del Toro
  • richard faussete
    Bring on the Macross movie... Probably get Gobots 1st though lol.
  • racquetman
    Big, loud, and dumb. Utterly forgettable in every way. Nobody will remember that this film even exists in a few weeks time.
    • Matthew Harrold
      I remember it exists, and it's been a fair few weeks since I watched
  • Nadir Ahmed
    only reason Pacific Rim is flopping in America is because its not your typical blockbuster where America or an american is saving the world in America. Large parts of the movie is based in Hong Kong, with up to 5 actors from the film English and another Japanese. The american actors are a smaller minority in the film. American audiences cannot stand this, they want there Blockbusters to be patriotic to Uncle Sam like the Transformers movies
  • Zak Coleman
    Dont go in expecting some intriguing plot. Lets get it straight: giant monsters fighting giant robots. That being said, PR was a fantastic-ly fun movie. Battle scenes were beyond epic. Great mix of intensity and humor. Single best shot: newtons cradle. I'd pay to see it again.
  • alx3
    Great movie, just what I needed, a 2 hour escape from reality. Yeah it's dumb but I don't want a science lecture in a movie I just want to be entertained.
  • Fan of Pacific Rim
    Great great movie! To me it felt a little like Starship Trooper with a little bit of the original Total Recall thrown in. Both of these movies were lots of fun, but would be considered bombs if you were looking for something serious and thought-provoking. (Total Recall was pretty thoughtful but only from outside of the main character's perspective.) That also applies to PR. The only thing that annoyed me somewhat was the way the Jaegers seemed to invoke the Marquess of Queensbury rules whenever they first encountered a monster. It always seemed that they had far more powerful weapons at their disposal that they would ultimately apply to defeat their foe. But that would not make for an exciting movie, and I understand that.
  • Lamar
    Loved it! Can't wait to see it again.
  • PremiumChicken
    My theory is that recent bandwagon nerds are the ones that do not appreciate this movie. It's truly an homage to childhood TV shows. It was by far my favorite movie in a long time. Also, the Gypsy Danger theme music is pretty iconic. I found myself getting excited whenever it started playing. It meant that some Kaiju ass was going to get kicked.
  • milliondollarmayhem
    not big on scifi, but huge on cinematography. visually spectacular, especially in 3D! progressive story line with well casted characters (even though i feel idris elba is being type-casted with this "ultimate sacrifice" thing he's done two straight summers.) i loved it!
  • cobrazombie
    Judging by most of the comments, movies of the future should completely forget about having good scripts, story or acting... Just have lots of noise and stuff getting blown up.
    • Jim Dawkins
      Thats not the point. For your typical pure enjoyment summer blockbuster popcorn flick, pacific rim delivered it well. I don't think most people were expecting a complex drama. They were expecting an epic robots vs monsters homage flick. In that regard, Pacific Rim was awesome.
  • Ehsan Davodi
    Question is two year later , where in one hand you have TRANSFORMERS and in other hand you have PACIFIC RIM , you choose whom? I think del toro save this year. Pacific Rim is original film. Not sequel , Not prequel. Everyone who hate this "probably" is TRANSFORMERS VIGILANT FAN. I like original ideas more than se/prequels look to the next year: Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) Rio 2 Amazing Spider man 2 Another X-Men Transformers 4 Fast Furious 7 Dawn of Planet of Apes (probably good sequel) Sin City (only sequel i wait for) Yes this is original too , Guardians of Galaxy/Jupiter Ascending/Hercules/Maleficent/All you need is kill/Transcendence Definetly (I) prefer the originals to se/pre quels. I LOVE PACIFIC RIM , Movie was spectacle roller caster and i admire del toro for beating michael bay. I think michael bay respect for my money but del toro for me and my money Thank You mr.Del Toro
  • Mario
    Battleship and John Carter looks like a pair of masterpiece of the seventh art compared with this school play made by the fat creepy man child Guillermo the Hutt.
  • Jamie
    One of the best Godzilla movies I've seen. I saw dozens of visual ques from Godzilla movies. Flying the robots in with helicopters. man in a monster suit running on all 4s. hokey (but enjoyable) acting.
    Two Words: Idris Elba.
  • jacobcrim
    One of the rare times I could just shut off and enjoy a popcorn film for what it's supposed to be. Big, loud and entertaining with lots of great homages to other sci fi/anime. Oh but let me get butt hurt because it was just alien monsters vs robots, I was actually expecting a deep intellectual sci fi on par with Kubrick that had superb acting 😐
  • rolyjimenez
    One thing I've noticed when I read reviews here is that nobody is ever satisfied. I thought the movie was really entertaining... It had a few cheesy moments but overall a pleasant experience. The intro was great and some parts were a bit drawn out but there isn't one thing in particular that I really hated. It was in no way perfect but it clearly wasn't meant for just adults... a lot of blue blood and corny one liners. I'm happy they didn't make a cheesy love story out of the two main characters... they didn't even kiss and I appreciated that. The action was awesome too. I guess I'm glad I came on here and read reviews before watching it to lower my extremely high expectations... I can honestly say I didn't leave feeling like I just wasted my money.
  • Runadumb
    I went into this expecting it to be dumb but entertaining. It failed to meet even those tempered expectations. I really enjoyed the opening and that maybe raised my expectations for what the film would be. However as it went on it just lost me with its nonsense plot, terrible characters/acting and the level of dumb that was on show. Oh my god the level of dumb. I couldn't go more than a few minutes without something that was overly silly or that made zero sense coming up that took me out of the film. By the time the big 2 monster fight came up and the "Analogue" scene happened something snapped and I realised my interest had been eroded to almost nothing, and there it stayed for the rest of the film. From then on I just watched as the totally senseless moments stacked up on top of each other at an ever increasing rate and I just waited for it all to be over. It was much more of a kids film than I was expecting going in. I guess I would have liked it to take itself a bit more seriously (not too much) but maybe that would put a lot more people off. I'm not sure. At the very least I wish the two scientist characters weren't so pre-school silly. Overall I say it was okayish but more geared towards 12 year olds than man children.
    • dbucks
      I felt the exact same way. It was scene after scene of cliches and plot gimicks (politicians screw up everything, daddy knows best - but then is proven wrong, long as hell goodbyes, cheesy competition - but then you can be my wing man, etc.). It was like they needed some filler so they said, "let's throw in some Top Gun here!" or "how about some Battlestar Galactica and Matrix over there". At really irked me that they talked up the Russians and Chinese game, but then they were gone in like 30 seconds. This movie could have been so much better in my opinion had it been done well.
      • skwash83
        Because it was a double event. They had only fought one monster at a time. And they were both level four and coordinated there atack
  • Brian Sleider
    Why was the clone pregnant?
    • DanHibiki
      cuz there's no rubber big enough for a Kaiju
    • skwash83
      Could have been a defect. Or a great suprise.
  • 2Spent
    The movie was great and any comparisons to power rangers or anything of that nature is ridiculous. Look the film, is about giant robots fighting giant monsters trying to save the world. Anything plot related will be "save the world", anything romantic should be in the words of Sweet Brown "Ain't nobody got time for that." Hell, giant monsters are attacking the world, people are dying and you're looking for a love story. Man, talk about some messed up priorities. The bottom line is that if you are looking for a thought provoking, life altering experience from a movie, there is no way you should every go see a summer blockbuster. They're meant to get butts in the seats for some mind numbing entertainment that can last for 90 to 120 minutes or more. So, if this isn't your cup of tea quit wasn't your money and time in giving us your opinions. Just let the rest of us veg out for a little while and you continue on your journey. Once again, Pacific Rim was Great!!
    • skwash83
      Bwahaaa that right ain't nobody got time.
  • dbucks
    How this movie hit above 70 on Rotten Tomatoes is beyond me. Man of Steel was a much better film. I went for the fight scenes and I left satisfied on that alone. However the rest of the movie was such a train wreck that it was painful. Some observations: 1. Can people actually act anymore or was George Lucas directing this? Side note: how did the primary male lead win that job? 2. I don't think they could have fit in anymore clichés into this film. The only thing it missed out on was the love triangle - something that I would put money on is in the sequel. 3. Did they have to explain everything three times? 4. The dude that operated the screens at the HQ could not have been more annoying. Had he not explained every plot point for me as it was happening, I might have thought better of him. They should have had Jean-Ralphio take that spot to make it at least bearable. 5. I am now so glad GDT did not direct the Hobbit after seeing this awesome train wreck.
    • skwash83
      I didn't see any problem with acting at all.
  • skwash83
    If you went to this movie for an extended detailed plot/ love story you failed miserably. The 5 year old version of yourself would nut punch you for trying to (gay) it up. Even my wife who doesn't care for this type of thing and only went to see it for charlie day( who can blame her he's awesome) liked the movie. If you want everything this movie doesn't have go see man of steel. If you want just enough story and character interaction to get you back to kick ass robots rocket punching kick ass monsters go see this and get popcorn. If you didn't like it your to old and I feel sorry for you.
  • Had some issues with it, the constant darkness, being one, but overall I enjoyed it. Just to see the giant robots get down was great, but i felt it was too close in to the action sometimes and I couldn't work out what was going on. Great for mecha fans though, shows the possibilities!
    • skwash83
      Possibilities yes. Let's do some live action anime.
    • skwash83
      Also I didn't have a problem with the dark parts I could follow everything. but my wife couldn't but she wears thick glasses so it may be a eye thing.
      • Maybe the monsters only attacked at night? I think it could have been an aesthetic thing. I sometimes think that making things really dark is a way to get round CGI restraints, but I'll definitely watch it again for a second opinion.
  • The real low low
    I've been looking forward to this for a long time. It was by no means perfect, but it was still entertaining. I loved all the other actors except for the main character. He just seemed very generic. *Spoiler* The end...well didn't I see the exact same thing in the Avengers? Granted it's difficult to come up with new things constantly, but we just saw the exact same ending last year. I loved the action. Loved the Kaiju. Ron Perlman was entertaining. It wasn't a deeply involved psychological thriller. It was transformers vs godzilla. Albeit waaaaaay better Transformers and more bad ass Godzilla. I also think nuclear reactors keep getting a bad rap. Nuclear bombs are very different from reactors. Chernobyl did blow up, but it was was a steam explosion not a nuclear blast. I agree with everyone else the wall idea in the movie was a terrible idea. Other than the small details it was a great ride.
  • Jorge Morgan
    The best movie of the summer!!!! Along with The Fast and the Furious 6!!!! It's a shame that they didn't show the mexican jaeger though!!! But, anyways... There is a lot of action, and that's what this movie is all about!!! I also expected to see a little bit more from the japanese jaeger (Coyote Tango)... but it's OK... I had my fun... A LOT OF FUN!!!!!
  • georgie
    The story was really cool. My husband is 75 and I am 51, and we thought it was awesome. We were brought up on Godzilla so Pacific Rim was like 1000x better. Lighten up and just enjoy.
  • lars
    Oh,that's right, Alex, because Man of Steel had such an interesting story and characters and was not made for kids. Sometimes I gotta question your taste in films because truth is Pacific Rim>>>>Man of Steel in terms of action,story and characters. Man of Steel had crappy meaningless action scenes, plot that fails in structure, bland characters who only give exposition. Makes one wonder whether you go into movies with a certain level of bias wanting to like one film while hating another.




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