'The Star Wars' Comic Trailer with George Lucas' Original Story Vision

August 8, 2013
Source: USA Today

The Star Wars

As many hardcore fans can tell you, the version of Star Wars that eventually made it to the big screen had plenty of significant changes from what director and writer George Lucas initially envisioned. Some changes include the name of Starkiller instead of Skywalker (this version actually uses both) and a green-skinned alien version of Han Solo that was obviously scrapped. However, the folks at Dark Horse comics thought it would be cool to take Lucas' original vision and turn it into an eight-issue comic book series, complete with some amazing illustrations bringing to life the first rough draft of The Star Wars from 1974. The comic won't start publishing until September 4th, but this cool trailer gives us a glimpse. Watch!

Here's the new trailer for The Star Wars comic, originally from USA Today:

And here are a couple pieces of artwork for the Dark Horse comic book series:

The Star Wars

The Star Wars

The biggest changes in the story are that Luke Skywalker is a seasoned older general akin to Obi-Wan Kenobi, and he takes young farmboy Annikin Starkiller (yes, that's spelled correctly) under his wing. Lightsabers are merely "lazer swords" and they're not exclusive to Jedi and Sith, but those two groups are much better at using them. R2-D2 actually talks, and Han Solo looks more like Drax the Destroyer from Guardians of the Galaxy. As comic artist Mike Mayhew says, "'This is the greatest 'what if?' story ever in comics." It would be interesting to see if this version ever hits the big screen decades down the road. Cool?

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  • Linkfx
    yes cannot wait to read it
  • GOU_NoMoreMrNiceGuy
    well, i guess we'll get to see that his original vision as untouched by gary kurtz, fox execs, irvin kershner, leigh brackett, etc... that that would have sucked as much as the prequels....
  • Xerxexx
  • added to my weekly pull. I honestly think that PIXAR should adapt these as well.
  • I want one.
  • ListenToVinyl
    I will be getting this the day it comes out. Very excited to see the original version in this form. It will be interesting to notice any subtle similarities between the two stories.
  • David Banner
    This looks cool, it will be fun to read what was "really intended" for Star Wars(SW). And this is the last or second last run of SW comicbooks at Dark Horse Comics (DHC), right? DHC has published hundreds of great Star Wars comicbooks last two decades, both cannon and expanded universe. They have explored and filled in past and future, but with Disney's decision of "no more past, only present" stories, that book is closed. It's a bit sad they lost the rights, or that Disney is handing them over to Marvel, DHC did an excellent job and should have kept it. They didn't publish 1 SW comic that didn't bring a profit first printing. I'm not sure how many planned SW series for 2014 and 2015 at DHC were canned, but some did seem rather interesting. DHC and Timothy Zahn(Thrawn trilogy) should get more credit for Star Wars' comeback in the late '80s and early '90s.
  • The Moo
    Brace yourselves, I will throw out the prediction that we can be sure that this will see the "big screen" in some form or another. Not only will it be yet another comic based movie, but they will have managed to REBOOT Star Wars at the same freaking time!!! The mind boggles. Just remember folks, you read it here first. 😉
    • David Diaz
      I'm sorry, I actually already read that on another site. ; )
  • Steven
    I love how Skywalker looks a little like George Lucas
    • Dresden
      Well that's the thing. Luke Skywalker. Or initialed Luke S. .. Lucas.
  • Fidel Reyes
    I will get 2 of each, one to read and one to keep sealed away for years, then if the issues ever become rare, I will have them.
    • cobrazombie
      I don't think comic book collecting works like that anymore.
  • Wish01
    What I would like to know is how did my 2nd grade classmate Todd Williams know in 1978 that "Vader had to wear breathing apparatus because Obi Wan defeated him and he fell into lava." Had to wait almost 30 years to find out if that was true and damned if it wasn't.
    • cobrazombie
      It was mentioned in a 1980 issue of Starlog in an interview with Mark Hamill. Maybe that's what you remember. AFAIK that particular background story wasn't known in the late 1970s.
    Jay from Jay and Silent Bob is a Jedi?




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