'Tokyo Drift' Star Lucas Black Joins 'Fast & Furious 7' & More Sequels

September 16, 2013

Lucas Black / Fast & Furious 7

It looks like another reunion is in order as the Fast & Furious franchise continues. Following The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, franchise stars Vin Diesel and Paul Walker returned with the tighter titled Fast & Furious, which has since led to a whole new slew of sequels featuring the two original film's stars and nearly all the stars from the following sequels. Now Deadline reports Lucas Black, who starred in Tokyo Drift, is coming back as Sean Boswell in Fast & Furious 7. In fact, his return is the first of three more sequels as Fast & Furious 8 and Fast & Furious 9 have also been confirmed as being in development. Read on!

It's interesting to note that the unofficial Twitter feed which discussed the possibility of Kurt Russell not finalizing a deal for Fast & Furious 7 actually hinted at Black's return to the franchise. They must have a good insider since they also said that Fast & Furious 8 was on the way. Does that mean one of the villains in this seventh film really will be the father of Jesse from the original film? We'll have to wait and see. For now the cast of Fast & Furious 7 is getting pretty full with new stars like Djimon Hounsou and Ronda Rousey joining the old cast. We're still hoping Russell is part of the bad guys, but if he's not, hopefully a comparably exciting talent will sign up. Stay tuned for more as production on the sequel continues.

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  • Nielsen700
    Not a suprise. Happy to hear it though. Bringing it full circle, and stuff.
  • Rich Hill
    Love the continuity of this franchise
    Heck yeah. He has been missed. LOL. But kind of seriously.
  • ASFan
    That unofficial twitter was wrong about Kurt Russell. James Wan tweeted last week that he was working with him.
  • Charlie Hard
    The amount of accurate continuity of this franchise is staring to scare me.
  • darius
    I've been waiting for this announcement since the post cred sequence. Almost thought they wouldn't bring him back. It's not the most popular, but Drift was my favorite.
  • rage72
    Where is lil BOW WOW?
    • ASFan
      I am sick and tired of people asking for Bow Wow to return. Do none of you realize he has no useful skills?
  • BigDay
    Im all about continuity, but i prayed they wouldn't bring this redneck back! haha I liked tokyo drift a lot actually. He was the only guy i couldn't stand. Also a Bow Wow in a Hulk car cameo would be great! lol
  • Jesse Bangerter
    Is that the little bitch from the X files movie?
  • Reznik
    Once Han's death made it's way into the chronology of the story this was innevitable.
  • toonfed
    It was about time
  • rolyjimenez
    Apparently I'm the only person who thinks Tokyo Drift was crap. I didn't like anything about this film at all. The Vin Diesel plug at the end was even worse. I wish they could have just pretended that movie was never made. Now I have to deal with this Larry The Cable Guy sounding dude? Hopefully they kill him off quickly cause he just doesn't match their "team"
    • Guest
      You're not alone...
    • Chris Groves
      I used to hate Tokyo Drift, but it was the first film in the series to actually have a real sense of style. The Tokyo aesthetic and the 'cool' sundtrack did a lot for the overall vibe of that film. Also, watching it AFTER seeing the last 3 films makes it mean a lot more as an entry in the franchise because Han is there. It's not as much the 'red-headed step child' of the franchise, and is actually an interesting one-off that features a main character in it. It's a lot better as a 'piece of the whole' than it is as a stand-alone movie, Similar to 2 Fast 2 Furious, which I consider the worst of the series.
      • Felix Gonzalez
        Real sense of style? Please tell me youre kidding. The first 2 movies were set in the car period where body kits, underglow, lambo doors and crazy paint jobs WAS the style. Where do you think they got the idea for the movies? And in many places that still is cool to do. Personally im an oem+ guy and always have been. But you sound like a 15 year old who spends their evenings discussing fast and the furious movies in forza lobbies. The first 2 movies had alot more real scenes than tokyo drift did. 75% of it was green screen. Personally tokyo drift is my favorite only because i like drifting and thats what got me into it. Not because thats the 'style' or its more realistic.
        • Chris Groves
          I mean 'sense of style' in terms of the film-making, not the car culture depicted, and certainly not the 'realism' of the car culture depicted. In terms of the music choices, visual execution and editing, Tokyo Drift was more 'stylish' than the first two films...which were fairly traditional in those regards(the 2nd, more-so than the first)...Tokyo Drift was the first to have the sort of 'sleek, hyper-real' kind of aesthetic that has grown over the course of the series. Long story short, Justin Lin's stylistic stamp is there on all of the film's he's directed in the series, and so aesthetically, Tokyo Drift feels a bit more 'in line' with the 4th, 5th, and 6th films than the first two.
          • Felix Gonzalez
            You have to realize the first movie was destined to fail. Noone wanted to help fund a movie about street racing. The visual execution/editing had to be pulled out of someones ass since there was nothing similar to look back to/copy. And on top of that. Technology was terrible in 2000-2002 compared to technology now. 2fast2furious had terrible cg racing but again. That was a first for them. Also remember there wasnt really LED/4K/HDTV in 2001-2002 so movies like that looked completely ok.
  • Rich Hill
    Time to bring Devon Aoki back while we're at it
  • Chris Groves
    Damn, signed him for 3 movies, I never would have thought 'The Fast and The Furious' would have spawned up to NINE theatrical films, in a scenario where 5 and 6 were the best...and people were eagerly awaiting the 7th, 8th, and 9th films.
  • cobrazombie
    Tokyo Drift is my favorite after the original.




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