Tom Cruise's Sci-Fi 'All You Need is Kill' Retitled 'Edge of Tomorrow'

July 15, 2013
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Tom Cruise All You Need is Kill

Briefly: Just in time for its Comic-Con unveiling later this week, Warner Bros has announced an official title change/update for the sci-fi movie All You Need is Kill. Or, formerly known as All You Need is Kill, based on the book of that name by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. Now it's titled Edge of Tomorrow, starring Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt and Bill Paxton, directed by Doug Liman. From a screenplay by Dante Harper, the story follows an officer (Cruise) fighting a futuristic war against an alien race who gets caught in a suicidal time loop, forcing him to live out the same brutal combat over and over, fighting and dying again and again. Edge of Tomorrow seems like a good time loop title, though it does have a bit of a Bond ring to it. Check out the latest photo from the movie and the first teaser poster below and stay tuned for Comic-Con coverage.

Update! Here comes the first official poster for Edge of Tomorrow, as it's now called, from @WBPictures:

Edge of Tomorrow Poster

"We are extremely pleased to be able to give the Comic-Con audience, who've always been so supportive of us, the first peek at footage from Edge of Tomorrow. The movie has all of us at the Studio very excited, and we can’t wait to see the reactions of fans who know and love the sci-fi genre so well." Edge of Tomorrow is set in the distant future during war between a race of aliens called Mimics and the human race. Here's the IMDb synopsis: A soldier fighting in a war with aliens finds himself caught in a time loop of his last day in the battle, though he becomes better skilled along the way. Cruise plays Lt. Col. Bill Cage, an untrained and ill-equipped officer who is dropped "into what amounts to little more than a suicide mission," but gets stuck in a time loop on the same mission. Doug Liman (Go, Bourne Identity, Jumper) is directing. Warner Bros will release Edge of Tomorrow, formerly All You Need is Kill, in theaters everywhere June 6th next year.

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  • El_MUERkO
    I get that 'All you need is kill' is a bit of a ... tough title to market, but 'Edge of tomorrow' sounds like a bad soap opera!
      No worse than JACK REACHER.
      • derp
        It should be called TOM CRUISE IS RUNNING IN THE FUTURE.
    • axalon
      Dude 'All You Need is Kill' sells itself. When I first saw the title I immediately thought "hrmm...why is kill all I need?...I better find out!"
    • wobbles9094
      I guess they couldn't get "Groundhog Day 2"....
  • axalon
    STOP RENAMING THIS MOVIE! 'All You Need is Kill' is a great title, I read that and am immediately curious. I wonder how much they butchered the script from it's first draft because the rewrites were not good.
    • HyperJ
      Agreed, I'd never heard of the source material, but the "all you need is kill" title made me very curious. This title... UGH, so generic.
    Exoskeletons are so hot right now.
    • It's like the Aliens loader all over again
    • herp derp
      • wobbles9094
        Heinlein's mobile infantry armored suits can't be far off. You know some general read the book and has been salivating over it for decades.
  • Linkfx
    what a fucking horrible retitle.
  • @therealdiddles
    Haha, I expect a new title in a few weeks called "Still Looking for Good Title" πŸ˜› That being said, this kind of movie sounds right up my alley. I like Cruise and Blunt, although Liman has been hit and miss with me post-Bourne.
  • Xerxexx
    I liked the original title.
    • Scopedog
      Same here, but then again, I've seen people get upset because they feel it's insulting to the Beatles....and no, I'm not making that up.
      • Xerxexx
  • Brian Sleider
    Well at least they changed the title. I still think this will not do well.
  • Daniel Sanchez
    Oh I thought it was called, "I want to be Elysium"
    • Guest
      Nice one Dirty
  • Flounder
    Look at this clunky get up he has on.... unless its a comedy, Tom Cruise or no Tom Cruise, this still looks ridiculous
  • Guest
    what the fuck?
  • Razor
    Fucking political correctness! Our world is a dark place, we ALL know it, and it is not getting better, if you change a movie title! They change movie titles but they do not stop selling weapons. The capitalists still thinking we are all stupid. Mad world ... Greetings to the NSA!
    They should call it Source Code:FUTURE or Run Shorty Run
    • Scopedog
      Even though the source novel was published in 2004, way before THE SOURCE CODE....people still claim the film is a rip-off of TSC. Yeesh....
      • Boris
        Most people do not know about the source material because it wasn't written in English.
  • beforemidnight
    Oh God, WHY?!
  • Christopher Philip Cinquegrano
    RUN MUTHA#$%^% RUN!
  • Oct8pus
    Perhaps they changed it because "All you need is kill" sounds grammatically incorrect
  • Pilgrim_UK
    The body armour is pretty poor is that all they could come up with. It looks alright in Elysium because of its trying to look down and dirty but not when its supposed to be cutting edge and the best the human race has got.
  • BinaryChaos
    I could careless about the title or this movie. What I want to know is where is my EXO-SQUAD movie?!?!?
  • Wasn't this the same film that was shot in London last year they closed Trafalgar Square for? Didn't realise it was a sci-fi film.
  • Toris Gray
    I would be more pleased if the movie was made by Japanese, not US Americans... Film is very bad when compared to the light novel. 😐




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