Watch: Keanu Reeves Leads Japanese Warriors in '47 Ronin' Trailer

July 24, 2013
Source: Apple

47 Ronin

Hot on the heels of yesterday's posters, the delayed Japanese epic 47 Ronin from Universal Pictures finally has a trailer showing off Keanu Reeves skills with a sword as he gets back in action for the first time in years. This looks like a pretty wild fantasy, but we're not sure it's the kind of film that will fare well at Christmastime, especially against films like Jack Ryan. There's some crazy mythical creatures and mysticism, and the film looks gorgeous, but the dialogue could use some work. Hopefully Universal was able to fix some of the problems that surfaced late last fall, and this can find a decent-sized audience. Watch it?

Here's the first theatrical trailer for Carl Rinsch's 47 Ronin, in high def from Apple:

47 Ronin is directed by Carl Rinsch (The Gift) and written by Chris Morgan (Fast Five, Fast & Furious 6) and Hossein Amini (Snow White & the Huntsman). The Story follows a group of 18th century warriors who aim to avenge their master's death. Keanu Reeves leads the film in his first big action role since concluding The Matrix trilogy, and he's surrounded by a Japanese cast including Hiroyuki Sanada, Kou Shibasaki, Tadanobu Asano and Rinko Kikuchi. Universal releases the film December 25th this year. Sound good?

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    "Mountains of corpses..." This looks like a ton of (dumb) fun. I look forward to seeing this. P.S. Dat Dragon.
  • truong18
    i thought, it would be more like dramatic stuff like "the last samurai", this looks cheap and cheesy. 175 million well spent.
    • Neo-san
      Well,you can take it as an overpaid live action kinda reminds me of The Hakkenden anime series.
  • Brian Sleider
    Um yeh this looks pretty sweet.
  • Astroboy3000
    I've never understood why so many people dump on Keanu Reeves, the guy is an undeniable badass.
    • nef deppard
      There is a reason Astro. He can't act, that's why. He has no presence or charisma onscreen and has the emotional range of a tree.
      • Astroboy3000
        I hear that a lot, but I don't agree with it.
      • Xerxexx
        See: A Scanner Darkly. Reeves is capable he made Constantine awesome and was great in Bill and Ted, his stand out role was in A Scanner Darkly though, imo.
        • Pilgrim_UK
          See: The day the earth stood still. While I think he can act. Just don't think he has that great a range, Which is a shame as I like the guy but I just cringe each time he's miscast. Lets hope he pulls this one off. Agree with Nef on his emotional range.
          • Xerxexx
            He just needs a proper role.
    • grimjob
      He sure bested the fuck out of Dennis Hopper. (RIP)
  • Jon Odishaw
    Save us, Neo.
    • Neo-san
      "There are no chopsticks."
  • N.
    This looks awesome I'm in!!!
  • Japanese soldiers: "We need you Keanu..." Keanu: "I know kung-fu" Japanese soldiers: "Sure, worth a shot..."
  • Ricardo_PT
    Oh, cool, Voldemort is in this!
  • Xerxexx
    I'm in.
  • isawjet
    I can see Keanu paling in comparison to Sanada.
  • dvt
    this looks AWESOME!
  • logat890
    white man playing samurai? didnt we already do this b4? obviously has nothing to do with the historical 47 ronin.......
    • Guest
      Since when was Keanu white ?
    • Nash
      Reeves aint white. He's sorta Hawaiian, Portugese, Chinese and more. We believe you are the only ONE... again... So this is the Matrix in Japan with dragons instead of Agent Smith. Guess it's worth a buck or two...
      • logat890
        doesnt matter if he's got mixed ethnicity, he sure as hell comes of as whtebread ordinary anyway. that's like saying Johnny Depp gets a free pass as Tonto for being 1/8 Indian.
        • Nash
          So you're saying peoples ethnicity doesn't matter, but their color does? And having a specific skin color disqualifies you for playing fictional characters? Wow, it's a long time ago I heard that point of view...
          • logat890
            its whitewashing period. we dont see asians or blacks doing whiteface now do we?
    • Cody W
      Yes, and IMO The last samurai was fuckin amazing so whats your point.
      • grimjob
        Sure was.
      • logat890
        sorry it was not!
        • Xerxexx
          It was too.
          • logat890
            nope it sucked
          • Xerxexx
            Nope it rocked.
          • logat890
            Nope it sucked
  • dsquare
  • dawko
    They were right when they said that it had lots of production problems...looks just as bad as new wolverine movie...
  • Bob
    This is great! Carl Rinsch is a very talented director.
  • Russell Shouse
    Should be fun. I'll be checking it out.
  • Pilgrim_UK
    And whats this got to do with the 47 Ronin. 😀
  • Julie Bergin
    Looks bloody good to me and Keanu's still got it...phwoar!
  • McWetty
    So... 300 - 47 = Last Samurai? #badmath It still looks good. Silly, but good.
  • Cody W
    Lol whooooaaaaa, that looks fuckin cool. If this is rated R, it has action classic written all over it.
  • David Banner
    Thumbs up for OC.
  • I like all the Japanese folk tale monsters in this, I'm pretty surprised by how good it looks. Yeehaaaa.
  • OfficialJab
    Impression is: Last Samurai as directed by Zack Snyder with a M83/Reznor-ish soundtrack. And that's just fine.
  • A.B.
    I just think it's insensitive that no one mentioned that the video isn't even viewable in 720p or 1080p. pricks. lol
  • grimjob
    Dig it. Looks damn fun!
  • David Jarvis
  • Chris Groves
    Looks surprisingly entertaining.
  • Jim Dawkins
    Neo reborn as a sumarai. Still looks fun.
  • Richard A K
    How does this guy keep finding work
  • Barbara Ruiz
    totally my type of movie
  • Fatal Error
    This is going to lose some money at the US box office.
  • Imho, if that mountain of bull-crap "Sucker Punch" can be called an action movie, then based on the trailer, this will be a bad ass action movie.
  • nkrempa
    Samurai weren't known to be especially loquacious or overtly emotional, so Reeves' limited emotional range actually plays well in this character. Anyone who doesn't agree should take a little more in depth look at Japanese history. Looks like an interesting movie that, if I have the money, I'd spend it seeing. Besides... dragons! 😉




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