Will Anyone Pay $50 for Paramount's 'World War Z' Mega Ticket Deal?

June 14, 2013

World War Z

Hot on the heels of yesterday's prediction from George Lucas and Steven Spielberg that the film industry was on the verge of an implosion, mostly effecting the way movies are released and how much and where people will pay to see them, Paramount Pictures has some semblance of an attempt to shake things up. In a press release from the studio and Regal Entertainment Group, a World War Z Mega Ticket movie package has been revealed, giving fans more than just a ticket to see the apocalyptic zombie film starring Brad Pitt. However, as one would expect, the perks of this package come with a higher price tag. Read on!

For $50, the Mega Ticket to World War Z will include a ticket to a 3D showing of the film on Wednesday, June 19th at 7:30pm, a small popcorn, one HD digital copy of the movie when it becomes available, a pair of collector’s custom RealD 3D glasses, and an official full-size limited-edition movie poster. However, this package will only be made available at these theaters:

Los Angeles: Edwards Irvine Spectrum 21 IMAX & RPX
Houston: Edwards Greenway Grand Palace Stadium 24 & RPX
San Diego: Edwards Mira Mesa Stadium 18 IMAX & RPX
Atlanta: Regal Atlantic Station Stadium 16 IMAX & RPX
Philadelphia: UA King of Prussia Stadium 16 & IMAX

As intriguing as the idea of a bunch of swag with a higher priced movie ticket initially seems, this also seems like a desperate attempt by Paramount to get more attention on a film that has been plagued by production troubles. Though some early buzz and reviews have said the film doesn't flounder, the film has had an uphill climb since before the first trailer even arrived. On a different note, this is not the kind of thing that's going to lure more people to theaters. If anything, this is just for the die hard fans who were already going to see the film anyway. It might get some more money out of guaranteed seat fillers, but it's hardly a game changer.  Plus, it's nothing compared to Brad Pitt surprising fans at free early screenings this whole month. Are you interested in a Mega Ticket for World War Z or other movies? Let us know below!

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  • I would not pay that for World War Z, or any film for that matter. I am a movie fanatic, but that is jut not something I am interested in having.
  • Linkfx
    all that swag is probably worth about that much...but yeah unless this were like an option at every movie theater, I just don't see the benefit...I can wait for the blu ray haha.
  • Jedi
    A small popcorn? Really? Let's go all out with the swag....
    • Brian Sleider
      Hey man popcorn aint cheap.
      • Akirakorn
        Hell yeah, they'd lose another $0.10 in popcorn if they upgraded it to a large.
        • Brian Sleider
          Pretty sure not even that much. but yeh.
  • yeah I'd pay 50 bucks for all that.
  • none none
    wow a SMALL POPCORN!!!!??!! holy COW!!!! they really are going ALL OUT for this MEEEGA DEEAL!!!! .... uhhh.. no thanks.
  • LosZombies
    Dude, the sad part is that there WILL be some idiot people who will pay $50 for this movie.
  • 97point6
    Not nearly enough swag for this to work. The lure of promotional material is to give the impression that you're getting much more than your monies worth. Besides, in six months you'll look like an idiot if you parade around with this stuff, and rightfully so.
  • Neuromancer
    I would think things like this would almost only work with already established franchises like Star Trek, Marvel films etc. Atleast to me this seems a bit silly for a movie like World War Z (supposedly established through the book but according to the readers it's almost entirely unlike the book so...).
  • Akirakorn
    I might be interested... if it was ANYWHERE NEAR ME!!! Seriously, what about the other 99.999% of us? No Poster deal... or even popcorn!? Really, I've got Regal and Consolidate here, and there isn't even a "meal deal"! (e.g. buy two sodas and one popcorn and save $0.25). Nothing.
  • Charles
    Onlt if they offer me a sexual favour during the commercials.
  • fazha
    um, a movie ticket, a small popcorn, a digital copy and some custom 3D glasses for$50? Basically you're paying $49.00 for the ticket, because a SMALL popcorn and a digital copy of the movie have a value of about $1 total. If that. It's a package for suckers and people with too much money.
  • andrea
    I Pay $50 for a 12 monkeys kind of movie , but not for this shit .
  • David Banner
    Easy there, I see my idea from a few years back has come to fruition. Only in my deal, one got a physical Blu-Ray a week or two before the Blu-Ray release, maybe an extended/special edition. Oh, an my idea of the deal was around $30(sans popcorn and poster). If you were to buy "all this" separate, it would cost less than $50. $50 is just too much, they got greedy, now they will pay. On my command, unleash hell!
  • David Banner
    Wait a it true...? Did World War Z cost $400 million???
    • Charles
      According to IMDB, $170,000,000.
  • myRafa
    Good idea hell tickets are outrageous small popcorn is 5 bucks plus the collecters glasses and limited poster plus HD DVD yea I think it's o.k. sounds kind of fun like something people use to do!
  • Christopher Philip Cinquegrano
    Are you Kidding ?? 1 Small Popcorn?? A digital copy not a blu-ray, and fingers crossed that the movie is even good? Dude i could see if you got a large Popcorn, a large soda etc then maybe it might be worth it. I'll pay more for tickets when the price of the #@$%^& food actually drops.
  • Christopher Philip Cinquegrano
    Maybe if it were the whole star wars or batman trilogy i could see chargin that amount but comon
  • lmao
  • That depends on the movie. If Mr. Abrams and 'Star Wars: Episode VII' offer that in 2015 in my neighborhood...count me in!




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