Alfonso Cuaron Details a Darker Ending to Best Picture Nom 'Gravity'

February 14, 2014
Source: Reddit

Alfonso Cuaron

If you haven't seen the Best Picture nominated film Gravity by now, there's still a small chance you can catch it in a theater near you before the 86th Academy Awards air on March 2nd. But if you haven't seen the film yet, you'll want to steer clear of the rest of this story because it will has BIG SPOILERS for the ending of the film starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Recently, director Alfonso Cuaron participated in an AMA on Reddit where he revealed an alternate ending to the film that sounds pretty dark and grizzly. But we think Cuaron could also be joking. Details on this odd alternate ending are found below!

Cuaron explained another ending to the film, which could just as easily be sarcastic:

"We had an alternative ending in which after landing on Earth, Ryan will get back on her feet and as she’s walking away Matt Kovalski falls from the sky and crashes her to death. And then cut to black. Create scroll in silence."

If real, we're pretty sure Warner Bros. wouldn't have been very fond of that less inspiring and abrupt ending to the film. Otherwise, one of the more illuminating responses in the AMA came from his outlook for the future of film:

"There used to be only one paradigm: the experience of going to the theaters. Later on, that paradigm was dual: people would watch movies in the cinema and also on TV. Later on came home video and now we have all these different formats. There used to be only be visuals, then there came sound, and then color. Now we’re making the transition into the digital formats where everybody can have affordable systems in their homes. What I believe is that, because of the new ways of production and distribution, multiple paradigms are going to be created. They are going to co-exist. Each one of these paradigms is going to constantly evolve and go in many different directions. I think all of this is very exciting because it’s going to challenge our current conceptions of cinema in which the format of experience of film and/or the length are going to very diverse."

If you want to check out the rest of the interesting AMA with Alfonso Cuaron, head over here. Gravity is directed by visionary Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón (watch our interview here), of Great Expectations, Y Tu Mamá También, The Prisoner of Azkaban and the sci-fi Children of Men previously. The screenplay was written by Alfonso and his son Jonás Cuarón. Warner Bros. released Gravity in IMAX theaters and 3D everywhere on October 4th, but you may still be able to catch it in theaters right now. Thoughts?

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  • davidshaw
    He was absolutely joking about the alternate ending. Read the rest of the AMA, he was being incredibly sarcastic and making jokes throughout the whole thing. It was all pretty hilarious, but that was absolutely a joke.
    • cuckoozey
      I agree, I read the entire thing and he said they were thinking of shooting it as a goof.
      • pito
        ryan fall to snowy mountains..or desert
    • Shubhendu Singh
      Omg I lol'd so hard reading that first line..
    • E.a. Solinas
      I assumed it was a joke, because that is just absurd.
  • Lagoya
    Wouldn't he burn up on re-entry?
    • Kevin
      I agree, he would have burned up on re-entry. But even that wouldn't have happened for a long time, since when last we left him, he was in orbit near the ISS and not going anywhere.
  • Ray Hartley
    Someone's sense of humor is broken.
  • Brian Sleider
    I kind of hoped she died, Im sick of "happy ending" movies. Life sucks and movies should reflect that more.
  • tedZilla99
    "...dark and grizzly"? Was there a bear involved? The correct spelling is "grisly". If you were paid to write this, you should return the money for such an egregious yet elementary error.
  • Spiritwarrior
    Does ANYONE PROOFREAD what they write anymore? Ethan Anderton, are you reading this? Good, now go back & read your article! Are we devolving back to monkeys! Speaking of monkeys, If we came from monkeys, why are there still monkeys? Q:Are we not men? A:We are DEVO!
  • MeAndJuliaDownByTheSchoolYard
    I was hoping that her survival was another hallucination sequence and that he would pan back up, first to the shining sun, and then to space to show her drifting off into space. Kind of disappointed by the ending. I did appreciate the Clooney hallucination sequence.
  • manuelroyal
    So, Alfonso Cuaron made what is obviously a sarcastic joke, and Ethan Anderton decided to pretend it was a real story. Did Anderton get paid for that? Well, that's okay, I guess; I get paid for writing fiction. But -- he'd better not use the word "journalist" in reference to himself. Oh, and -- get a goddamn proofreader, Man.
  • peterpopoff
    The "dream" where Clooney came back and gave her the solution to her predicament kinda ruined it...might as well have Green Lantern fly by and repair the space station
  • claymontgomery
    I thought the whole movie sucked. They built it up to be some spectacular movie and all it was were two people talking all the time and one moment of excitement.




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