Alien Abduction Gets Scary in 'Extraterrestrial' Horror Thriller Trailer

September 26, 2014


Normally when a group of college friends head out into the woods for a weekend trip, they encounter dangerous locals, crazed serial killers or haunted houses. But in Extraterrestial, the latest film from the Grave Encounters filmmaking duo known as The Vicious Brothers, it's aliens who have come to Earth and create some terror in a small town. This looks like your typical horror film, but the presence of aliens makes it a little more interesting, and it looks to be a harmless and fun flick. Here's not only a new trailer for the sci-fi horror romp, but also the previous trailer we missed last month, and a couple cool posters.

Here's the latest trailer for The Vicious Brothers' Extraterrestrial from YouTube:

And here's the first US trailer which we somehow missed last month from YouTube:

And here's two posters both from the UK and US release from Empire and IMP Awards:



Five college friends escape to a cabin for the weekend, unaware that the town has experienced a rash of seemingly random disappearances and animal attacks. Blinded by their revelry, they accidentally trespass on a neighbor’s property, only to find themelves face to face with a conspiracy-spouting Vietnam vet and a flickering object that seems to crash-land in the woods nearby. Curious, they set out to investigate. But as they reach the crash, they spot mysterious footprints heading away from the scene and straight towards them. Extraterrestial is directed by Colin Minihan, who wrote the script with Stuart Ortiz, (the Grave Encounters duo is better known as The Vicious Brothers) and the film arrives this fall November 21st.

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  • Rock n Rollllll
    Looks interesting but those cheesy lines and weak acting from that kid in the glasses is not very persuading.
    • JBrotsis
      That's the same D-bag kid who played the "villain" role in "Dale & Tucker vs Evil".
      • Rock n Rollllll
        That sonavabitch!
  • Snowmanfloza
    I love Grave Encounters and I love anything with Aliens, so this should be awesome.
  • TheOct8pus
    I dunno. Looks like Close Encounters of the Turd Kind
  • MattPeloquin
    I hate that the aliens look like the ones on my Pog slammer.
    • T. Hakeem
      I miss Pogs.
    I've been on a real THE X-FILES kick lately. I want to see this.
  • syntaxterror
    Grave Encounters was riddled with so much terrible acting and dialogue that I couldn't even finish it. Even though the trailer looks good, I'll wait for the reviews on this one
    • steve
      Grave encounters was one of the better horror movies I've seen in the past 5 years and I didn't notice any bad acting
      • syntaxterror
        you must not have seen many horror movies in the past 5 years then... or maybe you were high?
        • steve
          No I've seen quiet a lot, horror movies are almost all I watch
          • syntaxterror
            ok then. I'm curious, what are your favourite horror movies in the past 5 years?
          • steve
            Grave Encounters Sinister Dark Skies Trick R Treat The Woman in Black
  • JBrotsis this gonna be in theaters or what?
  • Avi
    I already downloaded it from the Internet, very strange...
    • SmileyNY1985
      I think your getting confuse with Alien Abduction.
      • Avi
        I think your right... my mistake...
  • Jaren Davis
    Nothing beats the alien abduction clip from "V/H/S 2" :0
  • TyeFighterPilot
    Why do all the Aliens look the same? That's why I always liked the xenomorph. It separated itself from the rest of the crowd
    • ErrorSapiens
      Jumping in, giving you a high five that would scare Godzilla to rethink life. And then agreeing 10X that. :)
  • JudgeMethos
    Meh. I watched both trailers and I must say the acting seems KINDA LAME! 'Are those foot prints?' No, the dirt just looks that way dumbass. And it's always curious teens/college kids in the woods that don't turn away and run their asses off. They always want to see and record with their damn phones. Sigh... was hoping the trailers would be something a little more fresh. Looks recycled.
  • shiboleth
    at some point, yeah, I'll watch it. But, there are little expectations... And that will make it bigger fun...
  • Jamie Holmes
    First thought was meh.. But I'll admit it looks well executed.
  • Jonathan
    Looks like a B cast but it's got more balls than i thought it would have. Though I doubt it'll hit theaters in most areas.




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