Bradley Cooper Struggles in War in Second 'American Sniper' Trailer

December 18, 2014
Source: Warner Bros.

American Sniper

"Would you be surprised if I told you that the Navy has credited you with over 160 kills?" Bradley Cooper has been the focus of some major awards buzz for his turn in Clint Eastwood's modern war drama American Sniper, based on the true story of a Navy SEAL sniper. And while there's plenty of praise in this trailer, I have to say that performances are about the only thing worth commending. Otherwise, the film feels artificial (especially in the use of a rival enemy sniper), lacks subtlety, and doesn't cover any material that we haven't seen in films like Born on the Fourth of July or Saving Private Ryan. But judge for yourself.

Here's the second trailer for Clint Eastwood's American Sniper from Warner Bros. Pictures:

You can still watch the second trailer for Clint Eastwood's American Sniper right here.

American Sniper is directed by Clint Eastwood (Million Dollar Baby, Gran Torino, Flags of Our Fathers) and written by Jason Dean Hall (Paranoia). The film is based on Navy SEAL Chris Kyle's autobiography titled American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History with a screenplay adapted by Jason Hall, who wrote Paranoia. It tells the story of how Kyle racked up the most confirmed kills for an American during his time in the armed forces while his wife raises their children as he fights overseas. Warner Bros. releases the film Christmas Day with a wide release coming January 16th.

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  • Steven
    I think the trailer shows new material to be honest to a lot of other war films. The balance between home life and the stuff a solider needs to deal. With the amount of kills credited to the guy I doubt the use of the enemy sniper is a big deal in the film, or at least I hope not, but will instead be just another example of the kind of messed up situations our troops witness and then are expected to leave behind upon return to home.
    • I've seen the movie. The enemy sniper is a pivotal part of the film, and thus, why it's such a frustrating element. Also, there are tons of war dramas, especially after the Iraq War, that dealt with coming home between and after tours. That's why I don't think this one offers anything worthwhile.
      • Steven
        That's a shame on the sniper. I'm sure they could of used something else from his tours. However I still think the use of how these guys deal with coming home is fresher when it's not fiction and far more important.
    • 1sb1
      "The Hurt Locker" smokes this film, and Renner smoked Cooper as well as far as performance.
      • Steven
        That's a pity. Hurt Locker was overrated IMO and became totally unrealistic as the film went on.
  • Lagoya
    Why is the author already slagging off the film based on a 2 minute trailer! I thought it looked quite good.
    • RAW_D
      Yeah man, judging it a bit premature aren't we? At least see the film first. I scoffed at the Edge of Tomorrow trailer, and that movie was awesome!
      • santabunny
        the trailer for EOT was sound....ruh-tarded
    • Bo
      I believe the 'author', as you refer to him, has already seen the whole film, if I'm not mistaken; didn't I read that from him a few days or so ago?
    • Mr Chatterbox
      Because it doesn't show him as a hero.
      • That's not the reason I don't like the movie at all. If it made him look like a flat out here, I would dislike the movie much more. The problem is that it offers every cliche in the book from war heroics to PTSD and all the stuff you've seen from plenty of other war dramas before. The sniper angle is unique, but it only goes so far, and it starts to feel like Captain America: The Middle Eastern Soldier after awhile.
    • I've seen the entire movie. So I'm not judging the entire movie based on the trailer.
      • Lagoya
        Fair enough Ethan, if you've seen it already then I can't knock your opinion :)
  • Why?
  • shiboleth
    war is hell, no question about it... and it's wrong choice of solving things...
    • santabunny
      Yeah...the English should have just asked the Nazi's to stop their attempt at world domination ROLLS EYES
      • shiboleth
        and it looks like those English did learn their lesson from Nazis very well. And they are doing just fine... The WWII is, unfortunately, nowadays not going to be remembered as a war that stops all wars but to produce new wars and Nazis seem to be excellent alibi for it...
        • Dennis Olivares
          What alibi? Germany invaded the rest of Western Europe. What were the British supposed to do?
          • shiboleth
            I was talking about the period after the WWII. Having said that, can we move after that time? Or shall we start about the history classes? In that fashion, we can reach stone age too...
    Sweaty palms. Buckets of it. This looks so good.
  • Mr Chatterbox
    As I was hoping. Far from a gun-ho film. This looks terrifying. Who would want this job! Film looks riveting.
  • michaelscott
    I will watch this eventually, but not because it doesn't look fantastic. I don't think I can handle the feels. Gonna be an emotional ride.
  • zbam
    "good bless america" again?
    • Jamie Holmes
      Off corsee they are the onces that make them right?
  • Pincode
    Another boring movie from an overrated boring director.
      Overrated? I've respect your opinion, but are u really serious?
      • Pincode
        Can you watch one his directed movies,easily for second time?
          Gran Torino, Million Dolar baby and Unforgiven for example, not second, but third , forth... times
    • Doc
      I think you'd be mentally challenged with Shrek.
  • Alex
    This trailer looks incredible, it's just a shame that Chris Kyle lied about knocking out Jesse Ventura in a bar...
  • Jamie Holmes
    I'm gonna watch the shit out of this movie. The first teaser was amazing. I hope he makes the story about the taliban/Iraqi sniper aswell. I would like that movie.
  • 1sb1
    Love Clint Eastwood movies and like Bradley Cooper a lot. Sorry, just saw the movie, and considering it's content and setting it is slow and boring, in a bad way. Doesn't stand up to ten minutes of Saving Private Ryan. I don't mind slow and boring when it's great--like the English Patient, or The Diving Bell and Butterfly--but American Sniper is SO overrated. And to an even greater extent, so is Bradly Cooper's "performance"--if you can call it that. Dull, monotonous, and considering the content and setting, too even-keeled--lacking intensity or believability. He was 10x better in Silver Linings Playbook. This is your typical Hollywood Legacy/Promo/Hype thing that everybody is falling for. Not me. And painfully obvious. Total BS as Best Picture and Actor. Would be a travesty.




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