Check Out a Behind the Scenes Photo from the 'Deadpool' Test Reel

August 1, 2014
Source: Twitter


Those of us who were online at the right time earlier this week were lucky enough to see the leaked footage of the test reel for a potential Deadpool movie that director Tim Miller and writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick put together with Ryan Renyolds. The footage has been around for awhile, and it's even leaked in better quality, but the timing after Comic-Con was perfect, and hopefully it showed 20th Century Fox just how keen people are to see the smart ass character hit the big screen without having his reputation sullied and his mouth sewn shut. Now we get a different look at the rest reel with a behind the scenes photo.

Here's the behind the scenes photo from the Deadpool test reel set, posted from Rhett Reese's Twitter:

You might have been able to tell that there was a lot of visual effects going on in the Deadpool test reel, even though the quality of the video was low. And as you can see from the set photo above, that's because almost all of it was created in an Avatar sort of fashion. Deadpool's suit and mask were complete created with visual effects, and it seems like most of the environments were created digitally. The photo above seems to be of Reynolds sitting on the building ledge in the opening of the test footage where Deadpool is singing "Hollaback Girl." We really hope this flick becomes a reality now more than ever. How about you?

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  • Stephen Ritchie
    This movie could work. In my opinion for a Deadpool film to work and be successful it needs to be PG-13. Now look I understand fans would get upset, but the studio can't risk putting the entire success of the film to cater just to the fans only. It needs to reach a wide audience. Also considering the success of the Marvel films look how much of a wide audience they have received. You don't need to have extreme graphic violence and constant swearing to make a Deadpool film. You just need a smart script that would contain the character. Also considering how the PG-13 rating has been constanly pushed to what can be done in it (a perfect example, overused but still an example would be The Dark Knight).
    • Donovan Loreman
      I honestly agree. Deadpool doesn't need a potty mouth to be successful. Lego Marvel is a perfect example. He's great in that, and doesn't curse once. Its how he says things, not what he says. If anything he can make up his own curses that are so crazy it makes cursing obsolete.
    • Бабак
      They said this going to be a rated R
  • David Diaz
    It was pretty obvious that it was all CG. It looked like a video game cut scene. That's why I was pretty confused when I saw it after reading it was test footage. I assumed it would be live action. Was definitely a cool proof of concept. Exactly how Deadpool should be.
  • Travisaurus
    Why the hell do they need to do Deadpool with CG? His costume is not that complicated! Great, another Green Lantern fiasco in the works.
    • cg
      Test is a key word in the above write up. Its test footage people, displaying the potential of what Deadpool could be. Spending money on actually shooting that on location would be costly, so CGI is a much more cost effective tool to display that epicness that deadpool can bring to the big screen.
      • Marcel Lasaj
        Haha, you obviously don't know how expensive CGI is... Ever wondered why so many TV shows rely so heavily on practical effects rather than VFX? Right, because it's cheaper that way..
        • cg
          Wait did you actually go there? Ok let me go ahead and give you a few examples: the walking dead, boardwalk empire, ugly Betty, Greys anatomy, breaking bad, arrow, Rome, Spartacus, heroes, banshee, falling skies and hundreds more. You know what they all have in common? VFX. These shows use a combination of practical with a lot more VFX than you would even think, oh and I've worked on a few shows in my time just so u know:)
          • Marcel Lasaj
            I didn't say they'd omit VFX completely, but thanks for the intel!
          • Snev De la Fontaine
            Doesn't it highly depend on how complex the CGI is you'd be using? There's a lot of VFX in all those shows, but usually it's just adding or changing background-information. You may see castles added, armies copied or landscapes tinkered with in Game of Thrones, but they go easy on the dragons.
    • Ryan Claggett
      Why CG? Because if they want him to do any stuff that Wade can actually do, more then half the time hes gonna be CG anyway. Not to mention him breaking the 4th wall looks better if he's CG. Oh and lets not forget the fact that he can lit be cut into tiny pieces and still heal. So, in the end its not about what Deadpool is wearing but what he's doing.
  • Guest
    Ever read a Deadpool comic? His mask and eyes are SO SO expressive on a level that couldn't possible be done with a real mask. Also if you think Reynolds was the sole defining problem with Green Lantern than you likely don't understand how movies are made.
  • ds NYC
    How can they not greenlight this given the reaction to the test footage? That two minute clip overshadows half of the $500-million blockbusters being unveiled at Comic Con. I'd see it and I'm not even a fan of the comic.
  • James
  • mrsatyre
    That was really stupid. Who comes up with this crap?
  • Бабак
    Amazing stuff! Stupid comments against this great test footage is prohibited.
  • Ben K
    Saw this test footage a year ago. Terrible cgi. Very fake looking. Do a real suit. Will look so much better than this rubbish.




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