Dan Aykroyd Thinks Future of 'Ghostbusters' Can Apply Marvel Model

September 17, 2014
Source: THR


Following the death of Harold Ramis, the script for Ghostbusters 3 was meant to be rewritten to compensate for his absence on-screen. But sometime after, it sounded like the original plan for just another sequel having the old team of Ghostbusters passing the torch on to a new generation might be abandoned in favor of a reboot that would follow an all-female cast, with Bridesmaids director Paul Feig behind the camera. However, that new approach could be part of a bigger plan Dan Aykroyd says is coming together behind the scenes to give the world of Ghostbusters the Marvel universe style treatment. More below!

Aykroyd spoke to THR in London (while promoting his own Crystal Head vodka) and said:

"It’s beyond just another sequel, a prequel, another TV show. I'm thinking what does the whole brand mean to Sony? What does Pixar and Star Wars mean to Disney? What does Marvel mean to Fox?"

A more appropriate comparison would be what Marvel means to Disney, but you get the idea. Aykroyd says that he and Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitrman have been meeting with executives and creatives at Columbia Pictures about the future of the Ghostbusters brand and what it could become on the big screen. The writer and actor of the original film says:

"It’s up on blocks, it needs new electronics, new everything. That’s what we have to do. The whole vehicle of Ghostbusters has to be rebuilt. That’s the ambitious thinking that’s going on now. Taking on the model of Marvel where we take all of the elements that are in this movie and we put them out there as different ideas."

Sounds like it needs as many repairs as the original Ecto-1. Aykroyd adds they've been thinking about "not just another movie or another TV show, but what’s the totality of it? The whole mythology from the beginning of their lives, the end of their lives. Ghostbusters at nine years old, Ghostbusters in high school." That sounds like it could be too much, since we've seen that most prequels ruin the mystique of characters and weaken the mythology (though the recent Planet of the Apes films are an exception to the rule). But that doesn't mean that other stories in the New York City plagued by paranormal activity couldn't be utilized.

At the end of the day, Columbia Pictures sees that Ghostbusters is too valuable to just let it sit around as a classic. And that means we'll get some kind of update in the future. But the question remains as to whether fans of the original film will turn out for whatever new goodies they come up with. And while the idea of a Marvel style universe for the Ghostbusters is interesting and ambitious, it sounds like it's milking a cow long past its prime. As for that female-led Ghostbusters film that's supposed to be brewing, don't expect it in the immediate future because Aykroyd says, "We need to write it." Stay tuned.

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  • TheOct8pus
    While Columbia sees the value of Ghostbusters as a franchise, I think they're still afraid to take the risk on sinking a ton of money into it. If the original cast members are going to be part of it, they better get a move on. Aykroyd is not getting any younger.
    • OfficialJab
      I'd say they waited too long. Egon was my favourite Ghostbuster.
      • TheOct8pus
        True. And with Bill Murray saying he doesn't want to be part of it, they're banking on Aykroyd, who hasn't done anything worthwhile in over 2 decades.
      • Richie G
        Egon was definitely the best, but an all female cast sounds like a good idea. There's some fantastic talent out there at the moment. Could be good
        • OfficialJab
          It does - but whoever said "Melissa Mcarthy and Kristen Wiig" I'm not sure about. They sound like pretty generic choices, though I guess it could still be good.
          • Richie G
            McCarthy no, but Wiig is promising. Maybe McCarthy could be the new Winston and get cropped out of every other scene
          • OfficialJab
            I wonder if they could make two concurrent series... have the female one and the male one releasing movies at the same time, occasionally crossing over. Like Marvel, I guess. Yeah I'm on board with this.
      Here Here!!!
  • OfficialJab
    Looking forward to seeing what they come up with for new cast members, but I hope there are some new faces. I remember Hangover seemed like an unfamiliar collection of leads, but it worked so well. (Years later I'm still bummed that Bartha was removed every single time)
  • Tester
    Dan, for faks sake, just leave it alone dude.... move on... Some of us have fond memories of when that movie came out, just leave it at that
  • avconsumer2
    Yeah, dunno about this anymore. If I was a studio head, I don't think I'd touch this with a 10' positron glider.
    NOOOOO!!!! This is a terrible idea. Corruption of something that was fun and lighthearted.
  • Johnny Neat
    Vomit. Let it die man. Jesus. I'm with Murray on this. Leave it alone.
  • Miguel Garay Boszeta
    Aykroyd needs to shut the hell up.




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