David Fincher Wants Christian Bale to Play Apple Founder Steve Jobs

March 20, 2014
Source: The Wrap

Steve Jobs / Christian Bale

If having writer Aaron Sorkin and director David Fincher reateaming for a biopic about Apple founder Steve Jobs wasn't enough to be excited about, wait until you hear who The Social Network team wants to play the late technology icon. The Wrap is word that Oscar winner and former Batman franchise star Christian Bale is currently Fincher's top choice to play Jobs in the biopic that still doesn't have a title. Apparently Fincher told Sony's chief Amy Pascal that he would only direct the film if Bale is the one to play Jobs, so it sounds like it's up to the American Hustle star if this project in its current form comes together.

Bale is just coming off an Oscar nomination for starring in American Hustle, which just happens to be a Sony Pictures film that earned a Best Picture nomination, so in theory, it likely wouldn't be very hard to get the actor on board. As of now there's no offer on the table because Bale is currently taking a little bit of time off to spend time with his family now that he's wrapped shooting Ridley Scott's Biblical epic Exodus. This would be one hell of a project for Bale to take on, and it's almost a guarantee that he would get another Oscar nomination. We'll let you know how the project develops.

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  • Brian Sleider
    Didnt we just have a Jobs movie?
    • Blake
      A mediocre one, at best.
      • Ryan Thomas Hardy
        Still looks better than this turd Fincher is about to squeeze out.
    • cuckoozey
      Two, if you count Justin Long's one...yeah, I think we're all a little Jobs'd out right about now. It'd be wonderful to see these two collaborate on something completely different.
  • TJW
    Ashton Kutcher vs Christian Bale. Showdown of the century.
    • Rock n Rollllll
      Pfff thats not really a showdown but more of a shit-smearing clinic Bale would put on.
  • Ryan Thomas Hardy
    Oh yes even more mainstream bullshit for Fincher to do, how wonderful. Am really wondering how did such a great director with potential suddenly have gotten trapped in this loophole. First a movie about Facebook now Apple!? Fincher how about you make a documentary about Roland McDonald next! My love towards Fincher only extends to Se7en and that's it. I don't know what happened to him after that movie but wow. As for Christian Bale as Steve Jobs, sorry but Kutcher was more of an inspired choice. Everytime Christian Bale is on the screen I simple see Christian Bale over acting.
    • TJW
      Yes, perhaps he should direct the next masterful film in the Step Up franchise. Bale could learn from those thespians. "These are the kinds of films I love to watch. The Step Up movies has been amazing from the start and just keeps on getting better in terms of choreography and talent." - Ryan Thomas Hardy
      • Blake
        Haha, GOT HIM!
      • Ryan Thomas Hardy
        *Spits on Ground* Is that the best you got mate? Making bloody lies about me and saying things like you damn well gone bloody crazy? Check yorself in at a crazy hospital why dontcha.
      • Rock n Rollllll
    • Yeah, if only he was doing something amazing like Jem and the Holograms, right? That would be incredible. Seriously, your comments feel like they're a parody of themselves.
      • Efterklang
        Isn't this like his fourth Tom Hardy themed account or something? It's like he's not even trying anymore
    • Rick
      Wasn't Se7en "mainstream"? Pitt, Freeman, Spacey, and Paltrow were all big, well known, "mainstream" actors at the time. Adjusted for inflation, it made close to $200 million. That's pretty mainstream to me.
      • DavideCoppola
        Exactly. He was always mainstream. I don't know what people are smoking these days, but he started with freakin' videoclips on MTV. Can you be more commercial than that? At least be coherent guys.
      • Ryan Thomas Hardy
        Mainstream in terms of the story yah clobber not mainstream mainstream! There is a difference between fiction and non fiction if you don't damn well understand at all. Facebook is mainstream today as it is trending now that is a clear example of mainstream, Se7en on the other hand lies between a reality which isn't mainstream but driven within fiction! Understand your bloody definitions mate!
  • Zade_92
    Can we just not? and then come back in 10 years when we all forgot about it and blow us away with a better well written Steve Jobs Bio-pic. I honestly think this would work better for all parties.
    As much as I would like to see Bale/Fincher duo at work together, I would much rather allow the story and memory of Jobs to gestate a little longer. Right now, still seems too early to make make such a comprehensive film.
    • TJW
      I think the good thing about this is it doesn't seem that comprehensive. Sorkin has said that the current version comprises of three real-time scenes, each set prior to the unveilings of the Mac, NeXT and iPod.
      • DAVIDPD
        Mac, NeXT, and iPod seems pretty comprehensive to me. That covers like 20 years. But I guess three segments are three segments.
  • Xerxexx
    Randomly heard that Jobs was a bit of a jerk...don't really get why we need another Jobs film...would much rather Fincher focus on The Girl Who Played with Fire.
    • Chiroptera Exsanguination
    • dawko
      Cause the other one sucked...
  • Rock n Rollllll
    Un-F*****-believable! David Fincher ANNNND Christian Bale? This has greatness written all over it. Joshua Stern's adaptation was not that great and neither is Ashton Kutcher.
  • Guest
    Very sad news.fincher is a dead body and no one care about him as well as chirstian boring bale with his bad voice (shshshsh).he already ruined Batman with a bad director and now this is time for fincher to make a tragedy with 4 hours of dialogue and boring way of story telling.i hope to hear retirement of fincher and bale soon.




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