DC's 'Justice League,' 'Suicide Squad' & More Release Plans Unveiled

October 15, 2014

Justice League

Back in the beginning of August, we learned that Warner Bros. had staked out a slew of future release dates for DC Comics films, but with no indication of what films might be arriving in those slots beyond the promise of Justice League following sometime after Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Well, thanks to the same shareholders meeting that revealed Ezra Miller will play The Flash in a standalone film arriving in 2018 (along with Jason Momoa getting his own Aquaman film that same year), we now have a much better idea of what films Warner Bros. has lined up, and when we'll see them hit theaters. Read on!

Here's what Wall Street Journal reporter Ben Fritz posted on Twitter about DC Comics movies:

DC Release Plans

So as you can see, Suicide Squad will be the first DC Comics film to follow Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and it will arrive in that August 5th, 2016 slot, likely with hopes of having the same box office success as Guardians of the Galaxy. Then Warner Bros. will release Wonder Woman on June 23rd, 2017 with Justice League: Part One following on November 17th, 2017. The next year will see The Flash hitting theaters on March 23rd, 2018 followed by Aquaman on July 27th, 2018. In the spring after that, Shazam (featuring Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam) arrives on April 5th, 2019 and Justice League: Part Two arrives on June 14th, 2019. And finally, in 2020, Ray Fisher will star in Cyborg on April 3rd, 2020 and a reboot of Green Lantern is coming on June 19th, 2020. Just let that sink in.

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  • Al Apone
    Im excited by The Suicide Squad, not so much by Aquaman, Wonderwoman and The Flash (especially with the TV show running at the same time) Id bet the majority of these films will be poor, with DC flinging everything and hoping some pull off, trying to catch up with Marvel.
    • Rock n Rollllll
      Marvel may pump em out, but the majority are delivered on a garbage can lid. DC does not care nor are they trying to be like Marvel. They have their own writing style, their own character style, and their own movie styles.
      • qweqwu
        Marvel is for kids, WB is more friendly towards guys who are in their mid 20's, like me.
        • DC4E
          Ah yes! I could not agree more. The Marvel universe "movies" are far too unrefined for my taste. I'm a mature, classy 25-year-old! What good is humor these days? I absolutely crave the DC touch. Pip pip, good sir! Now let's see about that stick up my bum..
          • qweqwu
            If you want humor, just look in the mirror. 😉
          • DC4E
            Oh fiddlesticks..I suppose my attempt at goading you on has been utterly thwarted! Time to twirl my moustache and brood...
          • Rock n Rollllll
            Couldnt agree more.
      • TheOct8pus
        As far as box office and critics go, Marvel so far has the better track record. I personally feel ambivalent about the two companies. I'm not sure why you have to be anti-Marvel when you're a DC fan.
        • qweqwu
          Who is anti-marvel, there is no competition besides 12 year olds arguing on the internet about which is better.
          • TheOct8pus
            Apparently this Rock N Roll fella above has no love for Marvel
          • Rock n Rollllll
            Never said i dont, but I have to admit that Ironman 1, and 2, were not that great. Dont even get me started on IM3. Incredible Hulk was not that great. Thor was god awful. I did like GOTG, and Captain America 1 and especially 2. I just dont praise Marvel as gods as most people do. Their cheesy lines and lack of a serious tone just turn me off on most movies.
        • Rock n Rollllll
          I'm not. I respect both entities for what they are. The problem most people are doing IS comparing the two.
    • TheOct8pus
      I see what you did there....running?
  • HarryFiddleSticks
    Let's hope Batman vs Superman will be good or else this whole plan will fall apart like a house of cards. We all know that David S. Goyers stuff is hit and miss material (See The Dark Knight and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance)
  • Jon Odishaw
    I dont know why Marvel movies are the be all and end all...most of them are fun but only two or three that I would consider masterpieces. DC should have absolutely no problem finding quality directors and making damn fine films. Batman v Superman has so much hype around it that it could be awful and do very well. If it is as good as Man of Steel(divisive amongst fans and critics alike, I loved it) then they should have no problem moving forward with their plans. It seems like they are moving fast but 8 movies in 4 years isnt any different from Marvel. Can't we just enjoy the fact that were getting all this awesomeness so quickly?
    • Sky
      who is saying otherwise? who said Marvel was the 'be all end all'?
      • Jon Odishaw
        Everyone who is saying DC is copying Marvel
  • ColtNoir
    5 YEARS UNTIL SHAZAM?? seriously?
    • Chris Groves
      Technically more like 4.5 at this point. But it makes sense to start with more of a focus on charter characters and build from there.
      • ColtNoir
        but the Rock is also going to be 5 years older by then. unless we're getting him in the JL movie, it seems like a waste to announce it this early. they're going to be so far behind Marvel's movie universe - that's what they've been trying to avoid
        • Chris Groves
          Well, Rock is playing Black Adam...villains are allowed to skew much older than the heroes, in fact, it often helps. Superman and Zod, for example.
          • ColtNoir
            but you don't cast The Rock to be an "old" villain. He's Black Adam.. maybe it'll give supes enough time to bulk up
    • shane willett
      ahhh Shizam... he's not cool at all !
  • TheOct8pus
    A Green Lantern in, let's just pretend like the Green Lantern movie that came out a couple years ago never happened....
    • Xerxexx
      Easy for me. Reynolds is moving on and we all can forget that dark day.
      • shane willett
        Reynolds is playing DeadPool - great, he's fucking up more characters i grew up loving ... and he dumpled Scarlett Johanson - Ryan Reynolds i hope you die !
        • dvt
          Lol if you think Reynolds isn't a good Deadpool you don't know Deadpool.
    • shane willett
      Hawkman and Hawkgirl ... please
  • Chris Groves
    I'll be very happy to enjoy the future of the DC and Marvel Cinematic Universes. Fox and their X-Men/Fantastic Four stuff, on the other hand....not so much.
    • shane willett
      Fox sucks - i wish somehow everyone at Fox disappeared off the face of the planet and no one there left a living will. So Marvel gets them back - Fox does nothing good other than Batman Animated series,Bob's Burgers and the New Gotham show & Simpsons even though it lost its niche' appeal in the 90's cuz SouthPark is better in so many ways... Fox doesn't have a lot .. so Fox .. curl up and die and give back what you have taken - DC/WB was smart and didnt lease and sell there franchises- Could you imagine if Fox made batman - OMG it would be bad - we got lucky wight the Xmen cartoon and Batman cartoon - but the Xmen movies are okay but nothing great- not one Xmen movie holds a candle to the Advengers movie - and i can't stand Mr.Buffy Director at all - and he's so much better the Singer the lil' man Winger...
    • MattPeloquin
      I think the new X-Men flick is pretty great and we haven't seen any footage from FF yet.
      • Chris Groves
        I just hate the inconsistencies and the continuity mess that is the X-Men franchise, and Days of Future Past really didn't 'fix them' like I was hoping, and it arguably just made things messier. I think Fantastic Four could be good. Josh Trank had a great debut with Chronicle...but I'm not a fan of the casting choices.
  • Leiner
    Excited for a release date of 2018 or 2019?? uuuhhhh... not.
    • danielhutchins
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    So many films rest on the success of BATMAN V. SUPERMAN! Incredible. Has there been more at stake on one single film ever in the history of film?!
    • Christopher Roberts
      Well, Suicide Squad will have to be done by the time Batman v Superman is out, and Wonder Woman will have to be at least filming at that point...or close to it. But Batman v Superman will probably be a hit even if it sucks. I wonder what it would take for Warner Brothers to get cold feet about the whole thing. They would need at least one Green Lantern level bomb I think.
  • tankatemysandwiches




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