Don't Watch: Nicolas Cage is 'Left Behind' By God in Teaser Trailer

May 30, 2014

Left Behind

If you're a fan of overly religious films, but have been disappointed at the caliber of talent involved, then you're going to have to keep looking. Not even Nicolas Cage can make this new adaptation of Left Behind seem interesting. This looks like the kind of movie we'll be making fun of for years to come, with a complete lack of subtlety, overwrought dialogue, and pretty much every cliche in the book, this story of the Rapture just looks abysmal. And this is just a teaser trailer. We're not sure if we can endure a full length theatrical trailer. Are we sure Cage isn't playing some massive prank of all of us? It would be a really good one. Watch?

Here's the teaser trailer for Vic Armstrong's Left Behind from YouTube:

And here's the terribly photoshopped poster for Left Behind from IMP Awards:

Left Behind

Left Behind is directed by Vic Armstrong and written by Jerry B. Jenkins, based on Tim LaHaye's novel of the same name. Without warning, millions of people around the globe simply vanish. The vanishings cause unmanned vehicles to crash and burn. Emergency forces everywhere are devastated. Gridlock, riots and looting overrun the cities. And there is no one to help or provide answers. The earth has been plunged into darkness. For Ray Steele (Nicolas Cage), the pilot of a jumbo jet, it means trying to calm hysterical passengers and trying to land his damaged plane when airports are jammed with burning wrecks. Lea Thompson & Chad Michael Murray also star in the film Samuel Goldwyn Films releases on October 3rd.

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  • W.
    Never mind the film trailer look at that poster! That expression on Cage's face: "what am I doing?!"
    • TheOct8pus
      That's the expression he made when he realized how many more bad movies he'd have to do before he's out of debt....
    • Terry Craig
      I was literally about to write the same thing. It looks like a dang Scary Movie poster!
  • David Diaz
    All I can say is it doesn't look as bad as the Kirk Cameron original. That film was a joke. If someone would just throw a decent budget at it and tone down the preachiness of the script, this series of books could make a cool series of movies. Just look at the trailers for the Leftovers. That show is dealing with a possible Rapture and it looks amazing. They need to stop trying to make a Christian movie and just make a good movie. And that poster is just laughable. Must have gotten an intern to Photoshop that in 5 minutes.
  • Jon Odishaw
    Is that poster for real?
  • rick
    Might as well just watch that new HBO show that's about the rapture. It looks much better.
  • oh wow.....I mean I expected bad, but that was like scifi channel meets Tommy Wiseau
    I guess the Rapture took all the good actors...
    • SkyNet300
      You sir are fucking hilarious.
  • TheOct8pus
    Based on the poster above, it's a movie about skinny jeans and hairpieces.
  • Drejhead
    What is the purpose of putting "Don't Watch" in the title?
    • Dolan Trump
      watch it and you'll see
  • Mihkel
    Game on this same novel was terrible.
  • rickvanr
    Is Nicholas Cage broke?
    • Uh, yeah. Ultra broke. Like if there was a superhero who's superpower was being broke, Nic Cage would be wearing the burlap cape.
      • Akirakorn
        Voted up for "burlap cape".
  • DJ Jack Ryan Hardy
    Asides from the poster, the film actually doesn't look that bad at all. Believe me when I say that it is also a poorly edited trailer, but it seems they have all the right elements down from the source material and it might be a great to okay film. The destruction looks amazing and the acting feels real. You can really get a real sense of terror, fear, and emotions. Plus Nicolas Cage who is perfect at dramatic roles (Take a film like The Weatherman for example). Am going to be remaining skeptical about this film. This could be another sleeper hit of the year much like Edge of Tomorrow is based on the current reviews now.
  • Nielsen700
    That poster is hilarious.
  • Wafffles
    hahahahahahah... hahahahah! Horrible overwrought yell-acting? Strobe lights blinding you during "action"? CGI airplane crash that would look more realistic hand-drawn by Walt Disney? This film has everything! They're gonna make a fortune on people joke-watching it On Demand.
  • This is Oscar bait, looks so good. Performances, action, intensity and God? Best film evers
  • ali3000
    "Academy award winning" movie. Jesus freaks will love this flick.
  • Akirakorn
    Can we please get a remix of the trailer with "Left Behind" by Slipknot?
  • LightningB
    I think because Ethan set my expectations so low, I actually had a "not all that bad" reaction to it. But if he said it was solid, I'd probably would have said it sucks. Not saying Ethan is wrong, just interesting how your expectations are based on Ethan'sAlex's opinion is. I try to watch a new trailer before reading their thoughts but didn't on this one. I've read the books and it's a story you just can't make a movie out of. But that doesn't stop Hollywood from rolling these films out.
  • Dotpols
    Bahahahaha that's hilarious. Although I think it would have been better if it had ended with this footage:
    • Frater Iacobus
      Man OH man Oh man oh man...LOL! feel bad though they're kinda shoving it in his face. I'm christian but obviously don't believe the rapture is EVER coming soon even if it doesn't ever happen..I still wouldn't want people to make fun of my beliefs in a very PUBLIC way! LOL! but if this dude like broadcasted it like to everyone all over the news that it would happen and then it obviously didn't than I guess he kinda got what was coming to him..AND like I said boy..Man OH man Oh man oh man- Billy Boy Samson
  • Hasn't Nic Cage cleared off his debt yet? Why is he still churning out crap?
  • SkyNet300
    That poster is just....WOW whoever made that should be fired. Lol




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