Ezra Miller is 'The Flash' & Jason Momoa is 'Aquaman' Both in 2018

October 15, 2014

The Flash / Ezra Miller

This morning, Warner Bros. is having a big shareholder talk, and a whole slew of news about their future plans for DC Comics properties has finally been revealed. Thanks to Wall Street Journal reporter Ben Fritz on Twitter, we now know that the studio has cast We Need to Talk About Kevin and The Perks of Being a Wallflower star Ezra Miller as The Flash, and they have confirmed that Jason Momoa will play Aquaman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the actor will reprise the role in his own standalone film as well. Both The Flash and Aquaman movies will hit theaters sometime in 2018. Read on!

Here's what Ben Fritz posted on Twitter revealing news about The Flash and Aquaman:

As of now, that's the only information available. Many are wondering which version of The Flash will hit the big screen, but that hasn't been revealed just yet. Maybe Miller will pop up in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and give us a tease of which version of The Scarlet Speedster we'll see on the big screen. No matter what, Miller is a great choice for The Flash, and we're glad that he's finally getting a big role like this. As for Jason Momoa as Aquaman, I'm not sure he has the acting chops to lead his own movie, but maybe he'll prove the naysayers wrong. Stay tuned for plenty more DC Comics movies updates.

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  • SergeantLiteral
  • TXSteadyEddie
    I like the actor in the Flash TV series...why not keep the 2 consistent? I like Jason Momoa but him as Aquaman doesn't work for me...everytime I look at him I see Khal Drogo. Had that issue watching the Conan movie as well.
    • Rock n Rollllll
      I agree, i dig the kid from the T.V. series.
  • Rock n Rollllll
    Thats cool we have a date for The Flash. Havent seen that kid act tho. Hope it works out.
  • HarryFiddleSticks
    I've seen Perks of being a wallflower. Seems like a good pick.
  • qweqwu
    Ezra is a great actor, in "We Need to Talk About Kevin" he was absolutely incredbile playing a psychotic student.
  • TheOct8pus
    I'm psyched about Aquaman. Even though he's the butt of many jokes, there hasn't really been an underwater epic movie since Finding Nemo. It would be cool if it was like "Splash" but with a dude instead of a mermaid. They could really explore the comedy of being a fish out of water.
  • Brian Sleider
    Prepare to flop.
  • Xerxexx
    Great casting with Ezra Miller. Man can act.
    • danielhutchins
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  • Justin R
    I can kind of see Ezra Miller as the Flash. Whenever I think of Aquaman, my mind immediately jumps to Adrian Grenier. I know it's false hopes, but I can still dream.
    • antoine flemming
      I don't see what they're going for with Ezra Miller. I just hope they aren't changing Barry Allen. Sorry, but he's a straight, masculine guy. Given DC's schtick about changing up characters for diversity's sake (I'm black. I'm not being anti-diversity), I just hope they aren't changing up Barry Allen to make him more diverse. Too many variables within Barry Allen's story change if he's drastically changed.
      • Dimius
        Could be going with a different Flash like Wally West too, we'll just have to wait and see haha.
  • Brent Bullard
    why dont the just cast Grant Gustin from the T.V. show who are they going to get to play Arrow some other person. Who they casted for aquaman is pretty cool
    • antoine flemming
      The TV shows aren't connected. It's so that the TV shows can do their own thing without being bound to the movies.
      Hopefully Miler will play Wally West, so that there is still room for Gustin's Flash.
  • robotlogic
    Aquaman is the lamest super hero of all time! On dry land he has zero "super powers", maybe in this movie he teams up with Wonder Woman to fight crime at Sea world.
    • Ben
      very ignorant comment you have there! 1st he isn't the lamest! there are a lot of lame hero, but Aquaman is not one of them. He is a King. no powers? Super Human Strength, Super Durability, Super Stamina, Super human speed and reflexes, Aqua manipulation, Marine Telepathy. There is a reason why is 1 of the founding Members of Justice League in both golden age and the new 52.
    • Dimius
      On dry land he's got nearly the same amount of super strength as DC's other heavy hitters and his trident can peel the skin from Superman; not mention a little bit of hydrokinesis and telepathy. Check yourself before you wreck yourself fool.
    Aquaman! Beep-Boop. (That's my SONAR).
  • Budgiecat
    Hmm well Jason being a native Hawaiian from a from a famous Surfing family kinda makes sense to be Aquaman 😛
    • Ben
      What you really should be excited about is that its ferking Jason Momoa. Everyone think Aquaman is a joke! but now you gonna see a the real life super hero , the hulking motha fucka that is going to be Aquaman
      • Dimius
        For real, watch all of the naysayers jump on the Aquaman bandwagon after these films.
      • Budgiecat
        but I really wasn't feelin' Conan....
  • mooreworthy
    Aquaman was no joke in Flashpoint; if they go that route, he won't be the joke of the League anymore.
  • John Francis
    I don't know much about aquaman but that picture right there is hilarious in context of this argument haha.




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