Jason Momoa is Aquaman in 'Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice'

June 14, 2014

Aquaman / Jason Momoa

Late last year, first season "Game of Thrones" star Jason Momoa was in talks for an unknown role in the film that is now known as Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The actor has been spotted up in Michigan where the film is currently shooting, and lately he's been getting annoyed because people keep asking him if he's playing Aquaman in the film. Funnily enough, HitFix has word that Momoa is definitely playing the aquatic superhero in what has basically become a prequel to Justice League, which may be confirmed by a rumor about Warner Bros. plans for their DC Comics properties heading to the big screen.

The source also reports that Zack Snyder has already finalized the character designes for the character so Momoa can start shooting his scenes soon. The question is whether the actor will have his shorter or longer hair when he goes blonde for the role? The actor will certainly make the frequently panned Justice League member look tough, but Momoa isn't exactly the most gifted actor, and this doesn't bode well for the character's future. But the real question is, how will Aquaman pop up in a film that seems to be all about Batman and Superman?

Well, much like Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, it sounds like Momoa will only have a small role as Aquaman in Batman v. Superman. In fact, there's a good chance that he might not even be referred to by his superhero name. Why? Well, apparently the script is using the somewhat controversial mass destruction from Man of Steel, from which there initially seemed to be no consequences, as a way to introduce Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. Apparently the billionaire mastermind will use the level of destruction as a way of making Superman look dangerous. And to go along with that, Aquaman isn't too happy either.

General Zod's World Engine apparently caused some serious damage to the Indian Ocean ecosystem, and that's no good for Aquaman's underwater friends. If we had to guess, we're betting that Momoa will pop up in a business suit as some kind of environmentalist, upset about the effects of the fight between Superman and General Zod. And then we might actually see him as Aquaman as a tease for Justice League, rumored to arrive in 2017. HitFix's reports on these matters are few and far between, but when they surface, they're right on the money, so this seems definitive. What do you think of Jason Momoa as Aquaman?

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  • Wow. Interesting.
  • DavideCoppola
    So many characters..
    • Yeah I wonder about that, but this isn't a Superman sequel at this point. This is the inception of Justice League. Certainly taking a different approach than Marvel: bring them all into one movie, see what the audiences will like, and then do spin-off films from there (seems to be their battle plan). I'm all for it. Maybe I don't want to see an Aquaman film, right? But, I'm good with seeing him with the Justice League. Anyway, we'll see...I find this part of the process very interesting.
    • rick
      Well, from my understanding, Batman and Superman will be the leads, Wonder Woman will be supporting (maybe even a step lower than that), and the rest of the heroes (Aquaman, Cyborg, etc.) are going to have one-scene cameos.
  • To be fair to Momoa Ethan, his run on Stargate: Atlantis and Baywatch really influenced those series. Without his acting, those series may have been considered decent, maybe even good. Oh wait, I get it, his presence on the series is suppose to make it better, not his absence! Seriously though, how much "acting" do we think we will see in these movies? I think Momoa will handle this just fine, and make Aquaman look like a strong arm instead of a surfer dude. I like it.
    Dawn of Justice? How bad is this title ... :-S
    • OfficialJab
      Its okay
  • Brian Sleider
    Well this does not bode well. Guy CANNOT ACT. He is great in fight scenes but every thing else is AWFUL.
  • DJ Jack Ryan Hardy
    What's the point of calling this Batman v Superman when they can make a better profit just by calling it Justice League Part 1: Dawn of Justice. I have no problem with all the extra character cameos but the title just seems misleading towards their cause.
    • Brian Sleider
      Proly because the meat of the movie will focus on the titular characters. .
    • Jon Odishaw
      Calling it justice league part one would be more misleading
  • KDV
    Did no one here see Game of Thrones?! Seriously, "Momoa isn't exactly the most gifted actor?" What? He is fantastic in Game of Thrones and speaks almost entirely in a fictional language.
    • I'm not saying he's a bad actor, but how exactly does memorizing lines of a fake language make him a good actor? It's not like we'd know if he was fucking up any of it. He says only about a dozen words that are actually found in the book. All he that's proven from his performance in GoT is that he can look very menacing.
      • DAVIDPD
        I think KDV is referring to Momoa's ability to emote through a fictional language. He was Khal Drogo.
  • Xerxexx
    I'm down. He was a good Drogo.
  • Luke Hanna
    Terrible idea. Id rather watch Matt Damon play his then Momoa. Like come on, this is becoming comical
  • Justin R
    What about Adrian Grenier? Does no one else think this should happen?
    • The Walking Cuban
      I don't this should happen either. I think.
  • zer0limit
    I'll probably be stoned for saying this but...I actually thought he was pretty charismatic in Conan and made it pretty bearable due to his natural attitude. He might bring some of the Khal ferocity to Aquaman...maybe he'll ride a shark in to battle eventually, he can't fall off that right??
    • Steven
      He was pretty good in SG: Atlantis as well, don't see how he can be classed as not as gifted an actor when he's not had the chance yet to shine.
    • The Walking Cuban
      Lucky it's not TV cuz sharks are notoriously easy to jump. Conan had Ron Perlman, quickly canceled out by the inexplicable presence of a Captain T Payne, sans shades and autotune. Mamoa and little Mamoa, kit Harrington, have had some bad luck with Sci Fi channel level movies, cuz Pompeii is just as bad as Conan. No problem with your opinion, that's just mine.
  • Ivan. tih
    I think we need to add Nicolas Cage. Just to get some balance between the characters. And Tina Fey as Liz Lemon.
    • CoosCoos
      Needs more Bacon, definitely need more Kevin Bacon.
      • Ivan. tih
        and then.... out of the blue... a closeup on an orange beeing cut in two... Closeup: Cofee being grinded... Shoe laces being tied... And DEXTER... Kaching!
    • Ivan. tih
      Unless movie Super heroes will stop clinging to old comic books and start inventing modern plots and show evolution, perception and character depth. We might as well just keep them where they belong. In the comics book. There they felt more. There they have ignited our imaginations.
  • Quynh Truong
    He was freaking awesome in GOT. give the man a chance
  • Chris Groves
    He was good as Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones, and there are MUCH worse people they could have gone with. I'm optimistic. But it is crazy to think that Cavill is a good 6'1, Affleck is 6'3 1/2, Momoa is 6'4, and Dwayne Johnson is rumored for a role down the line, and he is 6'4 We're going to get a Justice League roster of superheroes that truly do capture that 'huge and insanely shredded' over the top, larger than life iconic comic book physicality. I'm excited for that.
  • Christopher Roberts
    This movie makes me really nervous because it is so ambitious, so much can go wrong and I was not a fan of Man of Steel at all. I was really nervous about X-men: Days of Future Past also but that turned out great. Even though I was not a fan of Man of Steel, Snyder has made some very good movies. I think his Watchman is actually underrated. Warner Brothers better have an amazing script. It is hard for me to believe they did all of this without one but David Goyer apparently did the first draft and I am no fan of his. Just give Snyder a great blueprint to work from and he will deliver. But if the script is the incoherent mess that shoving all these characters in suggests it might be then the movie could turn out horrible. Either way it will make a boatload of money. I'm actually wondering what would constitute a box office failure for this movie. This should be somewhere on Avengers level box office or Dark Knight box office, so I guess that is where the bar is set. If it doesn't meet that then Warner Brothers might start rethinking things.
    Momoa will look great as a blonde.
  • Isildur_of_Numenor
    I liked him in Bullet to the Head but I'm not very enthusiastic about this casting choice.
  • The Dude
    Aquaman is gay right?
    • Dimius
  • SV7
    Sadly DC derailed some time ago. The Dark Knight Rises was a mess. Batman should never have been retired in that film. Seeing the old, injured Batman down the line would have been awesome, but not there. Man of Steel was dire. DC should have planned to keep Christian Bale for 2 Justice League films while passing the torch to a younger Batman. A Wonder Woman film should have followed Man of Steel. Aquaman could have popped up in the WW movie. It's not rocket science. That's my 2 cents anyway.
  • mooreworthy
    Just waiting on that first full trailer....
  • UrAllThumb
    I'd put money on this film being a HUGE disappointment. It just doesn't look right already when you look at the pieces in play. I like Eisenberg as an actor and even think he'll make a good Lex Luther, but he looks significantly younger and smaller than all the heroes in the film. It will be like a kid, almost a literal Mark Zuckerberg, battling super human adults. Affleck as Batman is an interesting experiment, but it'll be hard to shake that "Batman is Ben Affleck" feeling/thought unless Affleck pulls off a performance that makes people forget who he is, and my guess is he's going to play Ben Affleck being Batman. I agree with those who liked Momoa on Game of Thrones. He is convincing on that show, but he has to play a brute. When he's outside of that role, even on Game of Thrones, he loses his allure and comes across like a Dean Cain action hero. Man of Steel was at least entertaining and an upgrade pver the other Superman films, but it was still a very shallow film that relied on flash and dash visuals more than anything. It was essentially a transformers film but....with Superman instead of Optimus Prime. I'm thinking this movie is going to come across rushed and like a modern, more action packed Batman Forever. Something that was flashy enough to sell at its release....but ultimately its not a good film, and won't hold up with time.
  • Jameson Cyr
    TOO MANY CHARACTERS just popping up in one movie. If these heroes arent established in movies of their own, this will look more like a costume party than a film.
    • Isak House Wolff
      Tell that to X-men Days of future past. There are nothing like t many charachters. All depends just on how you treat them
      • Jameson Cyr
        I think WB is trying to achieve the same success with their DC properties that Marvel Studios has with theirs. And Justice League has more in common with The Avengers than with the Xmen. Try to imagine how the Avengers film would have been received if the ironman/cap/Thor movies had not been produced and released first.
        • Isak House Wolff
          Well, it is quite known that the Majority of people that have seen Avengers, had only seen Iron Man before Avengers. And Avengers is the highest grossing comicbookmovie ever, with (at that time) quite unkown charachters.
          • Isak House Wolff
            Oh really? Iron Man, was the highest grosing movie of the first 4 movies (three if you count in The incredible hulk even for the fact that they have recast him) While some of the fans, might have gone to all 4, not every cinemagoer had, because lack of intrest of that certain charachter. And when Avengers came out, they poll out a movie that draw fans for Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and Captain America, and since it was a first of its kind, some people probably took they noon comicbook goer to friend or familymember, for some diffrent reason.
          • Isak House Wolff
            If every person that watched Avengers, has seen every solo movie... Then why does it have a hugh diffrent between them in terms of boxoffice?
          • Isak House Wolff
            And Avengers charachter (outside Captain America and Hulk) was not as well known for the General Audience as the DC charachters, since they had not have a movie of theirs or some known cartoons as DC at that time as Justice League/Justice Leauge Unlimited Superman the Animated series, Batman the animated series, a Wonder Woman tv-show and several Batman and Superman movies
          • Christopher Roberts
            Because there is this thing you might of heard is called home video. Also, Avengers received a lot of repeat viewings. I personally hardly ever see a movie twice in the theater. But I know somebody who went and saw Avengers three times just in its first week. He didn't do that for any of the solo movies.
          • Isak House Wolff
            Yes, there are something called home video, but the boxoffice is a clear indicator, what charachter is the most popular of them (for the general audience).True, i admitt that you can't really discount homevideo, but that usual would not add to much extra since the majority of those is usual those that went to see the movie.
      • Dan Hibiki
        Yeah, well it seems more like they're falling in to the Amazing Spider Man 2 bracket.
    • shane willett
      Hawkman ? Wonder Twins ?
      • Jameson Cyr
        those are supporting characters, the notion that the ironman/cap/Thor movies had nothing to do with the Avengers success is ridiculous.
  • shane willett
    he better ride on the back of a dolphin...
  • Charles Jackson
    Oh boy, another great casting choice. And get off the too many characters thing alright, it's old people. There's nothing wrong with having more than 1 good guy and more than 1 bad guy.
  • kitano0
    I always have thought that Aqua-Man was a lame character. Just too.....just, no. This is not good news.
    • Dimius
      Aquaman is awesome. He represents a different facet of DC comics, much like Thor over at Marvel.
  • Rock n Rollllll
    They are only being introduced people!!! So everybody calm the fuck down! Jesus, one little update and everyone loses their shit.
    • shane willett
      Does this mean Marvel will tackle the sea next?.. Get it? Sea , Tackle !!




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