Kevin Smith Has a Hokey 'Jaws' Sequel Pitch for Steven Spielberg

October 3, 2014
Source: WSJ


Just a few days after we learned the failure of Tusk somehow resulted in writer/director Kevin Smith getting full financing for his sequel Clerks III, the filmmaker has an idea for revamping another, much more iconic film franchise. In case you don't know, in addition to be one of the most die hard fans of Star Wars, Smith is also a huge fan of Steven Spielberg's classic Jaws. Right now he's working on an homage of sorts with a horror film called Moose Jaws, described as being similar to the shark tale but with a moose, and while speaking to Wall Street Journal about the film talks turned to revamping the Jaws franchise.

When asked about a reboot, remake or sequel to Jaws, Smith was totally on board (via SlashFilm):

"That’s my dream, dude. Honestly, I’ll watch a “Jaws” movie a year because I love the concept and it was my favorite movie as a child. It still captures my imagination. They could still make it a rubber shark and it would still be awesome. But my dream — that’s the movie that launched Steven Spielberg in a massive way.

How awesome would it be — in a world where Ridley Scott goes, “I’m doing ‘Blade Runner 2′ and ‘Prometheus’” — how awesome would it be if Spielberg was like, “You know what, man? I want to go back to Amity Island one more time.” OH! F— you and take my money! People out there are like, “Smith should quit filmmaking.” You know how to get me to quit filmmaking? Steven Spielberg comes back and makes another “Jaws,” I will lay down my director cap, my beret, if you will."

What a double-edge sword offer from Kevin Smith. People who hate his films can get Smith to quit filmmaking if they can convince Steven Spielberg to return to the Jaws franchise. But at the same time, they please Smith because it's something he really wants to see. He even got more excited about it as the conversation went on saying:

"It doesn’t even exist, and like, wow, I’m fired up about a movie that may never happen, but there is a possibility. You gotta have hope. That’s what makes you go day to day. Never met the guy, but now I know what I want to talk to him about. “Please, do one more ‘Jaws.’” How amazing would that be? It’s not like he hasn’t sequelized before."

It's true that Spielberg has made four Indiana Jones movies and two Jurassic Park movies as director, but otherwise he's not a guy who likes to take on sequels. There are two other Jaws movies that followed the first film, but Spielberg didn't direct and they are pretty terrible follow-ups. But Smith came up with an idea on the spot, though it sounds like a pretty ridiculous idea, almost like a more grounded Sharknado (if that makes sense). Here's what he came up with on the spot:

"You set it in the present, and you use a hurricane, and you flood the town. Then the shark is in the town. Not just in the water. Because, again, on the land you’re fine. But all that imagery from Hurricane Sandy, of houses underwater — add a great white shark. There’s your 'Jaws,' modern-day 'Jaws.' Because then you gotta be on a rooftop. A shark could come into your house, dude."

Are you listening Steven Spielberg? In a world obsessed with Sharknado, there's no better time to return to Jaws. Otherwise, there hasn't really been all that great of a shark thriller in a long time. Then again, Spielberg isn't exactly the youngest filmmaker anymore, and since he's probably got a limited amount of films left in him before he retires (it's too hard to think about him passing away), I'd rather see him making new, original films as opposed to going back to the well. But there's likely someone out there who wants to remake Jaws, and it's only a matter of time before it happens.

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  • TheOct8pus
    While I share his enthusiasm for Jaws, I think we've learned a lot about sharks since the 70's, and we now know that they're not just mindless, insatiable killers. I think any attempt at a remake would come across as a Deep Blue Sea ripoff and not a Jaws homage
    • JBrotsis
      I believe it was an old, old wooden ship used during the civil war
      • Xerxexx
        No, its not an old, old wooden ship.
        • JBrotsis
          I was quoting Ron Burgandy. thanks...
          • Xerxexx
            Um...that was the response to said quote from the movie.
          • JBrotsis
            Touche. But not the exact words.
    • Jonathan
      Wait, why is a Three Amigos quote met with an Anchorman reply? It's absurdly exactly what I always wanted. Thank you very little.
  • bobby_drk
    We're gonna need a bigger house
  • NathanDewey
    Definitely misread the headline as Hockey Jaws Sequel and pictured a hockey game with a Shark under the ice.
  • thi
    Kev's looking for positive attention despite his claim that his bad reviews are important to his "growth as a director". He is as confused as his loveable doormat jason mewes. This is the same "nerd hero" that claimed he had no good film to direct because he became wealthy, but then decided to do awful tv shows & films that his weed smoking fanboys hated. He loved the money, therefore he considered his 20 years of mostly poor ideas & work as lifetime of "a great career".
  • JBrotsis
    Jaws hunting in the flooded streets and homes of a hurricane torn town sounds a lot like "Deep Blue Sea" only those sharks were in a...building, I guess. I'd rather see something similar but with alligators and crocodiles...that's more believable and was actually seen after Hurricane Katrina.
  • cuckoozey
    Is Kevin Smith the only one that hasn't seen Sharknado?
  • SkyNet300
    Can Kevin Smith please stop making movies (if you can call them that) because he's a complete joke. Granted Clerks 1 and 2 were entertaining but that's about it in my opinion. He's great to listen on a podcast with other filmmakers and actors but not directing.
  • SkyNet300
    I've been waiting for a JAWS remake for years to be honest. Could be pretty fun
  • Richie G
    Nothing, no amount of negative feedback phases this guy. I admire/loathe that!
  • Avi
    there is no way Spielberg will do it again because there is nothing to tell. And he will die behind a camera onley I hope makes sience fiction movie until he does...
    Take your terrible stoner ideas elsewhere Smith.
  • TheOct8pus
    Looks exactly like Kevin Smith's idea....goes to show how not "with it" he is when it comes to bad movies.
  • dwfrydendall
    Uhg... just go away Kevin Smith.
  • Jonathan
    There were thr3e Jaws movies after the first one. They should leave the classics alone but, if he's so into it, why can't Smith's next movie be a Jaws type movie? Or he could just make the feature length version of the chip in the salsa scene from Clerks. Lotta Kevin Smith haters in this comment thread. Is it because of the dog fighting?
  • Oliver_C
    Smith's best film is still his first -- which says a lot.
  • Ed Tantamount
    How and why do people keep listening to this raging doofus.




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