Marvel Comics Actively Trying to Hurt Fox's 'Fantastic Four' Reboot?

June 2, 2014
Source: Bleeding Cool

Fantastic Four

As many are probably aware, Marvel Studios does not control all of the comic book properties from Marvel Comics. Sony Pictures has Spider-Man, 20th Century Fox has X-Men and Fantastic Four, and Marvel Studios pretty much has all the rest. That's why you won't see Spider-Man or Wolverine teaming up with The Avengers unless there's some kind of miracle. There's certainly rivalry between these companies when it comes to their big screen comic book properties, but Marvel might be a little more spiteful when it comes to the business side of things if a new rumor about their handling Fantastic Four is to be believed.

Bleeding Cool has learned from several sources that Marvel Comics is intending to put their Fantastic Four comic books on hold so they don't inadvertently help promote the reboot of the superhero quartet coming together at 20th Century Fox. They site the new release of Marvel's 75th anniversary cover as evidence:


As you might notice, there's plenty of The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy but there's no X-Men or Fantastic Four. Even Captain Marvel gets an appearance The former team of mutants has been swapped out for The Inhumans, a comic that might head to the big screen since Marvel Studios can't touch the term mutants or X-Men in their cinematic universe. But Fantastic Four has no presence whatsoever. This is what Bleeding Cool said in their initial report:

The belief inside the higher echelons of Marvel is that promoting these properties in comics only benefits Fox’s movies at the expense of those from Marvel Studios. Which is why the Inhumans are being pushed as mutant replacements in the Marvel Universe. And Marvel have been pushing Avengers, Guardians Of The Galaxy and other comics over the X-Men.

Now they've added word that this is by order of Isaac Perlmutter, CEO of Marvel Comics and the largest single shareholder of Disney, the man who made a billion dollars when Marvel went to the House of Mouse. Now, it might sounds like stupid business to stop making comic books that could only sell better with a new film coming out, but the report notes that this is not a business decision, it's an emotional one made by Perlmutter himself. He's simply fed up when it comes to seeing Fantastic Four promoted in any capacity, even in the Marvel offices, and doesn't want any free publicity for Fox on any level.

But why specifically single out Fantastic Four? Well, those comics don't sell all that well, while X-Men comics have never gone out of style. Even before this rumored cancellation, apparently the creation of new intellectual property in Fantastic Four and X-Men had been discouraged by Perlmutter because any and all characters in each book would instantly be accessible, for no extra cost, to 20th Century Fox.

This seems like a pretty shady and unreasonable move by Marvel, mostly because it's not business friendly. But it's a bigger slap to the face of comic book fans too, mostly because Fantastic Four is an iconic property at Marvel, and Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's creation of the team was what truly skyrocketed the modern Marvel universe that many know of today. Anyway, this is likely to cause any problems for Fox as movies are always bigger sellers than comic books, but it's still a bummer for anyone who digs Fantastic Four and hopes for some kind of deal to be struck between Marvel Studios and the other film studios who are holding onto their comic book cash cows for the time being. What do you think of all this?

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  • I think this is a really dumb rumour and I'm kind of shocked you guys are covering it.
    • Sardorim
      Well they know many comic fans hate Fox for butchering F4 and X-Movies so....
  • shane willett
    Thats so bullshit, Greg Land re-shaped Ultimate Fantastic Four , and Mark Millar one of the greatest writers to grace Marvel made this series and re-shaped the entire Marvel universe back in early 2000.... CEO's should be shot in there fat faces... it should belong to the people and creators .... Brian Micahel-Bendis, Mark Millar and Robert Kirkman should be the only people writing for these bubblegum mindless action films.... X-men are so bad, if it wasnt for me being a Xmen fanboy since a child , these would never be seen by me. Fantastic Four are a joke, Avengers movies feel like Harry Potter and Spiderman feels like Joel Schumacher Batman movies from the 90's .... Serious it's fucking Sad that Tim Burton and Chris Nolan are the only people to make a real super hero movie both on opposite spectrums... Nolan contemporary and realistic... Burton a perfect adaptation of a true comic coming to life... is it just Batman is easy to not fuck up...??
    • TheOct8pus
      Actually, as you mentioned, Batman was pretty easy to fuck up too....
    • Billy Christmas
      How in the hell do the Avengers films feel like Harry Potter? The X-Men films are decent. They may not be extremely accurate and directly draw inferences from the comic, but they're just fine and make a lot of money at the box office. In my opinion, both Raimi and Webb's Spider-Man films do not feel like Schumacher's Batman films. Schumacher completely fucked those up, because most villains, in one way or another, acted just like the Joker, with the exception of Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy.
    • Teknopathetic.
      You hate X-men films but like TDKR? Well... into the trash your opinion goes
      • Kirk
        Haha fan-boys are funny when they don't like what they read.
  • TheOct8pus
    Whether it's true or not, it does make sense not to promote someone else's property. Maybe after the F4 movie bombs, they'll continue producing new comics. Anyway, this is all speculation. We'll never know the true story.
    • Lance Kemal
      cous its not fantastic four no1 wants to watch fox's twisted design
      • TheOct8pus
        Cous cous is fantastic.... When cooked properly
  • Brian Sleider
    Seems legit, business is business.
  • Ash Henderson
    *cite With that out of the way, I can't say I blame Marvel (if even true). It's a massive middle finger to the comic book crowd, sure, but that's hardly their market. The ratio of comic fans to movie fans is utterly tiny. Marvel Ent. is spending billions to establish their own movie universe, and there's no way they'd want to use their properties to promote someone else's film.
  • OfficialJab
    I'd say the movie would promote the comics more than the other way around. Everyone reading the comics or shopping in places where they're sold will already be well aware of the movie.
    • Teknopathetic.
      Same, its biting your own nose to spite your face. The films make the comic sales go up, not the other way around
      • Lance Kemal
        marvels now publishing star wars comics mate so the last thing the have to worry about is sales
      • Chris Groves
        Yep, but if they are doing a similar kind of shut out all across the board, with merchandising and apparel and etc...then it does make an impact. The kids see toys, and if they are only seeing toys for certain characters, over time, those are the characters they will think of and be interested in more often.
    • Sardorim
      Movies rarely translate to large comic sales or for a sustained period of time.
  • bibleverse1
    I think it is a prudent business decision.
  • Nick Perkins
    Well, I've got about 10 years' worth of Marvel comics in my family's shed from when I was a kid, so I am speaking as a huge Marvel fan here. I think Marvel Studios is the only one doing justice to these characters on film. The last couple FF movies were awful, and while the last few Spidey movies were okay, I knew Marvel Studios would have put out much better ones. I'm just a dumb fan, and I can't stand seeing these characters in the hands of other studios. I want them to go home to daddy. I can only imagine how folks at the Marvel offices feel about this situation, and I don't blame them in any way for wanting their children back. Sorry, but I'm with Perlmutter on this one.
    • Teknopathetic.
      I dont think Marvel Studios could make a good X-men film, the franchise is too deep for the typically shallow, but good, adaptations Disney puts out
      • OfficialJab
        I think they could make great ones, but I don't know if they would top the best of the Fox ones.
        • OfficialJab
      • The Walking Cuban
        Yeah I'd leave xmen with fox. I like em there.
      • Sardorim
        Not at all, they could actually make X-Movies that aren't Wolverine centric for sure and they would be good. They would also actually do well for characters like Cyclops and Rachel Summers.
  • LunaEros
    Did Marvel license these properties to Fox and Sony or did they sell them? If they only licensed them, can't they renegotiate the terms to let Marvel in on the profits from the movies from them or somehow terminate Sony & Fox's access to them to bring them into Marvel Cinematic along with the directors? I REALLY want to see all the franchises overlap in the same universe. I would love to see more crossovers and plot elements bleed from one story arc to another.
    • Lance Kemal
      marvel gets profits from fox and sony but obviously the writers arent happy at fox trying to butcher the franchise just to make a movie before the license expires
      • Sardorim
        Do't blame them, Fox tends to ignore Marvel in regards to their Movies. Such as how X-Movies are way too Wolverine focused and Cyclops was treated so badly while in the Comics Cyclops is a HUGE and Important character to the Marvel Mythos to this very day.
        • Lance Kemal
          and thats why disney makes more money than fox
    It really wouldn't surprise me, but I agree it sounds a little unfounded.
  • Xerxexx
    Petty is petty is petty.
    • Unless it's Tom Petty. Wait, no...that's also a petty.
      • Akirakorn
        Or Richard Petty, or Kyle Petty, or... NASCAR fans help me out here...
  • MrSpoiler15
    Fox themselves have hurt the reboot. The movie is going to "Trank".
  • wat
    lol @ idiots saying the movie will suck when they know nothing but casting.
    • steamboat
      PC casting and screwing with our icons is reason enough to avoid this movie moron !
      • wat
        I find the casting pretty good and interesting at the same time. You're pretty damn ignorant if you think this casting is "screwing with our icons." Even more ignorant if it's enough to make you avoid the movie altogether.
        • manwe
          I guess call me ignorant cause I think it sucks asshole! I'm sick and tired of the progressive liberal bullshit! Go by a half breed at the dog pound and see how much they are to a pure breed!
          • wat
            Okay, I will call you ignorant. You're ignorant. Product of your environment, I suppose.
          • Dominic
            and with a short memeory , as AGAIN they already changed Sue into a person of color- indeterminate race . So just call her an AMERICAN Humans aren't dogs ... the only Pure Bred Human out there , so to speak , IS an African . Everyone else is a different version of the clan , so to speak
          • wat
            Agreed. That guy is clueless lol
    • Sardorim
      Casting alone means I wont watch it, even if someone tried to hand me a ticket. It spits on the F4 name and ruins Torch's character by randomly race changing him and making Sue and him no longer family.
      • wat
        Yeah that /totally/ ruins them. -_- You fanboys have problems. For one, race changing him literally changes nothing but the color of his skin. ONG HE SO DIFFRUNT NAO. And even if Sue is adopted or something now, they're obviously still "family." The adopted angle brings an interesting dynamic and makes the family aspect even more interesting.
        • The Walking Cuban
          Spits on him? What is he a god? Is this sacrilege? Like Fox is burning comic books, I swear! The fantastic Four are fake! All Over a color. People are showing their true colors now huh
          • wat
            Yup. It's ridiculous lol. Again, LITERALLY the only thing that changed for The Human Torch is his skin color. Ridiculous to see the hate.
          • The Walking Cuban
            Few months ago I commented on this same subject on denofgeek and they wrote a whole article on my comment, basically I said "why y'all mocking Christians and Muslims for not watching Noah for taking artistic liberties, but don't wanna watch FF for the same reason?" It's like, this stuff ain't that serious man.
          • wat
            Exactly. They're acting like they changed The Human Torch into a water manipulator named The Human Faucet
          • The Walking Cuban
            SNAP! Now he Da Blac Gah! Guh, he dat fayah! Who knew he was from dat nint Ward? People 'doptin' dem Katrina kids leff n rite!
          • wat
      • That Yellow Bastard
        They are still family
        • manwe
          ur an idiot!
          • That Yellow Bastard
            Yeah cos adopted siblings or siblings with different mothers aren't still Family.
  • Larry
    Well Marvel Studios doesn't have rights to spiderman and they still included him
    • Lance Kemal
      U dont not include spiderman good or bad movies hes in the top 3 most famous/beloved superhero's ever and spiderman comics are some of the highest selling comics out there right now
    • Madrigal Man
      That's because Sony actually shows some respect for the franchise.
    • Chris Groves
      Sony and Disney/Marvel have a much better relationship than Fox and Disney/Marvel. I mean, there is a reason that there was consideration of having the Oscorp tower in Avengers and working a way to get Garfield's Spidey into an Avengers film. It is because to some degree, Sony was willing to play ball and at least have some discussions with Disney. Fox on the other hand doesn't seem interested in ever letting X-Men or Fantastic Four go. So Disney should pull off every trick in the book to hit Fox where it hurts on those films.
      • Sardorim
        I hope Marvel wins, I've hated every F4 and X-Movie made by Fox to date. They simple don't understand the characters and universe and treat none of them with any respect save Wolverine whose their cash cow at the expense of everyone else.
  • Madrigal Man
    Personally, I am pretty sick and tired of Fox screwing up Marvel franchises. At least Sony does a serviceable job with Spiderman. I have zero interest in seeing the Fantastic Four reboot. It sounds awful. If my refusing to pay out money to see it in any way helps to hasten Fox giving up the rights it will be well worth the non-effort. On the other hand I am totally stoked to think that the Inhumans might someday be made into film. Black Bolt is one of the most underrated power houses in the Marvel universe and the story behind the Inhumans is one of the best ever. Where every Inhuman is their own unique species, genetically created by the alien Kree race to be ultimate living weapons. Yeah baby! Gimme some of that.
    • Dominic
      Once the Next Avengers movie introduces Thanos , the door is open to the Kree-Skrull universe ... you almost HAVE to include the FF with any Inhumans or Kree storylines ( Reed having the door to the Negative Zone , for 1 reason ) so maybe this is the corporate power play that leads to Marvel getting the rights back . A gamble , because IF this next FF film flops does it ruin the franchise for Marvel to reboot Yet Again ?
      • Mike Haggar
        I think that you could only reboot a series once this close to each other. In 15 years, you could do another reboot for sure, but if they make a third take on the FF franchise within a very short time span, I'm quite sure the mainstream audience will be too confused about it all to care.
        • Akirakorn
          I think your underestimating the intelligence of the audience. Most people will understand it's a different studio/production team doing a different version. We had 3 Batmen in 4 movies in a few years, nobody got "confused". And anybody that does can look forward to more Transformers trilogies.
          • Dominic
            Two of those Batman series were panned , weren't they ? Tho , people like Michael Keaton .....I think Marvel is screwed either way - they will have to absorb the cast and storylines that FOX set , to kep continuity , or reboot and piss off the casual fan like me. And maybe the hardcore FF Fireboy
      • Sardorim
        They'll use the GoTG over the F4 if they don't get the rights back. Or better yet, they'll make a Future Foundation team without the F4 Members.
    • Sardorim
      I'll never forgive Fox for killing Cyclops off-screen and no Rachel Summers in Days of Future Past.
    • That Yellow Bastard
      "I am pretty sick and tired of Fox screwing up Marvel franchises" Haven't done that in years.
  • GreenWing
    The writer assumes the Fantastic Four in the new movie is Marvel's Kirby-Lee Fantastic Four. It is not. Compared to Hickman, Robinson's run is weak. Shelve the comics and come back after the movie bombs with a fresh creative approach, if one even exists.
    • Madrigal Man
      If the FF was treated with the respect it deserves and approached as a family drama and Doctor Doom was more than an electrical outlet bad boy Tony Stark wannabe they could do very well. It's all about treating the characters with respect, instead of cheap cartoon personalities. But maybe that's just me. Who knows, maybe tying Deadpool's mouth shut was a great idea and I'm totally off base.
  • Scott
    Who proofread this? I couldn't bare to finish after the 4th grammatical error.
    • R Vincent Swain
      You should have used the word "bear" instead of "bare". I hate it when people get snippy about spelling when they are unable to use correct verbiage themselves.
      • Scott
        Excellent point. Except I don't write for a living and my comment isn't a published article. So take your incorrect placement of a period and a quotation mark and stuff it up your biddyboop.
        • FiachSidhe
          No, you see, you're the one talking about fourth grade grammar. You can't spell as well as a fourth grader. Professional writer or not. Everyone else could read the article just fine. And attacking R Vincent Swain for period placement, after asserting that only professional writers need worry about proper spelling and punctuation? Completely destroyed your argument. You are the hypocrite here, not him.
          • Scott
            Now, your developmental opportunity would be reading comprehension, sir. I didn't say anything about the fourth grade. As for the readability of the article, the errors have since been fixed. So I'm not sure how you are able to offer a viewpoint on something you weren't here to observe.
          • FiachSidhe
            Does it matter if I was here to observe it? You're still a hypocritical dick.
  • Jon Holden
    Oh well, it's not like it will be a long hiatus. After the movie (which sounds awful by the way, judging from the casting decisions) is out and horribly flops, I'm sure Marvel will introduce a new volume.
  • Chris Groves
    It is business. I say Disney/Marvel should do whatever they have to in order to get the rights back. OBVIOUSLY they would like to have X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man back. Buying the rights back outright seems like it would be too difficult, and I doubt Sony and Fox will ever yield the rights for nothing or let them revert. So doing whatever they can to make it as hard as possible for these properties to succeed is about the smartest thing they can do. Lower the visibility, lower the interest, lower the viability. Disney/Marvel are playing hard ball, and that is exactly what they SHOULD be doing. Business is business. I'm just glad that the vast majority of the Marvel character film rights are with Marvel Studios and that DC doesn't have to worry about this kind of thing. But I would wager that within 20 years or so...Marvel Studios will have all of their character rights back and the MCU might be fully rebooted from scratch in order to incorporate a lot of these characters from the very beginning.
    • Random Bystander
      Spiderman will never go back to Marvel unless Sony goes bankrupt and I think its probably the same with Xmen at Fox. All the other properties Ican see reverting back to Marvel but not those 2.
    • Sardorim
      Well Marvel seems to like Sony a lot more than Fox. I mean, at least Sony somewhat understands Spider-Man while Fox has no idea who the X-Men or F4 even are. To them it's Wolverine + Nobodies who're only there to make Wolverine look better and for the F4 they completely ignore the Family Dynamic so they can have naked Sue and now Black Torch.
      • SayWordBigBird
        I understand F4, but I think FOX has done a decent job with the X-Men franchise minus all the continuity errors in the films. Plus a X-Men film with Marvel studios just doesn't seem right. As long as Singer is at the helm, X-Men is in good hands.
        • Brady Wade Wilson
          I completely disagree. the x-men movies are a disgrace and they need to stop.
        • Madrigal Man
          Yeah, stapling Deadpool's mouth shut was a sheer stroke of genius! /sarcasm
    • That Yellow Bastard
      They can't get the rights back. This cancelling of comics only hurts Marvel and fans of the comics
      • Chris Groves
        They certainly can get the rights back. Sony Fox only have to go X number of years without making a film and the rights revert, AND the option of throwing a big wad of cash at them to 'buy' the film right backs is always on the table. For all we know the superhero genre could suffer a death as bad as the western, and they may end up being totally out of style, with worthwhile movies only coming along once every year or two. I doubt Sony and Fox would be rushing to make films out of 'money losing efforts' at that point. It isn't a matter of 'if' they will ever get them back, it is a matter of when. It may be a very long time, so long that we don't see those characters in the 'MCU version 1.0' but maybe the next time around it can be launched with all of the characters on board.
        • That Yellow Bastard
          What I mean is unless Fox or Sony stop making movies or sell them the rights then they can't get them back. Marvel/Disney can't take them by force and this gambit of possibly cancelling comics or halting merchandise to damage the franchises won't result in those movies gaining less money at the box office so it's a pointless endeavour
          • Chris Groves
            'Freezing'/shutting out the properties on a comic-book/merchandise level might not make a big impact...but that doesn't mean Disney/Marvel shouldn't bother doing it. In a conflict/struggle like this, you want to be the side controlling the narrative as much as possible. If kids and parents are seeing Hulk and Iron Man toys throughout the toy lines, but not seeing any X-Men toys...that communicates a message(consciously or subconsciously) to whoever sees it. These are for kids, are for everyone, are popular...while Fantastic Four and X-Men are nowhere to be seen in those areas. By being able to control the merchandise angle of it, Disney, to SOME degree can control what eyeballs are on what products and can, to an extent, dictate what is 'cool', and that is always worth it.
        • Half life 3 confirmed
          What about the fans that like reading the comics? They going to have to suck it up? :c
  • Dominic
    NO Sympathy for FOX here so far . maybe that should be their tell ....
  • CashmoLover31
    F u c k Fox. Give the first family back to Marvel
  • SenorApplesauce
    This is probably such old news that everyone else knows it, but did Marvel sell the rights to these properties in perpetuity or were they 'leased' for 20 year or so?
  • Stan
    Based on the casting for the reboot, I wouldn't blame them.....
    • manwe
      worst casting of Johnny Storm ever. C'mon a black guy playing JS and a white girl playing SS. Since they were all PC on this matter why didn't they just cast a black SS? I will NOTsee this movie!
      • That Yellow Bastard
        Adoption or mixed raced families. It's this thing where... I Never you mind, you probably won't be able to grasp the concepts
        • manwe
          yeah you're right I don't understand progressive liberial bullshit!
          • Morgan Talley
            As a progressive liberal, I don't like the new make up of the FF reboot either. However, I seriously doubt it was done for any political reason, unless you want to suggest that the majority of comics characters being white is conservative racist bullshit. (See how one thing has nothing to do with the other?)
          • FiachSidhe
            This isn't progressive or liberal. It's simple Hollywood stunt casting. The first movies did poorly and carry a stigma, so they are forcing controversy to keep people talking about the title.
        • Adam Jenson
          Last time I looked at a FF comic Johnny and Sue Storm weren't adopted and weren't mixed race. Can you grasp that concept?
        • FiachSidhe
          Get back to me when Blade is cast as a white guy.
  • DaveACIM
    the contract stipulates that Fox needs to make an FF film every so often to keep the rights--but Marvel HAS to have a case that this is NOT an FF film--what the hell is Fox thinking--isnt Millar supposed to be helping with this--what is someone actually made a good FF film!!?? will we ever know???
    • That Yellow Bastard
      This is a Fantastic Four movie. It has Johnny Storm, The Thing, Reed Richards and Sue Storm
      • Michael Lankford
        they may have the same names and powers but this IS NOT a FF4 movie. Prove me wrong by showing me the proof in any FF4 comic book.
        • X-Men - Marvels #1 Team
          Proof of what? There's nothing to compare yet, the movies not releasing for another ten months. However, if you wanna okay the comparison game show me a Thor Comic where Thor leaves Asgard through a bifrost controlled by a Black Heimdall where he falls in love with a Physicist Jane Foster and hangs out with a woman named Darcy and Man named Selvig
      • FiachSidhe
        The problem I have, is that it's not being done to diversify the cast, it's being done as stunt casting.
  • steamboat
    A black Johnny Storm ? ... Really ?!?. Have some black charcters in the movie -sure, but don't screw with our icons !!! Green Lantern is now gay, Superman has rejected the American way, Spiderman was killed off and replaced by a half black/half hispanic. What's next... Wonder Woman is flat chested and a lesbian ?!?
    • Sardorim
      Indeed, it's happening and it's horrible. Fox wanted a Black Character in the F4 so they bent Human Torch over, had their way with him and than brought in a newcomer yo steal his name. Sue and the new Torch aren't even related by blood anymore! At least Ultimate Spider-Man's replacement is their own character with their own name and personality and doesn't pretend they're Peter Parker because they aren't.
    • Sam Johnson
      My god how dare they do this, superheroes need to be all white all the time seriously Marvel has no right to alter their superheroes or replace them with people of other ethnicity even though they created them........................... /sarcasm
      • Lance Kemal
        Nobody has to be a certain race or sexuality but changing major things about an iconic character just to feel your quota is pathetic and almost insulting to the people they are trying to appeal too im half turkish but that mean i can only relate to turkish characters?no of course not that would be moronic there's always room for more diversity in comics it doesn't mean you have to butcher an icon to the point of isolating the previous fans have some integrity
      • Daniel Acosta
        Everybody loves Black Jesus so why not
    • Anthony Ngu Guan Sing
      That's Earth 2 GL which has nothing to do with the comic police force that it is in the main universe. Wow have you not follow what's been what's happened to American society you guys are very much spilt down the middle and/ or confused and apathetic "THE AMERICAN WAY" is not what is use to be or clear cut. Miles Morales is from the Ultimate Universe which is not the main marvel universe. Ignorant MUCH.
  • Eric Wilson
    Well, given the way Fox is trying to cram diversity in to this movie with a "canon be damned" attitude, I really hope the ploy works for Marvel Studios. I long for the day when all of Marvel Comics properties are owned by Marvel Studios.
    • That Yellow Bastard
      Marvel studios, the ones who made Heimdall black and ignored his sibling relationship with Sif. Who made Mandarin a white business Man with fire powers (AHTK doesn't mean shit yet), who turned Jarvis into a computer, who are having Hank Pym as a senior citizen
      • cezar211091 .
        best comment in here
      • Illusive Man
        Black Heimdall was a great character.
        • Human … Work
          And Black Johnny Storm may be too
          • Guest
            Grind all yes, Johnny Storm...NO.
  • That Yellow Bastard
    Cancelling the comics to hurt Fox is like punching yourself in the balls to hurt someone else
    • Captain Superman
      The comic books were floundering. Why continue publishing when they were actually losing money to go to press?
  • Gingervitusaurus .
    Can someone please tell me why the Human Torch is black in the upcoming fantastic four movie. Now before you jump on me for being "racist" I absolutely have NO problem with him being black, its more the fact that he is black but his sister, the invisible woman, is white.
    • I agree actually. I think if they are going to do it they should go all the way. Make Susan Storm black too. Apparently they are going to be adoptive siblings. I think that they just don't want to do an interracial couple thing between mr. fantastic and invisible woman. Honestly if anything I think it's a racist decision by Fox
      • Dominic
        sounds desperate .. however certain characters in CBs have origins that lend themselves to a litte tweaking ... and some don't WHY ? becaus the world isn't so lily-white anymore , so why should other things be set in such stone ?
        • Captain Superman
          Yeah... I'm all for making the Black Panther's secret identity Kevin Plunder!
    • cezar211091 .
      • Captain Superman
        No adoption. Unless FOX has forced Trank to cave on his adaptation, they are to be genetic siblings with the same birth parents. HA!!!
        • cezar211091 .
  • Adam Jenson
    This new FF movie is an abortion in the the making.
    • cezar211091 .
      why?i welcome a little originality.i love comic books but i'm not square as some of you fanboys.
  • Brady Wade Wilson
    The casting killed this movie. I'm fine with the new Johnny, I think maybe him and sue being adopted may be a cool new twist. But the new reed is unforgivable and whoever cast him doesn't understand the character.
  • Alan
    it's not that the torch is black. It the whole cast thats going to (doom doom doom) the whole movie. None of the people they have chosen could act their way out of a wet paper bag. And I imagine the writers are probably of the same caliber. This movie is gonna be the biggest flop of all the super hero movie ever made. But they will try to make up for the lack by just having a lot of big explosions and blowing every thing up..Its literally gonna be a bomb of sh*t and its (doomed doomed doomed) hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Captain Superman
      Yeah, it's not that that Torch is black... aside from the fact that FOX and Trank have asserted that even though Sue is white, they share the same genetic birth parents. LOL!!! So, yeah. It is that the Torch is much as it is that Sue is white, Reed looks like his a junior (in high school) and that DOOM is just the screen name of a pissed off blogger with mad hacking skills!
  • FiachSidhe
    The real question is Fox actively trying to ruin Marvel movies. X-Men suck, the last FF movie sucked. And this reboot looks awful as well. Fox seems to make comic book movies for people who hate comics.
    • Adam Jenson
      "Fox seems to make comic book movies for people who hate comics" This may be the most insightful comment on this topic I have ever heard.
      • FiachSidhe
        Bryan Singer even went so far as to ban comics from the set of X-Men DoFP.
        • Captain Superman
          Bryan Singer is a d-bag anyway!
    • Mark Soto
      Fox pumps out X-men and FF movies so they don't lose the rights. As long as people keep paying to see them they will pump out crappy movies.
  • Kingsleydale
    I've always liked the fantastic four but I admit that the comics had been very stagnant. When I was younger I liked the films but now I see them as the abominations they really are. Similarly I've always been fond of the X-men. I think the problem is that fox doesn't understand the characters in either franchise all too well and thus we get garbage. As fans our best chance of getting decent films is to not watch them in cinema or what so ever, because as long as fox get what they want (money) we get crap. Who knows we might get lucky, fox may go bankrupt and disney could buy back the rights, though this seems doubtful.
  • Rick
    I don't know that it's that dumb of a rumor. Asgard Press, who print a vintage Marvel Comics calendar each year, has no Fantastic Four represented, unlike previous years that always had at least one if not two covers shown. An e-mail response from them indicated that they could not secure the rights this year.
  • Richard A Hill
    How shall I put this gracefully: - Marvel AND DC have gone into the toilet for twnty five years now. The decisions to create 'real life" have robbed us of the heroes that were and given us endless reboots, a total lack of depth in writing and editing, and (again) when paltry imagination ran thin, - REBOTO !! I am very saddened on top of this to find out that Isaac Perlmutter, whose philanthropy I have always admired, has been revealed to be just another feudal asshat, running his business by personal privilege instead of by intelliegence. Fox PAID for the licensing rights. Marvel was PAID for those rights. That is income. If Perlmutter wants to reclaim the rights, buy them back. If he wants to make money riding on the movies' success, he can do that too. The Perlmutter described lately is just another arrogant asshat who, because he has money and a 'good' image, thinks he has the right to do whatever he wants. Which is sad for the fans and the readers who are the ones who pay for his ego, as they have been paying for the egos of Morrison for 25 years. The death of Marvel Comics occurred in 2005, it just took ten years to start to stink.
  • Captain Superman
    Ah...with the piece of sh*t story that FOX is releasing to theaters I give about 100 thumbs up to MARVEL and Perlmutter for any obstacles they put in FOX's path. Afterall, it was already pointed out that the "Fantastic Four is an iconic property at Marvel, and Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's creation of the team was what truly skyrocketed the modern Marvel universe that many know of today." So why should anyone, let alone MARVEL, support FOX and Josh Trank's efforts to destroy MARVEL canon by disregarding major elements of the source material just to make the FF their own. If FOX wants to "own" the FF, they should not be given any help via support of MARVEL comic books, toys, games, or any form of merchandising. Let them sink or swim on their own.
  • Bob Da Troll
    If the source material has been around for 75 or more years it does not need your "creative input" to make it more palatable for whomever. While Sony and Fox own the rights to the Cinematic versions of their respectable characters, Marvel retains ALL rights to merchandising (other than movie versions) toys, cartoons, games (again other than movie versions) I think that with the wave of idiot writing and "creative input" Marvel is totally in the right for however they see fit to distribute whatever they want. If this hurts whoever, screw them. There is a reason why Marvel in all Marvel made movies take great steps to distance themselves from all other company handled cinematic characters. (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
  • jeffrey Jones
    I'm happy with some new characters being pushed instead of always the same muck. I used to be a huge X man fan but how much more X-men or Fantastic 4 nonsense can they shove down our throats? I think we've seen it all in the last decades. The latest X men movies plain suck, the F4 sucked from the beginning and the comics were going the same direction - besides the occasional "Old man Logan".
  • ThatGuy984
    I wish these idiots werent allowed to put the word Marvel anywhere in their films....not at the beginning and not on movie posters.....Sony and Fox are giving Marvel a bad name with the shit they put out and slap the marvel name on it to garner more attention. Sony and fox need to stop their poor attempts at riding Marvel's coattails and just hand the Rights back to Marvel because clearly they dont know how to make decent superhero movies...
    • ___
      Couldn't have said it better myself.




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