Marvel Has Films Planned Through 2028, More Spin-Offs a Possibility

April 3, 2014
Source: Businessweek

Marvel Studios

Tonight marks the first showings of Captain America: The Winter Soldier in theaters across the United States, so it only seems appropriate that there's a story looking ahead to the future of Marvel Studios as the continue to build this massive cinematic universe. Speaking with Businessweek (via The Playlist), Marvel chief Kevin Feige opened up about a sort of map that sits on his office wall that has the plans for the future of the Marvel universe laid out. Feige says it's "like looking through the Hubble telescope" that looks into the future of their films, and he spoke of printing "a new one recently that went to 2028." What?!

For those who aren't very good at math, that's 14 years into the future. By that point, this writer will be over the hill in age by a couple years, which is crazy to think about. But with hundreds, even thousands, of comic book characters at their disposal, there's plenty of things that Marvel can do. In fact, in the same Marvel report, Disney CEO Bob Iger talks about the possibility of spin-off films for members of the Guardians of the Galaxy or even the new superheroes like Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. As Iger says, "The possibilities are endless." With Doctor Strange and Ant-Man on the horizon to follow The Avengers sequel, there's plenty more on the way. What do you hope Marvel has in store?

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  • Jon Odishaw
    Holy shit
  • Chris Groves
    My inner fanboy will be crushed if we don't get a Hulk solo film between Avengers: Age of Ultron and Avengers 3.
    • Matt Noel
      Maybe a film where Hulk is on a planet...
      • Chris Groves
        Then maybe that could lead to a film where there is some kind of World War involving Hulk...
        • JBrotsis
          Heck, I'd take a movie with Hulk and Iron Man, since neither have characters are suppose to get their own standalone film anytime soon. Plus it'd be the first exclusive double hero movie.
          • Chris Groves
            Plus, each character has made a cameo at the end(or after the credits) of a solo film of the it only feels organic that they might have a full-blown team-up movie. Plus, if RDJ happens to be re-cast after the end of his current deal(Avengers 2 and 3) then pairing the new Tony Stark up with Ruffalo's Banner might be a good way to 'ease into' the 'new guy' playing Stark. But part of me would feel kind of jipped if Hulk only ever appears as a co-star and never gets another solo film. I think that after being the star-player in two Avengers movies that he'd probably deserve it.
  • Nash
    Indeed, Holy Shit. I would like to see him come to the big screen. Ain't that the masked vigilante who craps all over you and then gives you his blessings?
  • Captain Omniscient
    Somebody kill me now.
  • Chris Groves
    It's good to have a plan mapped out. I remember a year or so ago, Feige said that they had a rough plan up to 2021, and now they have 7 years BEYOND that roughly mapped out. Crazy stuff. They did 6 films leading up to and including The Avengers in 2012, then if they average 2 films a year for every year after 2028 we are looking at 38 total films. But beyond that, they talked about potentially going to 3 or 4 films a year. Then there are the various TV shows and mini-series that they are doing.
    • avconsumer2
      I do like that they're planning. I hope they don't stretch themselves thin at the cost of quality &/or over-saturate though.
      • Chris Groves
        Yeah, I have to think that eventually they'll reboot the MCU. I mean, nearly every series has been rebooted, and they aren't churning out 2 films a year. Eventually the continuity becomes so great that it will be nearly impossible to generate new fans. Star Trek ran into that problem, so much continuity that the fan-base becomes quite exclusive. Plus, eventually Marvel will run out of top-tier and close to top-tier characters, and they'll be diving too much into obscurity. I don't think Ant-Man is going to ever be able to pull $1 Billion like Iron Man did. And if they ever get Fantastic Four, X-Men, or Spidey back, they'd likely want to reboot the franchise with those characters integrated
        • Dominic
          well see Chris thats the thing a middle -tier book ( like say a Gambit movie ) that pulls in just HALF of that billion , is still gonna be more successful than most films out there . As comics ' " middle-tier " characters have big fans too . A Gambit series helps to mature the Rogue character , so it has multiple appeal , for example ... They damn well BETTER have Comic Book movies planned til 2030 and beyond . How else does Hollywood keep from going under ? There's going to be FIFTY years of stories from CB series , for Hollywood to pull from , soon ( figuring the Spidey FF Avengers XMen boom started mid-70's ) . there's a bottomless pit of stories , that Hollywood can't possibly make all into movies . Take hundreds of years , and they'd never catch up ..
          • Chris Groves
            Feige has openly talked about how even the comics, every X number of years the canon and mythology becomes so dense that it just sort of collapses in on itself. Eventually a fresh start is almost needed. These movies live off of attracting that key sort of 15-30 year old demo that goes to the movies most often. If you were a 10-15 year old when Iron Man came out, great. But if you are a 10 year old starting to get into superhero movies, and you are getting into a franchise that has 30-40 films and 5-10 TV shows of back-story, you likely just won't bother. It's Star Trek syndrome.
          • Dominic
            ahh BUT most of these movies have plots and characters in their infancy , compared to their CB runs . So there are YEARS really , before these producers and directors need to reboot . And the risk I see is that they piss off me and every other fan who's now 30 -40 , say , and invested in the original presentation of the character for the last 15 years .... . So this feeling artists and scripters have is really THEM getting bored with writing a character a certain way . Like the musician who gets tired of playing his hits the same way every night and changes them. Sometimes not for the better ... it's the business side of comic books , not the fun "creation of product" side
          • Chris Groves
            Well, it doesn't really matter how much material they have to work with...if the insanely long running franchise starts to lose it's ability to draw in new fans, that will be a problem. In 10-15 years kids might not be dragging their parents to these movies like they are now, because they aren't interested in seeing Captain America 5/6...because they weren't even alive for Captain America 1. The fact that the MCU is a franchise comprised of franchises will help it have a much longer life, it isn't the same main character every time out...but eventually it will still lose it's luster. It won't be tomorrow. But 10-15 years from now, getting 2(maybe more) films a's going to become too massive.
          • Dominic
            LOL well fine then I am going to ENJOY the next 15 years of Hollywood catering to my generation's tastes . And worry about the bloated Marvel Movie Universe .... later the cynic in me would point out that Feige was prob covering his ass , so that when they DO do reboots people like you will say "well he warned us " ... ...just a thought
          • Chris Groves
            I mean, I'm not trying to sound like a jerk, it's just natural that one day they will reboot it. One day down the road, they'll want to redefine these original, benchmark characters for an all new generation of fans. They'd one day probably really like the idea of having mutants and X-Men involved in the MCU from the very beginning etc etc Just as Godzilla and James Bond underwent reboots of varying degrees, they'll want the same. There are plenty of new characters they can introduce. But eventually, Ton Stark would chronologically be in his 60s-70s in the series, but Iron Man as a character would be viable...and they would want to reap the rewards of cashing in on telling a new Iron Man origin for an all new audience. I think the MCU will end up with many more films than the average franchise gets before rebooting...but the point is that one day it'll happen. It might be 20-30 years from now, but still. To think that this single continuity will go forever and ever with them simply diving into more and more obscure, unknown characters is just a tad unrealistic.
          • Dominic
            Then , all we can do is enjoy it while we can ...
  • zeldaprimed
    Does anyone think that during that span, X-Men, The Fantastic 4 and Spider-Man will be back under Marvel... I love all these movies, watching them and re-watching them...but in the back of my head I always wonder how much more awesome this all could be with everything back under Marvel...
  • redskulllives
    awzome 😀 dildos and cream to you Ethan :)
    • avconsumer2
      Can't tell if insult or compliment.
  • Quynh Truong
    this franchise can continue on forever with so many superheroes.
  • Akirakorn
    That's gonna be one big ass 4k 3D purple-ray disc box set! (Just in time for the holidays, circa 2029)
  • Noah Anderson
    So you are implying that some of your readers (who are dumb at math) can't count how many years it is between now and 2028? Insult? I think not.....but a good way to lose some readers.
    I really hope that by sometime in 2020 they get to complete their universe with the re-acquisition of the X-MEN, SPIDERMAN, and FANTASTIC FOUR. We need a film with everyone running around in it...the mayhem would be fabulous.
  • toonfed
    I think marvel is planning something with "Inhumans" you cna fell it in eht actual status of the printed universe. but that's just me and my nerd brain
  • JBrotsis
    Wow! This is some good news that I can bring up with my Marvel buds tonight catching Capt 2! Initially I thought the Avengers was going to be a trilogy and we'd get whatever standalones in between, but once Avengers 3 ended (as I presumed that's when we'd see the final battle with Thanos and...crossing fingers...avengers team up with guardians) now I have no idea if Avengers will end with the third installment (or Avengers 4, 5, 6, etc)? Or what other team ups there are to follow besides Avengers 3? This also gives me hope to see a Black Panther movie! Keep 'em coming Marvel!!!
  • Wow I'm gonna have to start working some more overtime!
  • Antonio
    I actually just asked Kevin about this tonight in a Q & A and he said that it's not to 2028 it's up to 2023 and everything after 2018 is all just an idea. I asked him if Planet hulk was a possibility as one of those ideas and he said... "As for Planet Hulk, I'm not gonna answer that question" !!!!!!
  • SkyNet300
    Damn let us hope the quality gets better with each passing year.
    • Jae
      Remember how poor Marvel movies were in the early 2000's? daredevil, Man-thing, Elektra? Painful memories, but they've came so far./ that 1st Thor movie of 2011 is what really started it all IMO.
  • MisterBeasley
    I can only imagine that after an epic battle with Thanos, somehow MCU can get into the Civil War era.
    • Jae
      Not to ruin the big idea but It would be near impossible. How could they when so many heroes are owned by so many different Film Studios? It's very complicating stuff as it is. But that is damn-near impossible to think about




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