Marvel May Still Get Spider-Man from Sony, But No Andrew Garfield

December 12, 2014

Andrew Garfield

After learning that Marvel Studios had discussed with Sony Pictures the possibility of using Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War, fans were disheartened to hear that negotiations had fallen through. However, that reportedly doesn't mean that Marvel still won't get Spider-Man back in their house. Latino Review has word that a deal could still be reached depending on the outcome of the "Spidey Summit" that we learned is going to happen in January to discuss the uncertain future of The Amazing Spider-Man franchise. And it happens, Marvel will ignore the reboot and leave Andrew Garfield out too.

The deal that was in talks before it fell apart had Sony and Marvel splitting the benefits of the rights to Spider-Man 60/40, with Sony taking care of distribution if a new series of films were to move forward. Part of the hang up seems to be with creative control though, because Marvel isn't willing to give that up, and they don't intend on honoring or even acknowledging the storyline that has been crafted with the franchise directed by Marc Webb. Part of that stems from the fact that Marvel is not a fan of the rumored Aunt May solo film (which the source maintains was a real idea) and a female centric Spider-Man universe film.

But the good news is that if Marvel takes back Spider-Man, they won't do the origin story all over again, because after two franchises, pretty much everyone gets it now. They also wouldn't make any romance Peter Parker may have a major focus, since that's been played out too. Instead, a new franchise would focus on the struggle Parker has as a teenage superhero, with romance as nothing more than a side-story. However, it's a bummer that this plan means they have to cut Andrew Garfield out of the process, because he's been wanting to team up with The Avengers for awhile, and he's one of the best parts of the reboot franchise.

In addition, Latino Review points out that there's still a chance that a deal could be reached to get Spider-Man to appear in Captain America: Civil War. However, if he does, it sounds like he may not have as big of a part as he does in the comic book storyline. Supposedly, Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) will fill the part filled by Spider-Man in the Civil War comics, but the wall crawler could easily be worked into the story somehow. It's not something you should count on, since Sony is desperate to hold on to Spider-Man, but they have no idea what they're doing with the character. Anyway, stay tuned for more.

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  • David Diaz
    Please let this happen Sony. Marvel putting out Spiderman films can only help. Sony's Spiderman summit sounds like it'll be a group of monkeys throwing their own feces at a wall and seeing what sticks.
    • TheOct8pus
      Haha. I'm picturing the Sony Spidey summit as a bunch of tighwads in business suits discussing demographic trends and doing a side-by-side analysis of Marvel and DC (Warner) films, with no sense of respect or care for the character of Spider Man..... Yeah....I guess monkeys throwing shit sums it up.
      • Justin R
        Can't we have the best of both worlds? Picture this, monkeys wearing business suits, discussing demographic trends and what not, and then some laid back Marvel employee disagrees, which causes the monkeys to start throwing their own feces around. I think I might have given Sony a new idea for a script for the next Spidey movie!
  • Tuomas Lassila
    Really wish Spidey Stays at Sony. Spidey in MCU sounds a little too overkill to me.
    • Chris Groves
      Can't say I agree. I mean, these are all Marvel characters and should all be able to exist in the MCU. To me, saying Spidey in the MCU is overkill is like saying having Batman or Superman in the DC Movie Universe is overkill.
    • TheOct8pus
      Get the fuck out of here. Spidey BELONGS in the Marvel universe. He's totally misguided and trapped in cheesy plots at Sony. They best thing that can happen to the character is to move away from Sony (the Japanese electronics company) and go to Marvel (the comic book company that literally wrote the book on Spider Man)
      • Tuomas Lassila
        Gee, just what in the world happened to the freedom of speech.
        • TheOct8pus
          This IS free speech isn't it?
          • Tuomas Lassila
            Yes but I got the feeling that my opinion is not allowed to exist apparently.
          • Dominic
            , ;?)) it can exist as MANY unpopular ones do .. but , you might want to pick your " debates " more selectively .... as it's not JUST opinion that says bring Spidey back home , it's the now-known bottom line of Sony losing money on the franchise ... Guest misses the point , also ; diversification , was a good idea back when that deals were signed between Marvel and Fox/Sony . Now , with Disney money controlling things and Marvel Studios cranking out blockbusters , Fox and Sony aren't needed - THEY are the overkill ...
          • Tuomas Lassila
            Okay I admit that the overkill comment was jagsh*t, but I wouldn't still be 100% happy if Marvel ends up getting the rights back. Cause if they do, it would be nice for MCU, but for me it would feel like haters and bullies getting what they wanted (no insult to anybody) because all the thrash talk and complaining Sony has got ever since TASM2 was released, and since I didn't find the film bad and I was insanely exited about Sinister Six, Venom and Spidey sequels before these hacks appeared, so because I'm oversensitive and I usually take other negative opinions way too seriously, it didn't feel nice that others weren't as exited as I was. Of course I understand that people can have their own opinions, but that's how I felt.
  • Chris Groves
    There is now a petition to get Sony to work with Marvel to get Spider-Man in the MCU. I definitely signed it. As I said before, Sony is in the worst position here. They are looking at $2+ Billion in losses for the most recent fiscal year. Several of their films were leaked online, and the hacks have damaged them by making a lot of their behind the scenes woes very public. Long story short, if the fanboys want Spider-Man in the MCU, they pretty much have to be willing to boycott everything Sony does. Movies they release, electronics they produce. Don't buy a Playstation 4, etc etc Voting with your dollars is the only real way to make any kind of impact. If you whine and moan about wanting Spider-Man in the MCU, but you paid to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in theaters, or bought the Blu Ray, and went out and bought a PS4, and a Sony TV....well...that defeats the purpose. Big companies only respond when things start to impact their bottom line.
    • JohnD
      I am not going to hold out buying a PS4 or seeing Sony movies just so the whole company "in theory" tanks to have Spiderman go back to Marvel. A bit much I think...
      • Chris Groves
        Never said it is what everyone should be doing, or everyone should care. But there are some that give the impression of "I would do anything to get Spider-man away from Sony" they buy their PlayStation 4 with a copy of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on Blu Ray. Opinions don't make a difference in this business, money does.
    • yeah sorry but that's fucking dumb. Not buying a PS4 or a TV so Marvel gets the wall crawler? Fuck that noise. Marvel doesn't need Peter Parker. They proved that by taking the most B-List comic book team and making them the biggest movie of 2014.
      • Chris Groves
        I never said that is what people SHOULD be doing or that I personally am boycotting Spidey. But I'm saying if certain people do want Spider-Man in the MCU THAT bad...then they need to let their opinions be known in the only language these companies
      • Anubhav Kumar
        But Pete needs Marvel, Avi Arad is killing him
  • Tester
    Hated the Gardfield Spidy, so this is good news for me
  • Rock n Rollllll
    Sony will eventually give up Spidey to Marvel, but not before they upsell that to the highest bidder. They have plenty of other stuff going on and they dont really need to hold onto Spidey.
  • Ben Moore
    Childish Gambino for Spider-Man
    • stavi82
      Miles Morales? I can see that.
      • fuck no... Black Peter Parker!
        • stavi82
          Miles is a good character, though.
        • mooreworthy
          But we can have a white Moses and Jesus...
  • Johnn123
    Hopefully Marvel gets him. TASM series sucks in my opinion and Sony doesnt have a clue what theyre doing with him. Avi Arad needs to stop trying to keep Spidey from Marvel.
    • Derek Riley
  • ClassicRock156
    I hope Marvel gets the rights back. What I don't like about this is that they don't plan to keep Andrew Garfield, who is an amazing actor and the best part about the new franchise.
    • Ry
      DW, they'll find someone who fits just fine.
    Good. Garfield could have been, SHOULD have been, the Spiderman we deserved, but the films were botched. I hope Sony listens to the fans and "lends" Spiderman to Marvel. They could just take a percentage of the profits of CIVIL WAR and make almost as much dough as they would have for SPIDERMAN 3.
  • si1ver
    Good news but damn that sucks for Garfield. I really think he deserved to be in the Avengers plus audiences already like him and are familiar with him. Garfield and Stone were the best part of their series whereas Toby and Watson were the weakest part of their's. It would've been a dream for me to see the original trilogy with Garfield and Stone instead.
  • frank ford
    Stupid rumors. None of this will happen.
  • TK
    Yeah I agree. Bring Garfield in. He seems like he would be a perfect fit among RDJ, Hemsworth etc. I ain't the biggest fan of the reboot (it was ok) but Garfield was easily the best part about those movies. AG is Spiderman in my books.
    • Ry
      I don't agree, he wouldn't fit.. and I'm certain the big wigs at Marvel would agree with me. New actor please. Garfield is fine.. but not for the Marvel take.
  • BiG NiZ
    I think Andrew Garfield did okay, I believe he's a fantastic actor just not in the right direction for Spiderman. I'm a big Spiderman fan, while I don't read comic books, I grew up loving the character and jumped like a little girl when the first movie came out - seeing your favourite superhero in live action is just f*cking awesome! While I feel really bad if Andrew were to be laid off, I want Marvel's side of this deal to pull off. Yes, Sony don't want that but they might still change their mind with Spidey Summit happening... It might still be wishful thinking but f*ck it. I'm happy with them(Marvel) not redoing the origin story and not focusing on the romance side of things - just focus on being Spiderman, he's on the f*cking title for f*ck sake.




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