Must Watch: New 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Debut in First Teaser

March 27, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

"People want heroes, Miss O'Neil. But heroes aren't born. They're created." Well, the first teaser trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is here, and it's a doozy. The main thing that people are going to complain about is this insane new origin story for the heroes in a half-shell. From the sounds of the trailer, Shredder (William Fichtner) wasn't a fan of the crime in New York City, so he teamed with April O'Neil's (Megan Fox) father to do some work at TCRI and create the crime fighters who would save the city. Yeah, it's wild. The action looks fun, the turtles are definitely cracking wise, and though their heads definitely look like penises, I'm generally pleased with the design and special effects bringing them to life. Watch below!

Here's the first teaser for Jonathan Liebesman's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) via YouTube:

The city needs heroes. Darkness has settled over New York City as Shredder (William Fichtner) and his evil Foot Clan have an iron grip on everything from the police to the politicians. The future is grim until four unlikely outcast brothers rise from the sewers and discover their destiny as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Turtles must work with fearless reporter April (Megan Fox) and her wise-cracking cameraman Vern Fenwick (Will Arnett) to save the city and unravel Shredder’s diabolical plan. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is directed by Jonathan Liebesman (Clash of the Titans) and written by Josh Appelbaum & Andre Nemec (Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol). Paramount Pictures releases the film everywhere on August 8th.

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  • iamNotLegend
  • ListenToVinyl
    Meh, just meh. The best part of the trailer seemed to be the action, but since Michael Bay has his hand in it I'm not surprised at all. They look like Sloth from the goonies and a piece of poop had a baby.
  • grimjob
    I hate that they changed the whole backstory, I hate Megan Fox, and although I Iove Fichtner, I hate that they cast a white guy for that role. That said, I think watching the Turtles do some damage will be fun.
    • Duane
      Yeah man... I was cool with the trailer, the looks, but I am concerned about his role.
  • Steven
    Is it me or are they just a little bit to big?
  • Nick
    I dont think there heads look like penises, when they did the close up on Michelangelo it look normal to me
    • Nick
      In the few shots of the turtles it feels like they got their character tone right, my only problems is Megan Fox (girl cant act) and is the story gunna be good, guess i need to wait to see a full trailer before i make up my mind on giving Micheal Bay my money again this augest
  • Brian Sleider
    That actually looked alright. Too bad they put in Bimbo Fox with her botoxed up face.
    • Xerxexx
      Bimbo? Seems a little harsh seeing as she is a married mother two with the same man...just saying.
      • hi hello
        she just can't act
        • ColtNoir
          and considering someone like Jane Levy or Anna Kendrick was an option to play April...yeah, picking Fox just seems so dumb and doesn't make sense
      • Brian Sleider
        Bimbo is a derogatory slang term for an attractive but unintelligent female. (From WIki) Seems accurate. I didn't call her a slut. She gets rolls because her Body/face nothing else. Now her face is all jacked up with possible surgery and definite botox. Sad what she did to her self, her face WAS quite beautiful.
  • Primo
    This doesn't look half bad... Gotta wait for the full trailer before I reserve judgment
  • Xerxexx
    Eh...may see it.
  • hi hello
    why Megan Fox?????? WHYYYYYYYY??????????????
    • redskulllives
      She probably swallowed for bay just like ethan does
  • nwb
    Director of Class of the Titans, with the writers of Ghost Protocol, get the Director of Transformers 2 to Produce a storyless film of epic proportions. Crash film coming in 5, 4, 3...
  • ColtNoir
    the story is all wrong, I can deal with minor changes, like the new volume of the comics, but this is not looking good at all. Megan Fox is terrible. Oroku Saki is white? ugh... I'll still watch it but I know I'll hate myself for doing it.
  • DavideCoppola
    I don't understand why Megan Fox is in this, but okay. It looks like she worked things out with Michael Bay.. Film looks all right, kind of like Transformers only with giant Turtles.
    • crystaltowers
      FYI Megan Fox is in this because it's a superhero film, and she's a popular actress. And popular actresses are in superhero films. This is exactly the type of film the world expects Megan to be in.
  • Angry Lyle
    I haven't even watched the trailer yet, but it's not the origin story that pisses me off, it's Megan "Knub Thumb" Fox. That is a sure fire way to keep me from ever watching this film.
  • Flops
    Looks like shite. I'd rather just watch the 1990 one again. I miss practical effects. Frown face.
    I'm older than most of you guys and i don´t give a crap about the changes. I actually liked it a lot. It's a must watch for me too...
  • Rock n Rollllll
    Everyone should know now that reboots will not mirror originals! You have to take a fresh look at the movie and not constantly compare it. With that said, i was a huge turtles fan so i have to give this a shot first, then judge later.
    • Dresden
      With you on that one. I'm looking forward to this. People don't complain about the original cartoon deviating from the source material. In that they had splinter as a mutated Hamato Yoshi. I was born in 87 and have been a fan all my life and am legitimately interested/excited about this film.
  • Stacey McDonald
    Dare I say that Shredder's classic personality fits this character better. He was always a bit of a poser samurai. Considering he was an alien in the previous cartoon series and no one complained, this shouldn't be much of a stretch. Krang is supposed to be involved though, so I'm interested in seeing what he (they?) is like.
  • CoosCoos
  • redskulllives
    "though their heads definitely look like penises, I'm generally pleased with the design" Oh Ethan! Tell me more you dirty little whore.
    • Woah! HEY I'm calling shenanigans! I said a predator head look like a penis years ago and you douche bags deleted it every single time! WTF!
      • I always thought the Predators face looked like a vagina.
        • Yeah this was one of the new ones, and his head was kinda cone shaped and the angel made it look like a penis.
      • redskulllives
        its because the "penis" didn't come out of your mouth, it came out of Ethan's mouth ;D
  • Jeremy Newman
    Every iteration of TMNT has has a slightly different origin and backstory. So, it would not bug if you get the core elements right. I'm not a fan of the look of the Turtles in this. The are all linebackers which is just an excuse to have them slam into things and cause more destruction. It really seems to loose the core Ninja element of "stealth" that way. This reminds of the travesty of an adaption Avatar Last Airbender was. This won't ruin TMNT much like Airbender was not ruined by its movie.
  • Jon Odishaw
    Maybe it's because I didn't care about this but I was under the impression that Bay was directing this. But I actually care less now that I know it's liebesman.
  • toonfed
    Really? you're complaining about Megan Fox? April O' Neil is one of the most generic characters in comics history, is a Light version of Lois Lane. Megan Fox is a hot woman, and you're complaining? Megan is a nice plus to the movie, to me. Turtles looks big and awesome, hearing the voice of Mikey gives me relief, feels like the spirit of the characters is there. Yeah Shredder is a corporate evil scientist dude, but William Fichtner is awesome. Relax people don't be that kind of nerd. I still can't believe you're complaining about Megan Fox
    • ColtNoir
      Fox may be attractive but she can't act. last I checked movies needed actors and actresses to be good at what they do - or supposed to anyway
      • toonfed
        Yeah i understand. But there are Bad actors everywhere, like Henry Cavill, Keanu Reeves, have a litimed range. There are many. Even so we love "Man of Steel" "The Matrix" and many many more. My Point is... is a fun movie, it's an spectacle. The reason qe go to see movies en 3D; and complaining about Megan Fox, you will ruin the whole experience by yourself. Complain it when they cast it in a movie like 12 years a salve or Wolf of Wallstreet.
        • DAVIDPD
          Agree Agree Agree. Your rationale is on point. This type of movie was never meant to rival the "greats". Its goal was to make money and provide audiences with some good action sequences and laughs.
  • Marcus
    The effects were better 24 years ago.
    • BinaryChaos
    • capitandelespacio
      I miss Jim Henson.
  • Anything m-bay is NOT must watch! More like must avoid!
  • Dresden
    Firstly I have to say that most of you by now should know that it is only produced not directed by Michael Bay. Some of you say nothing made by Michael Bay is watchable.. but did no one like The Rock? Sean Connery, Nicholas Cage, Ed Harris? No one? Seriously? I was 9 when my mother took me to see that in theater and I feel that it still holds up as one of the best action flicks to date, with strong characters and story. That being said, he isn't directing. Producer credit only. He may have a say here or there but it's still left up to the writers, director and actors. Writers seem solid, Director is fine.
    • Rock n Rollllll
      Exactly. Bay likes to leave his creative signature in every movie so much so that he will totally deviate from the greatness of the original source just to express his creative imagination (just how he did with Transformers), so even though he is just producing, everyone shold have still saw this coming a long time ago when it was announced he had a part in this. Despite Bay being on it, it still looks cool and i will still go watch it, i just wont smear shit all over it until after i see it.
    • ColtNoir
      It still very much has his Michael Bay "look and feel" all over it. It looks exactly like something he'd directed himself
      • Dresden
        But that's kind of my point. I don't mind the look of stuff he makes. He makes action flicks and they look great to me. I wasn't into transformers as a kid (aside from having a couple of beast war toys from McDonalds) so I don't harbor the hate that most people do towards the Transformers movies. I liked all three of them.
  • NathanDewey
    Exxxxcuse me Mr. Anderton, Liebesman directed Wrath of the Titans not Clash. Jeeeez. I like how this is looking. Probably won't see it in theatres, but still, I like the new character designs.
  • avconsumer2
    Interesting. Will say, my most disappointing aspect of the trailer was the lack of "in your face," surfer accent on Michaelangelo (unless they've done the unthinkable & switched colors on the masks somehow). Also, is the white guy supposed to be Master Yoshi?! Certainly not.
    • ColtNoir
      William Fichtner is Shredder (Oroku Saki)
  • capitandelespacio
    Don't hate me for this, BUT, this might be better than The Lone Ranger...
  • OfficialJab
  • W.
    Er... anyone else think the story is very similar to the Amazing Spiderman story?
    • mooreworthy
      Good call.
    • steve
      Is this a joke? I honestly hope to god it is..
    Cowabunga Dudes! Better keep those masks on!
  • Nielsen700
    Holy shit! That's some ugly fucking turtles.
  • blkstar
    Ultimate FAIL. Chris Groves where are you to praise this movie? Glad I'm not going to see this.
  • mooreworthy
    Well, sh*t..
  • JBrotsis
    SOOOO....where's splinter?!
  • Trey Wilson
    Hmmmm. Looks nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this.
  • Jeremy Young
    My concern is the foot clan with guns? They're ninjas not paramilitary. Splinter was cast but not in trailer yet. Huge fan and I see nothing wrong except a bunch of ninjas with guns. Otherwise looks promising.
  • cobrazombie
    The CG turtles have more life in their eyes than Megan Fox.
    • Nash
      Fair enough, you take them turtles, I take miss Fox...
  • Dimius
    TMNT was a big part of my childhood, regardless of the human faces in this film, Fox, etc. I'll be watching this movie for Leo, Mikey, Donnie, and Raph.
  • ali3000
    Looks alright, for now, but I would have loved to see Charlize Theron or Winona Ryder as April.
    • Nash
      Or Jon Voight for that matter...
      • ali3000
        You read my mind, brother. By the way, missed you.
        • Nash
          Always an honor and pleasure to read your comments, sir!
          • ali3000
            Seen any good movies lately? Last decent movie I saw was Secret Life Of Walter Mitty.
          • Nash
            I liked The Lego Movie!
  • SkyNet300
    This looks surprisingly fun to be honest. Hate Megan Fox though
  • Nash
    Fichtner is in it! Damn he's cool!
  • 311
  • LyonsMG
    I don't care that Michael Bay is attached to this... I don't care Megan Fox is in this... I don't care about Splinter being a white character... It's the god damn Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!! I will be there in the cinema release day.
    • morello
      why the hell they must put Megan Fox in this? just let it be a Turtles Ninja movie plain and simple.
  • leemoder
    If you're going to cook up some bathtub super-heroes...why turtles?? There was no need to mess around with the original concept. It was nice and silly and easily bought into. Don't often say this about summer flicks, but I think they thought too much about this one.
  • rolyjimenez
    My biggest problem is Shredder as well. Love the actor playing him but not for that role. Shredder was big and intimidating... even under the mask. Most importantly, ASIAN! The turtles look really good in my opinion. Hoping they clean the CGI up a bit before the release. Megan Fox as April O'Neal is mehhhh but I'll give her a chance. REALLY HOPE WE SEE KRANG and possibly a technodrome
  • Guest
    Is it just me or is that "The Krang" on the wall mural when it shows April talking to The Shredder?
  • Yup, looks like some Krang and some Ancient Ninja Turtles...
    • Brian Sleider
      Turtles in TIME!!!
  • Rock n Rollllll
    I have a feeling they're gonna use an "Iron Man 3" twist with Fichtner as Shredder. But that scares the shit out of me cause Iron Man 3 was a complete bag of shit and has scarred me forever.
  • Pugiron
    If anything about this pleases you, you are a hundred times dumber than the moron I took you for. If you die, the average IQ of the planet will jump up 10 points
    • borninatrailer
      I like turtles.




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