Must Watch: Second Trailer for Gareth Edwards' 'Godzilla' Roars In

February 25, 2014
Source: YouTube

Godzilla Trailer #2

"You're not fooling anybody when you say that what happened was a natural disaster… You're lying! You're hiding something out there!" Warner Bros & Legendary have unleashed the second theatrical trailer for Gareth Edwards' Godzilla and it is epic, massively epic, in every possible way. We've seen one teaser trailer before but this time they up the ante and give us another exhilarating early glimpse without showing too much. The international cast is lead by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen and Ken Watanabe, plus Juliette Binoche who we have yet to see. This looks phenomenal, the return of the King of Monsters we've been waiting for. Bring it on, cannot wait. "In 1954, we awakened something…"

Here's the second official trailer for Gareth Edwards' Godzilla, direct from Warner Bros' YouTube:

Godzilla, being directed by Gareth Edwards (of Monsters), comes from a screenplay written by Drew Pearce, Max Borenstein and Frank Darabont. The cast is lead by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, with Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen, David Strathairn, Ken Watanabe and Juliette Binoche. An epic rebirth to Toho's iconic Godzilla, this spectacular adventure pits the most famous monster against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity's scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence. Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures are sending Godzilla stomping into theaters May 16th this summer. Viral site:

Godzilla Movie

For updates on the new Godzilla, visit their official website or follow @GodzillaMovie. Expect more soon.

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  • Qrious
    IN. SO IN.
  • TheOct8pus
    ....mmmm....I'm feeling a bit disappointed
  • Grosser Unbekannter
    Wow. Just... wow.
  • Angry Sharon
    So the trailer looks like humans vs Godzilla but I read Godzilla vs other creatures. Which is it, does anyone know?
    • Matthew
      I was under the same impression too. Quite possibly some of those other shots were other monsters.
    • rickvanr
      I don't know the other monsters well enough to say who they are but there are at least two scenes in that trailer that show a monster that isn't Godzilla.. One flying, and one weird crab leg thing
    • Brian Sleider
      There were flashes of things not Zilla in the trailer.
    • son_et_lumiere
      it's Godzilla vs Gareth Edwards - this is all you need to know. but yes, like @briansleider:disqus says, flashes of other things, hopefully which will be kept for the film. i promised myself i wouldn't watch anything after the teaser. must... improve... willpower...
  • Nathan Williams
    Just show me the damn movie already!!! Can not wait!!!
  • James Cobb
    Put of by the bad CGI, hope they fix that :/
    • Brian Sleider
      I thought the CG was good, can you point out something that looked bad to you?
      • Jon Odishaw
        one instance, when Gojira was rising out of the water surrounded by those ships, looked like something out of a cheap video game. that being said there was plenty of other incredible CG and im sure the final product will be something of a marvel.
      • James Cobb
        Statue of Liberty, when it comes out of water and you see back, mostly first part of trailer - not all seemed bad though so here's hoping it's showing unfinished visuals!
        • Brian Sleider
          Yeh I will agree with that scene. The Statue certainly looked fakish.
          • Rob
            That's how it looks in Vegas
        • TysonWJohnston
          That was the Statue of Liberty replica in Las Vegas. It's not supposed to look good.
          • James Cobb
            Even so looked very fake, in terms of special effects and makes sense as looked nothing like Statue of Liberty haha
          • C.U. Lloyd
            Upon second viewing I noticed the mountains in the background and a brief glimpse of the roller coaster.
  • Brian Howell
    Wasn't that Juliette behind the closing doors? Is it just me or does Bryan Cranston come off a little whiny? Still looks interesting to see!
    • C.U. Lloyd
      That was Elizabeth Olsen behind the door. It's clearer in the first trailer.
    • Xerxexx
      He is scared. Desperation is his bread and butter.
  • Brian Sleider
    Great trailer, very excited.
  • Jon Odishaw
    did they ever pick the right director
  • Ron
    Hmmm...I thought it was a good trailer but I was actually hoping to see Godzilla in its full glory not just snapshots of an arm here, a leg there and a head if you are lucky!! Hopefully they will reveal Godzilla in entirety and not pull a Cloverfield on us!!
    • hiverious
      Hopefully it is just for the trailer that they are keeping Godzilla hidden =)
  • Ronnie Deori
    I like the trailer. That's how trailers are supposed to be - not show everything. And this one keeps the audience on a leash. The film will deliver. I have faith in Edwards.
    • Avi
      you can because monsters is a classic movie...
  • Ronnie Deori
    And why is everybody criticizing the CGI? This and Spidey's too. These are big budget films, people. They won't show you cartoons. Relax. Rant about it when it's actually bad in the movie halls.
    • Scopedog
      It's stupid--or rather, it's jumping the gun to criticize the CGI at this time. This is just a trailer--albeit a damned fine one--and they still have months to finesse the CGI and make it rock.
  • Brady
    My actual reaction to this trailer. Can't wait to see this in theaters!
    • Scopedog
      I think that covers a whole lot of folks' reaction to the trailer....:)
    • Brian Sleider
    • mooreworthy
      That's hilarious,
    • JBrotsis
      That picture should be featured before and after the trailer, lol.
  • illsystem
    Ok, this is going to be amazing! I love the sheer enormity of Godzilla, he is the perfect size I want him to be: Ridiculous!!! Hell yeah! I am so pumped right now! Love the way Bryan Cranston is literally shitting himself with Terror. That's exactly the way it would be in real life. I have a feeling that the other monsters seen in the trailer are Mothra or Rodan for the flying ones, and Ebirah for the crab looking one. But it may be entirely new monsters... who knows... Either way, I reckon it's going to be one of the best movies of 2014! Well done Gareth Edwards!!! :)
  • Damon King
    Sorry, but this looks boring. Oh yay another full on destruction CGI fest, people looking shocked running away from stuff, and omg sad emotions movie! It's getting so stupidly cliched. It's like Emmerich remade his own Godzilla film with unused footage from 2012. If they really wanted to get me excited just show Godzilla already! We already know the plot Godzilla rips up this place here n there yattity yattiy yahta! Oh wait is this a Godzilla or a humans movie? I can't tell at all. Sign me up on the haters list. Peace.
    • IamSlave
      I'm beginning to think you just don't enjoy movies. Period. For months now I've seen you shit on just about every single movie trailer that's come out, complaining about something and that's fine but it just seems you don't enjoy any type of movie.
      • Damon King
        HURRR HURRR Someone has something hurtful to say about me and many people agree with him harddy harr har I am so offended by your opinions. I LIKE MOVIES! That are intelligent, dramatic, and amazing. You see this shit (excuse my language SIR) is for people among the lowest intelligence the LOWEST BAR OF INTELLIGENCE! It seems you don't enjoy my opinions and is anyone forcing you to reply to my own opinions, nope. I'm beginning to think people like you just wanna start shit (excuse my language again SIR) with me just because I hate this n that and so forth. Thank you for because your thoughts are truly in mind. I totally care about what you think of me. It was well worth your time to respond. As I should take my time to respond to you also. So end of my response, it seems from my own calculations, you just don't enjoy me at all. Take notes everyone?
        • dvt
          You sound like one of those guys that doesn't realize he has 1/100th the intellect he thinks he does. A lot of logical flaws in your post but ofc you're too blind to see them lmfao. Stay ignorant boyo,
          • Damon King
            You sound like one of those very pretentious people who think I honestly give a shit of what you think and I should care at all for the world. Stay ignorant dumbass. Continue your illogical spree of mind numbing idioticness. It would help in the future when it comes to replying to me if you shall choose. I guess you were also too blind to know I DON'T GIVE A EFFIN EFF!? LMFAO BOYO!
          • Bubbicus
            I have an IQ of 162 and I love these kinds of movies so your blanket assumption that movies like this, in your own words, "is for people among the lowest the LOWEST BAR OF INTELLIGENCE!" is in and of itself an ignorant and dumbass statement (although I must admit that the fact that I'm actually responding to your comments would indicate that I have a much lower IQ because I've lowered myself down to your abysmal and atrocious level). Also, you obviously do "GIVE A EFFIN EFF" about what other people think about you, otherwise you wouldn't be writing all of the comments that you do; you obviously want people to know what you think, it's simple psychology, really. People like you, aka trolls, intentionally write garbage that you know will incite an averse response from the general public and occasionally you'll find some other tool that agrees with you. I hardly ever post comments, but your lackluster and poorly thought out comments have finally provoked an averse response from me. Congratulations for being one of the lamest dickbag commentors on this site. Keep up the sucky work! And please, do us all a favor and try to use proper spelling and grammar. I sure hope that English is your second language.
          • Avi
            wow! 162?
        • IamSlave
          You seem pretty mad. When did I say something "hurtful"? lol You must have some deep seeded issues to go off over that. It really doesn't matter to me if you care for my opinion or not. I'm still going to state it and you can get all butt hurt over what I said, that's fine. It must suck going around so angry and hating everything all the time. That sucks but oh well, that's your problem. Enjoy and have a lovely day. :)
    • Buzzfunk
      Glad im not alone but there are people who live for this kinda movie. I sure as hell will not see this in theaters but I'd wouldn't mind streaming it on a saturday night! :)
    • C.U. Lloyd
      I understand your POV - this movie won't be confused with a meaningful foreign or indie film. It is what it is - a popcorn movie. And that's okay every once in a while.
      • Avi
    • Rock n Rollllll
      Can you please change your name to Asshole King? I think that will suit you better since you just seem to shit on almost every upcoming movie.
      • Damon King
        Waaah waaah I sense someone is extremely butt hurt over my thoughts and opinions. I heard butt hurt cream is recommended for extreme butt hurtness. I don't shit on every upcoming movie, I like some movies with real intelligence and thought put in them. Not cheap copy n paste rips like this. EVERYBODY RUN IN THIS DIRECTION CGI MONSTER COMING AT YAH LOL! If that's for you go ahead man enjoy your shit. I ain't stopping you from enjoying what you want to watch and what you like.
        • MattPeloquin
          Could you please name your top 3 films of the past year and top 3 most anticipated in the coming year? Just trying to gauge your tastes as film is subjective like you stated.
          • JBrotsis
            We can name one: shitty CGI/video game graphics Spidey 2. (I'm still seeing the movie though 😉 ).
        • Avi
          I like your critisism... keeps other people sharp...
        • Rock n Rollllll
          Not hurt but more like annoyed that you exist. Take your negativity elsewhere cause people here dont take life as serious as you do, Mr King Asshole. Moreover, if thats how strongly you feel about watching movies, you shouldnt even be bothering clicking on this title and coming here! In fact, just do us all a favor and just go away all together.
          • Damn-Deal-Done
            Why don't you just let someone have an opinion that is different that your without jumping down their throats dipshit.
    • Brian Sleider
      Damon King just pops up to shit on movies others are excited about. In other words, A troll, ignore him.
    • mooreworthy
      I'm cool with your thoughts, you're gonna get what you pay for and I'm old school, so I am looking forward to this for the sake of nostalgia.
  • I'm gonna lose it i'm so excited
  • Matthew
    I know I'll get hate for this but one huge problem I have is that Cranston is the main name here. I rather the actors not be bigger than the monsters but I suppose Cranston is what pulls everything together so I'll let me silly worries rest.
  • Eric Higgins-Freese
    I just don't get how this is different than Cloverfiled. Less 1st person shakey cam but it looks like the plots are basically the same
    • 3241234234
      The Cloverfiled monster wasn't fighting other monsters.
      • Eric Higgins-Freese
        True. But I haven't seen anywhere that Godzilla will be fighting other monsters in this one either. I hope he (she) will but if that happens they are keeping it under wraps very well.
        • hiverious
          The wikipedia article about this film mentions Godzilla will be fighting other monsters, and apparently some comic con footage showed one of the other monsters. Hope that puts you at ease.
        • hiverious
          And there are two quick glimpses of what look to be the other monsters in this trailer.
          • JBrotsis
            Pause the trailer at can clearly see an appendage that wouldn't be found on Godzilla. Looks more insect or crustacean-like than reptilian (and we all know Godzilla doesn't have wings).
        • steve
          Is that a joke? Godzilla has been around for ages, way before it should have been when that movie came out, "I don't get how Cloverfield is any different than Godzilla"
        • David Diaz
          Somehow you missed seeing what is most definitely Mothra. He is shown flying in the clouds, you see his tail entering the water, and he is what is knocking the planes out of the sky towards the end of the trailer.
          • Rob
            It's not Mothra, it's Rodan!!!! Rodan folded it's wings when it dived plus Mothra didn't have much of a tail
          • David Diaz
            Oh ok. Mothra is the only flying monster I was familiar with in Godzilla. And someone mentioned seeing what they thought was Mothra's twin faeries so I just assumed.
    • Lar Rackell
      Who cares though...? It's Godzilla.
    • Brian Ricci
  • Xerxexx
  • kejwilson
    How dare they borrow soundtrack motifs from 2001 A Space Odyssey. Even if it's just for the trailer...
    • Xerxexx
      It works though.
    • Trey Wilson
      LOL, what're you, the Kubrick Police? GTFO kid!
      • kejwilson
        I'm afraid I can't do that... Trey
    That music is scary as FUCK! Damn, these trailers are cut so well. So effective. I love it.
    • Scopedog
      Yeah, they definitely did a stellar job with putting the trailers together.
  • Quynh Truong
    this movie is guaranteed box office success. if this not bring people to theater, idk what else
    • JBrotsis
      Guardians of the Galaxy? Dawn of the Planet of the Apes? XMen: DOFP? Edge of Tomorrow? Transformers 4?
      • Quynh Truong
        none of them will be as big as this.
  • PikeyOneil
    Just get the Jaegers to come in and knock Zilla out. I think Gipsy Danger, Crimson Typhoon, or Cherno Alpha can take care of things! Problem solved.
    • Xerxexx
      Zilla beaten by Jagers? Ha.
      • JBrotsis badass as the jagers were, you could see gypsy danger was just as tall as the buildings in hong kong...and from the poster above...Zilla could easily step on the jagers.
        • David Diaz
          Yeah, Godzilla dwarfs the Kaiju from Pacific Rim. You would need a huge Voltron of the Jaegers to fight Godzilla.
  • Trey Wilson
  • mooreworthy
    Just peed a little.
  • Jorrell Mcdaniel
  • Yak
    Juliette Binoche (who we have yet to see) appears at 01:39.
  • ali3000
    The musical piece used in this trailer is beyond amazing. Simply terrifying. If Satan himself were to have a theme song. THIS, would be it. Definitely sold me the movie.
    • TrippaB
      Sounds a lot like the monolith theme from 2001, if it isn't actually just the monolith theme from 2001.
      • ff
        No kidding I actually cringed when it started playing.
  • grimjob
    Dig it. Love me some Gojira.
  • SkyNet300
    OMFG I'm so in!!!!!
  • Carlo
    This is actually terrifying in the best way possible.
  • JBrotsis
    So far, I really like the direction they're going in not really showing in great detail what Godzilla looks like. I'm glad they're still keeping his appearance somewhat difficult to fully envision. Hopefully we won't get to see what he looks like till we see it in theaters (like the Cloverfield approach).
  • Chris Groves
    Looks fantastic, as far as anticipation goes, it's by far my #1 film of the summer.
  • Guest
    Can't take credit for this eagle eyed find, but did anyone else notice the creepy twins? Mothra's twins perhaps?
  • Gav Kelly
    Can't take credit for this eagle eyed find, but did anyone else notice the creepy twins? Mothra twins perhaps?
    • David Diaz
      That makes sense. I would have never seen that on my own.
    • Brian Sleider
      Those TOTALLY look like the mothra Twins.
    • Quynh Truong
      nice catch
    • ali3000
      How in the hell did you spot that? Shit, nice find.
  • Jim Dawkins
    Damn finally someome get Godzilla right..
  • ProjectionistHP
    Damn this looks good. Loving the fact that i'm still only seeing glipses of the beast himself, and that it is only hinting that there will be other monsters too! It still leaves a bit of mystery to the story but still shows enough to get the idea of whats going to happen. And that music, no this is what trailers should be like...
  • ff
    We've seen this same stuff a million times.... meh. But I guess all the hooplah is to be expected from all the 14 year olds on here 'jizzing in their pants'.
    • Brian Ricci
    • Xerxexx
      Just because your jizz button is broken doesn't mean you have to attack the rest of us.
      • ff
        Haha. It's working just fine. BTW I also didn't 'throw up in my mouth', or 'cum in my shorts' or whatever else these 14 yr olds seem to think is so hilarious to write on every blog post. It's called an opinion and you can all go pay to see this I could care less. Personally it looks like the same tired old drivel to me.
        • Xerxexx
          I couldn't was a perfect set up. I grew up with Gozilla so I'm stoked for this.
        • Damn-Deal-Done
          The phrase is 'Couldn't care less'.
          • ff
            Well I still care a 'little'... I couldn't care less about this response.
  • Ehsan Davodi
    Classic Trailer GOD zilla When god show himself , you cant see all of him. YOU SEE JUST HIS SIGNS. This movie is godzilla but without its zilla.
    • Brian Ricci
  • Gaylord Chee
    Can't wait for the next movie Godzilla vs king kong !!!!!!!!!!!!!




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