Neil deGrasse Tyson Follows Up with a Few 'Mysteries of Interstellar'

November 11, 2014
Source: Twitter

Neil deGrasse Tyson / Interstellar

Wait - there's more! Over the weekend, real-life astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson fired out a barrage of tweets condoning/confirming much of the actual science seen in Christopher Nolan's sci-fi Interstellar. But he's back again with a selection of nine tweets he has dubbed the "Mysteries of #Interstellar", posing very interesting plot-related, world-building questions. With all of the plot hole articles floating around now that Interstellar is in theaters, I'm not sure if he's riffing on them by nitpicking with thought-provoking questions, or actually criticizing the movie and choices made in the script. Whether you agree with him or not, he does make some good points. And it's tough to argue against what he's saying. So what do you think?

Here is the full batch of tweets from Neil deGrasse Tyson discussing a few "Mysteries of Interstellar":


Click above to view the selection of tweets from his first batch where he talks about the science in the movie. Why do we care about what Neil deGrasse Tyson says? Well, for one thing, he's a very unique guy, who has taken over for Carl Sagan in representing the leading voice of science in modern (pop) culture. Secondly, his thoughts on Interstellar are fun to hear, especially because he is an astrophysicist (like Romilly in the film).

For updates beyond these just follow @neiltyson on Twitter, as he might be adding more later. Previously, he mentioned that his podcast StarTalk Radio Show will have an episode with guest Christopher Nolan.

Once you've seen it and have your thoughts to share about it, don't forget to Sound Off on Interstellar here.

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  • Jace
    Suspension of reality is an important tool for enjoying movies. Especially science fiction. It's not called science-faction for a reason. Poor NdT, he probably has never enjoyed a sci-fi flick his entire life. Guess that's the price you pay for being such an awesome dude.
    • TheOct8pus
      Dude. You obviously know nothing about Neil DeG-T. He LOVES sci-fi and alien movies. Most of his tweets are facetious and playful in tone, and his fans, who are mostly pop-science consumers, love how he tears apart fiction by using facts. It's all in good fun.
      • Jace
        My comment was not meant to be taken seriously either. Sorry for the confusion. I blame physics.
        • TheOct8pus
          Haha. Gotcha.
      • Dont worry. Just the usual Nolan fanboys are rubbed the wrong way by Neil's tweets. Also i think some of the tweets are fair. While it is a science fiction movie, they claim a lot of grounded science in it. Hence Neil making a bit of fun of those plot holes. :)
      • dawko
        It still looks like he didn't get some of the points of the movie, hence his mysteries :(
    • Elbak
      The truck has four rear wheels, as you can see in the picture above. It would be able to drive just fine with one rear tire blown out.
    Does this man ever enjoy anything? LOL.
  • Alex Williams
    At this point he is just poking holes for the sake of poking holes. I can see Tyson just sitting on his couch with a glass of wine in a silk robe, kinda tipsy just thinking "Tehe okay I'm gonna post ONE more and thats it"
    • Cosmos: Unrated (The Silk Robe Edition)
      • Dominic
        well yes never look away from a moneymaking opportunity ... he could review every hot sci-fi movie out , in this fashion . His Q rating benefits , if he isn't getting paid Isn't everyone on Twitter , looking to post just ONE more ?
        • Alex Williams
          Thank you Dominic for stripping all the fun out of the joke
          • Dominic
            ;?)) ... yeah IDThink these Twitblurbs by him were meant to be serious either ...unlike Gravity's ... legit question , since I"m NOT on Twitter . ..prob to avoid that very situation ....
  • Christopher Binder
    "If you can poke through a tesseract and touch books, why not just write a note & pass it through." Umm because Cooper didn't happen to have a paper and pen on him when he ejected himself into the Black Hole when his ship broke apart? I seriously doubt at that moment he was expecting to fall into a tesseract that would allow him to communicate with the past and save humanity. Besides it was explicitly stated in the scene that gravity was the one force that was transdimentional. Cooper couldn't physically reach out and wave hello, he could only manipulate the gravity with his hands and arms. For people who complain about all the exposition in Nolan's films, they sure don't listen very much.
    • Dominic
      he could have pre-written one ... ,;?)) but yes that assumes he knew he could pass a note through , in the 1st place , or store it somewhere to be easily produced .. .. not enough to qualify for a No-Prize , there ...
  • Elbak
    The truck is a dually. It has a good tire right next to the flat one, and is still running on five good tires.
  • I'm still waiting for Neil to poke holes in Gone Girl. It is scientifically possible that Ben Affleck was getting that much good looking ass?
    • ragethorn
      haha, hey! I like Affleck. :(
      • Hey. No worries. I like Ben too.
  • Armitall
    Some plot holes are not even plot holes. I agree with the mars one, makes no sense, if we are already today talking about terraforming it. Didn't understand in the first place what was so severely wrong with earth that couldn't be fixed with geoengineering, bioengineering... Loved the movie tho, love Neil also. All in good fun!
    • Sunju
      Something about having repurposed an awful lot of our technology I think. But, considering we already have gene manipulation and nanobots in our world, it would be unlikely that any one disease could survive. We'd just add or remove traits from crop plants-at the least- to rid them of means of ingress or key environmental requirements or whatever that the disease required to succeed..
  • Dominic
    let's go over 'em .. post A) Cooper defines this one for him B), why ? because it's less boring , and you've created the drama of trying to GET to that planet while avoiding dying in the Black Hole . simple dramatic license there C) depends on how big your shelves are . and whether you have the memory of a stage actor . And whether you read them regularly .... within the realm of possibility .. D)ok somebody that's seen it can confirm if Elbak is correct on this , or not E) prob no other reason that it was cool to show Saturn's rings . and since they are relatively unknown to us , one could assume anything could happen near them F) trying to be funny ..with a Little dig at those who say going to Mars is a waste of time G) His 1st good criticism actually . tho maybe a too low or to0 high % of whichever compound in the air , doesn't hurt you until you overexert .. H) he misses the circular irony Nolan scripted or the book's author wrote in , precisely OF having to go this far ( distance and time ) , just to Come Back and fix Earth . And that they had to find Future Humans to fix the Earth for the past ones .. because those Future Humans won't exist unless Earth is fixed , right ??? I ) lol unfortunately true .. so really only one good criticism out of the bunch .. With two funny lines ..
    • Elbak
      For D) you can see a picture of the truck below NdT's tweets on this page. All four rear tires are visible in the picture. The one that blows out in the movie is the external rear driver's side, if I remember correctly.
  • Detros
    Mysteries of #Interstellar: If wormholes exist among our planets, then why can’t one open up near Earth instead of Saturn. Kip Thorne explains this in one of the features for the film. He says that if wormholes do exists, the gravitational pull would be so extreme that the earth probably wouldn't be able to withstand it, but Saturns gravity field on the other hand is massive enough to not get affected by the wormhole.
    • ragethorn
  • SkyNet300
    I totally agree with him. Lol this was was shit in my opinion.
  • SkyNet300
    movie was*
  • Dan Hibiki
    the grand presumption was that the aliens wanted humans to relocate to one of the planets around Gargantua. Much like most of the presumptions made by Dr.Brand it's completely wrong. The aliens created a worm hole to lead the humans to their Tesseract so that they can learn the secrets within and save their race.
  • Dan Hibiki
    also, he's not spelling things out with book titles, he's doing it with morse code. Knock out one book for short, two for long and leave two spaces for a space. And he's not pocking things out with his hand per say, he's doing it by manipulating gravity with the Tesseract. It's mentioned several times that nothing but gravity can move backwards through time which is true-ish.
  • David Klecker
    @Mysteries of Neil Degrass Tyson: Why can't a scientist enjoy a science movie? Oh yeah... cause he's too busy being a curmudgeon and having an ego trip to enjoy anything in life but his own hot air.
    • Panzerknecker
      He didn't say he didn't enjoy it and his tweets before the mysteries tweets come off as quite positive. Also what is a science movie? I don't think such a thing can exist and be theatre viable.
    • Sunju
      This is a movie that specifically involves his life's passion. He's allowed to have thoughts on the whys, as well as the why nots. Far more insightful and far less judgmental ones than your own so far. I know who I'd go with if I had to save one of you 😛
  • nomad82
    I really enjoyed the film up until the final act... some attempt at adhering to real science was being made and the story line was very real as we will one day face having to find a new home for humanity... but then out of nowhere it turns into a *&^%$# fairytale.... what a waste of such great visuals and some really good drama.... very disappointed with the final product due to the ridiculous ending....
    • Sunju
      Love, good god y'all! What is it good for? Absolutely everything, even time travelling alien human god beings with no regard for the lives of those who hurled themselves at the unknown thinking one of those planets was intended to save us. Someone could have just morse/binary coded the words 'BHole' and 'Enter'. Because, people, no one in their right mind would expect anyone to travel to another galaxy and then allow themselves to be eaten by a black hole. It's literally the most obvious danger in the area, so we'd take every precaution against fulfilling this plan. That we survived to become 5D beings in the first place also means we could not have died out from the blight. Otherwise, the line of life that leads to their evolution is severed before they can save it. That's just how time is. You don't make a miraculous save millenia after your ancestors went completely extinct. So, the only way they can know Cooper will go into the black hole is if causality stops applying to our reality. Which it still very much does. Creativity requires leeway, though, so I won't hold it against the Nolans 😉




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