Ridley Scott to Direct Matt Damon in 20th Century Fox's 'The Martian'

May 13, 2014
Source: THR

Ridley Scott

Though Cabin in the Woods director Drew Goddard was once slated to write and direct the sci-fi adventure The Martian at 20th Century Fox, it appears his only credit will be for the script. THR has word that Ridley Scott is now in talks to direct the film, based on an e-book of the same name by Andy Weir, following an astronaut who finds himself stranded on Mars, struggling to figure out how he can survive long enough in order to make it back to Earth. Though there will be inevitable comparisons to Gravity, it's being described as a mix of Apollo 13 and Cast Away. There's even a big name attached to lead the film. Read on!

This time Scott, who is also producing the film, will be working with Matt Damon for the first time, who was just seen in the sci-fi flick Elysium last year. With a script from Goddard and Scott behind the camera, this sounds like a very intriguing project. However, since Prometheus didn't turn out to be quite as good as we all hoped, we're not fully invested just yet. Plus, Prometheus 2 is already slated to be released on March of 2016, so it's not clear how soon The Martian will get off the ground. Since Goddard left the film due to his commitments directing The Sinister Six for Sony Pictures, it sounds like Fox is eager to get started.

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  • Frater Iacobus
    Very excited! Ridley Scott is one of my top 10 favorite directors living today and I love all of his work. From Alien to Blade Runner to Gladiator to Black Hawk Down to Kingdom of Heaven to Prometheus, all excellent genre defining films that will surely be remembered from years to come
    • shane willett
      • shane willett
        Plus he's not at all like Spielberg and Lucas who are great directors, but they threw in the towel many, many years ago. When you are no longer able to direct, you produce.
        • Cocaino Weaver
          Lucas doesn't direct anymore? What are you smoking dude! He is about to direct that new Star Wars movie with my buddy Jar Jar! Plus Speilberg is directing the next Indiana Jones movie with Kellan Lutz replacing Ford!
          • shane willett
            Spielberg directs - Lincoln was okay film- but Spielberg has lost his touch, War of the Worlds was his last " holy shit movie " in 2005-2006 - Lucas co-directs and his last 3 films were so bad. JJ Abrahams is doing the next Star Wars trilogy .. So again Ridley Scott at least does sci-fi right. Promethues was just as good as Aliens and Aliens 3 .. So the fact you think Ridley Scott is shit shows your a talentless fuck! And for your info Ridley Scott set the standard with sci-fi with Blade Runner and Alien, showing you that scifi doesn't have to be bubble gum like star wars or boring like star trek. So bro you don't know, stupid ho, needs to go, yo!
          • shane willett
            Go watch the girly ass Twilight series cause Kellan Lutz belongs in teenie bopper films - glad you like those kind of movies, shows what kind of person you are. Probably think The Killers was most influential band of the 2000's.. Douche bag!
          • Cocaino Weaver
            I see you have a problem, oh dear such a disaster. I think you have may have caught a case of the, *gasp* Angerism Disease. Commonly known to infect raging commenters and bullies. It starts with writing a long comment then another comment of constant nonsense. Things such as assumption are present. Lets see your side effects....oh dear, Prometheus was good as *gasp* Aliens! Ridley Scott set the standard for *gasp* science fiction which has been around longer than him! You know what *gasp* Twilight is! You think the *gasp* Killers is the most influential band of the *gasp* 2000's! Followed by a word *gasp* I can't say it because it's foul and so crude! You need treatment right away or you might just catch a worse disease called the trolls next time around!
  • OfficialJab
    I like Goddard a lot, but I think this is a much better fit based on that description of the story. Apollo 13 / Castaway sounds cool, though based on that quick synopsis I thought of Moon.
    Seems like a good match. On my RADAR.
  • fazha
    I'm almost finished reading this. I've been thinking all the way through that this would make a killer movie, and I'd been thinking exactly the same thing; that it is a cross between Cast Away and Apollo 13. The situations he faces over the course of more than a year on Mars are incredible, yet presented in a very believable way. It is one of the most smartly written but easily digestible near future science fiction stories I've ever read, and it doesn't hurt that the protagonist (it's told mostly from his point of view in a first person journal type format) is very likable with a wicked and somewhat twisted sense of humour. I can totally see Matt Damon in the role. Darn, I wish I hadn't heard about this until a week before it came out. The wait is going to kill me!
    • Cocaino Weaver
      Because a condensed and shortened 2 hour hollywoodized movie would be better than an entire book it's based on.
      • fazha
        For sure not better, but different. I've already consumed the story in the best format. The movie is just a way to enjoy the material through the eyes of a great director.
        • Cocaino Weaver
          I just seriously SERIOUSLY hate to correct people on grammar but you forgot to put great director in quotations. Like this, "great director".
          • dan
            man, just shut're making a fool of yourself.
          • Cocaino Weaver
            I don't think I can physically "shut up" due to a mental condition I have which requires me to continue more endless babbling of nonspecific words of and upon endless meaningless things to waste your time reading this and oh your still reading this!? Well then....I can just continue to be less annoying 😀 toodles!
          • Jon Odishaw
            Not sure if troll or sufferer of genuine retardation
          • Rock n Rollllll
            Hmmm i never thought about separating those. I thought he was a little of both, who knows maybe a lot of both.
          • Jon Odishaw
  • Cocaino Weaver
    Oh nice yet another one person survival film set in space and looks like the first big budget Gravity rip off! Oh you know Fox wants to ride on that Gravity box office money and awards oh yeah ride that train beat that good ole dead horse! So um we have two crazy nutters on the project, Ridley Scott who doesn't know how to direct anymore and a talentless Matt Damon, perfect pairing! I would have preferred Kellan Lutz although, he's a totally better actor than Damon. Eh I don't think he would star in this pile of doo so I guess Damon is right for this role!
  • Rock n Rollllll
    I enjoy Ridley Scott movies
    • shane willett
      Ridley Scott is great, people who think Prometheus is bad and the new Man of Steel is good must be on Prescription drugs - cu they fucked up!
      • Cocaino Weaver
        I was on prescription drugs, they sucked. Oh and Man of Steel is amazing and Prometheus sucks. If you want to watch characters with depth and an amazing story watch MOS. If you want to watch the most retarded characters ever and the most predictable story watch Prometheus. #Boyo
        • shane willett
          Prometheus is a prequel to how the Xenomorphs were created... Man of Steel sucks, Zack Snyders only good movie is a remake of George Romero's zombie opus Dawn of the Dead, Superman was like an hour long Abecrombie & Finch advertisement, with horrible sci-fi that made John Carter of Mars look like Avatar.
      • Jon Odishaw
        I liked both movies VERY much.
        • shane willett
          Im so happy for you!
  • Xerxexx
    I'm in.
    • crystaltowers
      Same. Partly because I would like Ridley to do as many Sci Fi projects as possible before he's gone. He turns 77 this year.
      • Rock n Rollllll
        Dang. Yeah hes getting up there. I hope we get a sequel to Prometheus first though.
      • shane willett
        wow.. 77 thats insane he's still thriving and seems all there
  • Rock n Rollllll
    HEY!!! How'd you get out of your cage, troll?!?! Need to put a better lock on that thing. Well i guess it was only a matter of time before you creep your way out and post your notorious trolling comments. Just from reading your comments below, I see you still havent let your Kellan Lutz obsession go. So, lets count these up shall we, Kellan Lutz should now fill this new role with Ridley Scott as "The Martian" (1), Kellan should also be the new Wolverine (2), AND, Kellan should have also been the new Batman (3). Hmmm quite the count we have going so far. Wonder how far this will go before the authorities begin to catch onto your creep pattern and pull you in for questioning. Hopefully soon, I'm sure we'd all be relieved to not see "Cocaino Weaver" around anymore.
    • shane willett
      Your a dumb ass - douche bag! Trolls rule the Internet - pay my toll If you want to get the boys hole! It's soul, not hole!
      • Rock n Rollllll
        Who are you talking to? What the hell are you talking about? And finally, are you somehow so offended over what i told Cocaino that you have to chime in and insult me? Are you defending trolls around the internet globe? I dont understand the correlation and why you are now involved in the conversation between Cocaino and I. I've seen you post on here before and never seemed the need to have to protest things you'd say until now. Did you think i was talking to you?
        • Cocaino Weaver
          Yeah he is defending me and am not a troll I just have a mental problem you bully that's why he defends me and stands up for people like me! Am really just so upset on how people perceive me to be like you! It makes me me me sad on how the lot of things have happened recently and I am upset! He stood up for me and I am proud he did! A true hero unlike you!
          • Rock n Rollllll
            First off - Pffff stop with your act. No one here is buying it, especially myself. I'm not a bully and you alone with your outlandish comments have made yourself out to be a troll. And dont give me that mental problem card, i have read countless posts you have made and you definitely know what the hell you're saying and what you're purposely saying to try to get a rise out of people. I can see through your bullshi+, even via the internet, so stop before you get so deep you're in over your head. Second - You're calling this same guy you're hero?? "Go watch the girly ass Twilight series cause Kellan Lutz belongs in teenie bopper films - glad you like those kind of movies, shows what kind of person you are. Probably think The Killers was most influential band of the 2000's.. Douche bag!" - Shane Willet
          • shane willett
            hahahahah.........cocaino weaver is way cooler than you bra! I call every one a douche bag!, you douche bag! So chill dude, no ones here trying to bully people, and you are entitled to your views and opinions, if I want to say an actor sucks, and i think you suck for liking him, why can't I just don't get all passive-aggressive like your doing. Just shrug it off man.... cause your paying money to see it, not the other way around so when you defend Matt Damon or your for him at the end of the day he's richer than you, so if you see the movie he's richer, if you don't well he's still rich but at least you have your dignity that you didn't watch it. But i bet like 99.9% when it hit's netflix, you'll que it up....hahahaha
      • Cocaino Weaver
        Your awesome 😀 thanks for defending me!
        • shane willett
          Man of Steel stills sucks, hahahah, no problem... views and opinions remain to the person who states that. even if Rotten Tomatoes or other review sites say different hold true to your word.
      • avconsumer2
        Every time the phrase "Your a dumb ass..." is typed, specifically when it is spelled that exact way, I feel that there's another ironic justice being done in the world somewhere.
        • shane willett
  • Guy who comments on things
    Pity it isn't Warner then we could have many "Martian Manhunter" rumours!
    • shane willett
      Why not throw Marvin the Martian on the planet also, how about aliens from Mars Attacks - maybe even Ghost on Mars - it would however be there Last Days on Mars - shit they can even eat a Milky way - which is made by Mars candy - and maybe at the end they can crap out of there eyes like in Total Recall which was on Mars ... Mars Volta will be there also playing there ever so hipster sound
  • Miles
    Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this, but there was a movie many years ago called " Robinson Caruso on Mars" (1964). Although I haven't read this particular story, sounds pretty close to it. I'll see almost any sifi movie, so it probably won't matter.. Hope it's good. I'm sure the effects will be incredible.




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