Rumor: Bradley Cooper Eyed to Lead 'Indiana Jones' Franchise Reboot

March 26, 2014
Source: Latino Review

Bradley Cooper

Just last December, producer Frank Marshall seemed to hint at developing a new Indiana Jones film at Lucasfilm's new studio home at Disney when he posted to Twitter, "A bit strange sitting in the Indiana Jones office in the Lucasfilm office on the Disney lot, but I'm sure I'll get used to it." It was pure speculation, but since Disney snagged the rights to the iconic adventure franchise the previous week, and Harrison Ford said another film following Dr. Jones wasn't out of the question, it didn't seem out of the ordinary. But a new rumor seems to indicate that Disney wants to take the character in a different direction. Read on!

Latino Review, who has a pretty solid track record with big blockbuster rumors, reports that Disney might be looking to reboot Indiana Jones and turn it into a franchise that could switch out actors indefinitely like the long-running James Bond series. In addition, the actor at the top of their list is none other than Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper, though the source says there are other names on the list below their top choice. But this doesn't mean that Harrison Ford couldn't still play Indiana Jones in another sequel, but the studio is aware that his age may start to preclude him from going on.

Initially, the thought of rebooting Indiana Jones seems sacrilegious, but compared to the progress of the Indiana Jones franchise, it makes sense. Steven Spielberg and George Lucas created Indiana Jones as a tribute to old adventure serials, so it would almost go against the hero's existence to limit him to a series of four films. Plus, Indiana Jones came about because Spielberg was itching to direct a James Bond film, so Lucas gave the filmmaker his own action adventure hero instead. And at the end of the day, a reboot can't be worse than Indiana Jones an the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

As of now, the studio reportedly has a date in mind that Indiana Jones 5 would have to meet. Otherwise they will move forward with a plan for a younger actor to step into the role, and Frank Darabont might be involved with a story for that (hopefully they don't throw his script out like they did with Kingdom of the Crystal Skull). While I'm worried that the abysmal fourth entry in the series might be Harrison Ford's last movie as Indiana Jones, I'm not sure a fifth film could help matters any. Maybe what Indiana Jones really needs is this James Bond style reboot. Thoughts?

UPDATE: SlashFilm received word from a high-ranking source in the know that an Indiana Jones reboot is not in the cards. Of course, this is exactly the kind of reaction you would expect when dealing with such a revered property. We've been lied to before, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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  • Jaren Davis
    Great choice!!!
  • " a reboot can't be worse than Indiana Jones an the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"...Unless they reboot Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 0_0
  • CoosCoos
    I think a Bond-style franchise would work well for this character.
  • Rock n Rollllll
    I think Bradley is a good fit for a "new" Indiana Jones but filling the shoes of Harrison Ford will NOT be easy. I'm just happy its not "the not famous anymore" Shia 😛
  • Nicolas HL
    ENOUGH with the reboots !!!
    • Rock n Rollllll
      Every time you say that another reboot gets its wings
  • ProjectionistHP
    Indiana Jones reboot. WTF! How about a completly new adventure franchise in the spirit of Indiana Jones, I would moore than happily watch that kind of movie with Cooper starring in it. Please Hollywood, don't ripoff Indy!
  • Chris Groves
    Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was hardly 'abysmal' if you ask me. I mean, I'd put it above The Phantom Menace...which itself was really only a minor letdown.
    • Lagoya
      Crystal Skull was awful!!
      • Brian Sleider
        IT had moments, Too bad those moments where surrounded by The rest of the movie.
    • MattPeloquin
      Isn't that the film where Indy gets raped for over 2 hours?
    • wat
      I'm in the minority of people who actually liked Phantom Menace. Attack of the Clones and Return of the Sith were pretty bad but I thought Phantom Menace was good.
      • Chris Groves
        I like it just fine, Menace is my least favorite Star Wars movie, but I still like it
        • wat
          I liked all the political stuff it established, as well as the clean, polished pre-Emperor universe we were introduced to.
          • Chris Groves
            Plus, that film did give us Darth Maul and Duel of the Fates...two of the cooler things in all of Star Wars.
          • wat
            (Assuming Duel of the Fates is Darth Maul vs. Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon) That battle was amazing. I loved how we only hear the music and the various ambient sounds.
          • Chris Groves
            Both the lightsaber battle itself and the actual song. One of the more memorable pieces of Williams' music composed for Star Wars.
          • wat
            I'm about to head to YouTube and watch it right now haha
    • OfficialJab
      I liked Crystal Skull and Phantom Menace. I disliked parts of them - as I do with most movies, so I don't really understand the big problem. The monkeys on vines in Skull, Binks in Menace, and all the unnecessary CG in both. Nothing that ruined the whole movie for me though.
      • Chris Groves
    • Avi
      the Phantom menace was a total let down for everybody, but it had no chance to begin with it! People where expecting to much, and Lucas couldn't handle the pressure. And even the people at the studio didn't say anything because they needed the revenues... ps I think even the new star wars will suck because it's outdated material... Onley a fresh director who doesn't care about Hollywood can save it...
  • mooreworthy
    That would be cool with Rad Brad.
  • Pendy16
    I can honestly not think of a better actor to fill the role. It would also bring back the 1930s as a timeframe, which is enticing. Add an opening sequence with Ford as Jones to open the film and this sounds great. Even if this was pure rumor, let's hope the studio is listening and that (some) fans would be open to the idea.
  • JBrotsis
    If they decide to do a fifth installment and decide to replace Ford, besides Cooper being a very good candidate to film the role IMO, I would like to second Josh Holloway! He has the rugged, toughness for the character and can portray a sense of humor. Plus he's a ladies man and a role like this would surely push him into becoming a bigger actor and move him out of the tv industry.
  • Xerxexx
    Would rather see Josh Holloway.
  • Marcus
    Had River Phoenix lived they may have already made a couple. Not feeling this, at all.
  • stanfordcrane
    Excellent choice Bradley can kill it. Let's ask Harrison.
  • Chick Flicks and Beer
    I thoroughly enjoy this website and visit it multiple times a day. But, I think they are in Hollywood's pocket. This is not a good idea. Leave Indiana Jones alone. Call this Arizona Smith for all I care, but not Indiana Jones.
    Where is the BASEKETBALL reboot?!
  • DJRickyV
    Well I liked the A-team reboot (more than anybody else apparently) and he did OK as Templeton Peck. I guess he has this reboot in him too...
    • OfficialJab
      I liked the new A-Team also.
      • SkyNet300
        Same here! Wished it was a franchise
  • wat
    I'd like that a lot. Bradley Cooper is a great actor and he has the charm to reboot the role. He'd suffer from being compared to Harrisson Ford, though.
  • OfficialJab
    Well I liked him in the Hangovers I guess. Wait, hmm. His character Phil is a teacher with a deadpan brand of humour, he was in a successful trilogy of adventures taking him to different places in the world where he gradually worked out mysteries, hung from ropes off buildings, was in a car chase, was in a boat crash, meets and is attacked by different animals, tangles with criminals, is shot at, and even found gold hidden behind a wall. Maybe Todd Philips should direct this reboot.
  • BinaryChaos
    I can see him trying to hold back smiles during serious scenes. I'm not feeling him at all he doesn't have the depth that Harrison Ford carried with the character. To me Bradley being under the hat just makes the franchise seem like it's going to be a cheap thrill ride nothing more.
  • Grimjak
    It'll be weird seeing someone else play Indy.
  • cobrazombie
    Forget Indy; stop defiling the franchise. He should be Nathan Drake in an Uncharted movie instead.
  • Dave
    He's a better choice than Shia LaDouchebag, which was what Crystal Skull was trying to set up.
  • SkyNet300
    No more Harrison Bored Indy movies please! He's such a dry boring actor gag.
  • cuckoozey
    Well, at least the update is good news...hopefully.
  • Avi
    shia lebouf is a twat and the most overrated actor in the world... I haven't seen anything good acting from him since wel he starting acting... Bradley Cooper would be a great choice, but that's not important anymore...
  • LMMFAO! God you people! You complain when an Indy movie gets made. Now you complain when they may start anew with someone else! First it's "what terrible writing and bad acting" then it's "This guy cant come near the acting ability of Harrison Ford" You remind me of Tom Servo & Crow with the encyclopedias!
    • OfficialJab
      Or different people are different. Also, I'd say - and I think I know a lot of people who would agree - that the Indy movies do have some bad acting, but it's usually other than Ford himself. I think Cooper could handle it but I do know many people who don't care for him.




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