See Jon Stewart's Response to Fox News Coverage of 'Noah' Criticism

April 9, 2014
Source: The Daily Show

Jon Stewart - Noah

Anytime we get to feature a segment from The Daily Show on the site, I'm always very happy to stop and write about it. On the April 8th episode of the show, Stewart did a segment responding to recent Fox News coverage on how "awful" Darren Aronofsky's Noah movie is because it's unfaithful. Now, everyone has their own opinion (Sound Off), however Fox News has no idea what they are talking about, clearly being caught without having even seen the film. Jon Stewart responds ever-so-brilliantly and tears them down in return in the segment. Our friend/colleague Kevin McCarthy also appears briefly, out of context, like all the clips.

Video embedded from Comedy Central, via SlashFilm. It's a great segment, and really does an outstanding job of responding to the rather absurd claims from Fox News about Noah. As perfectly stated by Angie at SlashFilm: "Most of these people’s problems with Noah can be boiled down to either a misunderstanding of the film, a misunderstanding of the original Biblical text, or both." Indeed. Our critic friend Kevin seen in the clip did also respond to his appearance, saying "I'm honored to be made fun of on that show". Good times on The Daily Show. Did anyone else have major problems with Noah that Jon Stewart didn't address?

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    Stewart is always a winner.
    • Glorious_Cause
      No. The biggest complaint by conservatives what that the movie was not about human sin, it was about animal worship and radical environmentalism...which is not in Genesis. Funny how Stewart skips right over that. Stewart completely skips over conservatives biggest complaint about the movie and instead goes for the lowest hanging fruit (pun intended), i.e. some goofball saying it's not a documentary. Once again, Stewart and his clucking hens don't get it.
      • DAVIDPD
        To each his own.
      • Buncombe.
      • Jordan Russell
        That's because it wasn't a religious movie and it didn't claim to be. It told an old story from an old book and presented it in a different, artistic way. That's it.
      • Filadog
        The Left will always target and try to dismiss those who don't agree with them.
      • Buzzfunk
        Its a movie, the director can do whatever you wants to do and as Jodorowsky would say, there needs to be freedom to create art. A movie is art and hence all the bullshit complains from people like yourself is utter nonsense and a waste of time. Stewart aint 'left' he calls it what most of FOX news and their true hens are spewing, which is bullshit.
  • Buzzfunk
    Thank GOD (haha see what i did there) for people like Jon Stewart. Fox and the rest of those idiots (incl. Top tier Drama queen moron Glenn Beck) need to be shipped off via a new Arc, I think. Its like "oh yeah, why TF does our fake story need to be close to your...fake story"?
    • Glorious_Cause
      Oh, you "tolerant" leftists. Someone thinks differently than you so let's put em on an ark (spelling, bro).
      • davidshaw
        You're religious and you're calling someone else out on their intelligence? Now that's funny.
      • Buzzfunk
        And there they are! Did i at any point imply that i dont respect anyone else's opinion? Wow u caugt mt speling error. dude, your brilliant and it sure musta felt GREAT to point that out? Thinks differently as FOX news and you "intolerant" relegious nut cases think that their Noah story is a 'fact'? Or as Glenn Beck calling for to boycott a movie? A movie that NEVER said "THIS IS A FACT OF HOW IT WENT DOWN". Its simply, a movie. *gasp*. There is worse trouble on the planet but no, Fox news and its agents must make a huge deal out of nothing.
      • And yet, somehow your tolerance shines through in your posts. I wish to stand in your presence, basking in your glorious white-light perfection and listen to the song of your infinite wisdom. I sense what you've written here is only a fraction of your infallible sophistication. I'm sure you spend the better part of your days bathing yourself in highbrow literature seeking an all encompassing philosophical approach to human interaction. Which, it should be duly noted, is synonymous with individuals who have a hircismus disorder followed by a microphallus.
      • ff
        NO let's 'NOT' put them on the ark....
  • Here's an idea Stewart touches on: read the Bible--like, crack the lid off that thing, then go see the movie. These critics are not subject matter experts on Biblical history or theology. They simply believe without ever having an opinion on those beliefs based on what is actually written in the Book. This is why people like Glenn Beck hate Biblical scholars and Apologists: they have actual knowledge and are openly critical of people who don't.
  • TheOct8pus
    Wow...It's amazing how dumb the religious right sounds....
    • gbpackertime
      Almost as dumb as superhero fanboys......
      • TheOct8pus
        They're exactly like superhero fanboys, except they swear and run their lives on their favorite comic (the Bible) as if it's a history book or a manual on how to live your life....to each their own, I guess.
  • ... atheists and religious nuts are funny people. Loved the movie, love God and I ain't hating on anything, but you people make me laugh x)
  • Filadog
    I wonder if we would be having this same discussion had this been a film about Islam?
    • Well, the story of Noah appears in the Quran, which is the Islamic Holy book. In the Quran, Noah is a great prophet revered to this day who did some of the earliest work for God. His duty was to convert sinners, and when he could not, the Ark was built a the great Deluge (or flood) took place. Noah is also in the Torah and the Old Testament. Same book really, with some differences that would take far too much explanation to post here. I'd encourage you to read about it. No joke. Not being a smart ass.
  • Chuckee Knowlton
    For the love of Jehosaphat, can we all just get along?




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