Sound Off: Marc Webb's 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' - Your Thoughts?

May 2, 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Sound Off

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? "Look out, here comes the Spider-Man!" He's back - your friendly neighborhood Spidey in his bug-eye mask, red & blue suit, swinging through the streets of New York. In theaters everywhere all over the world is Marvel's The Amazing Spider-Man 2, directed again by Marc Webb (of 500 Days of Summer), starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Dane DeHaan, Jamie Foxx, Sally Field, Felicity Jones, Colm Feore and plenty others. Yes, we get some new villains like Electro and Rhino, but it's all about Peter & Gwen in this sequel. So how is it? Better than the first or much worse? Once you've seen it, post a comment below with your thoughts on The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Spoiler Warning: We strongly urge everyone to actually see the film before reading ahead, as there may be spoilers below. We also encourage all commenters to keep major spoilers from the film to a minimum, if possible. However, this is an open discussion from this point on! Beware of spoilers, don't ruin this movie!

To spin some webs, I enjoyed The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and I would say it's much better than the first one - The Amazing Spider-Man (1). First things first, Marc Webb finally gets to flex his muscles a bit more and show off some of his style with a great soundtrack and music-themed scenes, and that's what works the best - Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy continuing their relationship from the first movie. The villains, unfortunately, are indeed the weakest link here, and Electro is a big "what the?" the whole time, while we wait for Green Goblin to show up, who looks like he was rubbed in green goo not so much ready to kick ass. As expected, it feels like a big setup for Sinister Six next and not much else.

That said, despite some of these issues I honestly was thoroughly entertained the entire time. Webb keeps the movie on pace, it only drags a few times but picks up again quickly with Parker's storyline. Speaking of Peter Parker, Garfield has nailed the character, truly embodying the funny, cocky kid from the comic books. I think he's an extremely important component of the entire experience and is part of what makes me enjoy this new iteration of Spidey. I only wish the rest of it was up to par and it wasn't so much of a setup for things to come. But other than that, just like with Raimi's movies, the second one is a step up from the first and much better experience, I only wish they worked on the villains for this one a bit more. But that's me.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

What did you think of Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man 2? A terrible mess or stellar sequel?
We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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  • It could've been spectacular. Instead it was just a mess. Shame.
    • Xylo
      Not at all. Respect.
  • Brian Sleider
    • Xylo
      • Brian Sleider
        Yeh but that is my thought, which is what the article was asking.
  • Nathan Williams
    Maybe I'm by myself but I loved it!
    • Cocaino Weaver
      No your not by yourself on this one, I agree this movie was amazing. I don't get the haters at all because their is nothing to complain about.
      • Nathan Williams
        Glad to hear. I felt like a kid again watching it. This is the SpiderMan movie I've been waiting for!
    • mooreworthy
      Glad you did, and I m sure many will, but gads, they basically made the same mistakes- several story lines that never went anywhere, so I never had a chance to get invested, flat characters that never became real. I read the comic where Gwen met her fate and that had more impact than the three or four times they actually appears on screen. It was weak sauce and Mark Webb should be ashamed. But I do respect your thoughts and happy you got to enjoy it.
    • Xylo
      Me too. I thought the scenes are well placed and the visuals are spectacular. Best web swinging Spiderman to-date.
  • Cocaino Weaver
    The best Spider-Man film today, and it totally knocks Raimi Spider-Man 2 out the ballpark. This is the Spider-Man we have all been waiting for. Everything is not sappy or over dramatic like what Raimi previously did this feels like something straight out of a comic book. Andrew Garfield did an amazing job as Spider-Man and Peter Parker, I really felt for his character. Emma Stone was excellent and I loved their chemistry, their shared scenes were so natural unlike what Raimi did. The villains were excellent and it didn't feel over crowded at all, they all served a purpose. Despite Rhino's short screen time he did serve a purpose to set up for further appearance in the next film so for fans wanting more calm down and wait. I really felt Electro's dilemma and problem, Jamie Fox was amazing and dare I say he deserves an oscar nom for such an emotional villain. Dane DeHaan was pure menacing and just more into the character than Franco was in the previous films. Plus on top of the action sequences which blew me away, the direction, the writing, and all the characters and little nods to this growing universe. This was a dream to watch and easily 5 stars.
  • shane willett
    it looks great..
  • zeldaprimed
    I did feel like it dragged on at certain parts...but I overall loved it...Gwen Stacy's final scene hit me so hard, I had to walk out (I did come straight back in though) emotional...clearly the best Spidey film and most emotional Marvel film to date...
    • its not a marvel film its a sony pictures film
      • HG2012
        it is based on a marvel comic it is a marvel film
      • zeldaprimed
        lol...this guy...
        • you cried when Gwen Stacy died in a marc webb directed movie. this guy
    • Angry Larry
      wait, a spider man film with a gwen stacy scene so emotional that you had to walk out. why does that not feel like a spider man film??
  • Enrique Sanchez
    elctro defeated in 10 minutes , goblin in less time and rhino well it doesn't count. Rest of the movie a teenage soup opera.
    • Frater Iacobus
      Definitely agree. Villains could of been used much better especially with Electro and Green Goblin. The climax ending with them facing Spider-Man was VERY rushed but other than that I really enjoyed the film. The acting was top-notch. Everyone we're very natural in all their roles including Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Sally Field, Dane Deehan and Jammie Fox which made the film really shine. The fact that Andrew Garfield is dating Emma Stone in real life even more made the emotion in the movie much more realized in the film. (3 stars out of 4 ****) On a side note, SUPER excited for the Venom and Sinister Six spinoffs that the producers just confirmed a day ago. Finally VENOM comes to life on the big screen!!
    • Christopher Roberts
      What kind of soup? Was it Campbell's chunky?
    • Xylo
      When the source of power is electricity, there are many ways to defeat it. Simple as that. Know that Spiderman is smarter than many to not know that. What were you expecting? A complete trilogy to defeat him?
  • mooreworthy
    Why did I just pay to see Spider Man 3 again?
    • Ha. Yup. I get you.
      • mooreworthy
        Great minds....
    • Frater Iacobus
      LOL! they're taking our money man! let's seek out movie revenge and boycott the next one! We'll have to buy anti-spiderman flags with Sony logos! LOL! :)
  • Alboone
    Shareholders cinema at its worst.
  • alin2014
    It was more entertaining than the boring Captain America .
    • Nathan Williams
      Agreed. I didn't really care for Captain America.
      • Mario Morales
        Last time I checked Rotten Tomatoes ASM 2 55% and Cap 2 89%. Nuff said!! And yes, I did go see it. Wasn't impressed.
        • I get what you're saying, but RT is still subjective. Those are reviewer opinions. Box office is really the only opinion one can cling to: ticket sales equal watches, in spite of reviews... However, Capt 2 was pretty good. Better then this, in my opinion.
          • Daniel_Plainview_Milkshake
            I don't think box office numbers matter at all when talking about quality, which is how your comment reads. That means Transformers and Twilight are some of the most beloved movies ever
          • Daniel, unfortunately, they are some of the most beloved movies ever. Although it personally sickens me, it's the truth. My post is pointing out the difference between critical acclaim and viewer admiration. Critics can dislike a film all they want, but viewer admiration (measured in receipts) will almost always determine sequels and keep the wheel of financial production spinning (like a 4th Transformers and 4 Twilight films along with more movies from the author who penned other books). Box office matters Daniel, when it comes to the business of Hollywood movie making, box office always matters above critical acclaim. No matter how we all want to spin it, it's a business with a bottom line and investors awaiting their fair cut of the returns. Although good reviews gets an investor hopeful, it's still a subjective opinion that's worthless in comparison to the almighty dollar. Opinions don't necessarily churn out cash, which is all an investor cares about. I know: yuck. I agree. But it's the cold hard truth, and it certainly makes me less inclined to watch every film that's released until I get a sense it's worth my time, which Spidey 2 wasn't, and I wish I would have listened to the critics. Anyway...
      • alin2014
        I believe 90% of those who say they liked the movie are those who grow up with that comic book and do not accept seeing their childhood hero be lame . no matter what . I grow up with Batman and if I see a bad movie about Batman I admit it but there are some people who can't .
    • Daniel_Plainview_Milkshake
      I will respectfully disagree. I thought Captain America: The Winter Soldier is not just Marvel's best film, but one of the best comic book movies ever made. I didn't really like ASM 2
      • Xylo
        That's OK. The world will never take it into account.
    • Rock n Rollllll
      You're a damn idiot if you think that!
      • Xylo
        No, he is not.
      • alin2014
        I can say the same to you if you think that CA2 was a good movie , Did I hurt your feelings ? wait you does not have one you like CA2 .
  • TK
    I really enjoyed this sequel. I couldn't stand the first movie but I thought that this time around they did an awesome job. It was a modernized throwback, if you could call it that. The action scenes were grand and the characters over the top. In the hands of another director I think it could have easily been Batman and Robin but thanks to Webb's control I enjoyed the sometimes campy moments. Usually I get really annoyed with the back and forth when it comes to love stories in these superhero movies because they can really drag on but I like what they did here especially when it comes to Spiderman evolving. That is something I always thought was missing when it came to the Raimi movies. Sometimes it seemed like he could have it all there, the girl, defeating the bad guys and keeping the city safe. The story here really evolves Spiderman into what he will eventually become and why it is he is scared to get close to people. Another thing I noticed was the soundtrack. Loved the soundtrack. To be honest I watched this movie twice and the second time around I really paid attention during some of the action sequences and I must say they made some really weird but awesome choices. Overall I thought this movie was a 7 and a half out of 10. It wasn't perfect but it was a damn entertaining watch.
  • Rahul Radhakrishnan
    seriously you are expecting every movie to be like batman... i have seen in some reviews saying the same thing.. but people who watched have different opinion most of them loved the movie including myself... everybody is looking for a dark movie like batman when spidey comics as PG friendly than any other ones.. it s gonna sweep awrds in oscar and its a comic book movie i am not execting that... it had great action set pieces nice chemistry b/w leads and good acting... i like the goblin guy he superbly acted as conflicted harry... ya villains were not used full potential bcoz thye were setting up something for nxt movie.... and one thing i was not a huge fan raimi's movie bcoz whenever i look at the movie i felt like it was shot in 80's. it was loved by everyone since there was only an x-men to compete with spiderman at that time and everyone loved for the reason there was no other superhero to root time have changed you have too many superhero movies to compare with and after batman trilogy everyone is looking for batmanisque superhero movies and i gotta say this way is better not every movie have to go that way.. I liked it... i felt my 2hr22m was ell spent
  • Guest
  • Guys guys guys. Don't ya know? I'm Electro...
  • Daniel_Plainview_Milkshake
    Loved Harry Osborn and Gwen stuff. Hated Electro and some other really really dumb script stuff. Ultimately didn't care that much for it. Slightly better than the first one, which I didn't like, but still not nearly as good as Raimi's Spider-man 2, which I still think is the perfect Spidey movie. Spider-man 2 is almost perfect in my book
    • I agree. When I saw Raimi's Spiderman 2 I thought it was one of the near flawless superhero films ever made (still think that). After this outing, I still think that. Maybe it will be redeemed in Spiderman 3...
      • mooreworthy
        Let's hope it just focuses on him feeling guilty over trying to move on with MJ and have only one villian- Venom.
        • I'm with you on that. Venom needs to be the absolute ultimate villain that tests every resolve of Peter/Spidey. This villain needs to unhinge his inner self, bringing about great doubt and turmoil as MJ helps him emotionally heal and realize the hero he is. Or something like that... It needs to end as an epic masterpiece of Spiderman films. If that last installment (I would assume the last before another reboot) is well written and well played, it can make the other films better, in a way.
          • Frater Iacobus
            100& AGREE let's send email to the screenwriter! LOL! :)
          • Angry Larry
            Wow, sounds like you already got the next story written. Maybe they should hire you so I can sit in the theatre bored to death and regretting the money I shelled out to watch your lame film.
          • I can see why you call yourself Angry Larry. Try this Larry: come up with a better idea to prove you aren't just a mouth, but maybe, just maybe have a brain attached to that corpulent cheek structure you call a face. Then again, a feist such as you is both boring and unoriginal, which is clearly revealed in your hammer hand keyboard pounding you call a post. Get original microphallus or stop boring us all with you dimwit responses my ficus can come up with even after 2 months of not watering it.
        • Angry Larry
          STOP with the one villain crap!!!
          • Rock n Rollllll
            I agree. People need to understand that the original source (THE COMICS) Spidey is and has always been a "multi-villain-ed" fighter. He never takes on just one villain at a time.
    • Frater Iacobus
      I thought exactly what you thought! LOL! also the climax was so rushed with the battle between Spiderman vs Electro being like 2 mins?! were they trying to imitate the Dragonball Evolution 1 min battle with Piccolo and Goku?! Pretty bad LOL!
      • Angry Larry
  • Wasn't a jaw dropping script and I thought in the end it had far too many villains. I was certainly entertained for the most part, but I guess after Spiderman 3 someone at Sony would have thought, "Spiderman shouldn't have 37 villains the next time we reboot this." Sony, sell this franchise so another study can have a crack and maybe, just maybe add Spidey to the Avengers universe. Anywho...
    • Frater Iacobus
      LOL! Right? :)
    • Angry Larry
      Here we go, another whiner about there being too many villains... why is that a problem????? Are you not aware of the Sinister Six and how big they were in the comics?!?!? This is awesome!! And I love how you take the limited number and increase it to 37. If you have all the answers then how come your not in the business??
      • I don't have all the answers smart guy. I'm merely subjecting my opinion on a website full of opinions. Shocking to say the least. And yes, I'm aware of the Sinister Six, in the comic book, which doesn't always translate into films, or everyone would be doing it exactly the way the comic books are written, which they don't, because films are an entirely different medium and cannot capture the details of a comic book story in 2.5 hours. I'm sure you already knew that. If you have such strong opinions about others, why don't you gives us your take instead of hiding in your dark, shade drawn room, hitting refresh on your old socket 939, Windows XP build, waiting for people to post something you dislike. You realize what you're doing is so 2004, right? Maybe you don't, because I doubt someone as angry as you has seen daylight since Justin Timberlake left N'Sync. Poor guy. You know he still sings, right Larry? Poor, poor tired Larry. Oh, I get don't have an original thought, just like the makers of Spidey 2, who completely rebooted a franchise 5 years after the last one ended. Larry, you're going to miss everything cool and die angry. Good luck with that.
  • Rock n Rollllll
    Was a disappointment.
  • Tyrell Antonio
    I think Garfield really nails Spider-man, especially in costume, more so than any other Marvel character. From the physical motions to the jokes, its great to watch him on screen. Hopefully the next movie will have a better Spidey to Peter on screen ratio.
  • John Doe
    Really enjoyed the story with my wife and teens. There may be better Comic Made Movies out there, but I have no regrets paying to see this one. Cannot say the same for (Toby) Spiderman 3
  • Ghergishu
    Yo, sup I`m watching the movie right now baby.[swag]
  • JBrotsis
    I thought the whole movie was great. Really liked it more than the first...hope Conners/Lizard returns later on. I think what I liked most about this movie is the sheer movement and captivating acrobatics Spidey does swinging on his web and all the different camera angles and slow mo they used. Loved that! Yea there were a couple things I was disappointed the whole rhino suit scene (it was everything in the trailers...I was hoping to see what happened after he smashed the horn with the sewer cap). And was it just me...or did it seem like Peter Parker was on the verge of crying every time he was talking to Gwen or his Aunt? That kinda bugged me. But all in all, worth seeing in theaters!
  • lewinston
    I think the only true issue I had with this movie was Dane DeHaan's performance. He's a great actor and I'll watch him in anything but his acting as Harry Osborn felt... constipated? :S Right word? Anyway, I liked the movie and I'm probably going to watch the Sinister Six movie as well.
  • SkyNet300
    Why all the hate for this movie? Oh right I forgot people have a massive boner for Sam "can't direct" Raimi. Ugh that trilogy felt like you were watching a power ranger movie. This new series rocks so far.
  • SkyNet300
    Can't wait to see Carnage!




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