Standalone Superman & Batman Movies Also Coming Before 2020

October 15, 2014

Batman & Superman

Well, the hits just keep on coming for Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Entertainment today. The studio has announced the dates for a bunch of forthcoming movies with ties to Justice League, they've announced that Ezra Miller is playing The Flash, and that Zack Snyder is directing a two-part Justice League movie. But there's another little detail that's been somewhat overlooked. The studio also has plans for standalone movies for Ben Affleck as Batman and another movie for Henry Cavill as Superman. They haven't been given dates yet, but the press release says they will arrive sometime between 2016 and 2020. Read on!

At this point, it's tough to say when these films might end up in theaters. The best move would be to have them happen between Justice League movies most likely, since it would seem anti-climactic to have one of them come after the conclusion of the two-part Justice League arc. But at the same time, we don't even know how these individual film franchises are going to tie into Justice League, especially with Aquaman and The Flash movies happening between the two Justice League movies. But we're sure Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have a big plan, we just don't know enough about it yet beyond release dates.

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  • Jon Odishaw
    Batman-Alfonso Cuaron Superman-William Eubank
    • Justin R
      No dude, they already said Ben Affleck will play Batman and Henry Cavill is Superman. People need to read before commenting... (So people don't try to trash talk too much, it was a sarcastic joke)
      • OfficialJab
        The two people he listed above are directors.
        • Jon Odishaw
          He knows, he's pulling your goalie.
          • OfficialJab
            Heh, as he said, "People need to read before commenting..." Rats, I've been undone by my own impatience. I need to get off the web for a while.
          • Jon Odishaw
            its alright I started getting so pissed "IS THIS GUY RETARDED???" "OH..."
          • Justin R
            Mission accomplished. Haha
    • Zack Snyder
      I would rather see Alfonso make Superman. William should defo make a Flash movie!
      • Jon Odishaw
        I dunno, I think Alfonso can make it dark and thrilling like Nolan while William has shown he has similar visual style to Snyder(slow-mo, sci-fi vision)
      Cuaron's Batman film would be mindblowing. I kind of would be interested in another Burton film.
    • avconsumer2
      Wow. That Batman idea is just so crazy it might work.
      • Jon Odishaw
        I don't doubt he could pull it off.
  • Xerxexx
    Quite a bombardment of news today.
  • Rock n Rollllll
    All sounds good to me.
  • Chris Groves
    Kinda hoping that Ben Affleck just steps up and directs his own Batman film.
    • The Dude
      Hell's to the Yes.
    • ckpinkham
      With him as Batman or someone else? O.o
      • ColtNoir
        obviously with him as batman. he's done the directing and acting in the same movie thing before. He's a hell of a Director too
        • ckpinkham
          I actually liked the Daredevil movie, but I'm skeptical at best about his ability to be a good Batman... and yeah, he's a decent director, so I'd be okay with him directing a Batman movie. I just don't think I'd want him starring in it, too. But hey, I hope I'm wrong and he does a fantastic job in BvS... I'm just not personally optimistic.
    • Rock n Rollllll
      That is a pretty good idea. Perhaps that was the plan all along.
      • danielhutchins
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  • OfficialJab
    Hope Affleck is in it for the long run. Also hope he's good, I guess.
    • Chris Groves
      Him and WB have a very good relationship. The Town and Argo were both WB films, and Live By Night will be as well. This isn't just a studio signing an actor...this is much more of an overall partnership. I think he'll be playing Batman and they'll be producing his films, and as long as everyone keeps being successful and making money, the partnership could last a good long while.
      • ckpinkham
        But he has to be GOOD first. If the next Batman movie (or BvS) gets a 55 on Metacritic like Man Of Steel, they'll probably drop him.
        • Chris Groves
          First off, I think this one will be much better received. Simply by not having this film revolve around the convoluted 'DNA Index of Krypton is in Clark's blood' plot device...this film is starting off in a better place. With Terrio writing instead of Goyer, and someone like Affleck in the co-lead role of the film...I have a good feeling that this is going to be received a lot better than MOS. And unless everything about it is received terribly and the film bombs, they won't replace him. If this scores 55% but makes well over $1 billion, they aren't replacing anyone.
          • ckpinkham
            We'll see. Same director, right? And same Actor for Supes. Then Ben Affleck for Batman, after he wasn't well received in Daredevil... a less loved Superhero. Plus, I think it's too crowded with Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, and now Barry Allen? It's the second movie in the DC canon... I don't think they should have this many heroes for at least two or 3 more. Especially without any backstory for the lesser known/cared about heros, like Aquaman and Cyborg. They really seem to be banking on the comic fans, and I think non-comic fans outnumber comic fans. Especially where DC is concerned. Honestly, I HOPE it will be good. I'm just not optimistic. I really like Batman. Though, he's almost the only DC hero I like. (I do like the Arrow version of Green Arrow, too) But hey, I basically only liked Spider-man until Iron Man came out with RDJ... and now I like every hero they've introduced (except Hawkeye, because he hasn't done anything I could connect with... he's been a bland character). So I'm hoping this will get me into more of the DC characters.
  • Zack Snyder
    With Zack busy with Justice League, they would have to find another director for Man of Steel 2... Matt Reeves please!
      That would be fun.
    • avconsumer2
      Did you just refer to yourself in the 3rd person?
    Goooood Laaaaaawwwwddd! So many DC films. So much money. Boggles the mind, don't it!?
  • All of this news is pretty interesting. I just hope DC gets it right so they can stick with their plans. We all know if they don't produce great box-office results we won't see any of this come to fruition.
  • mooreworthy
    I am just waiting for the Wonder Twins movie! You can't handle the Eagle and the Bucket of Water!
  • Avi
    until 2016 we see nothing :(
  • scooter2407
    Can we please get Matthew Vaughn a directing job with another superhero? Kick-Ass (the 1st one, and ONLY the 1st one) is the most underrated comic book/graphic novel movie of the past 10 years.
  • ckpinkham
    So now they've cast someone I've never heard of as The Flash... I'm not optimistic about DC's movies.




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