Taylor Kitsch Has an Offer for the Lead Role in Remake of 'The Raid'

August 4, 2014

Taylor Kitsch

A remake of the Indonesian action hit The Raid has been in the works since 2011, but it wasn't until earlier this year that The Expendables 3 director Patrick Hughes was brought on board to direct the film. Production was delayed slightly back to 2015, and the cast is currently being rounded up with Frank Grillo being the only confirmed cast member after being mentioned on a shortlist with desired stars like Ethan Hawke, Anthony Mackie and Luke Evans. However, a new name has emerged who wasn't on the shortlist as The Wrap has learned that John Carter and Battleship star Taylor Kitsch has an offer for the lead role.

However, it's far form a done deal, because Kitsch is still in consideration for a lead role in the second season of HBO's original series "True Detective." It appears he could still end up with that coveted television role, but his representatives are still trying to line him up for The Raid remake in the meantime. There's a chance he may end up doing both, because production on the HBO series would wrap just when The Raid would begin shooting in January 0f 2015. Kitsch hasn't had luck with lead roles, but if all goes well, this could be an action hit, especially if it packs the same punch as the foreign original. Stay tuned.

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  • Jacob Crim
    Can this movie just die?
    • Astroboy3000
      If Taylor Kitsch is in it then it most definitely will die. The man is box office poison. I feel bad for him.
      • Jacob Crim
        Sort of like Ryan Reynolds? Heck I've never even heard of Taylor Kitsch.
        • Steven
          Better than Reynolds. Did a good job in Lone Survivor.
        • TheOct8pus
          Reynolds and Kitsch should do a movie together.
          • UrAllThumb
            Reynolds and Kitsch did do a movie together. They were in Wolverine Origins. Kitsch was Gambit, Reynolds was Deadpool....and oddly enough I think both were perfectly cast in those roles.
          • TheOct8pus
            Oh yeah. I forgot about that Cinematic Gem
          • UrAllThumb
            Yeah, piece of crap film but to me ...somehow those two were the stand out characters.
  • John Denim
    Let's reboot Inception while we're at it.
  • jay
    stupid, stupid remake. I dont think this one will even make any money, I feel like its biggest potential fanbase (fans of the original) arent going to have any interest in seeing an american version.
  • Guest
    What made the original and sequel interesting are the hand-to-hand fight scenes. Can't imagine Hollywood having enough skilled people to not turn the remake into a pointless bloodbath or a macho one-punch-kill sort of overwhelming defeat.
  • T. Hakeem
    I know the motivation is in the box office potential, and unfortunately as far as Hollywood is concerned, NOTHING is sacred. But man, I really hope this falls through. Obviously it makes no cinematic or artistic sense to remake it. What worries me is the potential audience it could find, "justifying" the project and fuelling the studio's desire to turn it into a franchise. Sad really.
  • doasis23
    They all ready made an American version of The Raid. It was called Dredd.
    • Steven
      Damn right - give us a sequel to Dredd !!!
    Too big. You need some one who is athletic, but not super buff. But yeah, I think that this is a property that really does not need to be retouched.
    • Avi
  • Brian Sleider
    Guy cant act.
  • Primo
    I feel like this is a waste of time and its gonna turn out just like "Brick Mansions" did...a horrible remake with subpar action
  • Antonio
    Nobody cares
  • Avi
    Isn't there realy nobody in Hollywood who thinks that action lovers didn't see the original version of it! And how they are going to sell it if it's pg 13? The lead must have a martial arts history or otherwise it's not going to work..
  • OfficialJab
    I like him, but I can just see the press interviews now talking about how hard he worked for two months to memorize the little choreography he's responsible for instead of the stunt people, who should be the actors and get the billing. I want to know who's doing the soundtrack. If nothing else we should get some good music out of this.
  • Ricardo_PT
    I thought it was common sense by now that Taylor Kitsch doesn't have what it takes to be a lead man. No offense, but he doesn't seem to connect with the audience and his movies seem to do bad at the box office
  • TheOct8pus
    I guess Hollywood is not superstitious....because it seems like everything this guy touches turns to failure
  • UrAllThumb
    I'm not sure we have an actor with the type of skill needed to pull off the action from the Raid. The closest we have is probably Jason Statham and he may be a bit too big and gruff for the role. What made the character cool is he appeared so small and meek, yet he had drive to survive. If they could train him to fight I could see someone along the lines of Ryan Gosling in that role (he was the perfection of violent rage in Drive)....but Kitsch also has that kind of a touch. He's just got such a bad track record. I love him in Friday Night Lights, and really thought he was going to be a break out star, but he just hasn't been able to get it going. And its not really about his acting, because its not like anyone known as an action star has great acting chops. Whoever lands this role is going to be a sub-par actor because the role doesn't demand much more.
  • Jonathan
    Please don't remake it. Please? It's already perfect. If it can't be improved upon, then make a different movie. I'll pay to see Dredd 2. I won't pay to see this...regardless of who's in it.
  • SkyNet300
    Oh no! Remaking my favorite action film of all time?! How dare they!
  • SkyNet300
    Luke Evans would have been fun to watch though...the man is a badass "No one lives"




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