The Plagues Have Arrived in 'Exodus: Gods & Kings' Second Trailer

October 1, 2014
Source: 20th Century Fox

Exodus: Gods & Kings

"There was a prophecy that our leader would be born to liberate us. That leader is you, Moses." Following the teaser trailer earlier this year, the second full trailer for Ridley Scott's Biblical epic Exodus: Gods & Kings has arrived, and it's epic in every sense of the word. The first trailer seemed to be holding back, but this one paints a beautiful picture of two brothers forced to become enemies. Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton are putting in great performances here, even if the latter's orange skin is a little off-putting, and the scope of this film is huge as evidenced by the arrival of the infamous plagues from God. Watch below!

Here's the new trailer for Ridley Scott's Exodus: God & Kings from 20th Century Fox:

Watch the original teaser trailer for Exodus: Gods & Kings right here.

Exodus: Gods and Kings is directed by Ridley Scott (Gladiator, Robin Hood, Alien, Blade Runner) and written by Adam Cooper & Bill Collage (Tower Heist, Accepted), with a rewrite by Steve Zaillian (American Gangster, Moneyball, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). The film follows Christian Bale (The Dark Knight, Out of the Furnace) as Moses, chronicling the Biblical figures life from his adoption by Egyptian royals through his revolution against Pharaoh Ramses II (Joel Edgerton). Aaron Paul, Ben Kingsley, John Turturro and Sigourney Weaver. 20th Century Fox will release the film just before Christmas on December 12th.

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  • fishnets
    This looks really entertaining. It has everything a Biblical epic should have - hammy acting (or otherwise it would have been swallowed by OTT CGI), OTT CGI, epic scope, epic battles, epic areal shots of epic buildings and Batman as Moses. Bring it!
    • Tester
      Finally someone has a "realistic" view of how these movies should look and how they should be interpreted !!
      • fishnets
        Thank you! ♥ BTW, Hollywood did try to make realistic movies out of myths and that was fuckin awful. King Arthur, Troy, nuff said.
  • David Diaz
    I'm really excited for this. It looks amazing.
    • fishnets
      I know, right? It was a giant shark and 3 tornados...Biblical Sharknado! And scorpions eating a sleeping beauty. And 2 armies charging at each other in front of a tsunami. This is what entertainment is about. So good.♥
      • JBrotsis
        Huh? Sharks, scorpions...what're you talking about? And the two "armies" shouldn't be charging. In the Bible, the slaves were fleeing while the Egyptians were chasing. Which is why only they got consumed in the sea. The trailer didn't show it, but I hope they show the massive tornado of fire God sent down to stop the Egyptians for the slaves to pass through the Red Sea.
        • fishnets
          Shark is actually a croc, didn't you see that scene? Also, scorpions or some other bug swarm that girl on the bed.
          • JBrotsis
            Yea I saw the nile croc (see my own standalone comment). And those weren't scorpions or any kind of bug on the girl's bed, those were all frogs. In the Bible, of the seven plagues, two had swarms of animals: locust (which we see) and frogs (which we see). You even see the frogs hopping off her bed.
          • fishnets
            LOL, OK. They looked like The Mummy critters to me. Anyway, The Plague of the Croc totally sells this thing to me. So much fun. I expect great time at the cinema and re-watchability factor.
      • Guest
      • Rock n Rollllll
        Move along....
  • Armitall
    "Didn't they tell you? You are not the hero we deserve, but the one we need right now." Sure it looks alright, but all the crocodiles have me worried a little.
  • This actually looks pretty decent. Though I think Christian Bale as a pissed off Moses is hilarious.
    • Jon Odishaw
      There were some funny moments but when Ramses asked if that was a threat and Moses shouts YES I thought that was pretty bad ass
      • haha I agree, that was awesome
      • fishnets
        In sizzle reel that I've seen he shouted YES twice, like Yes! YESSSS!
      Very excited. Even if it turns out to be just an AMAZING B-Movie.
  • cg
    As much as I despise the fact that Ramses is painted golden brown and Christian Bale isn't exactly what most would consider a physical representation of Moses, this does not look half bad... Though I do believe I'll be choosing Inherent Vice over this one.. since they are released on the same weekend.
  • Have Hope
    Why are the main cast all tanned?
    • David Diaz
      So they don't look white.
      And Egypt is hot as hell.
  • Nielsen700
    This ain't got shit on The Prince of Egypt.
  • IamSlave
    I wasn't that excited when I saw the first trailer but this one really got me excited. This truly looks like a "epic" of a film. Hope it turns out good.
  • NathanDewey
    Beautiful. Looks glorious!
  • JBrotsis
    Yes the plagues are going to be awesome to see, of course! But I'm stoked to see that footage of the Nile crocodile!
    Looks pretty fun.
    • shiboleth
      and nothing more... which means: another generic and shallow product...
  • ErrorSapiens
    The real question here is: Will the movie be a fantasy movie based on biblical mythology, or will christian(ity) Bale all believers together in the cinemas for this cgi GOD-show? I for my part don`t like the casting. I like the actors, but I do not like the roles and film they are cast for. Popcorn or prayer?
    • Well the story of Moses does appear in the Quran and the Torah, so it isn't exclusively a Christian (Bale) story. I'll take the popcorn this time. I have yet to see a great Moses film of the modern era.
    • Why is that the real question? Really who cares? This is a movie based on a story thats based on some other made up story. The only thing that matters is if its a good movie or not.
      • ErrorSapiens
        Well somebody cares, and somebody doesn`t care.. thats actually less interesting 😉 I care because it`s never gonna be good if its made to strengthen belief in the made up book. Id like it to be "popcorn take" on a book too many take to seriously, and some few interpret into an ugly abuse of manipulation and power. Id like a tounge in cheek, dark as night popcorn movie take on that story. Its kinda of cynical, I know .. but I want movies made for me, not for you :) misunderstand me right 😉
  • Huck PS
    I know it sounds stupid but I was expecting some sort of restraint in the trailer. Showing all the "wow" moments seems like it cheapens the movie. Also I'm not really convinced about this one. I gotta be honest.
    • Showing all the "wow" moments seems like it cheapens the movie.
      Totally. I contemplated stopping the trailer every few seconds in the entire second half. I'll just not watch this trailer again now hoping I'll forget enough of it by the time the movie is released. Same reason I haven't watched any Interstellar trailers since the first one (real trailer, not teaser). I don't want it to be a predictable film. Even closed my eyes and plugged my ears when it came on in the theater.
  • Jonathan
    Wow... But couldn't they get actual animals to play the parts of the CG creatures? I'm offended.
  • Liam Knurtsis
    just another epic white washed film...smh
    • LightningB
      So insightful Dr. PC.
      • Liam Knurtsis
        i know, what was even more insightful was how much fire Mr. Scott came under because of this issue...and even firstshowing said he made a vague excuse to why, this flick is dammed like the plot #facts
        • LightningB
  • grimjob
    Awfffful lotta Caucasians.
  • Rock n Rollllll
    I love Ridley Scott movies!!!
  • shiboleth
    Oh no, hell no... However, I would finally like some heretical interpretation of it...
  • Kenn Stewart
    Totally fed up with this continual racist rants on a film that nobody has seen yet, but because a FEW of the lead characters are white (check out the complete cast list to see its full of NON EUROPEAN WHITES). its assumed Ridley Scott is a racist. How ignorant and insulting. Racists come in all colours, if you don't intend on seeing this film then dont but stop commenting on it. Go and comment on real problems of inequality, greed etc in the world, its full of it. Ridley Scott is a genuis director and has the magic eye and this looks amazing.




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