Watch: Cool Retrospective Video Rounds Up All the 'X-Men' Films

May 22, 2014


Tonight you can catch some early screenings of X-Men: Days of Future Past in the later evening (check your local theater listings), but with hours to go before general audiences see the film this weekend, why not take a look at the X-Men films from the 14 years previously with this cool retrospective video. The nicely edited piece moves chronologically according to the narrative through the films starting with X-Men: First Class, moving through the original trilogy, and ending with The Wolverine before teasing the latest sequel. And everyone will be thankful that there's no reference to X-Men Origins: Wolverine anywhere.

Here's the X-Men Retrospective by Nick Bosworth & Joel Walden via JoBlo:

X-Men: Days of Future Past is directed by Bryan Singer and written by Matthew Vaughn and Simon Kinberg. The sequel features cast members from the original X-Men franchise like Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Halle Berry, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore and Daniel Cudmore along with X-Men: First Class cast members like James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, and Michael Fassbender. The present day X-Men are in danger from a mistake in the past, and Wolverine is sent back in time to fix it in order to avoid a dark, terrifying future timeline. 20th Century Fox will release Bryan Singer's X-Men: Days of Future Past in theaters everywhere on May 23rd this weekend. Go watch it tonight!

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  • Tuomas Lassila
    Anderton, seriously, you don't need to refer to the Origins Wolverine so negatively EVERY F*CKING TIME when writing about X-Men movies! We all already got it that you don't like the film, there's no need to repeat it over and over again. Don't you have anything else to write about?
    • Andrew Geczy
      Not true. It demands repeating every time. That movie was horrible.
      • Tuomas Lassila
        Was not.
        • Absolute shit
          Was too
          • Dominic
            HOWEVER I just saw DOFP . One thing i can DEFINITELY tell you ALL that hate XMen: W-Orig , HA-HA Sorry You Lose ! Now From DOFP on , the franchise has been rebooted and THAT movie specifically is Gospel in The X-Man universe now . As it pertains to Wolverine , how he is found , how he gets his adamantium BACK , even tho in this NEW timeline he doesn't have them after the movie ( i can't explain here ) Singer et al obviously didn't care about all you haters of it OR why you hate it - too late it's Gospel now Deal With It .... i Still Think ,most of you that hate it , never read the 6-issue Graphic novel series , that remade Logan'r Origins in this way FIRST . Prob because somebody figured it would be easier ( and more palatable to a movie audience ) than explaining he was created by a mad scientist robot . Once you read thse issues , THEN u can quibble on whether it was true to the source material , or how disjointed it was ... I would point out that those CB issues jump eras of his life , so if it seems disjointed well that's kinda how it read , as 6 stories spanning 100 years or so of his life .... maybe you'd understand it better then
          • Outlaw
            Didn't the bulk of Origins take place in the '80s? I just re-watched X-Men 1 and 2 and they reference the Weapon X events taking place 15 years ago, which from about 2000 would have been in the '80s/early '90s, right? So wouldn't that mean it takes place after Days of Future Past? I'm not stirring up trouble by the way, just asking.
          • Dominic
            well three things : One they have never referred to Weapon X , because they ( Singer et al ) donlt want to encourage the Canadian orign to keep festering , or people like me to keep bringing it up . . As DOFP shows , the new timeline firmly solidifies the events of Origins:Wolverine as his creation story . No Canadians involved ...now they had Cyke make a joke about his Blue and Gold Alpha Flight Weapon X uniform , in X1 , but that was the point of the joke , to debunk this ..if u read the latest Jackman interview , he notes that ths movie is intended to clean up any and all " discrepancies " Two , no they never have stated . You see him as a logger , but they don't state WHEN it was . sometime during or after WWII ? he walks away from Stryker.. I think he got Victor and Logan out of the Asian prison during WWI .. their plane looked so modern maybe the asumption is 1980's ... i'll have to watch the extended version again ... 3 Like I said Singer used DOFP as a reboot vehicle , essentially . When u see it you'll see the timeline it sets , and how
      • rickvanr
        X3 was same level awful, except for Kelsey Grammer as Beast.
        • Andrew Geczy
          Not true. X3 wasn't great. But there were good things about it. The soundtrack was awesome. The scene with Xavier and magneto and the phoenix in the house was one of the best scenes in the whole franchise. Ellen Page played Kitty Pryde, which was great casting. We finally got to see Colossuss throw wolverine at a Sentinal. Storm actually did something in this movie for once, where as she was woefully underused in previous movies. Don't get me wrong. You cannot hate the movie as much as me, Cyclops is my favourite X-man. But not as an xman movie, but just as a movie, it's not terrible. it's alright. Xmen Origins Wolverine however is complete trash. The story acting, and just plain continuity between scene or movies, is so messed up, the movie is on the level of a Uwe Boll movie. It's as bad as Alone in the Dark. By the way, if you watch Alone in the Dark, you will have a new respect for perhaps a lot of big budget hollywood movies you think are bad.
  • Guy who comments on things
    ACTUALLY - X-men Origins: Wolverine occurs for about 5 seconds at 03:19... I should get out more.
    Wolverine got jacked...
  • TheOct8pus
    This retrospective was pretty much all the trailers (except "Origins) back to back....
  • Nice way to get ready to watch Days of Future Past
  • RobotProphet




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