Watch: Everything & Nothing Changes in 'Terminator: Genisys' Trailer

December 4, 2014
Source: Paramount Pictures

Terminator: Genisys

"If we die tonight, mankind dies with us." The first trailer for the franchise reboot Terminator: Genisys has arrived, and while the reboot says the rules have changed and a younger version of the badass Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) says everything has changed, not much has really changed at all. She says the timeline that future John Connor (Jason Clarke) sent Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) to no longer exists, and that's because an older Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) has been raising Sarah, and dispatched with the younger Terminator from 1984. And yet we still get the "Come with me if you want to live" and "I'll be back" lines. Oh, and there's a new T-1000 (Byung-hun Lee). Yeah, it's a clusterfuck and a half. Enjoy!

Here's the first trailer for Alan Taylor's Terminator: Genisys direct from Paramount Pictures:

Terminator: Genisys

Terminator: Genisys is directed by Alan Taylor ("Game of Thrones," Thor: The Dark World) and written by Laeta Kalogridis (Avatar, Shutter Island) and Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry). Emilia Clarke, Jason Clarke, Jai Courtney, J.K. Simmons, Byung-hun Lee and Matt Smith all star in the film that takes a completely different approach to the Terminator timeline, finding Sarah Connor orphaned and being raised and trained by an aging T-800 Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) as Kyle Reese (Courtney) is sent back in time from the future again on a new mission. Paramount Pictures releases the film next summer on July 1st, 2015.

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  • blkstar
    Maybe its just me, maybe I'm alone on this, but I am so tired of going back in time to save a Connor. I would like to see them finish the war, complete the series and stop trying to make money off the same old story.
    • I totally agree. This was a fresh concept with the first movie, maybe the second. Destroy the world all ready machines, save us from more of these dark, mechanical re-boots...ugh
  • Emilia Clarke is great in this trailer! Everything else? Not so much. I can't help but feel like this thing is gonna bomb, and hard.
  • Jon Odishaw
    I wouldn't say it looks good but it certainly doesn't look bad. That Emilia Clarke casting was a damn fine choice, though.
  • ragethorn
    F(*& THIS! Nothing is sacred anymore.
  • Enola
    To me it just looked stupid and it is trying too hard... Jai Courtney is a franchise killer. First Die Hard, now this 😛
    • Is that a photo of Uwe Boll? lol! I hope that is for ironic purposes considering your criticisms here.
    • Jon Odishaw
      Pretty sure that Die Hard would have killed the series just fine without him.
      • Not really. he was the most annoying part about the last DH movie.
  • bat0u
    good lord.......just awful....
  • Brian Sleider
    That was better than I expected. One day we will get the present day "war of the machines" I have dreamed of since I was 8.
  • Justin R
    And let's add this to another film I won't be seeing.
  • ragethorn
    F'N James Cameron man! Someone call JJ to reboot this properly.
    • David Diaz
      Cameron has little if anything to do with these new Terminators. He sold the rights a long time ago.
      • ragethorn
        That guy would sell his mother for a dime.
        • David Diaz
          I think he sold them so he could get money to finish Titanic
  • TheOct8pus
    So it's pretty much a mashup of the first 3 Terminator movies....
  • OfficialJab
    I don't like her acting here.. when she's shouting it doesn't urgent or real. Action seems okay, but not really worth making this in the first place. Not convinced still, sorry guys.
  • NathanDewey
    I liked how the T-1000 cut off his arm/blade to make a spear. That's a neat, fresh idea I didn't see the character do before and there's a lot of potential with that for action sequences. There's nothing new or exciting about the rest for me.
  • thejon93rd
    This looks really, really bad. I like the cast here, especially: Jason Clarke, Matt Smith, J.K. Simmons, Byung-hun Lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Emilia Clarke. But, despite the solid cast, I have a feeling this film will be a giant train-wreck, the CGI and action sequences look cheap. This seems like it would have been a better video-game, here's what I had to say about the 20-second teaser of a teaser: Ugh... they should just give up on these Terminator films. This keeps looking worse and worse, the plot rumours surrounding it are stupid and it's reminding me more and more of Green Lantern (a great waste of a good cast, crew and director). Instead of making terrible movies, why don't they give this kind of budget to a Terminator video game instead? Video games make a lot of money, and there hasn't been a good Terminator game since... ever! The best thing the Terminator franchise produced (apart from the masterful first-two films) is the TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (which ironically starred Game of Thrones cast member, Lena Headey as Sarah Connor, a character who is now being played by Emilia Clarke, who is ANOTHER cast member on Game of Thrones), which got cancelled after two great seasons. I hope that, like Salvation, this film flops hard and lets these actors move onto bigger, better projects.
    • TheOct8pus
      Fuck video games. FS is not a gaming site....
      • thejon93rd
        Obviously, but a lot of these Hollywood action films are looking like video games, so that's why I made the comment, I also mentioned other things in case you're too blind to see them and you're eyes are just fixated on the term "video games" for no reason other than to act like a jerk.
  • Matthew
    I've never had a trailer leave me with so many mixed emotions. I think I like it and I think I want to cry, I'm so confused.
    • Franklin Carpio
      Same. I want to like it. It cant be worse then Rise of the machines, can it?
  • Have Hope
  • Al Apone
    Had me interested at the start, lost me a little in the middle, then lost me completely when Arnie used himself as a torpedo at the end.
  • Steven
    The look of the future is spot on, why oh why didn't they stop there? This looks like Sarah saves Kyle's ass, and Jai is still an unconvincing choice of casting. Catch this on rental... Edit: nice poster at the end, nothing like a hot girl in a corn field holding a terminator skull.
  • IamSlave
    Man, this is going to bomb so hard.
    • Reznik
      Oh yeah.
    • Dotpols
      Yeah, it seriously looks like a cheap rip off. I almost had to check that this wasn't some porno parody of T2.
  • desispeed
    this looks soo is hoping its actually decent due to low expectations!
  • TheOct8pus
    I'll be back? Again? Enough is enough! I thought Arnie realized that the line was old a cheesy (since he's made fun of himself several times). Maybe it would carry more weight if he said, "I won't be back"
    • Steven
      You would think with twisting the timelines around they would of gone one more step and done that. Really cool idea btw for what would most likely be Arnie's last Terminator pic.
    • Jason G
      how about the "come with me if you want to live" im sick of that line now, been in practically all of the movies AND the tv show...
  • Nielsen700
    Kinda underwhelmed by this. This trailer was just not... good. The constant references and that song that I swear I've heard in another trailer? Come on! The bus flipping over, though. Holy shit!
    • thejon93rd
      I recognized it right away too, it's from the Nightcrawler trailer.
    • cooper
      almost positive the music from the beginning of this trailer is in one of Dawn of the Planet of the Ape's somewhere
  • This one's got all the makings of a bad trailer and doesn't bode well at all for the movie. .. Questionable casting, re-treaded music, ret-conning the plot, horrible jumbled mess of editing, cheese-riddled dialog. Judgement day indeed!
  • Tuomas Lassila
    Not in my must see films of 2015-list, but I might as well consider.
  • Swanland
    I was actually expecting much worse. Still, have no interest. New ideas please! So was it Doctor Who that messed with the timeline?
  • avconsumer2
    Looks better than I thought... casting though... yeesh. I just don't & can't equate any of those faces with those characters. Possibly my poor (?) imagination. "...clusterfuck and a half" seems to be a fair assessment. Netflix'er.
  • Bo
    Not a very good trailer, but I laughed and loved the re-tread 'I'll be back' line and he splits from the chopper and her 'What'? in disbelief. Hell, it is what it is and from all the comments below this movie is going to have a rough road and the marketing better be top notch. To me none of them will ever equal T-2. The rest are just what they are and this one looks the same; although I do like the gal...a lot! And who knows how well it'll do...or not, eh?
  • Jason Scarpelli
    Teaser for the trailer was much better.
    • Pincode
  • Ola
    So one of the things that is constant, apart from the characters in any timeline is "I'll be back".
  • Nash
    Have to think about this, but it doesn't look too good for the franchise. The trailer contains certain elements that look copied from the S.C.C.'s, like the steel door that appears to beaten upon from the outside. There seems to be a lot repetition going on from T2 like the T1000 morphing effects. I mean, we saw that in 1991. Why present it in a trailer in 2014 as if it is something special? That variation on the original Fiedel theme didn't sound very majestic. Then there are the clichés like Connor speeching for his troops and the three hero's forming a chain hanging from a bridge. The internal logic like T1000 waiting like a sitting duck for that bus to crash into him (Why doesn't he jump away from it?). So all and all, I am a bit worried that this is going to be a disappointment.
  • davidshaw
    who the hell cast jai courtney as kyle reese?!?
    • Brian Sleider
      His mom probably, I swear the reason why we get some of these casting choices is family ties or some shit. LIke this guy, why is he even an "actor" HE CANT ACT, or Taylor Kitsch, He cant act either, yet he keeps getting roles, I swear, his mom, dad, aunt, uncle is a casting director with pull or some shit.
      • Franklin Carpio
        haha "his mom probably"
      • Matt C
        Seeing as he's an Australian, who's mum (yeah we spell it 'mum' not 'mom') is a school teacher and dad is an electrician, family ties seem preeeeetty far fetched.
        • Brian Sleider
          Mum blew the casting director.
    • Ricardo_PT
      He sucks so much, it's unbelievable how he gets work! Actors are entitled to some misses in their career, but the guy simply can't act, never could, never will. He alone has the potential to ruin the movie and the little this franchise has left.
    • AwesomeWave
      He was good in Spartacus, and he's better than Sam Worthington or Chris Hemsworth.
  • Chris Groves
    I have to say I'm not completely sold, but I'm skewing a lot more towards the optimistic side than I was before.
  • Johnny Neat
    This seems like fun, even if it may never reach classic status. Looks light years better than T3: Rise of The Machines. Now am I really one of the few people who felt Salvation was decent enough that it could have spawned an interesting trilogy? I wanted Bale back as JC w/ scar or Jim Caviezel, who I like and looks similar to Michael Edwards in T2.
    • Chris Groves
      At first, I thought I liked Salvation a lot more than T3, but as time has gone on, T3 seems to hold up better. There is a 'clunky-ness' to Salvation that likely came from McG's lack of experience with that type of film. I don't really like the way they did certain things in that film. But T3 at least has Arnold in a leading role, and despite the heavy amount of 'silly humor' the film moves along at a very fast pace and has an ending that really punched me in the gut when I first saw it. Being a 12 year old kid, I was expecting the happy ending, saving the world, etc...and to see it not work out that way was pretty mind-blowing. Terminator Salvation never packed that kind of punch. There are good and bad aspects to both, but in general, I think T3 is a little bit better....neither match the original two though.
  • Nadir Ahmed
    WTF did i just watch.
  • shiboleth
    expandable, in a sense where it gets watchable after I run out of all options. In some distant future, of course...
  • Gavin
    There are only oh so many times you can stick a movie's timeline back up its own ass. All the same, I'm glad it's completely left behind the aggressively gritty and realistic feel of Salvation in favor of the more retro sci-fi aesthetic of the classics. I recognize it's not the best, and feels a bit like the third one as far as campiness goes. But after having some mixed feelings about the aesthetic, design, and "vibe" continuity the new Star Wars and Jurassic World trailer gave me, I'm sort of childishly excited to see a "reboot" of a beloved old franchise getting a trailer that feels like a love letter to the old stuff. I question whether or not it'll be a good film. But that it'll be as fun and familiar as the first two is still a wonderful sign for me.
  • LightningB
    Looks fun. Hopefully a pluasible plot comes with it.
  • Oriyan J. Ovadia
    I really believe no one in Hollywood wants to do good with The Terminator.
    • Pincode
      May be James Cameron
  • John
    Nah, I will wait for the Bluray...
  • theslayer5150
    Wow...just, wow. I think it would have been better as a straight up remake then with mashing up the timelines. Undecided in this one.
  • The miscasting on this movie makes the trailer already unwatchable. Just awful. While Salvation wasn't the greatest, at least it had a good cast going for itself.
  • Jonathan
    Looks kind of ok. Now if I can just get a horse to kick me in the perfect spot in my head so I forget the first two movies...we'll be in business.
    • avconsumer2
      lol - that would probably work pretty well. Save a hoof for me.
  • jonnyb61
    soooo yeah this basically shits all over everything i love
  • Trey Wilson
    I'm sold. Looked a lot better than I thought.
  • fazha
    Aaaand queue the poster with the young heroine turned away from the camera wearing tight pants....
  • Felt a little messy, but trailers sometimes don't sell the movie well. I'll hold judgement I guess.
  • Jeff Prioleau
    lol dafuq
  • Jameson Cyr
    Worst. Trailer. Ever.
  • Pincode
    Not interesting and cold! look like a B movie trailer.
  • Avi
    omg!!! it's a remake from T2 and looks cheap! Can someone tell Arnie he is washed up?
  • Ty Webb
    This could be one of the crappiest movies ever made
  • Anon
    Actually Ethan, Laeta does not technically have a writer's credit for Avatar. The only other presentable credit on a finished film is Shutter Island (one of Scorsese's weaker entries). Her other credits include the more recent and failed TV reboots 'The Bionic Woman' and ill received films like Stone's 'Alexander'. This is obviously a valuable property to Paramount so perhaps that explains why it would be handed to a generic text-book writer to regurgitate what works.
  • Liam Knurtsis
    hmmmmm #WhatIsThisSheet
  • Dotpols
    Wow... that looked truly awful.
  • steve
    I think it looks awesome. I don't care what anyone says when it comes to movies except when they give good reasons why they didn't like it and can have a civil conversation without calling me stupid, an idiot, or cursing at me. I also thought the Jurassic World Trailer was amazing and is everything I was expecting, couldn't ask for more. Same for Star Wars, I just wish I knew the plot besides it taking place after episode 6. No doubt I'll extremely enjoy all 3 movies since all 3 series were my childhood.
  • ragethorn
    After tossing and turning all night, I've decided I'm going to watch this movie with an open mind and as a reboot. It has nothing to do with the original 2.
  • TyeFighterPilot
    This just looks like T2 all over again. They obviously couldn't come up with a new Terminator, so they just put a different face on the t-1000 Terminator. BOOOO!
  • 'Aww they done flipped it, they flipped that script up y'all, awww yeaaaahhhhh.'
  • SkyNet300
    This looks worse than T3! I wanted a Salvation sequel over this reboot shit. At least Clarke's scar looks badass
    • Mat
      i rather liked salvation, Christian Bale killed it i think as connor
  • SkyNet300
    Seriously what Terminator fan would actually want another chase film? Boring!
    • Mat
    • Tina Chambers
      Every Terminator movie has been a chase film. Where have you been?
  • Sorry, i will go see this movie just for Schwarzenegger. ^___^
  • AwesomeWave
    Where are the character arcs from the first movie? This will just be a bunch of noise and explosions.
    • Tina Chambers
      The same characters are in this movie. Just different versions of those people. Keep up!
  • Mat
    I didn't know machines aged (Arnold)
    • Any true Terminator fan know's he hasn't aged, but, as revealed in this trailer, a reprogrammed Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 Series 800 Terminator (Arnolds series) was sent back even earlier than 1984 to save Sarah Connor. Then it looks as if about 30 years has passed so of course the T-101 is going to suffer some normal wear and tear over those years protecting Sarah. Duh!
  • Nader Kayali
    it's not a reboot nor a remake since the whole concept of the franchise is to go back through time to change history this happens in an other trajectory of time & NO robots don't age but the skin that covers the terminator is a human living tissue skin with hair and veins running through it's used by the machine to make robots look like humans to infiltrate the rebellions, so naturally the skin & hair ages like a normal human being... I gotta say well-played from the writers
  • Gerardo Vazquez
    don't judge a book by its cover
  • Jamie Holmes
    YES! Same vibes as T2! But in a crappier vaersion.
  • RobotProphet
    kind of over the top with the nostalgic notes as their brand position. I hope jason clarke doesn't become typecasted to be in only post-war movies-- DANG!! That girl looks like a young Linda Hamilton !
  • SkulloManiac
    I just hope it's good.
  • Tina Chambers
    Actually, the trailer looked pretty good. And considering they've already reset Judgement Day once, they can get away with resetting other events. We don't know how many timelines there may be.




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