Watch: Extensive, Smooth & Precise 'Art of Steadicam' in Cinema

August 13, 2014
Source: Refocused Media

The Art of Steadicam

If you've ever seen a long, uninterrupted tracking shot following characters on a seemingly endless journey through various environments, it was probably created with the magic of a Steadicam. If you don't know what this invaluable tool of cinema is, the Steadicam is "essentially a balanced stabilizer that allows for smoother and more easily controlled handheld camera operation." It was invented by Garrett Brown in the 70s, and has since become the perfect tool for capturing some of the most mind-blowing, long take shots on film. Refocused Media has showcased the cinema tool's greatness in The Art of Steadicam. Watch below!

Here's The Art of Steadicam, put together by Larry Wright over at Refocused Media:

Wright explains, "I was inspired to make this homage to the art of steadicam cinematography when browsing the database of “top” clips over at steadishots.org, which are rated by the community. After locating what sources I could from the top 50 or so, I decided to stick with the order presented on the site (accurate as of March 1, 2013). While I do hope you enjoy my video, there are many other clips that I was not able to source as well as many great clips that have yet to be rated into the 'top' ranks, so please head over to steadishots.org and show your appreciation for the great service they provide." And if you didn't recognize some clips, here's a list of films used, in order, right here, along with a list of music used as well.

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  • Xerxexx
  • TheOct8pus
    The Shinning. Lots of Steadycam.
  • uhied1946
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  • I thought I'd get to hear some words about steadicam operation or its use as a storytelling tool. It's just a bunch of clips.
    • digifruitella
      yeah, pretty lazy, weaksauce "documentary"
      • It's not intended to be a documentary, not sure where that came from.
        • Definitely wasn't expecting a "documentary" like digifruitella said, but I was expecting some sort of examination.
          • I did consider at one point doing an extended version with BTS footage, but this video was just meant as a sort of tribute to the art. Hope you enjoyed it otherwise!
          • DAVIDPD
            I enjoyed it.
    Really love me some Steadicam. Remember those little eagle toys that would balance on the tip of your finger. Love me some principle.
  • Will watch in the morning, cheers for posting!




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